Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Four, Chapter Sixteen: Spiderwebs ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Dateline: Willis came to Japan and met his future daughter, Zoey.
"These children are more powerful than I expected," said La Nina. "Well, they'll never beat this one." She was standing in a cherry blossom tree, watching the Crystal Tokyo Palace. Then she picked up a little bottle she had in her pocket and opened it. Purple dust began falling shot out and took form into a ball of light. La Nina blew the light into the phone lines.
All it needs is a drop of blood, thought La Nina. This should be a real show.
"Hi Teddy Bear," said Aneko over the phone. She was in her talking on the phone while writing in her journal. Aneko was so busy talking on the phone, that she turned a page so fast and that result into a paper cut.
"Ouch!" she said softly. A drop of blood, since she hadn't eaten dinner yet, landed on the phone cord.
"I'll call you back Teddy," she said. Then she hung up and went to the bathroom to get a band aid until she could get her healing powers strong enough. While she was nursing her wound, that drop of blood sank into the phone cord and the monster began to grow within the cords.
For the next few weeks, every phone call was made in the palace and along with the calls the phone calls were forming threads everywhere like a spider web but the family didn't notice. One day the newer digi-destined came over to the palace for a visit.
"Oh, she'll be out in a few minutes," said Megan.
"I'll be right down!!!" yelled the princess. So the group sat down in the living room. When Gwen opened her bedroom door a saw thick web of phones.
"Where did these come from?" she asked out loud. Meanwhile the digi-destined had troubles of their own. A monster called Phone Spider came out the phone cord when Daisuke picked up the phone and had trapped them into her phone cord web. Their digimon tried to battle the cords but it proved too powerful for them. Iori, since his hands were free, grabbed his D3 from the floor and sent Aneko an e-mail. This is what it said:
Help! We're trapped!
Aneko tried to figure out how to get out of her when she got Iori's e-mail. This made her work harder to get out. After a minutes of trying, Aneko remembered meditation method that would increase her powers. So she pressed her hands together, closed her eyes, and began focusing on her powers.
When she had enough, she opened and yelled, "Rising Sun!" This broke the wall of phone cords and Aneko ran down to the living room.
"Any of you little brats tell me where the princess is, will be freed first." said the monster.
"I'm over here Bug Face!" she yelled.
"Bunny!" yelled Takeru.
"Why! I'll show you!" yelled the monster. The battle had Aneko giving all she had. When it came time to destroy the monster, Aneko didn't have her wand. Then she remembered her new attack.
"Rising Sun!" she yelled. And the monster was destroyed. The others cheered. Then, Aneko turned to her friends, pressed her hands together, closed her eyes, and began focusing on her powers.
"What is she doing?" asked Daisuke. Then the cords began to shrink away from them. This took weeks! By the time Aneko was done, she was pretty weak!
The End