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In the coming of the fourth chapter, I have to say that I was inspired to modify my ‘writing pattern’ for this sequel story because I wanted to another ‘twist’ to make things more exciting and then I remember that plenty of shows, including SAO, showed ‘prelude scenes’ before showing the title of episode and I thought that could work in writing too. It is the reason that I show ‘prelude scenes’ before it goes to the ‘title’ of the chapter and yes, each ‘prelude scene’ will have a connection to the rest of the chapter and the rest of the story at large. I hope that you enjoy this ‘little twist’ everyone.


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Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


June 22, 2025, Japan, unknown location


In an unknown location within Japan, a group of figures is looking at what looks like humanoid robots dressed in the garb and armor similar to those worn by the Aincrad Liberation Force, also known as ‘The Army’, the largest guild in SAO/Aincrad.


One of the figures says, in a male voice, “Geez! Out of sight!”


Another figure turns to a cloaked figure and this figure says, in a male voice, “I believe you the instant that you gave us the power to replicate the Sword Skills of that fucking death game in real life and giving us these robots decked out in armor and skills too, but what do you get out of it? I’m no fool! I know better to know anything is free in life!”


The hooded cloaked figure responds, in a female voice, “You’re right. However, my payment will become soon enough, Kaiou.” The figure, stepping into enough light to reveal the face of the real life version of Kibaou, the power hungry player that tried to get rid of Thinker, leader of Aincrad Liberation Force AKA the ALF, in order to gain full power before Thinker was rescued with the aid of Kirito/Kazuto and Asuna, gives an evil smile.


Kibaou or Kaiou, as his real life name is, responds, with a sinister smile, “Fine, whatever! I just want payback to that wretched beater and his wench of a woman along with the wretched niece of the fucktard that stuck us in the game in the first place! Those idiot fools call her a hero when it was her family that got us trapped in that death game in the first place! She has a debt to pay and she will pay it along with that beater!”


The hooded cloaked figure responds, with a nod, “I see. I wish you good luck on your venture.”


Kaiou responds, with a snort, “Yeah, right.” The hooded cloaked figure gives a wicked smirk under the cover of her hood and she heads out as Kaiou and his associates prepare to start their sinister plans that worked against Kaiou in SAO.


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which he lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Chapter 4: SAO Hits Home


June 24, 2025, A facility outside of Tokyo


Inside of the facility that helps orphan Digidestined and their Digimon partners, the Odiaba Digidestined and their Digimon partners are assembled together and discussing what they learned as Izzy examines something on his laptop.


Matt asks, “What do you think Izzy?”


Izzy responds, “This program is very prodigious. This has the best chance to bring Davis and Kari back to the virtual mainframe and then allowing Luke and the others reestablish a connection to their bodies.”


Joe says, “I just hope that there aren’t any complications. I mean, you saw how Davis and Kari were found.”


Yolei responds, drolly, “Don’t remind us, Joe.”


TK says, “It was a miracle that they survived long enough for them to be put in those ‘medical pods’ to save their lives.”


Joe says, with a nod, “No kidding, TK, but they worked flawless. Ami-san, Darien-san, and I examined them and it was like they didn’t have any lethal injuries at all. I doubt there will be any scars from the experience at all. Those machines are just…incredible!”


Agumon looks at Tai, who looks in deep thought, and he asks, “Tai, are you okay?”

Everyone looks at Tai and he responds, coming out of his stupor, “I’m okay, Agumon.”


Sora asks Tai, “Are you sure, Tai?”


Tai replies, “I’m okay, Sora.”


Matt responds, “You can’t fool us, Tai. You are really worried about Davis and Kari.”


Tai responds, “And why shouldn’t I be, Matt? That’s my younger sister in there and Davis is pretty close to a brother!”


Izzy says, “We’re all worried about them.”


TK says, with a nod, “No joke, Tai. We have been worried about them for a long time.”


Yolei says, solemnly, “I never thought that someone like Davis could be so…damaged by an experience. However, I keep forgetting that Davis is human while he is a very tough person even he has his limits. I had my problems with the guy, but I never wanted him to end up so scarred.”


TK says, “Not one of us would want to, Yolei. Personally, I think plenty of us are to blame. Remember, he is the core reason that we won against MaloMyotismon. He beat his illusions and maybe, subconsciously, we thought that he was ‘invincible’ or something.”


Cody says, with a nod, “I think that TK is right. And what happened with Armageddemon might have helped reinforce that. We put Davis on a ‘higher standard’ than the rest of us. Despite his faults, Davis, in our subconscious minds, was supposed to be unbreakable, undefeatable, and invincible. We may have forgotten, deep down, he is human and even Davis has his limits.”


Mimi says, solemnly, “Yeah.”


Cody says, “However, I think that the ‘flame’ that made Davis who he is hasn’t ‘burned out’. Remember what Luke said about the attack on this place? It was Davis that lead the charge against these ‘rogue Digidestined’ and the Dark Digimon with them. And he ran forward to save the lives of the orphan Digidestined and their Digimon partners.”


Matt says, with a nod, “You have a point, Cody.”


Ken says, with a smile, “That would be Davis for you.”


Cody says, “We just need to find a way to reignite that ‘fire’ within Davis and help him regain his inner strength.”


Mimi asks, “How do we do that?”


Sora says, with a nod, “Yeah. I doubt that we can truly help him since we can’t understand what he and Kari went through.”


Tai says, “I can.”


Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, and Cody look at Tai and Joe asks, “What do you mean Tai?”


Jun, Tai, Matt, TK, Ken, and Yolei become solemn, look at each other, and after Ken hugs Yolei, he says, solemnly, “What Tai means is that during our time in SAO, at one point, in order to protect ourselves and our fellow players, we had to kill other players at one time.”


Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, and Cody as well as the Digimon gasp in shock and Wormmon says, with a sigh. “Oh, Ken.”


Patamon asks TK, confused, “TK?”


TK says, with a solemn nod, “Yeah, Patamon. It is one of the worst moments in that nightmare.”


Just then images of Yolei cutting off the head of a cloaked player come to mind and she hugs herself tightly as well as resist to throw up and Hawkmon says, concerned, “Yolei!” Yolei nuzzles her head on Ken’s chest and starts to shed tears on his chest.


Jun hugs herself and she says, solemnly, “It was…pure horror…it is the reason why war is considered the way that it is…”


Matt hugs Jun and he says, solemnly, “We know how Davis and Kari felt. Even through the people that we ‘destroyed’ in there were the worst kind of crazed scum, we felt ashamed, sick to our virtual stomachs, and even now, the nightmares still won’t go away.”


Ken says, “We know what Davis and Kari felt when they went through that traumatic experience and maybe that awful experience can finally do some good in which we can help Davis and Kari finally heal when they come home.”


Tai says, “And we will bring them home.” The other Digidestined and their Digimon nod their heads in agreement as they prepare to move ahead with their plans to bring two of their own back from cyber-space and back to their bodies in the real world.


June 24, 2025, Somewhere in Tokyo


Within a large indoor stadium that looks like it is used for kendo matches, we find Suguha Kirigaya, inside of her kendo outfit facing an opponent while there are many other matches on the stadium floor while in the stands, Suguha’s mother and Kazuto’s aunt/stepmom, Midori Kirigaya, is with Kazuto, Asuna, Rika, Keiko, and Ryoutarou.


Ryoutarou tells Midori, “Thanks, Kirigaya-san. These are awesome seats.”


Midori responds, with a kind smile, “Thank you, Ryoutarou-san. Any friend of Kazuto and Suguha is welcome.”


Keiko says, “Thank you very much, Midori-san.”


Ryoutarou asks Kazuto, “Hey, buddy. Your sister is really good and all, but do you think that she stands a chance against these guys?”


Kazuto responds, with a smirk, “Don’t worry. Sugu is better than most of these people. She is only a three-dan by FIK standings, but she is proven to be at the level and ability of a kyoshi title holder.”


Keiko asks, “Kyoshi?”


Asuna responds, with a smile, “That’s a title given to an elite seven-dan tier kendo practitioner which one rank below the highest kendo rank which is an eight-dan who are usually at least forty-six years old minimum in age.”


Rika says, amazed, “Whoa!”


Ryoutarou says, stunned, “No joke!”


Kazuto thinks in his mind, “Not surprising since she has been practicing since she was a child and she has not only experience in ALO, but she also has actual combat experience ever since she became Sailor Celestial. Not that mom needs to know that. She and dad already have enough nightmares with what happened to me in SAO. If they knew that Sugu was going out and fighting ‘real monsters’ as a Sailor Scout, they would suffer heart attacks.”


Midori says, with a smile, “I’m not surprised by this. She is truly a student of your grandfather, Kazuto.”


Rika says, “After seeing her in action, I’m not surprised. Anyway, thanks for inviting us along.”


Midori responds, with a warm smile, “Like I said, any friend of Kazuto is a friend of mine. It is the least that I can do for befriending my boy. He is a genius when it comes to electronics, but he is…as you can say ‘awkward’ when it comes to social interactions.”


Kazuto blushes in embarrassment while plenty of the others giggle and Rika says, with a giggle, “I can agree with you there, Midori-san. He tends to be a little too…forward with what he says and he speaks his mind even when he shouldn’t.”


Kazuto says, annoyed, “Thanks a lot, Liz.”


Rika gives a smirk and Midori asks, “And what about your other friend, Kazuto?”


Kazuto says, with a smile, “She is kind of busy.” Kazuto thinks in his mind, “Most likely taking on more monsters that her enemies are sending against her.”


Midori says, “She must have a lot on her mind. I can’t help to wonder about that poor girl. I heard a set of rumors, but I couldn’t believe that anyone would be so…callous with a life of a family member and one that loved them so much. That whole experience must have been wrenching to her very being.”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “It was and it still is mom. Anyway, I know that I don’t have to say this, but the government has been keeping her connection to Kayaba secret for a reason.”


Midori says, “I know. I think that it is stupid to blame the girl for her uncle did, but I guess that it is human nature. It is no excuse, but it is what it is. Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.”


Kazuto says, “Thanks, mom.”


Midori says, with a smile, “However, one day, I do wish to meet her. I know that you are a big boy and all and being a gamer, you took care of yourself, but I’m glad that you made such good friends for one thing, however, I’m also thankful that she took care of you and gave you strength to keep on going to survive and end that nightmare.”


Kazuto says, “Well, we actually looked out for each other. We were kind of ‘outsiders’ in there, mom.”


Midori says, “That’s what you told me, but it sounds like someone like her isn’t usually that way.”


Asuna says, “It was quite lonely for her, Midori-san. She was away from the people that she loved so much and the situation made it ‘awkward’ between the other players and her, so, she didn’t have many friends which made it quite lonely. And we were more than friends…we were family there.”


Midori says, with a nod, “I understand, Asuna-san.”


Asuna responds, “Please call me, Asuna, Midori-san.”


Midori says, with a kind smile, “And call me Midori.” Soon after, the group watches the kendo competition and Suguha was just beating one opponent after another in which she, soon, became the star of the whole competition as she easily defeats her opponents one after another.


Ryoutarou whistles and he says, “Man, bro! That sister of yours is something else!”


Rika says, “Well, she has been practicing ever since she was a little girl after all.”


Keiko says, “She is so good. It is hard to believe that she needs help in learning how to swim.”


Kazuto says, with a nervous smile, “Sugu and water don’t exactly mix so well.”


Asuna asks, a bit amazed, “Is your sister afraid of water?”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “Sugu’s first experience with water wasn’t pleasant Asuna. Anyway, I’m thankful for you and the others going to help her out.”


Asuna says, with a smile, “It’s no problem. And I’m really glad that Usagi…Serena got her friends Ami and Michelle to help.”


Midori says, “I’m surprised that your friend is such good friends with Michelle Kaiou. She is very famous violinist.”


Kazuto says, with a grin, “Let’s just say that once you meet Serena, you will see why she makes friends so easily.” Soon after, the finals had come along and Suguha is one of the two finalists.


Her opponent, a five tier kendo ‘fighter’, tells Suguha, “Well done, Suguha-san. However, you may have talent, but it doesn’t mean that you can win against me.”


Suguha responds, “We shall see. I have been training since I was a little girl.”


Suguha’s opponent responds, “And it shows Suguha-san. Your technique flawless and your skill excellent, but something is ‘off’ about you.”


Suguha asks, curiously and a bit nervously, “Off?”


Suguha’s opponent replies, “Forgive me. You seem to be a bit too tense for a competition, but I might overly think about what I saw.”


Suguha thinks in her mind, “You might not be too off buster.” Images of Sailor Celestial fighting against Jadeite and fighting against other youma, but then the images turn into the scenes of the vision of her as Sailor Celestial of the Silver Millennium fighting against Heathcliff as well as the ruins of the Moon Kingdom and lifeless form of Queen Serenity after she used the Silver Crystal flow into her mind. She tries to shake off those images, but they flow into her mind and causing her to unable to focus on her opponent or so it seemed. The judge announced the start of the match and seeing his opponent seemly distracted, he moves in for what looks like an easy strike, but at the last moment, Suguha glares at him with an intense glare that could kill if looks could kill in which she dodges the attack at the last moment and what seems like a blur, she strikes a legal body blow to her opponent’s waist.


The others are amazed and Rika says, amazed, “Wow!”


Keiko says, awe-struck, “Incredible. She is so fast.”


Kazuto thinks in his mind, “Too quick. I hope that Suguha is accidently using her enhanced speed as a Sailor Scout.” Suguha’s opponent is shocked at the sheer speed and skill that Suguha displayed at avoiding his attack at the last moment, but what most disturbed him was the look in Suguha’s eyes. He could tell that it was the look of a hardened warrior and of one not playing at a competition, but seemly fighting a battle for life and death. The two of them get into positions and the judges declare the start of the match in which both of them attack and clash multiple times. The battle seems to be even between them, but Suguha unleashes an incredible assault that knocks the opponent’s Shinai, the bamboo ‘sword’ used in kendo, out of her opponent’s hand and hits a legal hit on his head causing him to fall on his butt, but more from the surprise from the shock and awe that her opponent experienced from the attack rather than the hit itself. Soon after, Suguha was declared the winner since she scored two points already and under the rules of kendo, Suguha wins the match and finals of this competition.


Midori says, amazed, “Oh my!”


Ryoutarou gives a whistle and he says, “Man! Your sister is out of sight!”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “Yeah, she is.”

Asuna sees the concern in Kazuto’s eyes and she asks, in a whisper, “Is something wrong?”

Kazuto responds in a whisper, “Something seems off with Sugu. She seems really tense all of a sudden. And her movements…she might be accidently tapping into her powers as a Sailor Soldier.”


Asuna tells Kazuto, in a whisper, “Serena-chan said that their powers do enhance their strength, speed, agility, and such to super-human levels, but only in Sailor Scout form typically Kirito-kun.”


Kazuto says, in a whisper, “True, Asuna. However, you have to remember that they also use real-like magic and Trista did say that performing the spells of ALO are within their realm of possibility especially Sugu since she is the Sailor Scout of Reality. However, I don’t think that she is using a spell. I can’t be sure, but she might be unconsciously tapping into her powers and remember, Trista did say that she has yet to bring out her full strength and she has a ton of power still ‘slumbering’ inside of her.”


Asuna asks, in a whisper, “Do you think that she might be tapping into that power, Kirito-kun?”


Kazuto says, shaking his head, “I’m not sure, Asuna. But there is something else. Sugu is really tense and I mean, really tense, Asuna. Look at her eyes and you can see what I mean.”


When Asuna looks at Suguha, after she removed her helmet, Asuna notices the look in her eyes and Asuna says, with a whisper and a nod, “I see.”


Ryoutarou asks, seeing Asuna’s and Kazuto’s intensifying serious stares, “What’s wrong with you two?”


Kazuto tells Ryoutarou, “Nothing.”


Asuna says, with a smile, “Don’t worry about it, Klein.” Just then there is a loud explosion-like ‘boom’ and the whole area starts to shake.


Keiko asks, “What was that?”


Rika responds, “You are asking me?” Just then Kazuto then notices part of the wall start to crack before it explodes into pieces in which a legion of the robots dressed like the ALF march into the room much to the surprise of people especially the SAO survivors.


Ryoutarou asks, stunned, “What the heck?”


Asuna tells Kazuto, “Kirito-kun, they…”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “I know, Asuna.” When Kazuto takes a closer look, he says, seriously, “They’re robots!”


Midori and Kazuto’s fellow SAO survivors look at him and Rika asks, “Robots?”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “Yeah. I can see it.”


Ryoutarou says, looking at the ‘ALF members’, “Yeah, you’re right. But robots dressed like members of the ALF? I don’t get why they are here.” Soon after, Kaiou and his gang enter the room.


Kazuto says, “There is your answer, Klein.”


Asuna says, “Kibaou.”


Rika asks, “Isn’t that the former commander of the ALF?”


Kazuto says, “Yeah, he was. Until we rescued Thinker after he attempted to Portal PK him and Usagi helped drive him and his followers out of the ALF with the rest of them falling in line. This happened a few days just before the final battle with Kayaba.”


Ryoutarou says, with a serious tone, “And I doubt that he is here to say hello.”


One of the guards rushes over and he says, drawing his gun, “Hold it!” However, one of Kaiou’s crew zip over with incredible super-speed, knocks the gun out of the officer’s hand, grabs him by the collar, and throws him out of the window, shattering it, with incredible super-strength.


Rika yells out, stunned, “No way!”


Ryoutarou says, “Holy crap! He has got super-strength!”


Asuna asks, stunned, “But how?!”


Kaiou yells out, “I believe that we have made our point! Don’t interfere and you won’t get hurt!”

One person shouts out, “What do you want?!”


Kaiou responds, “I’m here to settle on old score! I’ll have you know that I’m an SAO survivor along with my crew!” There are gasps and Kaiou says, “That’s right! You really think that all of us are freed and it’s the end of it all?! Bastards! You have no idea what we went through and while that fucking piece of work, Kayaba, was responsible for trapping us in that nightmare and his game, itself, killed plenty of people, it doesn’t mean that he was directly responsible for all of the deaths!”


Suguha shouts out, “Like when you tried to kill another player by sending him into a dungeon filled with monsters?!” Everyone then whips their heads towards Suguha as she confronts Kaiou.


Kaiou asks, with a sneer, “How do you know that?”


Suguha responds, “My brother told me. Most likely, the reason that you are here, you jerk. You’re that player named Kibaou? You should remember my bro, right? His character name in SAO was Kirito, the Black Swordsman.”


The crew of Kaiou gasps and Kazuto thinks in his mind, with a mental slap, “Sugu…”


Kaiou yells out, angrily, “You are that beater’s sister?!”


Suguha responds, “That’s right, pal. If my bro is a ‘beater’, what does that make you? Oh, yeah! A coward and an asshole, that’s what!”


Kaiou shouts out, angrily, “Why you?!”


Kazuto stands up and he shouts out, “That’s enough, Kibaou!” Everyone turns their attention to Kazuto and he shouts out, “You want me?! I’m right here! Leave Sugu and everyone else out of this! Let them go!”


Asuna says, nervously, “Kirito-kun, no.”


Midori says, concerned, “No, Kazuto…”


Kazuto says, “I have to.”


Kaiou shouts out, angrily, “There you are, you beater bastard!”


Kazuto says, “SAO is over, Kibaou. Usagi and I won the game and beat Kayaba. Stop reopening the wounds of the past. It’s over!”


Kaiou roars out, “It is never over! Thanks to you and that wench, Kayaba’s niece, my crew and I nearly died when we were driven out of ALF!”


Kazuto responds, “That’s your own fault when you tried to murder a good person, Kibaou, who you took advantage of his good nature! You talked about beat testers being selfish, greedy who let the other players died, but what does that make you? You were taking advantage of non-beta tester players! You tried to kill someone for your own greed and didn’t help us get out of that prison! You are a hypocrite, Kibaou!”


Kaiou yells out, enraged, “You son of a bitch! You are going to pay for your fucking mouth! Starting right now!” Kaiou commands, “Send his sister down into the pit!” One of Kaiou’s crew slams an axe into the ground that causes the whole stadium to shake and then the floor surrounding Suguha and quite a few others collapses in which they scream as they fall.


Midori shouts out, horrified, “Suguha!”


Kazuto yells out, also horrified, “Sugu!” Suguha and those others trapped in the collapsing fall are falling down, but Suguha, with super-human grace and agility by tapping into her Sailor Scout powers somehow, manages to land safely.


Suguha thinks in her mind, “I’m glad that I learned how to tap into my powers outside of Sailor Scout form thanks to the training from Molly and I’m also glad that she had given me extensive martial arts training and gymnastics style training or I would be hurt despite my kendo training and powers.” Suguha then hears a groan and she looks to see her opponent from the kendo match lying on the ground. Suguha runs over and she asks, “Are you okay?”


The man responds, with a grunt, “My leg…” Suguha looks at the leg that the man was holding and despite having no medical training, she can tell that it was broken. She found a nearby bamboo wooden sword, breaks it in half, and tears off one of her uniform’s sleeves for the cloth to make a splint for the man’s leg in which the other people that feel down with the man and Suguha, covered in cuts, bruises, and other minor injuries, come out into the open.


Suguha asks, “Are you hurt too?”


One of them replies, “Not too bad, Kirigaya-san.”


Another says, with a grunt, “It is a miracle, but we only have black and blues and cuts as well as the wind knocked out of us.”

Suguha says, pointing to her kendo opponent, “Good! My opponent suffered a broken leg from the fall! He needs to get out of here and to a doctor right away!”


Suguha runs off and her kendo opponent shouts out, “Where are you going Kirigaya-san?”


Suguha responds, “Get out of here and get help! Then I’m getting my brother and mother as well as my brother’s friends away from that madman!”


Suguha runs off and her kendo opponent yells out, “No, Kirigaya-san! It’s too dangerous! Kirigaya-san!” However, Suguha is too far away as she takes out her transformation broach and prepares to transform into Sailor Celestial.


Suguha thinks in her mind, “It may be too dangerous for a regular girl, but not for a Sailor Scout!” Back in the stands, Kazuto is holding her mother back as she tries to get down towards the hole where Suguha fell down with the others caught in the collapse.


Midori yells out, horrified, “Suguha!”


Kazuto tells Midori, “Mom, it’s too dangerous!”


Kaiou says, “What’s that beater bastard? That’s your mom, huh? Too good for someone like you.”


Rika yells out, annoyed, “And what does it make a murderous bastard like you?”


Kaiou shouts out, annoyed, “Shut up!”


Kazuto shouts out, “Leave her alone! Leave everyone else alone! If it is me that you want, just leave everyone else out of it!”

Asuna says, “Kirito, no.”


Kazuto tells Asuna, “I have to Asuna.”


Kaiou says, with a serious tone, “You don’t tell me what to do!”


Just then a female voice shouts out, “How about me, you son of a bitch?!” There is a massive explosion from a wall behind a group of robots, which destroys them, and out of the smoke and dust from the explosion, Eternal Sailor Celestial walks out from the massive hole that she just made.


Kazuto thinks in his mind, “Suguha!”


Kaiou shouts out, “Who are you?”


Sailor Celestial retorts, “Doesn’t the uniform say anything? But since you are too dumb to understand, allow me to ‘dumb it down’ for you. The name is Sailor Celestial, Sailor Scout of Reality.”


Kaiou asks, “Reality?”


Sailor Celestial responds, sarcastically, “Yeah, genius: Reality! You know like everything in existence? All of the elements, nature, animals, the stars, planets, and whatnot? Duh!”


Kaiou says, with a sneer, “You…!!”


One of Kaiou’s gang shouts out, “Boss, she is one of those new Sailor Scouts that appeared in here after Sailor Moon reappeared after two years! She is no joke! I’ve seen her in action and she is hard-core!”


Sailor Celestial says, drawing her katana out, “Yeah, I kick evil ass first and ask questions later!”


Kazuto yells out, “Sailor Celestial, those soldiers with them is robots!”


Sailor Celestial looks at the remains of the robots that she destroyed and she says, with a smirk, “Oh, that’s good! That means that I can cut loose without worrying about cutting people in half!”


Kaiou says, annoyed, “You wench!”


Sailor Celestial shouts out, “And what does that make you, bastard? What’s the matter with you? That wretched ‘death game’ is over! Move on already!”


Kaiou shouts out, “Not between that beater bastard and me, little girl!”


Sailor Celestial retorts, “Are going to blame him for getting you kicked out from your position of power from ALF?” Kaiou and his group are shocked and Sailor Celestial says, “Why are you shocked? Hello! I’m a Sailor Scout! We, super-heroines, have our ways! You know, you are real hypocrite, you know that? You are real fucking piece of work!”


Kaiou yells out, annoyed, “What was that?!”


Sailor Celestial responds, with a stern and nasty tone, “You heard me, you worthless piece of crap! You called the beta testers that got trapped selfish asses for letting so many people die in the first month and yet, you and your ‘gang’ extort all of the surviving players that didn’t leave the starting city of SAO out of the valid fear of dying in that madman’s death game! Guess what that makes you?! A self-centered, hypocritical bastard and just plain lower than a ‘beater’!”


Kaiou shouts out, in pure fury and rage, “Kill her! Kill her now!” The robot soldiers then move in to attack Sailor Celestial, but she unleashes an orange sphere of wind energy that blasts half-a-dozen of them into pieces and a jet of flames to melt about a dozen more soon after in which Sailor Celestial charges in to attack using her katana to cut down one robot after another.


Sailor Celestial then shouts out, “Get out now! Everyone, get out now!”


As Sailor Celestial cuts down another two robots, Kazuto yells out, with a serious tone, “You heard the Sailor Scout! Let’s get out of here!” Immediately, everyone leaps to their feet and start to run for the exits out of the arena in which Kazuto thinks in his mind, “We’ve got to contact Serena and the other Sailor Scouts fast! Sugu is going to need help!” Kazuto then gently ‘forces’ her mother out despite her looking at the hole where Suguha feel not knowing that her daughter is the Sailor Scout fighting the battle in front of her.


When Kaiou sees Kazuto and the others leaving, he roars out, strongly, “You aren’t going anyway, you beater!” Kaiou and his group then leap to get to Kazuto and the others in which Sailor Celestial sees this and teleport away from the robots and reappears in front of Kaiou much to his and his gang’s surprise.


Sailor Celestial shouts out, “I don’t think so, jerk!” Sailor Celestial then lands a powerful punch right to Kaiou’s nose and he yelps out greatly as his nose is broken and he is flung to the ground, hard.


His gang yells out in unison, “Boss!”


Sailor Celestial says, “Boss, huh? You are quite the yakuza, baka!”


Kaiou says, with a sneer while rubbing his bleeding nose, “You little witch! My nose! You broke my nose! I’m going to gut you! Kill you!”


Sailor Celestial says, “I’ve heard that before and it ends up with the enemy eating dirt, my blade, or both, yakuza boy!” Kaiou roars out as he leaps to his feet and performs a Vorpal Strike, a One-Handed Sword Skill from SAO/ALO, in which Sailor Celestial barely manages the block and the sheer strength behind it causes her to get skidded back. Sailor Celestial thinks in her mind, “How in the world did this jerk perform a Sword Skill in real life? Something is really wrong here!”


Kaiou roars out, with a smirk, “I told you so, you idiots! We’ve got super powers thanks to our new associates! Now, let’s gut this bitch!” Kaiou’s gang members give wicked smirks and they use their weapons, which consist axes, knives, swords, and similar weapons to the ones found in SAO, in which they start to glow in which Sailor Celestial gives a stern and determined look, but she can’t help to be nervous at this development. On the meanwhile, the people are flooding out of the arena and into the streets.


With Kazuto’s group, Midori says, in a panic, “Suguha! We need to find Suguha!”


Kazuto tells Midori, “Mom, Sugu is a tougher person than you think! She will be just fine! I’ll go find her!”


Midori yells out, fear evidence in her voice, “No, Kazuto! Not with that madman after you!”


Kazuto responds, “I’ll be all right!” Kazuto tells the others, “Stay with my mom!” Before his adoptive mother can say or do anything, Kazuto rushes off and takes out a communicator similar to the Sailor Scouts’ communicators and activates it.


June 24, 2025, Juuban District


Heading to Juuban, the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask are inside of what seems like a destroyed warehouse, but inside of the warehouse, we find a high-tech hideout which has been recently destroyed as the signs of battle with the youma dissolving into nothingness.


Sailor Venus says, with a sigh of relief, “What a fight!”


Sailor Mars retorts, “You really think that they were just going to roll over and get dusted like that, Venus? Get real!”


Tuxedo Mask asks Sailor Mercury, “Anything?”


Sailor Mercury says, with a nod, “Yes, I managed to tap into their data network, but they managed to cut me off before I gained too much important information.”


Sailor Jupiter says, “Let’s work with what we got.”


Sailor Saturn says, “This was a hard fight.”


Sailor Uranus says, “Our enemies are getting tougher.”


Sailor Moon puts her swords again and she asks, curiously, “What are they up to?”


Sailor Mars says, “Good question.”


Just then there is a beeping sound and Sailor Moon says, “The communicator!”


Sailor Moon takes out her communicator and Sailor Venus asks, “But we are all here?”


Sailor Uranus responds, “Our princess gave ones to her friends from ‘you-know-where’ remember?”


Sailor Venus replies, nervously, “Oh, yeah.”


Sailor Moon activates her communicator, a hologram of Kazuto appears in front of them, and Sailor Moon asks, “Kazuto?”


Kazuto responds, “Serena, we need help!”


The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask give looks of surprise and Sailor Moon asks, “What’s wrong?”


Kazuto replies, “It’s Kibaou! He’s here and he is looking for payback!”


Sailor Moon asks, stunned, “What?”


Kazuto says, with a serious tone, “He came with a small gang and a legion of robots dressed like ALF soldiers!”


Sailor Uranus asks, “He’s kidding, right?”


Kazuto yells out, overhearing Uranus via the communicator, “I’m not kidding! They also have gained super-human powers and they are able to use Sword Skills in real life!” The Sailor Scouts gasp in shock with Tuxedo Mask giving a look of complete surprise and Kazuto says, “Sugu is fighting them as Sailor Celestial, but she is outnumbered! She needs help!”


Sailor Moon says, seriously, “We’re on our way! Activate your communicator’s tracking signal!”


Kazuto responds, with a nod, “Right!” The hologram of Kazuto fades away and the others looks at Sailor Mercury as she is getting data on her visor and computer.


Sailor Mercury says, “I’ve got it!”


Sailor Moon says, “We need to hurry! Girls, we need to teleport and now!” The other Sailor Scouts nod their heads as they prepare to perform their Sailor Teleport to get to the location where Sailor Celestial is fighting for her life.


June 24, 2025, Kendo competition grounds


Speaking of said Sailor Soldier, Sailor Celestial is hard pressed against Kaiou and his gang along with their legion of robots dressed like soldiers from the ALF, the largest guild in SAO, in which Sailor Celestial is fighting against the robots very well and cleaving them to pieces, but Kaiou and his gang, sporting super-human speed and strength as well as using real-life version of Sword Skills from SAO/ALO, however, Sailor Celestial fights back hard with her elemental powers, fire from Sailor Mars, wind from Sailor Uranus, lightning and wood from Sailor Jupiter, and her newest elemental power, water from Sailor Neptune, in which she creates a tsunami wave that slams the gangster group into a wall and causes more robots to short circuit through that was the water getting into the circuits through cracks made when they impacted the wall.


Sailor Celestial yells out, “Give it up jerk!”


Kaiou shouts out, “Never, you bitch!”


Sailor Celestial says, “Your funeral, baka.”


Just then a male voice shouts out, “No, it will be his funeral!” Everyone then looks to see another of Kaiou’s gang with a young man of Sailor Celestial’s age with light blond-brown hair, hazel eyes, and wearing a male version of Suguha’s school uniform.


Sailor Celestial thinks in her mind, horrified, “Tanaka!”


The young man, Tanaka, a good school friend of Sailor Celestial struggles and he yells out, “Let me go!”


Tanaka yelps as a blade is put on his neck and Kaiou’s gang member shouts out, “Shut up!”


Sailor Celestial says, seriously, “He is just an innocent bystander! He has not part in this!”


The gang member responds, with an evil smirk, “And it would be too bad if something happened to him because of this, little girl!”


Sailor Celestial shouts out, angrily, “You snake!”


Kaiou yells out, with an evil grin, “Whatever, wench! Put down your sword now or the brat, there, gets it!”


Tanaka shouts out, “Don’t worry about me, Sailor Celestial! Just…!!” Tanaka then gets bashed in the face and Sailor Celestial growls, but she stops in her tracks as the blade moves closer to her neck and she snarls as she drops her sword to the ground with a ‘clang’ when it hits the ground causing her to also raise her arms to the sky.


Kaiou says, with an evil grin, “Good girl, wench.”


The gang members other than the one holding Tanaka hostage approach her, but a high male voice yells out, “No!” Soon after, the gang member holding Tanaka is leapt on from behind by a bespectacled boy of Sailor Celestial’s age and of average height with short black hair in which he is wearing a brown trench coat over his school uniform that consists of a black long-sleeved shirt with yellow buttons and a matching pair of pants with a pair of blue sneakers.


Sailor Celestial thinks in her mind, “Nagata?! What the heck are you doing baka?!”


The young teen, revealed to be Shinichi Nagata, who is also known as Recon, a Sylph and good friend of Leafa, in ALO, yells out, “I won’t let you hurt a friend of Suguha and I, you monster!”


Sailor Celestial shouts out, “What are you doing?! Get out of here! It’s too dangerous! Stop it, you baka!”


Shinichi yells out, “A friend of mine taught me to be brave and stand up to bullies, Celestial-san! I can’t let any good friends of mine or my friend gets hurt!”


The gang member roars out, “You are going to get hurt you peon!” The gang member then manages to grab Shinichi by the collar and he flings him into the stands in which he hits, hard, suffering a nasty concussion, bleeding forehead, and broken bones.


Sailor Celestial shouts out, horrified, “No!”


Tanaka roars out, “Monster!” Tanaka then knocks the blade away and bites the hand of the gang member in which he yelps out in pain.


The gang member shouts out, “You son of a bitch!” Before Sailor Celestial could even move an inch, the gang member impales Tanaka in the chest causing him to gasp out blood as he does so.


Sailor Celestial screams out, horrified, “Tanaka!” Kaiou and the rest of the gang try to attack her, but Sailor Celestial teleport a short distance, sends the gang member flying through a window, and goes over to fatally injured friend. Sailor Celestial says, “Tanaka! Tanaka! Hang on!” Sailor Celestial tries to access the healing powers of Sailor Saturn, but finds that she can’t. Sailor Celestial thinks in a panic, “Come on! Work! Work! Healing powers work already!” Tanaka coughs out as life slowly fades from him and he looks at Sailor Celestial in which she says, as tears start to come out of her eyes, “Tanaka, please hold on!” In the last moments of his life, Tanaka sees the image of Suguha over Sailor Celestial.


Tanaka says, with a weak smile, “Suguha…” Sailor Celestial weakly nods, but Tanaka smiles at her before the last bits of life fade and he closes his eyes for the last time.


Sailor Celestial says, shaking her head in disbelief, “No! No! NOOOOO!!!” Sailor Celestial then starts to cry over the death of her friend in which images of the dead bodies of those victims that died due to SAO also come back and images of the end of the Silver Millennium fill her mind and her sorrow starts to quickly turn into rage in which Kaiou sneers and evilly smirks at what happened, but his smirk turns into a look of pure fear as Sailor Celestial gives him a look that if looks could kill, he would have been slaughtered twenty times over. Sailor Celestial says, with a deadly tone in her voice, “You killed…You murdered my friend! You murdered him over a stupid vendetta!” She then roars out as she creates a Silent Glaive exactly like Sailor Saturn’s Silent Glaive and with a roar of fury, she charges at her opponents in which screams of pain, agony, and the sounds of crushed and slashed metal are heard for a brief while before the doors to the stadium are busted open in which Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts rush into the room.


Sailor Moon says, “Celestial!” However, Sailor Moon loses her voice as she and the others see destroyed robots all over place with Kaiou’s gang members, beaten and broken all over the floor, with Sailor Celestial ruthlessly bashing Kaiou’s face into the wall causing him to lose a good amount of teeth before flinging him into the ground before stomping her high-heeled boot into his chest causing him to gasp out as the wind is knocked out of him while she aims her Glaive at his head.


Kaiou says, weakly, “You can’t do this…”


Sailor Celestial yells out, angrily, “I can’t! I can’t, huh?! I can you murderous monster! He was my friend and he had nothing to do with this! You and your worthless gangsters murdered in cold blood over a stupid vendetta! You are just another monster created from that monster, Kayaba, and I swore that I would make sure that fiend’s legacy won’t hurt anyone else! You are just like that monster and it is time that you pay!”


Sailor Celestial prepares to deliver the lethal final strike to Kaiou in her fury and Sailor Jupiter shouts out, “She can’t!”


Sailor Pluto yells out, in a pleading tone, “Celestial, no!”


Sailor Celestial doesn’t listen as she brings the Glaive down and Sailor Moon yells out, “Celestial, don’t do it!” Millimeters to his face, the Glaive is just a tiny fraction of an inch from impaling him and Sailor Celestial looks at Sailor Moon, with a pleading look in her expression.


Sailor Moon says, pleading tone in her voice, “Please don’t do it, Celestial. Please don’t! He isn’t worth it! There already has been too much death due to SAO! Please don’t! Please!”


As Sailor Celestial looks back and forth between Kaiou and Sailor Moon, he thinks, “That voice…I know it…” Soon after, Sailor Celestial moves the Glaive away from Kaiou’s face and walks away.


Sailor Celestial says, with her face wet from tears and a sneer in her expression, “You’re right, Sailor Moon. He isn’t worth it.” As Sailor Celestial walks over to Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus runs over to the body of Tanaka and she closes her eyes and clenches her fist while Tuxedo Mask leaps over to Shinichi.


Tuxedo Mask says, with a serious tone, “He is still alive! He is badly injured!”


Sailor Moon says, “Mercury!”


Sailor Mercury responds, with a nod, “Right!” Sailor Mercury leaps over to assist Tuxedo Mask in treatment of the badly injured Shinichi.


Sailor Celestial says, letting the tears flow again, “That worthless piece of scum! He murdered my friend over a stupid vendetta! A dumb vendetta against my brother!”


Kaiou hears this and he thinks, “Her brother?” He then remembers Suguha and starts to think about Suguha’s and Sailor Celestial’s voices.


Sailor Moon tells Sailor Celestial, solemnly, “I know, Celestial. Kibaou was always scum and he showed his true colors when he tried to take over the ALF completely before Kirito, Asuna, and I gave him the boot.” Kaiou hears Sailor Moon’s voice and he gasps as he remembers when he met Usagi in SAO as well as her voice causing him to snarl in which he quickly grabs a sword, whips up, and starts to attack.


Sailor Neptune yells out, “Sailor Moon!”


Kaiou shouts out, angrily, “It’s you! Kayaba’s niece! I’ll kill you, you wench!” Kaiou moves at super-speed to impale Sailor Moon, but Sailor Celestial pushes Sailor Moon out of the way and takes the blow impales her waist causing Sailor Celestial to yell out in pain and agony!


Sailor Moon shouts out, completely horrified, “Sailor Celestial!”


Sailor Celestial grunts in complete pain, but gains an enraged look in which she shouts out, “You retard! I gave you mercy and this is how you repay me! Then die!” Sailor Celestial then unleashes a point-blank flame assault on Kaiou’s face and he screams out as his hair is vaporized and his face is burned greatly causing him to let go of the sword and roll down to the ground in which he holds his completely burned face.


Kaiou screams out, in complete agony, “My face! My face!”


One of Kaiou’s gang members, completely recovered, shouts out, “Boss!” Kaiou’s gang goes over to him in which the rest of the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, holding Shinichi in his arms, confront them.


Sailor Jupiter says, with a sneer, “Not so fast!” However, one of the gang members slams a violet pellet into the ground creating a ton of smoke and when the smoke is driven away by Sailor Uranus, using her wind powers creating a whirlwind, Kaiou and the gang members are gone!


Sailor Uranus says, with a sneer, “Assholes!”


Sailor Moon removes the sword from Sailor Celestial and Sailor Saturn says, “I’ll heal her!” Sailor Saturn attempts to use her powers to heal Sailor Celestial, but she then gets shocked by black ‘lightning bolts’ from the wound causing her to yelp in pain.


Sailor Neptune asks, concerned, “Are you okay?”


Sailor Saturn asks, with a nod, “What happened?”


Sailor Mercury scans Sailor Celestial’s wound and she yells out, horrified, “Oh no! That sword was poisoned!”


There are gasps and Sailor Moon asks, shocked, “Poisoned?”


Sailor Mercury says, with a nod, “Yes! The poisoned is laced with negative energy that’s preventing Sailor Saturn’s healing powers from healing her at all not to mention it is causing her own powers to become destabilized! Even worse, it is attacking her at a cellular level! If that poison hits her in the cells of her heart, lungs, or by the looks of it, her nervous system, she will die!”


Sailor Moon yells out, fearfully, “Mercury, please do something!”


Sailor Mercury responds, “The poison is too complex and I will need time to do it!”


Sailor Jupiter says, “Something tells me that time is something that Celestial doesn’t have!” Sailor Celestial then yelps out in pain as her body gives off ‘sparks’ of energy as her powers start to become destabilized due to the negative energy in the poison.


Sailor Uranus grabs the sword that stabbed Sailor Celestial and she shouts out, “We need to get her out of here and somewhere safe now!”


Tuxedo Mask tells Sailor Mercury, “Mercury, you must work on the antidote now!”


Sailor Mercury responds, with a nod, “Right!” Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter put Sailor Celestial on her shoulders and start to run outside.


Sailor Moon says, pleadingly, “Hang on, Celestial! Please hang on!” Sailor Celestial cries out in pain as they run outside where the crowd is waiting as the local police arrive on the scene in which Tuxedo Mask runs over to one of them.


Tuxedo Mask shouts out, “Officer!” The police officer turns to Tuxedo Mask, he hands the unconscious Shinichi to them, and he says, “Officer, this one is seriously injured! He is suffering from multiple broken bones and a concussion as well! He needs medical treatment immediately!”


The police officer responds, taking Shinichi from Tuxedo Mask, “Of course!”


Tuxedo Mask says, solemnly, “I’m also afraid to report that there is a murder. The attackers have murdered one of the audience members of this event and they have fled before we could stop them.”


The police officer asks, shocked, “What?!”


Tuxedo Mask responds, “I wish that I could stay, but one of the Sailor Scouts has been injured and needs medical attention! I must go!” Before the officer could say or do anything, Tuxedo Mask takes off and the police officer sighs before calling out for medical teams and homicide investigation units to be brought down to this area immediately. On the meanwhile, the Sailor Scouts are carrying the critically injured Sailor Celestial away in which Kazuto sees this and his eyes grow wide with horror upon seeing her.

Kazuto thinks in his mind, horrified, “No! No, Sugu!” Kazuto’s mind become racked with memories of Sachi’s death in SAO and Asuna’s torture by Sugou/Oberon in ALO before it was taken over by Ymir in which he races off after the Sailor Scouts.


Midori yells out, “Kazuto!” Midori races after her adopted son in which Kazuto’s friends and fellow SAO survivors, who also know that Suguha and Sailor Celestial is one and the same person, rush after her. Out of sight from the crowds, Sailor Celestial, her body ‘sparking’ from her now unstable powers, yells out in pain as Sailor Mars tries to hold back the bleeding while Sailor Saturn tries three times to heal Sailor Celestial, but the negative energy prevents her and for some reason, Sailor Moon’s Silver Crystal can’t negate the negative energy.


Sailor Moon says, fearfully, “My crystal isn’t working!”


Sailor Mercury says, “Whoever supplied them with these weapons knew about you and knew about us! This poison is extensive! It could take me days to figure out a counter!”


Sailor Mars yells out, “She doesn’t have days! This poison must be preventing her blood from clotting too!”


Sailor Celestial yelps out in pain and she says, weakly, “Digidestined…medical regeneration chambers…”


Sailor Venus asks, “Huh?”


Sailor Mercury says, “That’s it! The Digidestined orphanages medical recovery chambers based on the Medicuboid! They put a patient in a form of stasis or suspended animation! It could stop the spread of the poison and give me the time that I need in which their medical technology goes help make it go faster!”


Sailor Jupiter asks, “Are you sure?”


Just then Kazuto’s voice shouts out, “Sugu!” Everyone looks to see Kazuto run over to them and look in horror seeing his sister in the condition that she is in which he says, lowly and horrified, “Sugu…”


Sailor Moon says, lowly, “Kirito…” Just then Sailor Celestial yells out in pain as she glows and she de-transforms back into Suguha in which her broach falls off her clothing causing Sailor Venus to catch it.


Sailor Venus says, “Oh, man! Bad! Real bad!”


Sailor Uranus says, seriously, “We have no more time! We have to get her to that facility now!”


There is a woman’s gasp heard and Midori’s voice rings out, “Suguha?!” Everyone then looks to see Midori looking at all of them as Kazuto’s and Sailor Moon’s friends and fellow SAO survivors run up.


Sailor Venus says, nervously, “Oh, crap.”


Sailor Jupiter says, with a nod, “Big time.”


Asuna says, “Sorry, Kirito-kun.”


Ryoutarou says, “Oh, boy.”


Sailor Moon says, “Tuxedo Mask, take Suguha into your arms now!” Tuxedo Mask is surprised by her command, but he does so anyway and Sailor Moon tells the Sailor Scouts, “Girls, we are going to teleport to the medical facility right now!”


Midori says, “Wait! I don’t understand!”


Sailor Moon responds, “I know, Midori-san, but we don’t have time to explain! Suguha is one of us and she has suffered a deadly wound! She has been poisoned and if we don’t get her to the only place where she can get treatment of some sort, she will die in minutes!”


There are gasps in which Suguha cries out in pain and agony and Sailor Mercury says, “There is no time! We have to teleport her there now!”


Sailor Moon says, “Let’s go!” The Sailor Scouts immediately go hands and they start to glow in unison in which Tuxedo Mask, still holding Suguha bridal style, grabs onto Sailor Moon’s shoulder to allow the glow to encompass the two of them.


Midori says, “Wait! Take me with you!”


Ryoutarou says, seriously, “Then grab on now and hold on tight, ma’am!”


Kazuto tells Midori, “Mom, I’ll explain later, but right now, Suguha needs help or she will die right here!” Immediately, Midori, Kazuto, and Kazuto’s fellow SAO survivors grab onto the Sailor Scouts in which they use Sailor Teleport to teleport all of them away.


June 24, 2025, Digidestined orphanage facility


Within the medical area of the Digidestined orphanage, Luke and a group of other dressed like doctors and nurses with Digimon assisting them have Suguha on a moveable hospital bed and in a hospital gown with bandages over her wound which hasn’t healed at all. Suguha is also sickly looking and sweating a lot as the poison is damaging her body more and more and they wheel her into the same room containing the medical regeneration chambers in which she is gently lifted into another one.


Luke yells out, with a serious tone, “Move people! Move people!”


Datamon, Luke’s Digimon partner, says, “Poison is advancing to vital biological functions. Probably of death: Ninety-Nine point Nine-Nine percent. Estimated time to bodily functions ceasing: Mere minutes.”


Luke shouts out, “You heard my partner! Her life is in the balance!” As the group quickly moves to insert Suguha’s head into the Medicuboid and make sure that the rest of her body is properly inserted into the chamber before closing the chamber, strapping Suguha into the chamber, and activating the systems to take over her care, but shortly after her body’s vitals are being monitored, there are alarms activating.


One of the nurses shouts out, “Luke-dono, her vitals are in the red! She is about to go into cardiac arrest!”


Luke says, with a serious tone, “We have no time! Full-Dive her mind into the matrix and download her mind immediately!” The doctors and nurses nod their heads and immediately start to head to work and while on the other side, looking through a pain of glass, the Digidestined and their Digimon partners, the Sailor Scouts, Midori, Kazuto, Asuna, Rika, Keiko, and Ryoutarou watch helplessly.


Yolei says, amazed, “I can’t believe that your sister is a Sailor Scout!”


Kazuto says, “Yeah. There are obvious reasons on why I never mentioned it.”


TK says, “No kidding.”


Mimi asks, concerned, “Do you think that she will be okay?”


Kazuto thinks in his mind, “Come on, Sugu! Fight! Fight it!” Sailor Moon is also shown to be very nervous in which she is biting her own gloved fingernails with a look that’s close to panic on her face and Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts know exactly why.


Back in the room, one of the doctors shouts out, “Her mind is downloaded!”


Luke yells out, “Put her body into stasis now!” After some buttons are pushed and a tense minutes, the alarms stop blaring and Luke gives a sigh of relief. He looks at the window and he says, talking to the others in the other room via a communication device, “She’s stable. Her mind is inside of our virtual matrix without any complication and her body is in stasis. The poison has been greatly slowed down if not stopped.”


When the others hear this, there is a collective sigh of relief and Kazuto says, relieved, “Thanks goodness.”


Sailor Mercury says, “We can start work on an antidote for the poison and after that, we can use the chambers to repair any damage to Suguha’s body even at the cellular level.”


Sailor Neptune asks, “How long do you think that it can take?”


Sailor Mercury says, “Quite a while, but we have the time that we need now.”


Keiko says, “I’m glad that Suguha is safe.” But then there are more alarms and Keiko asks, “What’s going on?”


Inside of the room, Datamon tells Luke, “Luke, we have a breach in the computer network!”

Luke responds, stunned, “Impossible!” Luke asks, realizing something, “Could it…?”


Datamon responds, “Indeed, partner. Based on my data calculations, it is the same as what happened with Daisuke Motomiya and Hikari Kamiya.”


Luke gets in front of a keyboard in front of a computer screen and he yells out, “Tap into the network now, Datamon!”


Datamon responds, “Affirmative!” Datamon taps into the data network and he says, after tapping into the computer network of the facility, “This is highly unusual. It seems like whatever is tapping into our system, it is bypassing all of our new security systems!”


Luke asks, shocked, “How can this be?”


Datamon replies, “Unknown, partner.”


Kazuto yells out, through the communication device between the rooms, “What’s going on?”


Luke responds, “We…We’re getting hacked! This is no virus!”


Datamon adds in, “Correct, partner. This is too much like someone illegally entering our network rather than a virus. Someone is tapping into our network for some reason. They are…They are heading for the virtual matrix!”


Luke yells out, “Oh, crap!”


As the look on from their side of the glass, Kazuto asks, through the communication device, “What’s going on?”


Luke responds, “A repeat of history! The same hacker that took Davis’ and Kari’s minds out of our virtual matrix is back! They are after your sister!”


There are gasps and Kazuto yells out, “What?”


Sailor Moon shouts out, “Stop them!”


Luke responds, “I’m trying, but this hacker must not be human! They are bypassing our update to date security systems like they are nothing and not even Datamon is stopping them!”

The other gasps and Tentomon says, “That shouldn’t be possible!” When everyone looks at Tentomon, he says, “Datamon is a living computer Digimon! He is like a super-computer!”


Izzy says, seriously, “Tentomon is right! Datamon has a computer mind that’s better many super-computers on our planet! Whoever or whatever is hacking into their systems is smarter or could be thinking faster than Datamon’s computerized mind can process!”


Joe asks, “Wait! Are you saying that this ‘hacker’ may not be smarter than Datamon, but thinking faster than him?”


Izzy says, “Theoretically, it is possible.”


Back in the room, Luke shouts out, “Datamon!”


Datamon responds, “Understood, partner. However, every attempt to counter them is met with a countermeasure of their own. They seem to be one step ahead of my calculating mind which should be highly improbable.”


Luke asks, “Highly improbable?”


Datamon replies, “Based on my experience, it is logical to think that there is always someone or something smarter than you or can do something better than you, partner. This happening to us at this moment is seven billion, twenty million, five hundred thousand to one, but one must remember Murphy’s Law and it is logical to believe that we are experiencing it firsthand.”


Luke responds, with a serious tone, “What I don’t want, partner!” The two of them continue to work frantically, but they then stop and Luke gasps in shock in which he looks at the others and he says, solemnly, “I…I’m sorry.”


Kazuto says, lowly, “No.”


Luke says, “Whatever or whoever it is got what they wanted. Suguha Kiriguya’s mind has been removed from our virtual network and we have no idea where she is.”


There are multiple gasps of shock and horror and Rika says, stunned, “No way.”


Mimi says, horrified, “This is horrible!”


Midori says, in disbelief with a look of horror on her face, “No…Not again… Please not again…” Unable to take it, Midori faints and collapses in which Ryoutarou manages to catch her.


Kazuto says, shocked, “Mom!”


Ryoutarou responds, “I got your mom, buddy.”


Asuna asks, “Is she okay?”


Kazuto says, solemnly, “She fainted, Asuna. But I think that this incident reminded her about what happened to me during SAO.”


Luke says, “I’m sorry…” However, Sailor Moon does something completely unexpected and out of character for her, at least for her time before SAO: She slams her fist into the wall and nearly breaks the glass!


The others are shocked and Sailor Moon roars out, an out of character serious tone, “Sorry doesn’t get Suguha back! Just find her and get her home now!” The others are shocked and surprised by Sailor Moon’s tone and yelling for a basic fact and she tells Sailor Mercury, with a very serious tone, “Mercury, I don’t care what he needs or what needs to be done! Just help him get her back!”


Sailor Mercury says, nervously, “Okay…” Sailor Moon, still having an uncharacteristic angered expression on her face, starts to stomp out of the room.


Sailor Jupiter asks, “Whoa, girl! Where are you going?”


Sailor Moon responds, still out of character angered tone in her voice, “Where do you think Jupiter? I’m going to find that viper and drag him to justice!”


Sailor Venus says, “Whoa, Sailor Moon! You don’t know that guy is still alive! Suguha slugged him with a fire attack point blank into his face.”


Sailor Moon replies, still using her uncharacteristic serious and angered tone, “That piece of garbage is still alive, Venus-chan! He is just like a cockroach! He still finds a way to hide and survive! And I’ve had with all of it! We wait for an enemy attack and people get hurt! Well, I’m not going to take it anymore! I refuse to allow good people to suffer like this anymore! I will not take anything like SAO anymore! Not now, not ever!” Sailor Moon then stomps out of the room leaving many of the others shocked by her actions, but plenty of the others, especially her fellow SAO survivors, aren’t exactly too surprised by her actions.


Sailor Mars tells Tuxedo Mask, “Stop her, Darien! Stop her right now!” Tuxedo Mask nods her head and heads off after his beloved.


Sora says, shocked, “Wow.”


Mimi says, nervously, “Scary.”


Matt says, with a sigh, “Not exactly too surprising.”


Yolei says, with a sigh, “Out of all of us, SAO caused more heartache and pain than plenty of us. I’m shocked to find out that she is not only Kayaba’s niece, but she is Sailor Moon.”


TK says, “It also explains a bit of her actions. As a ‘protector of the innocent’, she felt ‘duty bound’ in a way to help us, but like you, her friends said, she is a kind and carrying person that cares about people and before SAO, in her battles as Sailor Moon, everything turned out all right in the end. However, SAO rocked her to the core and her helplessness to help the other good and innocent players really struck into her heart.”


Ken says, “She is still suffering from it.”


Sailor Uranus says, “No damn kidding, kid.”


Sailor Mars says, solemnly, “We thought that Meatball Head was getting better and she is getting better, but she is still ‘fragile’.”


Tai says, pointing to the other room, “And there is your answer on why and how.” Tai says, with a sneer, “Even through that wretched game ended months ago, it is still haunting us in more ways than one! This is the legacy of that man that betrayed her!”


Kazuto says, “We know, Tai.”


Kazuto then slams his fist into a wall and Asuna asks, concerned, “Kirito-kun?”


Kazuto says, with tears flowing through his eyes, “I’m sorry, Asuna…She…She’s my sister…and now, what happened in SAO…”


Asuna hugs Kazuto and she says, “It wasn’t your fault, Kirito-kun. That jerk couldn’t let it go. And he also a hypocrite when he accused all of the beta testers of being selfish and greedy when he did plenty of those things himself while you did plenty of good things for all of us including saving Silica and for me…” Asuna then kisses Kazuto on the lips in which Ryoutarou smirks at this while Keiko and Rika lightly smile, but they are also a bit jealous too.


When they release from the kiss, Kazuto says, “I’m not a good person…”


Asuna responds, “Yes, you are, Kirito-kun. You are nowhere as ‘good’ as Usagi-chan, but then again, very few can match her kind and caring heart, but you are a better person than most.”


Rika says, with a grin, “Yeah. You have your major faults, like being unable to know when to close your mouth, but you are a good person.”


Kazuto says, with a droll tone, “Thanks a lot, Liz.”


Ryoutarou, while still holding Kazuto’s mother, says, “It is the legacy of Kayaba. SAO may be long since over, but its legacy seems to refuse to die. Maybe your sister was right, bro. Until we completely settle things with Kayaba, the final chapter of SAO won’t be written even though we are all back here.”


Kazuto says, “Maybe you’re right, Klein. However, right now, I could care less. All I want is right in front of me.” Everyone then looks through the window where Suguha Kiriguya’s form, inside of the medical chamber, is lying in stasis to prevent the poison from damaging her body anymore, but now, like with Davis and Kari, she is without her mind and it is lost somewhere in the vast ‘cyber universe’.


June 24, 2025, Unknown virtual world


Deep within an unknown ‘digital realm’, we find ourselves deep within a lush forest and in the center of this forest, we find none other than Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, in the center and groaning as she slowly wakes up and gets to her feet.


Leafa asks, “My head…What happened?” When Leafa opens her eyes and stands on her feet, she is surprised to see herself in the forest and more so to see herself as her ALO avatar in which she asks, “I’m Leafa? How can this be?” Leafa looks around and she says, “Wait! I’m not on Alfheim Online!” As Leafa looks on confused, she doesn’t know that somewhere else in this virtual world, a human male figure is watching this from a screen and this male figure, where we can see that this male figure looks quite familiar and we can see him wearing some kind of knight-like armor, gives a sly smirk at this sight.


This male figure says, in a familiar male voice, “I see that you have finally come…my daughter, Selene.”


End of Chapter 4


(Sword Art Online closing theme ‘Yume Sekai’ starts)


As the scene floats down in front of us, we see the Moon Palace in front of a massive lake where instead of the palace, Aincrad is being reflected by the pool of water instead of the Moon Palace. As Aincrad is being shown, we see Kirito, Usagi, and Asuna, in their SAO forms with their ALO forms behind them, floating down and as we float down, we see Suguha Kirigaya surrounded by her ALO avatar of Leaf and as Eternal Sailor Celestial with the form of someone that looks like Princess Serenity, but with Sailor Celestial’s sigils on her forehead. And finally, we float down to see Davis Motomiya, in his Kirito’s style outfit, and Kari Kamiya, in her version of Asuna’s KOB outfit, together surrounded by the three Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, Signer Dragons, and many more ‘out of the ordinary’ Duel Monsters including the Aesir.


The final scene appears where it shows Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


Preview (Leafa’s voice)


“Next time: Reunion and Revealed.”


And that’s the end of the chapter, everyone! Anyway, based on what I saw about Kibaou in the Sword Art Online anime/manga/light novel, he would be the kind of guy that would take things ‘that far’ especially after getting his butt booted out of his ‘place of power’ and wanted to take revenge against Kazuto/Kirito in which he wouldn’t care who got in his way and anyone ‘related’ to him would get caught in the ‘crossfire’. I’m surprised that he didn’t do anything after he got of SAO and after his recovery, but this makes him a perfect villain, don’t you? Anyway, tell me what you think and later and best wishes, Crossover Fans!