Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Two, Chapter Seven: The Troublesome Trio ( Chapter 7 )

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The Troublesome Trio
Dateline: Takeruand Anekowent out on a date for the first. A monster attacked them. Anekodefeated the monster.
At four o'clock in the morning, three kids named Miya, Beck, and Sam came to Japan.
"Are you sure we're in the right place Miya?" Beck asked sarcastically.
"Yes, I'm positive," said Miya.
"Are you positive. because you remember what happened last time?" Beck asked sarcastically.
"Yes!" said Miya.
"Are we Kansas mommy?" asked Sam.
"No, stupid!" yelled Beck. She was getting ready to punch him but Miya held her back.
"Let go!" yelled Beck.
"There's no need to hurt Sam just he is well.... dumb," said Miya.
"Yeah, but he's driving me crazy!" yelled Beck. Miya finally managed to get Beck under control.
"Why are we fighting? Let's have some fun!" yelled Beck.
"What kind of fun?" asked Miya.
"You'll see," said Beck. Then she and Sam ran into the city. "I have a back feeling about this." thought Miya. Then she ran after Beck and Sam to watch them.
"Morning Gracey," said Megan as she heard her daughter's footsteps coming down the stairs.
"Please don't talk to me," Aneko moaned as she came down the stairs.
"A special news bulletin today": Three kids have been suspected of causing trouble in the city. If you happen to see these contact the phone number below. 867-5309. "For more reports on this accident watch the news at five, five thirty, and six o'clock. This is Tracy Sanders. Back to you Alan,"said the T.V. news reporter. Aneko turned off the TV.
"That's odd. We don't have any gangs in this area. Could we be having more children coming mom?" asked Aneko.
"Yes," said Megan.
Who are the parents?" asked Aneko.
"You'll see," said her mother. Then Megan send out a carnelian, jasper, tiger's eye, kunzite, citrine, and beryl out to the new parents.
"I think you need to get to school," said Megan.
"Oh that's right," said Aneko. Then Aneko began running out the door.
"Wait!" yelled Megan.
"Yes mom?" asked Aneko.
"Are you going to have breakfast?" she asked.
"Oh yeah," said Aneko. Then she grabbed her breakfast bar and ate it. Then Aneko left for school.
Takeru was waiting for her.
"Hi Takeru," said Aneko.
"Hey there Aneko," he said. Then she hugged him.
"Have you heard about the children on the news?" she asked him.
"Yes," said Takeru. The three children seemed to be on everyone's minds. After school, six bright lights soared toward the window of the computer room. Daisuke caught three the lights, Iori caught two and Miyako caught one. Daisuke caught the carnelian, jasper and tiger's eye. Miyako caught the kunzite. Iori caught the citrine and beryl. Aneko looked up and saw Daisuke with the carnelian, jasper and tiger's eye in his hands.
"What are these for?" asked Daisuke. Then Miyako and Iori ran into the classroom.
"Okay, what is going on?" asked Miyako. Now it all made sense to Aneko. The children on the news were Daisuke's, Miyako 's and Iori's children! Then Aneko quickly got up out of her chair and ran out of the room.
"Wait Aneko! Come back! Where are you going?!?" yelled Takeru.
"Come on you guys! We've got to look for those children!" she yelled.
"Why?" asked Daisuke.
"Because you're their parents!" yelled Aneko.
"Huh?" yelled Daisuke. Miyako and Iori were confused by that.
"Just come on!" yelled Aneko. Daisuke was shocked.
Beck and Sam were vandalizing an alley and Miya was standing in the background.
"Don't think this is wrong?" asked Miya.
"Shut up!" said Beck. Then Beck looked up and saw Daisuke with Aneko and the others looking for them. "Dad?" she thought.
"Speak of the devil!" she yelled. Aneko and the others looked up and saw Beck, Sam, and Miya in the ally. Daisuke's carnelian, jasper and tiger's eye, Miyako's kunzite, and Iori's citrine and beryl began glowing all at once. They were wondering why.
"Is the fun over?" asked Sam.
"Um... yeah!" said Beck. Then she, Sam, and Miya began running away. Aneko and the others ran after them.
Finally, after a chase that lead them into Aneko 's yard, Aneko and the crew caught Beck, Sam, and Miya.
"Why have you been causing trouble all over the city?" Daisuke asked Beck. She looked up and saw her father's face.
"We were looking for you," she responded.
"Huh?" asked Daisuke. Beck explained the whole reason they came here and why she, Sam, and Miya have been causing trouble.
"You did us this just to find us?" asked Iori.
"Yes," said Miya. Then everyone went home after this little mess.
The End