Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Three, Chapter Fourteen: Wallace and Zoey ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Wallace and Zoey
Dateline: Cary and Richard got married.
At six o'clock in mourning, a blond haired boy named Wallace came to Tokyo palace.
"You wanted to see me?" he asked.
"Yes," said Megan. Willis knew about the gems but he didn't know why Megan called him here.
"I have something to give you," she said. Then opened one of the drawers in her desk, pulled out a chalcedony, and gave it to Wallace.
"What's this for... Do you mean to say… I have a child?" he asked. Megan nodded. Wallace didn't know what to say. He didn't see this coming.
"O... Okay. Thanks," he said.
"I know it's hard to believe," said Megan. Wallace calmed down.
"Her name is Zoey," said Megan.
"Did you find her?" he asked.
"No. But my daughter and her friends are looking for her as we speak," said Megan. Wallace was silence.
"If you like, you could stay here until they come back with her," said Megan. Wallace just nodded a scared nod and sat down in a chair near the door.
"How much longer do we have to look for her?" asked Miyako.
"Until we find her," answered Aneko. The princess and crew had looking for Zoey all afternoon.
"I'm getting bored," said Daisuke.
"Get up dad!" yelled Beck.
"Seen anything yet?" Kittymon asked Hawkmon.
"No, not yet," he replied.
"That's okay keep trying," she said.
"All right," he said. Then he flew away to keep looking.
If only we had a clue of what she looks like, thought Aneko. Then Aneko came up with an idea
"Hey everyone, come over here!" she yelled. The others ran over to her.
"What is it, Aneko-chan?" asked Takeru.
"Pika Ball!" yelled Aneko. The ball turned into a small computer. Aneko typed in Zoey's name. In responds an image of a girl with white skin, reddish orange hair in ponytails, and brown eyes and wears an orange sweater with dark blue jeans and orange sneakers. Aneko printed out the image before the computer turned back into her Pika ball.
"Oh… Good thinking!" said Iori.
“Pika Ball!" yelled Aneko. The ball turned into a compass and Aneko led the way.
Meanwhile the enemy, La Nina, was spying on the princess and her friends from a tree.
"The little group is looking for Zoey. * Little snicker * Well, We can make the search more interesting." she said. Then she picked up a little bottle she had in her pocket and opened it. Orange dust began falling to ground and took form into a monster.
Zoey looked up and saw Aneko and the others coming towards her. So she waved her hand.
"There she is!" yelled Hikari. The others ran over to her. Just about when the others almost got to Zoey, an orange monster with a huge hammer on its back jumped out at them.
"What do you want?" asked Bless.
"To destroy you! Crack hammer!" yelled the monster. The hammer slit the ground in half.
"Ha! Is it the best you can do? Well, try this!" Aneko yelled. Then she tried a fireball, but it only bounced back and hit her, Hikari, and Daisuke.
"Hey! Watch where you're aiming!" yelled Daisuke.
"Sorry jerk, but it seems like an invisible glass wall here!" yelled Aneko.
Oh-No! They're trapped, thought Zoey.
"V head butt!" yelled Veemon. That did little damage. He tried that about six or seven times but it still had little effect.
"Well it's obvious that's not going to work, you moron," Aneko pointed out.
"Great! Now she tells me," said Veemon. Then he passed out. The group tried to break the invisible wall but they all failed at it.
"Ha! Nothing can penetrate though my wall along as you're behind it! the monster boomed. Then, Zoey remembered she was in front of the wall.
"Hey ugly!" she yelled. The monster turned from the waist.
Please let this work, Zoey thought.
"Boomerang!" she yelled.
"What's this some sort of a toy?!?" yelled monster. It dodged the weapon, but the boomerang hit the monster in the back. This weaken the monster and broken the wall.
"Thanks Zoey, now it's my turn," said Gwen. Then she took out her wand.
"Heart of Pegasus!" she yelled. Then the monster was destroyed.
Then the group got back to Tokyo palace. Wallace and Zoey talked for while and then they went home.
The End