Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Five, Chapter Twenty-One: The River ( Chapter 21 )

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The River
Dateline: The crew has got out of the maze.
"That was too easy for them! The river spirits will handle them!" said La Nina. "Twenty-two more days before I destroy them." She still hadn't found anything on Aneko, but she had a theory that she had at least a little bit of dark power within her because light cannot control darkness.
"Great! How are we going to get across?!" yelled Gary as he and the others looked at the Darkness River.
"Simple, make a boat." said Aneko. She and the children got to work on a boat made of wood and reed that they had gathered along the way. It took two hours and thirty-eight minutes to work on the boat. When it was done, the crew pushed it into the water and got in.
"Okay... So now how are we supposed to move?" asked Joe.
"I got it," Lola perked up. She opened her little suitcase, pulled out a dark blue formula, and threw it to the ground. The formula became six oars. Taichi, Yamato, Daisuke, Takeru, Iori, and Satoshi took the oars and began rowing the boat.
"Row, row, your boat gently down the stream," Kanmu sang.
"Quit singing Kanmu!" yelled Aneko.
"Yes Mommy," she said. As the crew sailed along the river, little did they that the evil river sprits were stirring up trouble from below the water's surface. After planning their attack on the crew, they rose up to the water's surface.
Daisuke and Miyako fought over if the boys were rowing the boat fast enough or not. Aneko caught sense of the evil river sprits coming.
"Knock it off you two!" yelled Takeshi.
"Shhh, I hear something," hissed Aneko.
"What?" the others asked. Aneko listened closely for a few minutes.
"River sprits; evil ones at that!" she yelled.
"Huh?" asked Daisuke.
"The river sprits are evil and are so powerful that they can cause serious damage to a passing in seconds," she explained.
"Pedal faster!" yelled Kristy. The boys pedaled faster.
"That's not going to do, they'll catch up with anyway!" yelled Sabrina. She knew that because her powers were fresh water and she heard legends about river sprits. The river sprits came up out of the water and formed a huge cyclone. The boys tried to pedal faster but the cyclone was right on their trial and swallowed them up anyway. The boat was crashed badly. The crew was screaming loud.
"Takeru! Kanmu! Where are you?" yelled Aneko as she tried to look for her future family in the cyclone. "Takeru! Kanmu!" she yelled louder. They couldn't hear her. She thought about what to do. She remembered about her bloodstone and clenched it in her hands.
Holy light please help me find my family and the others, she thought. The gem began to glow and she saw that the others were trapped in walls of the cyclone. Aneko spread out her arms and yelled, "Power of the Bloodstone! Cease the evil river spirits power!" The cyclone stopped and the others floated onto the shore. The river spirits were gone and the boat was in ruins.
The others woke up and saw they were on shore. "What happened?" asked Iori.
"How did we escape that cyclone?" asked Takeshi.
"Oh, I don't know." Aneko said, sweetly. They crossed the river in nine days.
The End