Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Three, Chapter Eleven: Senior Church Trip ( Chapter 11 )

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Senior Church Trip
Dateline: Aneko, Takeru, Kanmu, and Jimmy went to Mitch's concert. A monster attacked them. Jimmy has a new attack!
Mitch looked through his collection of tapes and CDs to find some tapes and CDs with Christian music. The seniors of his church group were going on their annual field trip. This year, the group was going to Kyoto. He was bringing Christian music to listen to on the trip. When he found out he had no Christian music at all, he remembered that gave them all to Aneko.
"How could I have been so foolish to that?!?" Mitch thought. Then he down to Aneko's room and knocked on the door. Aneko came to the door.
"Yes?" she asked.
"My dear sweet niece, could I borrow your Christian tapes and CDs?" he asked nicely.
"That would depend, how many do you want?" she asked.
"Uh... All of them." he said.
"Sure." she said. Then she went off to her collection of tapes and CDs, got out the ones with Christian music on them, put them in a bag, and brought the bag to the door. Mitch put his hands on the bag.
"Wait!" she yelled.
"What?" he asked.
"You know I don't come without a price." she said.
"What is it now?" he asked.
"Take me with you!" she said.
"Where?" he asked.
"On the trip, Stupid!" she said.
"No." he said.
"Fine. Then you don't want my music." said Aneko slyly.
Mitch thought about the situation for a while, then he said, "All right fine. You can come."
"Smart choice." said Aneko. Then Mitch took the bag and went back to his room.
"Yes! I'm finally going!!!!!!!!" thought Aneko. Then she went back into her room.
The next morning, Aneko was all ready downstairs waiting for her uncle. Mitch got down stairs and saw Aneko with her backpack on her back.
"What took you so long?" asked Aneko.
"Um..... Why are you down here?" he asked.
"Our trip, Remember?" said Aneko.
"Awww! I hoping you've would forget!!!!" he said.
"I don't forget things like that." she said.
"Just come on!!!!!" he said.
"Bye mom!" yelled Aneko when her was standing in the living room. Megan gave a little wave. Then she walked out the door with him to wait for the bus.
"Now listen! You're going to sit by me! And talk to me that much!!!!! If follow these rules I've set down, I'll divide up the tapes and CDs up so we'll both have something to listen to on the trip." said Mitch when they were at the bus stop.
"Divide up them now." she said.
"Fine." he said. Then Mitch opened the bag and began dividing up the tapes and CDs into two even sets.
"Now will you follow my rules?" he asked.
"Whatever." she said. Then the bus pulled up to them. Aneko and Mitch climbed on. The other seniors and the teachers were shocked to see a junior on this trip. Mitch just hung his head low.
Meanwhile the enemy, La Nina, was spying on the princess and her uncle.
"The little family is going on a trip. *Little snicker * Well, We can make it more interesting." she said. Then she picked up a little container and opened it. Gray dust began falling to earth and took form into a monster.
"Mitch, why did you bring Aneko along on this trip?" asked Connie Lane. Mitch explained the whole story.
"That is why she is here." he said.
"Man! That was cold!!!!!!!!!" yelled Stefan.
"Tell me about it." said Mitch. Aneko didn't mind, she was just busy talking to some of the senior girls around her. The rest of the bus trip was just music, magazines, and talking.
When the bus got to the hotel, the teachers began dividing the seniors up to their rooms. Mitch and Stefan were roommates.
"But Mr. Mike," said Kelly.
"Where is Aneko going to sleep?" "Uh.... You decide about that. We weren't expecting a junior to come on this trip. Mitch just hung his head low. The senior girls were fighting where Aneko should sleep. Finally it was settled she should sleep in Michelle's, Kelly's, and Becky's room. Mitch was even more embarrassed about this.
On the third day, while the group was touring a shrine, this gray samurai monster came out from behind a statue and attacked the group.
"Sword swipe!" yelled the monster. The group ducked. Aneko picked up a sword and began to fight with the monster. After few minutes, the monster knocked sword out of her hands. Then Aneko came up with another plan.
"Do any you have a stick or something?" she asked the group.
"I have drumsticks." said Kelly.
"Perfect." said Aneko. Kelly handed her the drumsticks. Aneko made them stronger and threw them at the monster. The sticks knocked the sword out of the monster's hand.
"Good work Kel! Now to finish this fiend off!" she yelled. Then she took out her wand.
"Heart of Pegasus!" yelled Aneko and the monster was destroyed. Then the group went to the beach for the rest of the day and went back the hotel.
When Aneko and Mitch came home, Megan got the church paper and showed it to them. The title of the front page even blew Aneko's mind away. This is what it said:
"Junior Leads Twenty-Seven Seniors"
The End