Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Two, Chapter Eight: Pink, Pink, and More Pink ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Pink, Pink, and More Pink
Dateline: Beck, Miya, and Sam came to Tokyo to look for their parents. Daisuke, Miyako, and Iorigot their gems.
At three a.m. in mourning, pink waves, like sound waves, came out of Tokyo tower and turned the whole city pink. Megan quickly got out of bed and looked around. Then she quickly ran to Aneko's room.
"Something is wrong. Aneko, wake up!" yelled Megan.
"Mom… Can't you let me sleep." whined Aneko as she woke up. Then she looked around.
"What happened here?" she asked.
"That's what I came in here to talk about." said Megan. Then she explained to her daughter what happened.
"I sense it's the work of an immortal or two." said Aneko. Then she jumped out of bed and got dressed.
"You know, I don't look that good in pink, except for my hair." said Aneko. Then she ran out the palace doors and gate to fix the problem going on.
Aneko ran to Takeru's apartment. She knocked on the door. Takashi-san answered the door.
"Hi Aneko," she said.
"Hi, Ta-* pant *san. * pant * Is * pant* Takeru home? * pant*" said Aneko.
"Yes, He'll be right down." said Takashi-san. "That's weird! Takashi-sandoesn't notice that everything is pink. I wonder if Takerunotices." Aneko thought.
"Takeru! Aneko is here!" she yelled.
"I'm coming," said Takeru. Then he came out to the door. He and his lady friend went out to talk about this.
"Do you notice anything different?" she asked him.
"Yes, everything is pink," he said.
"That's right!" said Aneko.
"I wonder why," he said.
"I sensed it was the work of an immortal or two," said Aneko.
"Could you sense where?" he asked.
"No," said Aneko. "If we could find where the source is, we could get everything back normal.
A few minutes later, Aneko and Takeru saw Beck, Miya, and Sam running to Tokyo tower.
"Hey you three! Wait!" yelled Aneko. Beck, Miya, and Sam stopped dead in their tracks.
"Where are you three going?" asked Aneko.
"To Tokyo tower," said Miya.
"What's Tokyo tower?" asked Sam. Beck hit him in the head.
"Why?" asked Takeru.
"Because that is where the source of this mess is," said Beck. Then it hit Aneko the immortals were in Tokyo tower.
"We're coming with you," she said.
"Then come on," said Beck. Then the couple where with the three children to Tokyo tower to fix is problem.
Aneko, Beck, Miya, and Sam had to use their powers to get past the guards in the tower. Then the group climbed up the stairs to the top. When they to the top, they two little immortal girls. One girl had white skin, long red hair, and green eyes and had on a long sleeve green and black striped shirt, black colored jeans, and yellow galoshes. The other girl had white skin, short red hair, and brown eyes and had a little pink dress with tights and a pair of white shoes and a light pink hair bow.
"Bless?" asked Sam.
"Katie?" asked Beck. The girls looked and saw the group.
"Sam?" asked Bless.
"Beck?" asked Katie.
"Wait! You know these girls?" asked Aneko.
"Yes." said Beck. "The one with short hair is my little sister, Katie, and the one with the long hair is nimrod's little sister, Bless."
"Oh," said Aneko.
"What are you doing here?" asked Sam.
"D'oh! What does it look like we're doing?!? We're redecorating the city!" yelled Bless.
"Plus, we came to look for you." said Katie.
"Could you change the city back to the way it was?" asked Takeru.
"No," said Bless and Katie.
"We want a battle first," said Bless.
"All right," said Beck. The children battled and Aneko, Beck, Miya, and Sam won. Katie and Bless changed the city back to the way it was before they messed it up. Then everyone went home.
The End