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As we are starting the third chapter of this story, I think that you should know that Digimon Adventure 01/02 season, which made a cameo in the first Sailor Moon Online, are going to join Sailor Moon and Sword Art Online as one of the ‘main parts’ of this fanfiction and if you already didn’t know, Jun/Matt and Ken/Yolei are main couples of the ‘Digimon troop’ along with Daikari AKA Davis/Kari which won’t be changing at all. I think that you already have an idea on what’s going to happen if you read my Hollow Fragment fanfiction, but you are going to have to read and find out, everyone! Now, as they say on SAO: Link start!


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Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


June 21, 2025, Odiaba District, Tokyo


Within the Kamiya household, Tai Kamiya, age 19-20, is coming in when his mother and father run over to him and his mother hugs him.


Mrs. Kamiya asks Tai, “Tai, are you okay?”


Tai responds, “Mom, I’m just fine. Agumon and my friends were with me.”


Mr. Kamiya says, gently removing his wife from his son, “I know, son. You know how worried that your mother can get these days. When we saw that some nut attacked the tournament, she got scared.”


Mrs. Kamiya says, “How could I not be? After Kari left when you were trapped in that horrible ‘death game’, I don’t know what I do!”


Tai tells his mother, “Mom, Kari is out there. I know it. She is alive and we will find her.”


Mrs. Kamiya says, with a nod, “I know…It is just…”


Tai hugs his mom and he says, “Don’t worry, mom. I’m not leaving you. I’m not leaving you or dad again.” Sometime afterwards, he goes into the room that he shared with his sister and he looks at the bunk beds. Tai thinks in his mind, as an image of a happy younger Kari Kamiya and Davis Motomiya comes to his mind, “Kari…Davis…I shoul dn’t have left you. I was trapped with Matt, TK, Jun, Ken, and Yolei along with so many others of Kayaba’s madness and I wasn’t there to help you. The rest of the world thinks that SAO is over, but for me and the other Digidestined, it isn’t over. It will never be over until we bring you home.” Soon after, Tai goes over to lock the door and takes out an Amusphere from a drawer in which he thinks, “Mom would freak if she saw me put this on, but I can’t blame her after what happened to us. However, like Atlas-san said, we can’t let what Kayaba did to us control us and we have to show him that we are not afraid. And plus, this world is the only solace that we have right now.” Tai then connects his Amusphere rig in which he inserts an Alfheim Online game cartridge into it and he prepares to go into ALO to start some kind of ‘virtual adventure’.


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which he lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Chapter 3: The Rising Sunny Rainbow


June 21, 2025, Alfheim Online


Somewhere within Alfheim Online, we find Kirito and the Salamander Duel Welder that seems to have recreated the Duel Wielding Sword Skill combos of SAO in ALO, Dai, preparing to duel each other in which Dai seems to want to have a good time while Kirito wants to use this duel to learn more about Dai himself.


Kirito asks, “Is standard rules okay with you?”


Dai responds, “Sure. However, I would rather not have a HP deplete mode duel.”


Kirito asks, “Why not?”


Dai replies, “Let’s just say that they don’t appeal to me.” Kirito nods his head and Leafa, Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, Klein, Mamoru, and the Sailor Scouts are curious to hear this.


Haruka asks, “He doesn’t like full deplete mode duels?”


Recon says, “No, not what I heard.”


Leafa asks Recon, “You heard about this guy?”


Recon responds, “Just recently Leafa despite him being a veteran ALO player.”


Hino asks, curiously, “He is a veteran?”


Recon says, with a nod, “Yep! Remember, very few ALO players left the game for good after the scandal caused by the head of RECT progress that you exposed.”


Makoto asks, “How come we haven’t heard about him?”


Recon says, “Well, he stayed in the down low and like Lady Hino, he was a renegade from the Salamander since he has an Undine girlfriend.”


Michiru asks, “One of us?”


Recon says, pointing in one direction, “She is right over there.” Everyone then looks to see Akari and Recon says, “That’s Dai-san’s girlfriend, Akari. She is also a veteran of ALO before Ymir took over operations and she lived in Dai in Alne until ALO’s ‘reboot’. They, now, lived in Yggdrasil City and they have started to gain notice as top players of the game at least among duelers.”


Haruka asks, “Both of them?”


Recon says, with a nod, “Yeah, Lady Haruka. Akari-san doesn’t look like it, but she is an excellent fighter. In fact, it is said that she is a rival for Kirito’s girlfriend, Asuna. She actually users a rapier much like she does and she uses it perfectly too.”


Asuna asks, curiously, “Really?” When Recon nods his head, Asuna gets quite curious about Akari and a small feeling of déjà vu forms, but she can ignore for the moment. On the meanwhile, Kirito is the one to give the duel request and Dai agrees in which he sets it to half-life meaning the winner is the one that gets their opponent into the yellow zone first. Soon after, Kirito makes two Black Iron Swords, his current swords in ALO, appear on his back and he draws one in which Dai draws one in which both of them go into a similar stance.


Dai says, “Hey, dude! You are copying me!”


Kirito says, seriously, “That’s my line!”


Hino says, slapping herself on the head, “Oh, boy. Here we go.” The countdown starts and when it reaches zero, Kirito charges in for the attack and Dai and Kirito clash their blades.


Kirito says, “Not bad.”


Dai says, with a smirk, “Took the words right out of my mouth, bro.” Dai and Kirito then start to clash with each other and what is surprising to everyone, especially Dai and Kirito, is their sword style are very similar, if not the same. Dai thinks in his mind, with a stunned tone, “Whoa, dude! The guy’s sword style is similar my own, but we haven’t meant at all and I doubt that he has heard of me until now!”


Kirito thinks in his mind, also surprised, “His sword style is similar to mine, but how?” The two of them continue to clash and Dai then gains a smirk which confuses Kirito as he continues to fight Dai, but then Dai seems to perfectly block and/or dodge Kirito’s strikes which confused Kirito a lot, however, he didn’t have time to think about as Dai then get thrust strike and cuts Kirito’s right cheek shown by the red ‘pixilation’ in his virtual right cheek causing him to leap back.


His friends are shocked and Asuna says, concerned, “Kirito-kun!”


Leafa says, “I can’t believe it! Only Asuna, Usagi, and I have managed to cut Kirito in duels before!”


Klein asks, stunned, “Who is this guy?”


Kirito holds his cheek and he tells Dai, “Clever, Dai-san. Since we are using similar sword fighting styles, you managed to use that to predict my moves.”


Dai says, with a grin, “Basically, bro.”


Kirito says, taking a deep breath, “You are strong, Dai-san. That means that I can’t take it easy on you at all.” Kirito closes his eyes as he draws his other sword into his free hand and when he opens his eyes, he gains a deadly serious expression on his face which surprises Dai.


Dai thinks in his mind, surprised, “That expression…” Kirito then charges in at incredible speed and Dai barely blocks his attack in which Dai is then quickly thrown into the defensive causing him to stumble back from Kirito’s assault.


Akari shouts out, concerned, “Dai-kun!”


As Dai’s HP goes down slowly due to him getting only nicked by Kirito’s assault, he thinks, amazed, “Where did this come from? He was holding back this much the whole time? It isn’t just now that he is wielding two swords! His speed, skill, and technique have gone through the roof! Man, he is taking me seriously!” Dai then barely dodges a slice to his head which cuts his cheek in which he stumble back and manages backflip three times away from Kirito. After regaining his breath, Dai says, “Man, dude. You aren’t a joke when you are serious. That means that I can’t just fool around. If I want to win, I’m going to have to go all out.” Dai closes his eyes, draws his other sword, and when he opens his eyes, his expression is similar to Kirito’s deadly serious expression much to his own surprise. Dai then attacks Kirito at incredible speed and Kirito barely manage to block the attack. Soon after, the two of them start to battle each other with incredible speed and power as their swords clash in a deadly dance in which both of them manage to block/dodge a lot of their opponent’s attacks, but both duelers manage to get nicked and lose a tiny bit of HP due to their opponent, however, both of them manage to make sure that they don’t get hit with a major strike.


As the battle goes on, Kirito’s friends/comrades are shocked and Klein says, shocked, “No way!”


Lisbeth says, amazed, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing!”


Silica says, awe-struck, “He is matching Kirito’s every move!”


Haruka says, “They are like a reflection.”


Michiru says, “Yes, but there may be one difference.”


Haruka says, “I’m not surprised that you would notice Michiru.”


Tomoe asks, “What do you mean Haruka-papa?”


Michiru tells Tomoe, “Watch and you will see, Firefly.” As Tomoe turns back to the battle, Dai and Kirito continue to fight each other with incredible intensity and Dai strikes back with his version of Starburst Stream, the 16 hit Duel Wielding Sword Skill from SAO that somehow he made into an ALO OSS, however, since it was like Sword Art Online’s Duel Wielding Sword Skill, Kirito is able to mostly block and/or dodge the assault.


Dai looked he was suffering from a post motion delay and Kirito thinks, “I have him!” However, Kirito attacks, Dai spins out of the way, and knocks Kirito off his feet with a swift kick.


Minako asks, “Hey! No way! How come he wasn’t stuck?”


Dai takes out a charm that looks like two crossed swords and he says, “When they gave this game Sword Skills and OSS Sword Skills, they also put the post motion delay, but they also created a way around that. This is a special speed sword charm and it reduces the time of a post motion delay for a Sword Skill to nearly zip.”


Kirito says, “You only suffered a very brief delay.”


Dai says, with a grin, “Bingo, bro!”


Kirito says, with a grin, “I see.” Dai and Kirito then continue their intense battle, wielding two swords at the same time, and they fight hard as they look at each other in the eyes.


Dai and Kirito think in their minds at the same time, “That look…” Dai and Kirito continue to fight with intensity and each of them are taking bits of their health all of the time in which Usagi’s and Asuna’s eyes widen at this.


Usagi asks, amazed, “Asuna, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”


Asuna says, with a nod, “Yes, Usagi-chan. Kirito-kun’s and Dai-san’s duel wielding style…It is the same…nearly the same!”


The others are shocked and Lisbeth says, stunned, “No way!”


Makoto asks, “Are you sure?”


Usagi says, with a nod, “It is. I used a similar duel wielding style since I could duel weld thanks to my Mimic skill.” Dai and Kirito continue to fight with incredible intensity until Kirito sees an opening and goes for it in which he nearly gets Dai right in the face, but he spins around of the way and hits home with a Horizontal Square, a 4 hit One-Handed Sword Skill combo that was from SAO, now part of ALO, but Dai wasn’t done as his other sword glows and he hits Kirito hard with Vertical Square, another 4 hit One-Handed Sword combo Skill that was from SAO that’s now part of ALO which sends Kirito skidding backs and taking a good large chunk of his HP in which his high stats is the only reason that he survived that assault.


Leafa says, shocked, “Big brother!”


Usagi and Asuna say in unison, “Kirito!” Kirito doesn’t have time to recover as Dai then strikes hard with a Vorpal, a heavy one hit One-Handed Sword Skill with great power, but Kirito manages to dodge this attack and prepares to strike, however, this only gets him bashed in the chin by a Rage Spike, a weak one hit One-Handed Sword Skill combo, in Kirito gets surprised and stunned.


Haruka asks, “What’s going on here?”


Mizuno says, “A Skill Connect.”


Tomoe asks, “Skill Connect?”


Mizuno says, “It is a non-system Sword Skill that uses One-Handed Sword Skills in quick session when you are wielding two swords. You use one skill with one sword and you can use another skill with the other sword right away as long as you get into the right ‘starter motion’ to activate the skill.”


Haruka says, “Basically, it is a way to get around a Sword Skill post motion delay used by the system in order to use multiple Sword Skills at once.”


Mizuno says, “Exactly, Haruka.”


Hino says, “And that means that this guy is a top tier swordsman.”


Makoto asks, “Who is this guy?”


Minako says, “I don’t know, but he is amazing, Mako-chan.” Kirito prepares to counterattack, but the prompt appears declaring Dai the winner in which Kirito can see that this health has reached the yellow zone.


Leafa says, awe-struck, “I can’t believe it!”


Usagi says, shocked, “I can’t believe it either.”


Asuna says, stunned, “Kirito-kun lost…”


The Undine named Akari comes over and she asks, “Are you okay, Dai-kun?”


Dai says, with a grin, “Yeah, I’m fine. I never had a fight like that for a long time.”


Kirito says, with a smile, “Nice duel, Dai-san.”


Dai says, with a smile, “You, too, Kirito-san. You were an awesome fighter.”


Kirito says, with a grin, “I’m surprised that someone else knows how to use a ‘Skill Connect’.”


Dai asks, surprised, “How did you know…?”


Kirito says, with a smirk, “I’m still working on mine a bit more.”


Dai says, amazed, “Wow! I thought that I was the only one that knew that trick!”


Kirito asks Dai, “Anyway, Dai-san, about that technique?”


Dai asks, “My Starburst Stream?”


Kirito says, with a nod, “Yeah, about that…”


Dai says, “As I said bro, it is one of my duel wielding OSS Sword Skills that I developed and trust me, it was a pain in the ass to develop.”


Kirito thinks in his mind, “I’ll bet.”


Dai says, “I was inspired by stories from that awful place that you came from.”


Kirito asks, surprised, “What do you mean?”


Dai responds, with a plain tone, “I can see it in your eyes, dude. You have seen true death and I know that all too well. I have seen true death myself…in the real and virtual worlds.” Kirito’s eyes widen and Dai says, “Let’s just say that I’m in the same boat as you were, bro. Later, dude.” Dai looks at Akari and she nods her head as the two of them activate their fairy wings and take off into the distance.


Kirito yells out, with a serious tone, “Wait!” However, it is too late and the two of them race while Kirito’s friends and/or family race over to him.


Leafa asks Kirito, “Are you okay, big brother?”


Kirito says, with a nod, “Yeah, I’m fine.” As Kirito looks on, he and the others don’t notice a figure in the crowd looking in the direction of Dai and Akari with a shocked expression on his lips. Kirito looks at Usagi and she nods her head in which later on, they are assembled together.


Haruka asks Kirito and Usagi, “What’s up with that look you two?”


The others, minus Asuna, look at Haruka and Kirito asks Asuna, “Asuna, did you…?”


Asuna responds, with a nod, “I did, Kirito-kun.”


Hino asks, “What’s the big secret?”


Usagi says, “The look in his eyes.”


Minako asks, “So, what about it?”


Usagi says, “It is the look of a person that isn’t fighting a game, but a battle for life and death. A look that Kirito, Asuna, and I had for our years in SAO.”


There are gasps and Tomoe asks, “Are you sure?”


Asuna says, with a nod, “Usagi-chan is right, Tomoe-chan. I know that look in someone’s eyes. It isn’t the look of someone playing a simple ‘game duel’. It is the look of someone fighting with a deadly serious look for survival.”


Kirito says, “And then there were his words to me.” Kirito then explains what Dai said to him and there were plenty of shocked looks.


Mamoru asks, “Could he have been an SAO survivor?”


Usagi says, “No, Mamoru-kun. He can’t be an SAO survivor.”


Hino asks, “Why not?”


Kirito says, “Usagi realized this right away. If he was in SAO, he would have been the one to get the Duel Wielding Sword Skill, not me.”


There are more gasps and Lisbeth asks, shocked, “You’re kidding?”


Kirito says, shaking his head, “No, Liz. I could tell that his reaction time is superior to mine even during my peak in SAO.”


Klein says, shocked, “You’re kidding me, bro.”


Usagi says, shaking her head, “No, Klein. I could tell.”


Haruka says, “Not surprising since you were like siblings during that nightmare.”


Usagi tells Asuna, “You could tell, couldn’t you?”


Asuna says, with a sigh, “Yes, you and Kirito-kun are right, Usagi-chan.”


Silica says, shocked, “Incredible.”


Kirito says, “Something tells me that while he isn’t an SAO survivor, he is just like us. He was right. I could see it in his eyes. He knows what true death is and he has seen it before.” Kirito says, with a sigh, “I know this all too well because…I saw it in your eyes so many times over, Usagi.”


Mamoru and the other Sailor Scouts look at Usagi and Hino asks, “Is he right?”


Usagi gives a solemn nod and Asuna says, solemnly, “Kirito-kun is right. I saw into Dai-san’s eyes and I was shocked to see that deep pain even behind that smile of his. His smile and that look in his eyes…It reminded so much of the pained smiles on Usagi’s face and an expression that hurts when I see it.” Usagi’s hand turns into a fist, but Mamoru’s warm embrace calms her and she nuzzles him.


Kirito says, “I don’t have any evidence to support this, but I think that while he wasn’t a part of SAO, he is an SAO victim too.”


The others look at Kirito in surprise and Leafa asks, “How can that be?”


Kirito says, seemly to no one, “Maybe you can explain it to us, Taichi-san.” Kirito and Usagi look in one direction and out of the shadows, Taichi AKA Tai Kamiya, in his new ALO avatar, steps out.


Taichi, like other former SAO players, have imported much of their SAO data into their new ALO avatars in which Taichi’s ALO avatar is a Salamander with spiky and wild red hair, red-brown eyes, elf-like ears, and he is wearing the same outfit as his SAO outfit (A/N: Look at Sailor Moon Online Chapter 8 for details.).


Haruka asks, seriously, “Hey, who are you?”


Klein says, “Whoa! Whoa! He is a fellow SAO survivor.”


Taichi says, “Hey, Klein-san, nice to see you.”


Klein says, with a grin, “Nice to see you, too, bro.”


Minako says, with a whistle, “Not bad.”


Hino tells Minako, “That’s his ALO avatar, Mina-chan.”


Minako says, with a grin, “I know, but if it is based on his SAO avatar, he must be not bad on the eyes in real life.”


Hino sighs and rolls her eyes in which Kirito tells Taichi, “Nice to see you, again, Taichi-san.”


Taichi says, “Nice to see you too Black Swordsman-san.”


Kirito says, with a grin, “Just call me Kirito, please.”


Mizuno asks, “You know him?”


Asuna says, with a smile, “Yes. He and his guild were part of the Assault Team. They were known as the Digital Knights.”


Kirito asks Taichi, “You know them, don’t you?”


Taichi responds, with a nod, “I do.”


There are gasps and Asuna asks, “You do, Taichi-san?”


Taichi replies, “Those two, Dai and Akari, are my little sister, Hikari Kamiya, and a very good friend that I consider a protégé in many things, Daisuke Motomiya, who we call Davis.”


There are looks of surprise and Lisbeth asks, “Your little sister?”


Kirito says, “You seem very surprised to see them.”


Taichi replies, “I haven’t seen them for over two years, Kirito-san. When I got back from that nightmare, I found out that my sister and Davis were missing around several months after SAO started.”


Hino asks, “Wait! Missing?”


Kirito asks, “Did they run away?”


Taichi says, with a nod, “Yes, they did.” There are gasps and Taichi says, “Also, Junpier, Yamato’s wife in game, is actually, Jun Motomiya, Davis’ older sister. And while those two are like a typical big sister and little brother, they are classic brother and sister which you can imagine Davis was quite devastated. However, the ‘old Davis’ wouldn’t let this get him down…” Taichi sighs and he says, “If ‘that’ never happened to them…”


Asuna asks, “That?”


Taichi replies, “When they were just twelve years old, they saw true death for the first time in the real world.”


There are gasps and Kirito thinks, remembering his duel with Dai, “Dai’s eyes! They are the same eyes as Usagi…as many of us! He has seen true death.”


Silica asks, “Taichi-san, why didn’t you go up to them?”


Taichi says, “I just recognized them when they left. I was kind of far back in the crowd.”


Kirito asks, “Are the other Digital Knights with you?”


Taichi says, with a nod, “Yep! All of us transferred our SAO data to our new avatars here! We’re not going to let that nut keep us down!”


Kirito says, with a grin, “Good to hear, Taichi-san.”


Taichi says, with a sigh, “Actually, I was actually hoping that your best friend was here.”


Usagi’s eyes widen and Asuna asks, “What do you want with her?”


Taichi says, “Her help. This is going to sound crazy, but someone told us that in order to find my sister and Davis, we need the help of the White Valkyrie.”


There are surprised looks from the group and Kirito asks, “Someone told you that you need her help to find your family?”


Taichi says, shaking his head, “Her help to bring them home. It is someone that we know. It is kind of too hard to explain. I want you to meet my friends in the real world and we can explain everything.”

A good amount of the others look at each other and Usagi thinks in her mind, solemnly, “Even now, Kayaba’s legacy continues to haunt people after we left that nightmare.”


Usagi’s eyes narrow and Hino thinks, “Uh oh. Meatball Head is getting that look again.”


Michiru says, “This is kind of hard to believe, Taichi-san.”


Taichi says, “Yeah, I know. It is kind of hard to believe, but the ‘weird’ is kind of part of our group.”


Asuna asks, “Your group?”


Taichi asks, “Heard of the Digidestined?”


Lisbeth responds, “Who hasn’t? A whole living and breathing world filled with monsters made of digital information and these monsters, Digimon, choosing human partners. These days, you can’t go down a street without seeing a kid, teen, or young adult with a Digimon partner.”


Kirito asks, “You are a Digidestined, aren’t you?”


Taichi responds, with a nod, “Yeah, I am. I’m actually part of the Odiaba Digidestined.”


There are gasps and Mizuno says, “I heard about the Digidestined from Odiaba. You were the ones involved in the ‘monster invasion’ all those years ago.”


Taichi says, with a smile, “Yeah. My friends and I were part of that. The Digimon invasion, led by a real bad dude named Myotismon, and the battles in the Digital World shortly thereafter were the reason that there are so many Digidestined today.”


Hino asks, “All you have to do is be a kid and see one of those monsters?”


Taichi says, with a grin, “It is a bit more complicated than that since the Digital World is picky about its ‘champions’.”


Kirito asks, “So, Davis and your sister are two of these Digidestined?”


Taichi says, “They are. Their Digimon partners went with them and they have been missing for a long time.”


Mamoru says, “At least until today.”


Makoto asks, “If they have been logging in here, why haven’t they contacted you?”


Taichi says, with a serious tone, “That’s a really good question.” Kirito goes into deep thought and wonders about Dai’s words to him.


Leafa notices and she asks, “What’s wrong, big brother?”


When everyone looks at Kirito, he says, “Nothing, Leafa.”


Minako asks, “If you know that they are here, why ask us for help?”


Hino responds, “Because he doesn’t know where they are in the real world, Mina-chan.”

Haruka says, “And something tells me that those two aren’t going to give their information on their real world location. From the look in their eyes, they aren’t as cheerful as Dai-san’s expression shows.”


Taichi asks, “Personally, I would like my friends and I to handle this ourselves, but from what I heard, it is going to take the ‘White Valkyrie’s’ help in order to bring them home. Could you meet my friends and me in Odiaba?”


The others look at each other and Usagi says, “We will Taichi-san.”


There are quite a few surprised looks and Lisbeth says, with a slight smile, “Here she goes again.”


Asuna says, “Usagi is right. We’ll help you out.”


Kirito says, with a smile, “You are fellow SAO survivor. It is no problem.”


Taichi asks, amazed, “Really?”


Kirito says, “Well, you can thank Usagi for this one.”


Taichi responds, “Well, thank you. Sorry if I sound rude, but why would you care?”


The others look a bit nervous and Usagi responds, “Taichi-san, I’m the one that you are looking for.”


Taichi gasps and Asuna says, with a sigh, “Usagi-chan is the person that most people knew as ‘The White Valkyrie’ like they called Kirito-kun ‘The Black Swordsman’.”


Taichi says, stunned, “Whoa!”


Silica says, curiously, “You seem really surprised.”


Taichi says, a bit nervously, “Sorry, but I’ve only seen her in that white hooded cloak of hers. It completed covered her hair and face.”


Usagi says, nervously, “Well, I can’t blame you for being surprised.”


Taichi says, nervously, “So, you are…”


Usagi responds, with a nod, “Yes, I’m her. If it involves SAO, I can’t help to get involved for obvious reasons.”


Hino says, “No kidding, Meatball Head.”


Usagi glares at Hino and Kirito says, “The legacy of Kayaba really scarred all of us, but it scarred Usagi-chan most of all. We want her to move on, but it isn’t something that’s so easily forgotten and gotten over.”


Taichi says, with a nod, “I hear you, Kirito-san.”


Asuna says, “We’ll help you figure out what’s going on with your sister and her friend and why.”


Kirito says, “Something tells me that we are going to need the full story in order to understand.”


Taichi says, nodding his head, “You’ll get that when you meet the rest of my friends in Odiaba, Kirito-san. Thank you for your help.”


Usagi says, with a nod, “No problem, Taichi-san.” Taichi extends his hand and after a bit of reluctance, Usagi shakes his hand.


Taichi says, “By the way, I heard from fellow survivors that it was both you and Kirito that saved us.”


Kirito says, with a smile, “Yeah. Usagi and I managed to end the game.”


Taichi says, with a smile, “Thanks a lot. You gave us our lives back.”


Usagi says, with a nod, “You’re welcome, Taichi-san.” Taichi nods his head and after he sends a message to Kirito to give the details of the meeting with the Digidestined, he spreads his fairy wings and he takes out in which Usagi can’t help to feel a bit of satisfaction and vindication from Taichi’s words.


Hino asks Usagi, with a smile, “Finally accepting the thanks when you deserve it, Meatball Head?”


Usagi yelps and Asuna tells Usagi, with a smile, “Hino is right, Usagi-chan. You should accept it since you truly deserve it.”


Usagi responds, “I’m not sure about that Asuna.”


Mamoru says, with a warm smile, “You should, my love. You helped end that nightmare once and for all and I hope that soon, you will be able to move on from it.”


Usagi says, with a sigh, “Maybe one day…But until that day comes, I will keep going until the legacy of Kayaba is finally sealed away.”


Leafa thinks in her mind, “Sorry, sis, but that’s my job. I just can’t believe he did again, but instead of being self-righteous, he was just plain selfish! That monster…I can’t believe that he would do this to her! Her of all people! I can never forgive him ever!”


Usagi says, looking at the others, “Everyone…”


Minako says, with a smile, “Look, girl, we understand.”


Makoto says, “We want you to pass on, but after what you went through, it isn’t exactly that easy. You are getting better, but you still have a way to go.”


Hino says, “No joke. And we want to help you finally put this finally behind you for good.”


Mamoru goes over to Usagi, kisses her on the forehead, and he says, with a smile, “Your gently and kind heart was put through horror that it never should have, Meatball Head. I won’t stop until you have complete closer.”

Usagi says, with a warm loving smile, “Thank you, my love.”


Klein says, “Anyway, let’s stop with the solemn stuff. We’ve got a big day today!”


Kirito says, with a nod, “Oh, yeah. The boss raid on the boss of eighth floor of New Aincrad is today.”


Lisbeth says, with a grin, “Same old Kirito. The best way to get out of depression is a little ‘boss monster therapy’.”


Kirito gives a look of embarrassment while the others giggle at this, but then Silica notices that Leafa looks in deep thought and Silica asks, “What’s wrong, Leafa?”


Everyone catches onto this and look at Leafa as she snaps out of her stupor in which she says, with a nervous smile, “Nothing, Silica!”


Kirito asks, “Are you sure Leafa?”


Leafa responds, with a nervous smile, “I’m just fine! Really!” Kirito isn’t sure about this, but he decides not to speak more about it for the moment.


Kirito tells Leafa, “Okay, Leafa, but if you need to talk to me about it. Plus, there is also Usagi here. I mean, you were sisters about millennia ago.”


Silica says, “It’s incredible to learn that you were a princess, Leafa.”


Leafa says, with a smile, “Well, it wasn’t all dresses and royal balls for me. Remember, unlike Serenity, I was a Sailor Scout too and one of the best of the best.”


Setsuna says, with a nod, “Very true, Leafa.”


Tomoe says, with a smile, “And you have done very well. You have helped us a lot.”


Leafa says, with a smile, “Just doing my job, Tomoe.” Leafa thinks in her mind, glancing at Usagi, “But am I doing my job well enough? I’m keeping a major secret from her and Pluto and Serenity-mama know the secret that I’m keeping. However, she is far from recovering from the wounds that he caused her from SAO. How would she take the news about the truth about Kayaba? How about he is related to her and me as well as Queen Serenity. And how that vision was correct in what it said. Sword Art Online started long ago around the end of the Silver Millennium and the last ‘legacy’ of the Silver Millennium scarred so many people including Serenity. I failed so long ago, but now, it is time that I ended this once and for all. It is time to slam the door shut on Sword Art Online and move onto the future once and for all.” Usagi and Kirito get a ‘bad feeling’ in their hearts, but for now, they forget and enjoy time with their friends and loved ones.


June 23, 2025, another virtual world


Right now, there is a massive dark futuristic version of Sin City with holographic screens and huge television screens all around and the atmosphere seems to be like a post-apocalyptic Earth style world. This is the virtual world of Gun Gale Online, a VRMMO run by the company of a Zaskar, an American company, but the bases for this virtual world like many others was ‘The Seed’, the VRMMO development packaged created by Kayaba, given to our Moon Princess and Kazuto/Kirito by Kayaba after they saved Asuna and stopped Sugou Nobuyuki’s evil plans to create mind control/emotion control technology in ALO. However, unlike many of the new VRMMO based off ‘The Seed’, this virtual world is in a ‘legal grey zone’ since it has a feature to convert ‘game money’ into real money which give this game a certain amount of fame/infamy where in this VRMMO, there are players that based their whole lives on it since they can earn real money and the players of this games are elite pro, plenty of the best of the best VRMMO players in any of the various VRMMO worlds.


In this world, we find a young teenage girl of around 16 years of age with thin, pale blue swaying hair that’s casually short, but there is a tuft of hair tied up on both sides of her forehead, and indigo colored eyes. Right now, her wardrobe is a desert colored military jacket, bulletproof armor and combat boots of the same color and she is wearing a white muffler around her neck.


Just then a male voice shouts out, “Hey! You are new here!” The young teen whips around to see Dai and Akari walking up towards her, but they have radically new looks on them.


Dai has the same red hair as his ALO avatar and facial structure, but his eyes are brown in which he is wearing black sleeveless shirt under a black leather jacket with a bullet resistant vest on top of the shirt and a black leather jacket over the vest, black fingerless fighting gloves on his hands, tight military style pants, and armored combat boots.


Akari’s hair remains in the same style as her ALO avatar, but it is pink in color now, her eyes are jade green in color, she has lovely shimmer deep pink colored lips, and she is wearing a dark pink tube top under a military style bulletproof vest similar to the United States ‘Dragonskin’ bulletproof vest, dark pink fingerless gloves that goes up to her elbows, dark blue jean shorts that goes up to the bottom of her navel and down one-half of her legs, and she has tight fitting leather knee-high black high-heeled boots on her feet.


The blue haired teen girl responds, “Yes, I am.”


Akari says, with a smile, “It is nice to see a female player in this game for once through I’m surprised that you would take a game like this.”


The blue haired girl replies, “Why are you here?”


Dai and Akari give off a slight nervous look, look at each other, and Akari responds, “It is a kind of a long story.”


Dai replies, with a smile, “Guns scare us.” The blue haired girl’s eyes widen and Dai says, with a smile, “And we want our enemies to feel our dread.”


The blue haired girl’s eyes are widening upon hearing that and she thinks, “Could they be…?”


Akari tells the blue haired girl, “Anyway, be careful in this world since theme is quite obvious on how the people are and also, this place is filled with pros for the reason that you might have heard of.”


The blue haired girl nodded and she says, “The ability to convert money in the game to money in real life.”


Dai says, with a nod, “Bingo. It is a legal ‘grey zone’.”


Akari says, “And while there are pro players, it doesn’t mean that they won’t stoop to ‘dirty tricks’. Please be careful.”


The blue haired girl responds, “I will. Thank you.”


Akari says, “By the way, I’m Akari.”


Dai says, with a grin, “I’m Dai, nice to meet you.”


The blue haired girl’s eyes widen and she asks, surprised, “Dai? Akari? You mean you are…?”


Akari says, with a sigh, “Yes, we’re them: The ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ of GGO.”


Dai says, with a smirk, “I think that it is pretty cool, Kari-chan.”


Akari responds, “You remember what happened to Bonnie and Clyde at the end of their lives, right?”


Dai says, nervously, “Oh, yeah.”


Akari tells the blue haired girl, “Yes, we are among the strongest players, so far, in this game. If you need any help or advice, just let us know.”


The blue haired girl asks, curiously, “Why would you help me?”


Akari says, with a smile, “We just felt like it. Anyway, I hope we can get your name.”


The blue haired girl responds, “Sinon.”


Dai says, with a smile, “Nice to meet you, Sinon-san.” Akari nods her head in agreement and Dai and Akari take off in which the blue haired girl, Sinon, couldn’t help to look at them with wide eyes as they headed off.


Sinon thinks in her mind, “Can I become as strong as they are?”


June 23, 2025, Tokyo, Odiaba District


Within the Odiaba District of Tokyo, we find the Digidestined, Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, TK, Cody, Ken, and Yolei, with their Digimon partners joined by Jun Motomiya and her Digimon partner, Lopmon, assembled in the park in Odiaba as they await our Sailor Scouts and their SAO survivor friends.


Yolei says, “I can’t believe them! We worried about them so much and they are just fine and enjoying ALO!”


TK says, “They might be enjoying ALO, but I’m not sure if they are fine, Yolei.”


Everyone looks at TK and Cody says, “TK might have a point. If they were ‘fine’, why didn’t they come back to us? Something may be up with them.”


TK asks Ken, “What do you think Ken?”


Ken says, with a nod, “I agree with you, TK.”


Jun thinks in her mind, “Davis…”

&nb sp;

Matt tells Jun, with a smile, “We’ll find them, Jun.”


Jun says, with a weak smile, “I know, Matt-kun.”


Mimi asks, “So, what this girl like?”


Sora tells Mimi, “Mimi, she was in her game avatar.”


Mimi says, “Oh, yeah.”


Cody says, “Not unless she brought over her SAO avatar data like those survivors that joined ALO did much like Tai and the others.”


Ken says, with a nod, “That’s a good point, Cody.”


Yolei asks, “Okay, what did her ALO avatar look like?”


Tai says, “Well, she is an Undine for one thing and her hair was long and done in two long pigtails with the buns kind of looking like meatballs.”


Mimi, looking in a certain direction, asks, pointing in that direction, “You mean like that?” The Digidestined then look to see Darien, the Sailor Scouts, Kazuto, Asuna, Rika, Keiko, and Suguha walking towards them.


Tai says, upon seeing Serena, “Yeah, just like that!”


Matt says, “Hey, you made it!”


Asuna says, with a smile, “Nice to see you again, Yamato-san.”


Matt says, “Actually, the name is Matt, here, Asuna-san.”


Mimi asks, “So, she is that ‘Flash’ girl that you told us about?”


TK says, with a nod, “Yep! Asuna the Flash! She was the vice-captain of the Knights of the Blood Oath and one of the strongest players in the game only matched by her in-game husband, the infamous ‘Black Swordsman’.”


Sora asks, surprised, “Husband?”


Kazuto and Asuna give nervous looks and Yolei says, “You can get married in-game, remember? Ken and I and Matt and Jun were married in-game.”


Joe says, “Yolei has a point.”


Tai says, “Anyway, it is good to finally meet you in the real world.”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “Yeah, it is.” Soon after, both groups introduce or in the case of the SAO survivors of both groups, reintroduce themselves.


When they were done, Yolei says, amazed, “Wow! It is amazing that I’m finally meeting you in the real world and I’m seeing your real face.”


TK says, with a smile, “I thought that you looked familiar. You were in one of my classes.”

Serena asks, curiously, “Really?”


Ken says, “I think that I saw you too.”


TK says, “When I looked at you, I didn’t recognize you, but I knew that I didn’t see every single player, so, I felt that you were here it mean that you were a survivor like us or related to us in some way since you did allow any one of the children of those SAO players that died come to the school.”


Yolei says, “Sorry if this is insulting, but we wouldn’t think that you were the ‘White Valkyrie’.”


Serena says, with a weak smile, “Actually, I would prefer it that way.”


Asuna says, with a sigh, “Personally, I think that Usagi is luckier than Kirito and I.”


Kazuto says, “Our faces are well-known and our new school is filled with fellow SAO survivors, so, it isn’t that hard to put two and two together.”


Tai says, with a nod, “I’ll bet. Your friend is a lot luckier thanks to her special cloak keeping her face hidden and I can’t blame you for keeping quiet. All of us are trying to resume our lives.”


Joe says, “However, our lives aren’t complete.”


Sora says, “Tai told us that he say Davis and Kari or at least, their virtual avatars on ALO.”


Amara says, “Dai and Akari.”


Darien says, “Can you explain about what happened to those two? If you wish for us to help, we need to understand.”


Rika says, “Yeah. We know all about that Digimon stuff. Heck, you can’t walk down the street without seeing a kid or a teen with a Digimon partner by their side these days.”


Matt says, with a nod, “It is really something. I remember the old days when we had to hide our partners from everyone including our parents.”


TK says, with a grin, “Patamon didn’t like my gym bag.”


Patamon says, with a disgusted look, “Don’t remind me, TK.”


Trista says, “However, even though Digimon and the Digital World are common knowledge, it is best that we understand their story and their adventures to protect both worlds from the evils of both worlds in order to understand their friends better.”


Cody says, with a nod, “Good idea, Trista-san.” Soon after, the Digidestined and their Digimon partners explain about their adventures starting with the first group of Digidestined from Odiaba, Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, and TK, who are joined by Kari later on, starting from the beginning, the time skip to the second team with Davis, Yolei, and Cody added to the group with Ken joining later on after he had been freed from the control of the Dark Spore, and the last battle with Armageddemon, the alternate and more powerful form of the Digimon known as Diaboromon.


Ami says, with a nod of understanding, “I remember Diaboromon since I saw him when I studying stuff on the computer on that day.”


Yolei says, “It is how I joined the Digidestined. I sent a lot of e-mail messages through I didn’t know that I was hurting Tai and the older kids’ efforts.”


Matt says, with a grin, “We told you not to worry about it, Yolei. It was those e-mails that gave WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon the ability to become Omnimon through the first DNA Digivolution that we had ever used.”


Agumon says, excitedly, “Yeah!”


Tai says, “Anyway, Davis was the leader of the younger Digidestined and to be honest, I considered him my protégé in many regards. He liked soccer and he was a brave leader. Because of Davis’ courage, we won the battle with MaloMyotismon.”


TK says, with a nod, “We wouldn’t have been able to win if it wasn’t for Davis. He was…He is a true hero.” TK says, with a sigh, “I guess that subconsciously we thought that Davis was ‘invincible’ or something of that regard. He had a strong will and inner strength…We should have known better so we could have helped him and Kari better. Davis is only human and even he has his limits. We remembered that in the worst way possible.”


Hotaru asks, “What happened?”


Yolei says, “I remember that day since I was there. It was shortly after our grand victory against Armageddemon. I guess that we were all on a high at our greatest victory. We let our guard down and two of us paid the price with shattered hearts and spirits. Davis and Kari came with their mothers into our store to pick up some food and Davis, as usual, was trying to flirt with Kari without too much success and then they came. Two yakuza thugs or criminals of that sort came into the store, threw Mrs. Kamiya and Mrs. Motomiya to the ground, and drew guns on us in which they demanded money and try not to hit any silent alarm. Our new assistant tried to do so, but he was shot in which they claimed that they saw him go for a silent alarm and they threatened one of my sisters to do it. I knew that Davis wanted to take them down, but he didn’t want to risk any of our lives. However, when they threaten their mother’s lives, both Kari and Davis attacked. Kari bite one thug’s hand and Davis bashed down another causing both of them to drop their guns. Davis and Kari grabbed the guns to take out their magazines and make them useless, but the thugs were on them in an instant. They violently threw them down to the ground and tried to take their guns back from Davis and Kari in which both of them held on tight. The thugs then drew knives on Davis and Kari and they were shouting that they were going to slit their throats and gut them. When they were preparing to strike the killing blow, all I heard were gunshots because I closed my eyes in horror as I thought that they were going to be killed.”


Yolei starts to shed tears and Ken comforts her in which Asuna says, shocked, “Oh, god…”


Yolei says, weakly, “When I had opened my eyes, Davis and Kari were alive and all right or I foolishly thought. The guns were empty and the thugs were dead in front of them, but they died with their eyes open and looking straight at the two of them. And then I saw the looks that give me as many nightmares as what happened in SAO. The look in their eyes with the fear, the horror, and the complete shock in which…It looked like something you would see in a horror flick is all I can say. And then Kari screamed and it was a scream that I can never forget: A scream of pure horror, terror, and fear.”


Yolei starts to cry and Tai says, “After the police arrived, they considered this to be self-defense and for the sake of Kari and Davis, they made a story that the thugs’ guns went off accidently when Kari and Davis force them to drop their guns since the safeties were off. And later on, they found evidence that it was a real-estate scam in which it wasn’t a robbery. They were going to kill everyone and make it look like a robbery in which they would take over the store and use as a secret front for drugs and guns.”


Kazuto says, “Basically, the two of them actually saved their lives and everyone else’s lives.”


Ken says, with a solemn tone, “That’s the truth, but the whole experience traumatized both Davis and Kari. Even though we destroyed evil Digimon, the full concept of death wasn’t truly ‘real’ for all of us, but it became real for Davis and Kari and in the worst possible way.”


Ami asks, “Did they suffer from post-trauma stress disorder?”


Joe says, with a nod, “Yes, Ami-san. From the start, if you show them a picture of a gun, they would go into an ‘episode’. And it is more ‘extreme’ for Davis.”


Raye asks, “Extreme?”


Tai responds, “If you make it like you are pointing a gun, Davis would violently beat the crap out of you and he might beat you to death literally in PSTD episode if he isn’t stopped.”


There are quite a few nervous looks and Rika says, nervously, “Yipe!”


Matt says, “Our high school principle understood since he is a victim of yakuza and gang violence himself and he worried about their mental and emotional health which was more so in which that information about Davis and Kari got into our school.”


TK says, solemnly, “They were always bullied and called ‘murderers’, ‘killers’, and names that I dare not say in front of Keiko-san.”


Asuna says, horrified, “That’s terrible.”


Raye says, “They didn’t mean to kill and in fact, they were about to be killed in cold blood! And they were going to kill everyone! They had no choice at all!”


Ken says, with a nod of understanding, “And that’s the truth, Raye-san. But it was hard for Davis and Kari to see it that way even if they know it is all true.”


Ami says, nodding her head, “I can understand.”


Darien says, also nodding his head in agreement, “Same here. I’m studying to be a doctor and I have a good understanding of what kind of things that a person going through such a traumatic event is thinking through I know that I can never truly understand them especially with my beloved Meatball Head and what her so-called uncle did to her and all of you.”


Serena smiles warmly at Darien and Jun says, “Thank you, Darien-san.”


Jun then says, “Anyway, just before SAO, we thought that they were getting better and by this time, the whole world getting excited for that wretched prison though we didn’t know it at the time. All of us tried to get the official copy, but with my family and Tai’s family, Davis and Kari got the hard copy of it.”


Kazuto asks, “So, Davis and Kari got the official copy of SAO?”


Tai says, with a smile, “Yep. However, the two of them had a counselling session and they allowed us to use it for the day or it was supposed to be that. As you know, Kirito…Kazuto, it wasn’t the case.”


Sora says, solemnly, “After this whole nightmare started, we were all horrified and distraught, but Davis and Kari were more than that.”


Cody says, showing an angered expression, “And the bullies at the school took advantage of it in which they said things about killing their siblings. Several months after Tai and the others were trapped in SAO, they went too far and one of them pulled a fake gun on Davis and Kari. Davis…had a real bad ‘episode’.”


Mina asks, “How bad?”


Joe says, nervously, “The jerk suffered broken nose, broken jaw, and multiple broken ribs before Davis was pulled off him.”


There are plenty of winches of shock and Rika says, “Yipe!”


Sora says, “The principle understood the situation and talked down the parents of the bully when they tried to get compensation from the Kamiya family and Motomiya family in which the principle threatened to have their child arrested and thrown in jail with the evidence necessary to do so. Not only did they have to pay for their own child’s medical bills, they were forced to pay both the Kamiya and Motomiya families for that stunt.”


Raye says, with a snort, “Serves them right in my mind.”


Amara says, nodding her head in agreement, “Got that right, Raye.”


Cody says, “However, the damage has been done and the principle when the parents of Tai and Jun to tell them that they should move Davis and Kari out of the city out of fear for their mental and emotional health in which he had valid concerns. However, Davis and Kari overheard this, didn’t take it too well, and they ran away. From what we know, Kari was more distraught than Davis and Davis wanted to stick it out, but Kari’s state and his own fear of hurting someone else with his ‘episodes’ broke his ‘will’ to stay and he agreed with Kari in which they took off with their Digimon partners, Veemon and Gatomon, in which they have ‘evolved forms’ that allows them to carry Davis and Kari and fast.”


Joe says, solemnly, “They vanished around three months since SAO started and we haven’t seen any hide or hair of them since.”


Darien says, “Until a few days ago in ALO.”


Tai says, “That’s right. Even though they look different due to their avatars, it is them. I know it.”


Ami asks, “So, this friend of yours, Gennai, mention that only Serena could bring them home?”


Matt says, “Gennai tends to get on our nerves sometimes with his manner, but he has been a faithful ally to us and he has never steered us wrong.”


TK says, “Gennai and Azulongmon, the Digimon Sovereign of the Eastern Sector of the Digital World, said: ‘They have a great darkness within their hearts and the only way that they can truly heal is that the ‘Valkyrie of the Moon’ fighting with you in your castle prison help reignite the light in their hearts and make them shine like the sun once more’.”


Kazuto says, “And you thought of Usagi since she was known in SAO as the ‘White Valkyrie’ and SAO took place in Aincrad: A floating castle world.”


Ken says, “Crazy as it is, yes. However, in our line of ‘work’, crazy works plenty of times.”


Mina says, with a nod, “I hear you, Ken-san.”


Darien asks, “Is there anything more to this?”


Plenty of the others look at Darien and Serena asks, “What do you mean Darien-kun?”


Darien responds, “Just a feeling.”


The Digidestined look at each other and Kazuto asks, “There is something more, is there?”


Tai says, with a sigh, “Yeah. Gennai and Azulongmon said because they felt it is vital since Davis and Kari are linked to some kind of prophecy that they found in the Digital World.”


Amara asks, “Prophecy?”


Izzy responds, “It goes: ‘The death world of sword and skills is just start of a war renewed. The darkness that the death castle that was tried to be sealed away in its wall will be unleashed fueled by the anguish and sorrows of those lost within its walls. The celestial swordswoman and the demon king of the death castle shall clash again bound by the string of betrayed forged millennia ago in the shadow of the death castle hidden within the world of garden of rainbows. The ancient clash renewed, the worlds brought to the brink of chaos, secrets are revealed, and the final battle of the ancient silver age is brought to ahead. The swordswoman can’t succeeded in her missions unless the Chosen Child of Light becomes the shining princess of the sun and the Earth and the warrior of Miracles and Life takes his throne as the supreme swordsman of the twin blades and as the Star Dragon King of the Chosen Children of the Digital World.’ And after that, the part that we mentioned that Gennai and Azulongmon told us comes in.”


Lita says, with a whistle, “That’s one big prophecy.”


Keiko says, “A bit scary.”


Rika asks, a bit nervously, “Aren’t you getting worked up over a group of words from another world?”


Mimi says, “You wouldn’t normally, but a Digi-World prophecy has a tendency to come at least the ones that Gennai finds.”


TK says, with a nod, “No kidding.”


Matt says, nodding his head, “When we hear a prophecy from the Digi-World, we listen since they have tendency to come true and if you don’t listen, it bites you in the ass.”


Asuna asks, “So, wait! Does that mean that the ‘death castle’ is…?”


Kazuto says, finishing, “Sword Art Online.” Everyone looks at Kazuto and he says, “What this is saying is that SAO is just the beginning of something bigger and something more dangerous. Most likely, it is some kind of war that threatens our world and more. I’m not sure what it meant by the ‘darkness sealed in Aincrad’, but I do know that the ‘demon king of the death castle’ must be talking about Kayaba because before our last fight, he called himself the ‘demon king’ in a joking manner for his original plan for the game basically him and I at the top.” Kazuto thinks in his mind, glancing at Suguha, “And that means that the ‘celestial swordswoman’ must be…”


Suguha thinks in her mind, “Big brother gets it too. The ‘celestial swordswoman’ is me as Sailor Celestial. However, is it saying that I will fail unless this ‘Child of Light’ and ‘Warrior of Miracles and Life’ become what this prophecy says that they need to become for me to beat that monstrous fiend, Kayaba?”


Yolei asks, “Wait! Isn’t Kayaba dead?”


Joe says, “We heard that he committed suicide.”


The others in front of the Digidestined group look at each other and Kazuto says, “That’s the official version and it isn’t a lie…Just not the complete truth.”


Mimi says, “You lost me, Kazuto-san.” Soon after, the Sailor Scouts, Darien, and SAO survivors in their group explain about what happened in first ALO.


When they were done, Yolei yells out, irritated, “That rotten asshole!”


Matt says, with a sneer, “So, he escaped justice by digitizing his mind.”


Izzy says, amazed, “Incredible. Based on what you said, it must been a one in a thousand chance, but knowing the genius of Kayaba, he must have succeeded.”


Serena says, with a nod, “And he did. He is somewhere in cyber-space searching for his ‘castle’, but he will never find it.”


Mimi asks, curiously, “How do you know that?”


Yolei tells Mimi, with a sigh, “Mimi…”


Mimi then realizes what Yolei is implying and she says, nervously. “Oops, sorry!”


Serena says, with a kind smile, “No problem, Mimi-san.”


Tai says, “We really don’t get of much of the rest of it, but we do know that this prophecy is talking about Kari. You see, most of us, Digidestined, have a special symbol, a crest, based on our best trait in which Ken is the Digidestined of Kindness, despite his protests to the contrary. My sister, Kari, is the Digidestined of Light since she has a special power of her own.”


There are surprised looks and Asuna asks, “A special power?”


Izzy says, “As the Digidestined of Light, it seems like Kari possesses a powerful ‘light power’ herself and we have seen it in action before.”


Kazuto asks, “So, could Davis be…?”


TK says, with a nod, “Gennai confirmed it. Davis is the Digidestined of Miracles and Life and one of the most powerful of us, Digidestined, there ever is.”


Yolei says, “Which shocked the heck out of us especially me.”


Darien says, “Based on what you know, there is going to be some kind of big battle to come and you are going to need Davis and Kari to help stop it.” Darien thinks in his mind, “And us as well based on the visions that we saw when Leo-san’s Signer Dragon fought against Serena’s Duel Dragon.”


Matt says, nodding his head, “We’re still trying to figure out the rest of the prophecy, but by the looks of it, it looks like that SAO was just beginning of something bigger and maybe even more terrible for the world.”


Serena thinks in her mind, drolly, “Just great. I thought that ‘dark legacy’ can finally be put to bed.”


Suguha thinks in her mind, “We already knew that, but this is a real eye opener. I get what some of it is about since I’m the ‘celestial swordswoman’ as Sailor Celestial and the ‘demon king’ of the ‘death castle’ is Kayaba since he is the creator of Aincrad, the scene for Sword Art Online. But what did it mean by the ‘shadow of Aincrad hidden in the garden of rainbows’? Could it be New Aincrad in ALO? It can’t be. ALO doesn’t any place that could be called a ‘garden of rainbows’. And also, if the ‘warrior of light’ and the ‘warrior of miracles and life’ mean their friends, does this mean that I can’t be Kayaba unless those two achieve something big? This is real headache, but then again, who said that being a Sailor Scout was easy?”


Tai says, “For now, let’s focus on Davis and Kari. We know that they have been logged onto ALO, but they weren’t part of the latest boss raid on New Aincrad.”


Sora asks, “Where could they be?”


Izzy says, “With the new virtual worlds that are appearing thanks to the ‘World Seed’ program, they could have transferred their avatars to accounts in other virtual worlds.”


TK says, “And that’s a problem since they are a lot of virtual worlds these days.”


Kazuto looks to be in deep thought and Serena asks, “Is something wrong?”


Kazuto responds, “Something that Dai or should I say, Davis, said to me after our duel.”


Asuna asks, “What do you mean?” Kazuto then explains what happened in his duel between him and Davis’ ALO avatar of Dai and what happened after.


Amara asks, “Wait! Are you implying that he knows that you are an SAO survivor?”


Kazuto says, with a not, “Exactly, Amara.”


There are gasps and Yolei asks, “Whoa! How did Davis do that?”


TK says, “I don’t want to reopen old wounds, but what happened to him and Kari might have given him a clue. However, those words that he told Kirito…Kazuto don’t give me a good feeling.”


Tai says, “Same here, TK.”


Joe asks, “Wait! Are they saying that they are trapped in a virtual world?”


Just then a female voice responds, “Exactly.” Everyone whips to the source of the voice to see Molly Baker, the ‘civilian identity’ of Sailor Nebula, walking up to them carrying some kind of case.


Matt asks, seriously, “Who are you?”


Lita says, “Hold on!”


Serena says, “She is a friend of mine!”


Asuna asks, “She is?”


Molly says, with a bow, “Hello. I’m Molly Baker, Serena’s childhood friend. Nice to meet you.”


Rika asks, “Serena’s childhood friend?”


Molly says, with a smile, “Yes, but after middle school, we had grown apart from each other for a short while and we just recently reconnected. It is kind of complicated.”


Serena asks, “Molly, what are you doing here?”


Molly responds, “I’m here to deliver an important message from a Digidestined named Luke and someone very important.”


Mimi asks, “Who?”


Molly says, “You’ve probably seen her on television. She is one of the two new Sailor Scouts in Juuban: Sailor Nebula.”


There are gasps from the Digidestined and Sora asks, “You know a Sailor Scout?”


Molly responds, with a smile, “You can say that we are quite close.”


Raye thinks in her mind, “That’s because that Molly is Sailor Nebula.”


Molly says, “Sailor Nebula and Luke know exactly where Davis Motomiya’s and Hikari Kamiya’s real world bodies are.”


There are more gasps, this time from both groups, and Ken yells out, “They know where Davis and Kari are?”


Tai asks, a bit suspiciously, “How can we believe you?”


Molly says, taking the case into both of her hands, “They gave me these to give to you and they said that this would be their proof.” Molly opens the case and reveals two D-3 digivices and two D-Terminals inside.


The Digidestined gasp in shock and Gabumon says, “Those are Davis’ and Kari’s digivices!”


Patamon says, “And their D-Terminals!” Molly then goes over to Izzy, gives them the case containing the digivices and D-Terminals, and Izzy examines them.


After a minute, Izzy says, “These are the real deal. These are Davis’ and Kari’s digivices and D-Terminals.”


Everyone looks at Molly and Tai tells her, “You have our attention. Where are my sister and Davis?”


Molly responds, “They didn’t tell me because the ‘wrong people’ might get that information and try to destroy them.”


Yolei asks, “Destroy them?”


Molly says, “All Nebula told me is that they are vital for what’s to come and let’s just say that after Sailor Moon saved my life when she first appeared, I tend to take a Sailor Scout quite seriously.”


Jun says, “Well, I don’t blame you.”


Molly takes out a flash drive and she says, “This flash drive will contain the information on the location of the facility that their bodies are in.”


Mimi asks, “Why are you helping us and her?”


Molly says, with a smile, “I can’t stand seeing people in trouble.” Molly says, “Anyway, you have seen the trouble on television. The Sailor Scouts have their hands full these days.”


Lita thinks in her mind, “Tell us about it, Molly.”


Molly says, “Right now, Nebula and Neo Moon are on a mission to stop an enemy operation within another city in Japan, but that’s all I can tell you. However, she told me that she will be there when you arrive.”


Matt says, “Thank you.”


Molly says, with a nod, “No problem.” Molly then tells Serena, with a warm smile, “Nice to see you, again, Serena. By the way, I saw you on television at the tournament. You were just wonderful.”

Serena says, with a smile, “Thanks, Molly.”


Molly says, with a warm smile, “You, the girls, and Darien please be careful.”


Serena says, “You, too, Molly.”


Molly says, with a nod, “See you soon.”


Molly walks away and after she is gone, Serena thinks in her mind, “Molly, thank you for being a good friend in two lifetimes.”


On the meanwhile, Izzy is downloading the information from the flash drive and Ken asks, “Well, Izzy?”


Izzy responds, “I’ve got it. It is a facility just outside of Tokyo.”


Tai tells Kazuto, “Thank you for your help.”


Kazuto responds, “Well, we didn’t do much. And I think that we should come along.”


The Digidestined are surprised and Matt says, “Well, this isn’t your problem anymore.”


Rika responds, with a smirk, “Hey, you called us out to help you out, Yamato! And anyway, if these freaky words are right, it is going to be everyone’s problem.”


Mimi says, “She has a point.”


Serena says, “And I want to help too.”


The others look at Serena and Cody asks, looking at her, “You want to help them that since, in a way, Davis and Kari are victims of SAO through they weren’t trap in Sword Art Online like you, Tai, or the others, correct?”


Serena responds, with a nod, “Yes, Cody-san. I’ve been working hard to get over what happened and what Kayaba did to us all. My friends and my beloved boyfriend supported me and I do need to move on, but I can’t rest until the legacy of Kayaba is put to bed through I can’t be sure it can ever will.”


TK says, with a nod, “We understand.”


Yolei says, “It must be tough for you.”


Serena says, with a smile, “It is, but with Darien-kun, Kirito, and the others, I know that I will find a way to get out of the shadow of what ‘he’ did.” Darien hugs Serena and kisses her on the forehead causing her to blush and giggle in which Asuna can’t help to giggle.


Tai asks Agumon, “You don’t mind a few more passengers, Agumon?”


Agumon says, with a smile, “No problem, Tai.” Soon after, the two groups, riding on the backs of MetalGreymon, MetalGarurumon, MegaKabuterimon, Aquliamon, Pegasusmon, and Garudamon, are flying through the air.


Keiko says, amazed, “This is amazing!”


Mina, on the back of Pegasusmon with TK, says, excitedly, “Oh, wow!”


TK says, with a smile, “I take it that this is your first time on a Digimon!”


Mina says, with a nod, “Yep! This is fun!” Mina says, with a smile, “By the way, I’m Mina!”


TK responds, “I’m Takeru Takashi, but my friends call me TK!” The two groups, riding on the backs of the Digimon, sour through the air towards the place indicated on the flash drive given to them by Molly Baker, who only known to the Sailor Scouts, Kazuto, Asuna, Rika, Keiko, and Suguha is also Sailor Nebula.


June 23, 2025, Japan, an area outside of Tokyo


Just outside of Tokyo, in the forested mountain regions of Japan, there is a massive facility with a multiple buildings including what looks like a dormitory, a school, a small set of shrines and temples, and a massive building in which within the massive building, Luke and Datamon are escorting our Odiaba Digidestined, their Digimon partners, Darien, the Sailor Scouts, Kazuto, Asuna, Rika, Keiko, and Suguha as younger children and their Digimon partners pass by.


Sora says, amazed, “This is incredible.”


Serena tells Luke, “I’m surprised that you are here, Luke.”


Luke responds, “You never really asked, Serena-san.”


Cody says, “So, this place is made for orphaned Digidestined and their Digimon partners.”


Datamon says, “Correct, human. This is a place these humans can evolve and develop in their own way and we can observe and ‘focus’ their growth in a positive and constructive manner, but without influencing them so much that we control on what they can become.”


Yolei says, amazed, “Wow.”


Luke says, “And in this place, there is plenty of genius. Very smart Digimon and their Digidestined partners helped us perfect a lot of stuff including improvements to Full-Dive technology to help save lives.” Luke says, with a sigh, “However, it doesn’t mean that there are those that wouldn’t exploit that genius for their own selfish or greedy ends and we learned that not all new Digidestined are noble as you or I are.”


Mimi asks, “What do you mean? Aren’t we all Digidestined to help maintain balance between the real and Digital Worlds?”


Datamon says, “That’s normally the case, but remember, we are the light that guards the real and Digital Worlds, but even our light has a shadow created from it.”


TK says, “I don’t like the sound of that.”


Datamon says, “And you shouldn’t, Digidestined of Hope. Now, be careful of your emotions. From what my data tells me about you, you may not like and you may react in a high emotional manner.” Soon enough, the group enters a room where there is a large glass screen leading into some kind of sterile medical room in which a familiar blue dragon Digimon with ruby red eyes and a white feline Digimon with violet eyes and yellow gloves on its forward paws is in the room.


The two Digimon gasp and the feline Digimon says, “Tai!”


Agumon says, amazed, “Gatomon, it’s you!”


Wormmon, Ken’s Digimon partner, says to the blue dragon Digimon, “Veemon?”


Veemon says, with a weak smile, “Hey, Wormmon.”


Lita asks, “You know them?”


Ken says, “The dragon Digimon is Veemon, Davis’ Digimon partner, and the other is Gatomon, Kari’s Digimon partner.”


Tai asks Gatomon, “Gatomon, where is my sister? Where’s Kari?” Gatomon gives a solemn look and she points into the sterile in which everyone looks inside and they gasp to see none other than the real-life forms of Dai and Akari, Daisuke ‘Davis’ Motomiya, age 17-18, and Hikari ‘Kari’ Kamiya, age 17-18, inside of what looks like high-tech beds that look similar to stasis pods seen in science fictions films/television shows with the top of their heads down to above their noses are inside of what looks like advanced version of the Medicuboid with their noses and mouths covered in face-masks that are supplying oxygen in which inside of the pod-like beds, their bodies are being ‘scanned’ and what can’t be seen is cellular sized nano-bots working on them.


TK says, shocked, “Davis! Kari!”


Tai yells out, angrily, “What is this?!”


Gatomon shouts out, “Saving their lives!”


Everyone looks at Veemon and Gatomon and Ken asks, “What do you mean?”


Just then a female voice says, “They are advanced medical regeneration pods based on the Medicuboid.” Everyone then looks to see Sailor Nebula walk into the room.


Mimi asks, “Aren’t you one of the new Sailor Scouts?”


Sailor Nebula responds, with a nod, “That’s right. I am Eternal Sailor Nebula, Guardian Sailor Soldier of all Star Seeds, but what Star Seeds are is a tale for another time.”


Joe says, a bit nervously, “Okay…”


TK asks, “Okay, you said that they are medical regeneration pods?”


Sailor Nebula says, “Correct, TK-san. They were created by the minds of genius Digidestined and their Digimon including plenty of Datamon for example. They used a combination of nano-bot technology and a way to restore and regenerate damaged cells to bring a person back from even what usually are fatal injuries. Don’t tell me how it works because I’m a Sailor Scout, not a genius. I’m smart, but there are things that I can’t understand.”


Luke says, giving Izzy a flash drive, “This could help you understand it better.” When Izzy downloads the information of the flash drive into his computer, his eyes widen.


Izzy says, amazed, “Prodigious! This could revolutionize the field of medicine forever!”


When Joe, Ami, and Darien look at it, Joe says, amazed, “Wow. You’re right, Izzy.”


Ami says, amazed, “Incredible.”


Darien asks, “You said that this was based on Medicuboid technology?”


Luke says, with a nod, “Yes. Our Medicuboid is in fact an advanced version that allows us to basically ‘download’ a person’s mind into our virtual matrix without any damage to their physical bodies. In fact, this part was for made for patient that suffer injuries that may result in brain damage and we need to make sure that all aspects of ‘themselves’ is safe. It is possible since our brains are actually biological computers.”


Ami says, “Luke-san is right. Our brains’ mental processes are a series of electrical impulses and you could transfer those electrical impulses into cyber-space and turn it into digital information… theoretically speaking.”


Raye says, “It looks like the people here turned it into fact.”


Luke says, with a sigh, “Yes, it is. And there are those that would exploit it for their own gain which led to this horrible situation as you can see.”


Matt asks, “What happened?”


Veemon says, with a solemn tone, “A group of bad dudes attacked this plan to get their hands on this stuff and the Digidestined and their Digimon partners that created it. They had a good size group of bad Digimon with them.”


There are gasps and Tai asks, stunned, “Wait! Humans working with Digimon?”


Gatomon says, “Not just humans, Tai. Digidestined humans…Really bad Digidestined…Dark Digidestined.”


More gasps of shock and Ken asks, “Dark Digidestined?”


Gatomon says, with a nod, “The real deal, Ken. Real and actual Dark Digidestined, rumored to be the ‘dark counterparts’ to ‘regular Digidestined’ like you. They attacked the place and Davis, Kari, and we step forward to defend it. You saw the scorch marks in some areas.”


Sora asks, “I remember those! They were from that attack?”


Gatomon says, with a nod, “Yeah. They didn’t care who they hurt as long as they get what they wanted. Somehow, Davis helped Veemon go into his own Ultimate form and Kari’s power allowed me to become Angewomon again.” The Digidestined were shocked to hear Veemon going into his Ultimate form by himself, but they allowed Gatomon to continue in which she said, “Davis and Kari then ran off when the orphanage came under major attack and they rushed in to get every one of the Digidestined orphans and their partners out. They succeeded, but then…there was this horrible explosion…They were caught in it…and buried alive!”


There are gasps and Ken says, shocked, “No!”


Luke says, holding a folder, “We came together to drive the enemy back and we also got to the rumble in which we worked to get Davis and Kari out of there in which this is the condition that we found them. You might not like what you see.” Tai takes the folder and everyone looks as he opens up causing many gasps of horror and shock at what they see.


Mina says, winching, “I think…I think I’m going to be sick.”


Amara says, horrified, “They should be…should be dead.”


Cody says, realizing something, “You decided to try to save them. This facility must have remained intact and functional.”


Sailor Nebula says, with a nod, “That’s right, Cody-san. The regeneration pods weren’t tested yet, but it was their only chance. They were barely alive by some miracle and they didn’t have long. They managed to get them into the chambers, put them into a form of medical stasis, and safely managed to download their minds to the virtual matrix just in time.”


Amara says, plainly, “But something went wrong.”


Datamon says, “Correct, human. At first, we thought it a malfunction due to the damage caused by the battle, but we learned better afterwards. Our virtual matrix was hacked.”


Matt asks, surprised, “Hacked?”


Luke says, with a nod, “We were hacked since our computer systems weren’t at full strength and something or someone ripped Davis’ and Kari’s minds from our virtual matrix and sent it deep into cyber-space. We had a program to track them, but whatever or whoever did this also severed any and all connected to the virtual matrix and thus, to their bodies.”


Kazuto says, “They’ve been trapped in cyber-space ever since you put them in those pods to save their lives.”


Luke says, with a nod, “That’s right. For over two years.”


There are gasps of shock and Raye asks, shocked, “Two years?”


Asuna says, stunned, “Just like us…”


Kazuto says, with a plain tone, “So, it is what Dai…What Davis meant when he said that he is just like we were. He and Kari are exactly what we, SAO survivors, were during our time there…trapped in a virtual world.”


Sailor Nebula says, with a nod, “Exactly, Kazuto-san. However, since you found their ‘virtual avatars’, you have a chance to bring them home.”


Everyone looks at Sailor Nebula and Mimi asks, “What do you mean?”


Luke says, “Like I said before, who or what flung Davis’ and Kari’s ‘consciousness’ into cyber-space cut any connections between their minds and their bodies as well as our virtual network, but if we can reconnect their minds in the form of their virtual avatars…”


Izzy says, finishing, “We can bring them back and ‘log them out’. Prodigious!”


Datamon replies, “Correct, Digidestined of Knowledge. I see that your crest was given to you wisely.”


Tai says, “That means that we need to find them in the virtual world and inform them of this.”


Cody says, “But there is a problem, Tai. We don’t know which virtual world that they are in.”


Matt says, “It may not matter. If they have ALO accounts, they will go back there sooner or later.”


Joe says, “However, I just have a thought. If there virtual avatars are truly destroyed like it was on SAO…”


Ami says, with a gasp, “Their minds are destroyed.”


Luke says, with a nod, “The data will be gone for good and these two will be ‘brain dead’.”


Kazuto says, “That can’t happen since none of the other virtual worlds are like SAO.”


Sailor Nebula says, with a nod, “True, but there are forces that would love to ‘delete’ them and get rid of them once and for all. Davis and Kari have an important role for what’s ahead. What that is, I can’t tell you.”


Tai says, with a sigh, “I’m not surprised about that.”


Sailor Nebula says, “I’m sorry, but I’m kind of bound by rules that I may not agree with some to many times, however, I need to follow them. And believe me, it stinks at times.”


TK says, with a shrug, “Don’t worry, we’re kind of use to this thing with Gennai.”


Ken says, “At least we finally found them and we can bring them home.” Everyone looks into the room containing the forms of Davis and Kari and hope blooms anew for the Digidestined to bring their ‘lost ones’ home, but there are members of the large group that can’t help to get a ‘bad feeling’ that it won’t be as simple to bring Davis and Kari back to the real world as it sounds.


End of Chapter 3


(Sword Art Online closing theme ‘Yume Sekai’ starts)


As the scene floats down in front of us, we see the Moon Palace in front of a massive lake where instead of the palace, Aincrad is being reflected by the pool of water instead of the Moon Palace. As Aincrad is being shown, we see Kirito, Usagi, and Asuna, in their SAO forms with their ALO forms behind them, floating down and as we float down, we see Suguha Kirigaya surrounded by her ALO avatar of Leaf and as Eternal Sailor Celestial with the form of someone that looks like Princess Serenity, but with Sailor Celestial’s sigils on her forehead. And finally, we float down to see Davis Motomiya, in his Kirito’s style outfit, and Kari Kamiya, in her version of Asuna’s KOB outfit, together surrounded by the three Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, Signer Dragons, and many more ‘out of the ordinary’ Duel Monsters including the Aesir.


The final scene appears where it shows Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


Preview (Leafa’s voice)


“Next time: SAO Hits Home.”


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