Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Two, Chapter Ten: Band Jamboree ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Band Jamboree
Dateline: Ray, Sean, and Bubbles have arrived and the team is almost complete.
Early this morning, Mitch gave Aneko two free back stage passes to his concert tonight. Aneko had the perfect volunteer to go with her tonight in mind. So she went to school and looked around for Takeru. She found him over by his locker.
"Hi Takeru," said Aneko.
"Hi Aneko," he said.
"I've got us two free back stage passes to my uncle's concert tonight and I was wondering if you could come with me," she said.
Takeru thought about it for a while and said, "Sure, when?"
"It's starts at seven o'clock and we'll have to get there by say about… five o'clock," she said.
"Cool," he said. Takeru realized this was another date. Then they walked to class.
Later that evening, Aneko walked over to Takeru's apartment with Kanmu and Jimmy.
"You two better behave while we're at the concert. Got it?" asked Aneko.
"Yes ma'am," said Jimmy and Kanmu. Then Aneko knocked on the door. Takeru came out.
"Hi Teddy bear!" she said.
"Hey Aneko," he said. Then he looked over at Kanmu and Jimmy.
"Uh…Why do you have Kanmu and Jim with you?" he asked.
"Kanmu begged to come with us and I had to take Jim with us because I'm supposed to watch while Matt's at his own concert and Jenny, Jessi, and Bubbles are at his concert," she explained.
"Oh. I see," he said.
"Well... What are we waiting for? Let's go! " Aneko yelled. Then the couple and the children left for the concert.
Meanwhile the enemy, La Nina, was spying on the princess.
"The little family is going to the concert *Little snicker* Well, We can make it more interesting," she said. Then she picked up a little container and opened it. Bright green dust began falling to earth and took form into a monster.
"How much longer do we have to wait?" asked Kanmu.
"Look! You can either wait patiently or go home!" yelled Aneko.
"All right, fine," said Kanmu. After two hours of waiting, the show finally started. The fans enjoyed the show for a while, then when it was time for the most popular song, all this static started coming through. Then terrible noises came through.
"I hate this show mommy!" yelled Kanmu. After all the noise, a huge punk rocker monster came out of nowhere. All of the fans were terrified. Aneko started to sense evil.
"Ready people?" asked Aneko.
"Right!" yelled the others. Then they began to attack.
"Sugar bomb!" yelled Kanmu. The monster played a loud sour note which sent the attack back to them.
"Sorry mommy. I failed," said Kanmu.
"It's okay. You tried hon'," said Aneko.
"Now it's my turn! Skull blaster!" yelled Jimmy.  The monster played another loud sour note which sent the attack back to them. The monster did this a few times until the group was knocked to the ground. That's when Jimmy got a new attack.
"Acid!" he yelled. Then this tar black acid poisoning came out and weakened the monster.
"Good work Jim! Now to finish this fiend off!" she yelled. Then she took out her wand.
"Heart of Pegasus!" yelled Aneko. The monster was destroyed.
All of the fans were talking about how cool the show was for days. Aneko, Takeru, Kanmu, and Jimmy enjoyed the most. Aneko kissed Takeru on the cheek when he walked her home.
The End