Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Five, Chapter Twenty-Two: The Dark Gate ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The Dark Gate
Dateline: The crew has crossed the river.
"Inter strength, I see. Well, I wonder how that's going to work out here." said La Nina. "I'm still looking for clue about why the princess is able to control the darkness." She was still doing research on Aneko and she hadn't lost her theory. "Ten more days, before doomsday!" she said. She laughed aloud.
"What now?" Daisuke asked.
"Now we have to cross though the dark gate." said Katie.
"How do we get through?" asked Miyako.
"Leave it to me." said Aneko. She turned to the gate and spoke the password in darkness tongue. After the she said the password, the gates began to open. The children walked through. The gate closed behind them.
"Leave the rest to me!" she said slyly. Something in her tone scared the others, but they had to trust her so they kept quiet. The path was dark so the kids had to use their gems to light the way. Aneko was leading the way like she knew the path by heart.
"Now be advised, dark spirits will use their powers on you." she said cautiously. Just as she said that, two dark sprints popped out of the ground. The children got ready to fight.
"No no. Do not fight them, for they will challenge ability." Aneko said calmly. So the children put away their weapons.
"Away spirits!" she yelled. The spirits faded away. They passed a few more spirits like that and Aneko just told them to go away and they listened.
"Now be careful about demons, because they will sneak up behind you and grab you." she said cautiously.
Just as she had spoken, a demon jumped out and grabbed Kanmu.
"Mommy, help!" she yelled. Jimmy was getting to fight the demon with all of his might when Aneko yelled, "Stop! Don't attack anything down!" Jimmy didn't attack as commanded.
"Away you demon! " yelled Aneko. Then the demon let go of Lola and disappeared. They passed a few more demons like that and Aneko just told them to go away and they listened. The children still couldn't figure out why.
"This is the last place we have to pass through before going on." said Aneko. They were in front of two stone doors with writing all over them.
"We just need to solve this puzzle," she said. Then Katrina took out her little computer. Aneko read the markings to herself first.
"What does it say?" asked Jessi.
"It says, To man with good hearts, the place they will be in the place on high, and to man with hard and dark hearts the place they will be in the place down below." she read.
"I don't understand." said Erica. "I don't under either." said Aneko. The group thought about it for a while. Katrina figured it out.
"They're talking about heaven and Hades. Those with pure hearts will see heaven and those with dark ones will see Hades." she said. With that, the doors began to open. The children raced through the doors. It took them six days to get through the gates.
"I've got it!" yelled La Nina. She had figured out the secret why Aneko was able to control the darkness. Then she laughed out loud.
The End