Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Three, Chapter Thirteen: Cary and Richard's Wedding ( Chapter 13 )

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Cary and Richard's Wedding
Dateline: Cary has a boyfriend and they are getting married.
Part one: Before the wedding
"Cary is getting married next week Drew and I one of the bridesmaids." said Aneko.
"That's cool, Bunny," said Takeru.
"Are you kidding? I was glad until she said Drew was one too," she said. Takeru and Aneko were laying down in the yard.
"My mom said you could come too," she said.
"Thanks," he said.
They sat there in silence for a minute then Takeru spoke up, "What are you going to do about her?"
"Who?" asked Aneko.
"Drew," he said.
"I don't know and please don't mention her name to me," said Aneko.
"All right," he said.
"Lately I keep feeling weak after I use my powers," said she.
"Why is that?" asked Takeru.
"I don't know," she said.
"Maybe you should check with Washu," he said.
"I scared to, but I will," said Aneko.
"Hmm, it seems like you have too much power within you, dark power at that and it's out of balance," said Washu.
"So, what can I do?" asked Aneko.
"We could do a power drain but that will cause you to lose your powers. I've got it!" said Washu. Then she ran into her lab. When she came back, she had to wrist cuffs that looked like dog collars with spikes on them.
"What are these for?" asked Aneko.
"Put these on your wrists," said the mad scientist.
Aneko obeyed quietly. "Okay... What are these supposed to do?" she asked.
"Use a spell," said Washu. Aneko threw a fireball out the window.
"Do you feel weak now?" asked Washu.
"No," said Aneko
"That's because these wrists cuff help correct balance of your powers," said the mad scientist.
"Thanks!" said Aneko. "But Washu, how will these match my dress at Cary's wedding?"
"Don't worry, I've got you these lovely charm bracelets that will match any dress you wear and have the same quality as your wrists cuffs,” the scientist answered.
"Thanks!" Aneko said again. Then she ran home.
Every student (except Drew of course) at school the next day was marveled by Aneko's new wrist jewelry.
They were asking her questions like, "Where did you get these because I would like a pair?"
She would just say, "Oh, Just from Cho-Cho's." The teachers showed great concern for Aneko. They were worried that she had become a punk rocker or joined a motorcycle gang.
She would just tell them, "I'm not in any gang or anything illegal. I just picked these up because I thought they were cool."
Takeru thought she would be too snotty to sit with him at lunch but he was proved wrong would she sit down beside him. The school was in an up roar about Aneko's new wrist jewelry all day. Drew didn't take part because she thought they looked stupid. But Aneko and the other students ignored her when she made dirty comments on them.
The royal Tsukibara family was busy about the wedding the whole entire two weeks. Cary even took Aneko to a spa two days before the wedding. Aneko was excited because she had never been to a spa before. The hardest thing however was getting the kids dressed. Aneko had the hardest time getting Kanmu dressed.
"Can I wear my rain boots to the wedding Mommy?"
"No, Kanmu."
"Why not?"
"Those don't match you dress. Look at them. Your dress is pink and your boots are yellow. I've got your dress shoes here, go take those off."
"Aw poo!"
So Kanmu took her boots off and Aneko helped her put on her dress shoes.
"How do these socks look, Mommy?"
"Tacky, dear."
"What does tacky mean?"
"They are not!!!!"
"Those don't match you dress either. Look at them. Your socks are black with colored polka dots. I've got your dress socks here, go take those off."
"Aw poo!"
So Kanmu took her socks off and Aneko helped her put on her socks and then she put the dress shoes put on. After a few conflicts with what Kanmu should wear, Aneko finally got dressed, took Lola out of the room, and the whole family went to the wedding.
Part two: The wedding
When the family got to the wedding, it was a gorgeous site. Flowers were everywhere. Aneko walked up to the alter and took her place. She looked around and saw all of the guests and spotted Richard. He was standing at the altar wearing a blue tux. Then she saw Drew standing to her, so she moved over quickly. When it was time to start the ceremony, Cary came out looking like a fair rose. All of the guests marveled at her. All of the wedding went perfect except for the part where Drew and Aneko got into a fight afterwards. (But, that's another story) Aneko caught the bouquet. And that my friends, ends our two part wedding story.
The End