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“Episode 3: The New Chosen Children Team”

In a dark space, the crests spin around and go into the light in the middle. The Crest of Courage and Friendship appears first. Followed by Love, Knowledge, Reliability, Sincerity, Light, and Hope. Three more crest follow the original eight. A dark pink rose like flower, the Crest of Kindness, twin yellow swords crossing each other, the Crest of Loyalty, and finally a green shield with wings, the Crest of Protection. 

As the crests enter the light the number 02 spins on the screen. A rainbow of color appears behind it, revealing Digimon Adventures 02. 

In a background filled with Digi-Code, Daisuke appears in his usual flame jacket, burgundy shorts, and goggles. A shadow spins around, as it gets closer to him. When it hits him a light appears around him as he goes flying off the screen. 

Shadows appear around the rest of his team and they too fly off the screen. Miyako is wearing an orange helmet, yellow vest, and red pants. Iori is wearing a beige long sleeve shirt with purple pants. Takeru is wearing a yellow and green shirt, grey shorts, and a white hat. Hikari is wearing a pink and white shirt; yellow shorts, and has a camera around her neck.

Ken appears in a purple shirt and blue jeans. Her navy blue hair is tied into a ponytail. Ryo is next her. He is wearing a blue shirt and green army pants. Ryo and Ken are holding hands as they jump in the air with their partners, Wormmon and Monodramon, and landed in Primary Village with the baby digimon, playing soccer with them.

Dark Towers appear on the screen. A Devidramon is seen flying with an unknown boy on top of his head. Followed by other evil digimon.

V-mon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon heads appear.

A world globe spins around. This globe separates into two spinning globes and moves to be side by side of each other.

A younger Ken and Ryo are seen in a desert fighting Millenniummon. Paildramon and Wizarmon are attacking Millenniummon.

The camera rolls over the Chosen Children. Taichi and Daisuke are next to each other. Miyako is next to Daisuke. Yamato is behind Taichi and Sora is next to Yamato. Next to Sora are Mimi and Koushiro. Next to Miyako are Iori and Takeru. Joe is next to Koushiro and Hikari is next Takeru. 

Ken is seen in a cave with Ryo. On a pedestal there is a pink egg that looks like a rose with the Crest of Kindness on it. Stingmon and Cyberdramon are standing behind them.

A Digi-Port opens on a computer followed by a D-Terminal opening up to reveal an egg. Different color lights leave the D-Terminal and go into a blue D-3. Light comes out of the D-3. 

V-mon, Armadillomon, Hawkmon, Patamon, Tailmon, and Wormmon fly into the light. 

In a fire background, Flamedramon appears in a fighting stance. In a purple, blue, and green bubble background, Shurimon appears with his shrunkens out. In a stone background, Digmon appears in a fighting stands with his drill out. In a blue background, Pegasusmon appears galloping in the air. In a pink and yellow background, Nefertimon appears. In a background that looks like an ocean, Submarimon appears. In a sky background, Halsemon appears in a mid flight position. In a lightning background, Raidramon appears. In a sparkly dark pink background, Pucchiemon appears and his pink finger is glowing as he points to the side. 

Monodramon jumps up in the air in a dark blue background. Behind him is his Champion and Ultimate forms: Strikedramon and Cyberdramon. 

Impmon comes spinning around in a green background. His Champion form, Wizarmon, and a shadow of his Ultimate form appears behind him.

Flamedramon throws fireball before his body is engulfed in flames. He jumps into the airs and is suddenly surrounded my light. He reverts back to V-mon and then evolves into Raidramon.

Shurimon is in a forest spinning and flying among the trees. After passing a tree Hawkmon is seen flying out of the trees and into the sky. Halsemon is now seen flying in the sky and is spinning around.

Digmon comes out from the ground and jumps into the sky. He releases his drills before turning back into Armadillomon. Armadillomon dives into the water and becomes Submarimon.

Pegasusmon swoops from the air and releases a shower of stars. Nefertimon flies into release with stones from her neck.

A close up of Daisuke riding Raidramon is shown. Halsemon flies into the air with Miyako on his back. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon fly in with Takeru and Hikari on their backs. Submarimon surfaces from the ocean with Iori inside him.

A face of Osamu appears and floats away as the image of the Digimon Emperor appears with the Dark Towers behind him. In the background a white hair women and a man in a blue coat his watching him.

In a field filled with Dark Towers, Ken and Ryo have their digivices up. Ken's violet D-3 and crest glows, while Ryo swipes a blue card into his white, and blue D-Power. JewelBeemon and Cyberdramon jump into the air and attack four DarkTyrannomon.

Flamedramon jumps into the air as a beam of orange light appears. Shurimon and Digmon jumps into the air when beams of green and yellow appear. Angemon and Angewomon fly into the air as light green and pink beams appear. JewelBeemon and Cyberdramon fly into the air as dark pink and golden beams appear into the air.

A close up of Daisuke running appears. Ryo, Cody and Takeru are on his left, while Ken, Miyako, and Hikari on his right. All the Digimon in their Rookie forms, except Tailmon, are running in front of them.

A group picture of Angewomon, Stingmon, Shurimon, Flamedramon, Digmon, Cyberdramon, and Angemon appears in front of a blue and green background. The image changes to a red and green background with Nefertimon, Pucchiemon, Halsemon, Raidramon, Submarimon, and Pegasusmon. Finally, in a blue and grey sparkly background are Tailmon, Hawkmon, Wormmon, Monodramon, Armadillomon, and Patamon, who are in front of their partners. Behind the children are Angewomon, Stingmon, Shurimon, Flamedramon, Digmon, Cyberdramon, Angemon, Nefertimon, Pucchiemon, Halsemon, Raidramon, Submarimon, and Pegasusmon.


Digital World - Forest

“Heartner Beam!”

“Strike Claw!”

“Fist of the Beast King!”

Ken and Ryo hid behind a tree as their partners battled with a controlled Leomon. Pucchiemon's shoots a beam from his finger to remove the enemies will to fight. When Leomon was momentary stunned from the effect Strikedramon attacked the Dark Ring with his claw.

Ken and Ryo sighed in relief when the red in Leomon's disappeared. Ken and Ryo left their hiding place to greet the now freed Leomon.

“Are you alright Leomon?” Ryo asked the warrior lion.

“Yes, thank you for your help Tamers. If you need anything please let me know. I would do anything to help the Legendary Tamers.” Ken and Ryo smiled at that.

“Leomon, Ken-chan and I would love to ask for your assistance.”

Leomon smiled at the two. “It would be an honor. What can I help you with?”

“As you know the darkness in the Emperor is growing stronger. We fear that we will loose him if we don't hurry.” Leomon gave them an understanding look.

“He was once one of you, but lost his way by the darkness.” Ken nodded sadly at him.

“Yeah that's right. We still believe he can still be saved. We have gathered digimon over the months to helping us, forming different defense and attack teams. We have the ability to allow digimon to digivolve past the rookie and champion form with a special temporary bond. If you recall we did it before in the past. What we are asking isn't much, but it could be dangerous.” Ryo paused for a moment waiting for Leomon to back down. When he didn't he continued. “We are asking for your assistance in a recruiting mission. Any digimon that is willing to help us is really appreciated.”

“As I said before it would be an honor. Before I was ringed I had formed a small fighting group of digimon. We know of some digimon in hiding who believe in the Chosen and Tamers. They will be willing to help. I will pass the word as well as joining your efforts to stopping your lost friend.”

Ken smiled at him and begins gesturing, which Pucchiemon translates.

“Thank you so much, Leomon. You would help us out a lot.”

“It's not a problem Chosen of Kindness. I would do anything do help.” Ryo scowled when Leomon mentioned `Chosen'.

“She is a Tamer, not a Chosen.” Leomon gave him a calm look.

“She is a Chosen rather you like it or not. Rather you call yourself Tamers or Chosen, it doesn't matter. You are both on the same side. You have to work together.” Ryo glared at him.

“Never! They betrayed me. I can't ever trust them again!” Ryo was cut off when Ken pinched him on the arm. “Ow! That hurt!” Ken ignored him. She moved her hands calmly, which Pucchiemon translated for Leomon.

“Ryo, I am a Chosen, we both are. We have a crest, making us Chosen. I have a D-3, making me a Chosen. You have a D-Power and cards, making you a Tamer. We both have the abilities of a Tamer. We are both! Not one or the other. We are Chosen, just as much as we are Tamers.”

“But I don't trust them, Ken-chan! Not after everything they did.”

“I understand, Ryo. I was there too. I'm not saying we have to trust them and I'm not saying I do. However, I'm giving them a benefit of a doubt. People do change Ryo-kun. I have a feeling that they are sorry and want to make amends, but they can't do that if you keep avoiding them.”


“When was the last time you ever talked to Taichi-san?” Ryo shrug his shoulder at the question. “I thought so. Ryo, people deserve second chances, even the Chosen.” Ryo sighed, while the others smiled.

“Very wise words Chosen.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome, my dear. Now where are you two heading to now?”

“We are going towards the gate that will take us to Shinjuku.” Ryo answered.

“I'll take you to the gate, follow me.” Ken smiles in relief as they follow Leomon. They might actually get through a Digital Gate and not get attacked by a control digimon.

Odaiba Elementary School: Computer Room

Hikari stumbles over as they go through the gate. They all crashed on the other as they enter the Human World. Hikari found herself in Miyako's arms. Taichi landed on Koushiro, while Daisuke and Takeru landed on the floor. Hikari was slightly dazed as Taichi asked where they where, only to realize that they were back in the computer room with Koushiro, Miyako, and a young boy with brown hair.

“That was the coolest thing ever!” Daisuke cheers as he gets on his feet. “There we were when suddenly a dinosaur digimon attacked and that's when I jumped in action.”

Miyako released her as she got up and stared Daisuke down. “Enough! Let's go back!”


“I think we had enough excitement for one day.” A younger boy asked.

“Don't you want to go to the Digital World, Iori?”

Iori nodded. “Of course seeing all those monsters would be fun, but today is mac and cheese night my house and I don't want to miss it.”

“That's right,” Taichi spoke up. “There's pork surprise at my place.” Were they really talking about food?

“Stuffed egg peppers and salad.” Koushiro added.

“TV dinner.” Takeru add to the list of foods.

Hikari felt bad when Miyako had tears in her eyes. “No fair! I want to go to the Digital World.” The others pushed Miyako out the door so they can leave.

“Don't worry Miyako you'll get to go.” Taichi reassured her.

Koushiro runs back to the computer room when he realized he forget to turn it off. He was surprised to see it closed though. He frowned. “It's closed.” If the gate was closed how will those two kids get back if they didn't leave yet already.

Digital World - Neutral Sector

Leomon looks around as they approach the TV. The TV is located near a rock formation between the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres of the Digital World. The land was a neutral sector that was a combination of Zhuqiaomon's harsh environment and Qinglongmon's mature and lively one.

Leomon stays on his guard as they approach the TV. They encountered at least one controlled rookie, but that was quickly taken care of by the Tamers. He smiled at the two as the Chosen/Tamer of Kindness tries to get the Tamer/Chosen of Loyalty that he is a Chosen and should except it. The child reminds him so much of Taichi and his friends. He sees a lot of Taichi in her, but there were also traces of Sora, Yamato, Joe, Koushiro and Hikari in her as well. Leomon laughed at the thought. The Tamers might not have a designated leader like the Chosen do, but the child most certainly has the fire that all leaders have.

He stops near the TV that would take the Tamers to where they need to go. “Here you are Tamers. This gate will take you to the town, just be careful on your way back.”

“Thanks, Leomon!” Ryo says as he takes out his D-Power. Leomon nods at him. Ken smiles at him in thanks. However, he noticed a flicker of wondering in her eyes before she started moving her hands in a slightly fast motion. He wasn't sure what she was saying, until her partner translated for him.

“Do you know anything about a Dark Spore?” Leomon thought for a moment. He wondered where she heard of that.

“The Dark Spore is similar to the Dark Gears that Devimon used in the past or the Dark Rings that the Emperor is using now. However, I'm afraid that's all I know.” She frowned slightly before asking another question. “In Fire Island there is a wise digimon named Wisemon. He knows everything about the Digital World. Everything that happens he knows.” The child's eyes brighten. “He lives in Digi-Tower near Primary Village. There is a secret door on the top floor that will take you to his dimension. However, not just anyone will find the entrance. Only those that Wisemon allows will see the door.”

Ken smiles brightly at the information. Leomon laughs as the child hugs him. He returns the hug and tells her that she is very welcome. When they part Leomon watches as the two go through the Digital Gate. Leomon turns around and walks back to the forest when they are gone. It is time to start his mission that the Tamers asked of him.

Odaiba, Japan

Koushiro had called a meeting in the park after dinner. Taichi had started the meeting talking about how he got to the Digital World after his digivice started beeping. He stopped at the part when he emailed the others for help. Koushiro took over then. He talked about how he saw two other kids going through the gate before the others got there.

Takeru and Hikari were stunned by this piece of information. “Wait! Are you saying that there are two other kids who were Chosen other then Daisuke-san, Iori-san, and Miyako-san?” Takeru asked.

“It's possible. However, I didn't get a good look at them. They were already going through the gate when I got there.”

“But that means the gate was already opened.” Hikari said, a bit confused at the information.

“No, the gate closed behind them and disappeared when they went through.”

“That's odd.” Taichi mumbled in thought. Everyone was silent for a moment before Taichi decided to pick up the story. “When Tailmon, Agumon, Patamon, and I were in the cave we found this Digi-Egg. I didn't know what it was until an Impmon came and told us.”

“An Impmon?” Hikari asked but Taichi ignored her for now.

“Impmon told me that the Digi-Egg is a ancient form of digivolution. However, only digimon of the ancient species can wield it. He told me that the Digi-Egg would only be picked up by the destined Chosen it belongs to. When I tried to pick it up it glowed and three digivices came out.”

“Well that explains why Daisuke-kun was the only one able to lift it.” Hikari mumbled before she explained what Tailmon told her. “Apparently these Tamers have been coming to the Digital World for a while now and might know the Emperor personally.”

“Then we should find out who they are and asked them to help us.”

“That might not be so easy Taichi.”

“And why not Yamato?”

“Because these Tamers could be those to kids that Koushiro-kun saw or they could be someone we never seen before. We don't know who they are.”

Taichi frowned. He knew he was right but still. The Chosen were quick for several minutes lost in their thoughts. Sora bit her lip as they thought of something that Gennai told them a few years back.

“What about that prophecy that Gennai told us about?”

Everyone, except Koushiro, gave her confused looks. “What prophecy?”

Koushiro had a thoughtful look before exclaiming, literally, a second after the others, “Prodigious! You're right Sora-chan. How could I have forgotten about that?”

“What are you talking about?” Takeru and Taichi asked.

“Remember, when Gennai summoned us to release our crests for the barrier.” The others nodded. “Before he sent us home he told us a prophecy. I did not know what he was talking about at first, but I think I know now.”

“What did the prophecy say?” Hikari asked.

“After the first eight, two will join the one.

Together three will defeat a returning evil that the Chosen cannot.

One will fall to darkness; the other two will fight to restore light.

The two will fight to save the Digital World until the Chosen arrive.

When the towers rise, three new will be Chosen.

The five will join the two.

To defeat the greater enemy, the lost one must be returned to the light.” Koushiro looks at the others as he finished reciting. Takeru and Hikari's eyes widen in realization of the prophecy's meaning.

“It's referring to now.” Takeru said.

“And part of it already came true.” Yamato added.

“What you mean?” Taichi asked.

“Think about it. `After the first eight, two will join the one.' We are the eight and I'm assuming the two and one thing are the Tamers.”

“That makes sense.” Hikari mused.

“What about `Together three will defeat a returning evil that the Chosen cannot'?” Taichi asked.

“What about Millenniummon? He was the only one we couldn't defeat.” Sora asked.

Taichi gasped. “Akiyama-san was the one that defeated Millenniummon.” Hikari's eyes widen when she realized how she knew the teenage boy that came to her class today. “He must be the one the prophecy is talking about.”

“And that little girl from the D-1 Tournament must be one of the two then.” Yamato added as he continued Taichi's line of thinking. Taichi nodded to his best friend. “Something bad must have happened though for one of the Tamers to fall to the darkness.” Yamato said with a sad smile. He remembers when he was surrounded by darkness when he was in that cave.

“So we are up to now.” Takeru said. “Daisuke-san, Miyako-san, and Iori-san are the three new Chosen.”

“Which means we will be meeting the two members of the Tamers soon.” Hikari said looking relieved.

“I think we already know who one of them are.” Koushiro told the two younger. They blinked at him.

“Akiyama Ryo and if my hypothesis is right he is the one I saw go through the gate.”

Tamachi, Japan

Ryo stumbles to the floor of his room as he went through the gate on his laptop. Ken however landed on her feet and was now trying to help him up. Ryo flushed slightly in embarrassment. Why was he always on the ground?

“Are you okay Ryo-kun?”

“Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.” Ken smiles and walks to the door.

Ryo and Ken walk into the dining room and see his mom, Mrs. Martha Akiyama in the kitchen. Martha smiles at the two as they walk towards the table.

“You two are just in time for dinner. Sit at the table. I'll serve you two in a bit.”

“Thanks mom.”

Ryo and Ken walk to the table in the dining room. The table was a decent square wooden table made for four. Ryo pulls a chair out for Ken before taking his own seat. He smiles at the shy smile that she gave him before sitting.

Martha comes into the dinning room and places three plates of curry, fried eyes, and rice on the table. She smiles at her and her adopted daughter. The two sure make it lively around here. Martha gives thanks for the food before they begin eating.

“So, Ken-chan, how was Odaiba Elementary School?” Martha asked.

Ken's face brightened at the questioned and began signing rapidly to her. “Great. I really like this one. There are a lot of nice students there. I even met this boy. He's a Chosen like us.”

“Tamer.” Ryo said as he chewed on his egg.

“We discussed this already. We are Chosen too. You can't be mad at them forever.”

“We'll see what happen when I punch him by accident.” Martha raised her eyebrow at her son, but didn't ask to clarify. Her son told her everything about the Digital World and his adventures. She didn't necessarily approve of some of his choices, but she didn't question it. He was grown enough and responsible enough to handle himself. Besides Ken was here to straighten him out if he got out of line.

Ken shoots him a glare before returning her attention back to Martha. “Anyway, a few of the younger members of the Chosen are in my class. Actually, one of them just got a D-3 today. He was V-mon's partner.” Martha's eyes widen as she turns to her son.

“V-mon? Wasn't he the one you partnered with three years ago?” Ryo nodded.

“Yeah, but it was only a temporary bond. My real partner is Monodramon, remember?”

“Well, yes, but still…”

“I'm fine mom. It was about time that knuckle head found his partner. I was worried what Gennai did to him after Ken and I went to the castle to face Millenniummon.” Martha nodded and decided not to push it. V-mon had always been a touchy subject for her son.

Martha turn back to Ken to see what else happened today. “Anyway, our digimon gave us some bad news that the Emperor was ringing the digimon. The Chosen digimon were being attacked, but somehow the leader of the Chosen Children finally found a way into the Digital World. He along with some other digimon entered the Cave of Courage and found the Digi-Egg of Courage.”

“Wait so that means?”

“It means that the darkness is rising and the time is almost upon us.” Ryo said seriously. “We already found Ken's Digi-Egg and we just got the cards I needed for Monodramon from Shinjuku.” Martha folded her hands in front of her as she eyed her son.

“That explains the call I got from a producer.” Ryo flushed crimson.

“He called already?” Martha nodded. Ryo scratched the back of his neck. “We met the guy at the card shop. He was the producer of the Digimon TV Show and cards games. He saw our digimon and approached us. We spend a good hour at this café with him. He wanted to make a videogame on our adventures.”

“It was funny.”

“Of course you would say that Ken-chan.” Martha tried to hide a laugh when her son scowled at the mention of the producer. Ken then began poking him, which resulted in a poking and tickling war between the two. Martha collects the finished plates and walks to the kitchen. The Akiyama Residence was never boring when Ken was around.

Odaiba Elementary School: Computer Room

Koushiro frowns as he tries to reopen the Digital Gate. When he entered the room it looked like someone had just went through the gate. However, it closed before he could attempt to keep it open. Koushiro's thoughts wonder as he thinks about Akiyama Ryo. He was sure now that the Tamer must have gone through with someone to the Digital World. Why they where the only ones to keep going, while they weren't, was beyond him. He wonders if the female Tamer with him had the same digivice as the new Chosen. It was a possible theory he could look into later however he needs to finds out how the two Tamers get here before him.

“Hey Koushiro-san!” Koushiro looks away from the screen to see Iori and Miyako coming into the computer room. Not far behind them were Daisuke, Hikari, Takeru, Taichi, and Sora. He regretted that he couldn't figure out how to open the gate. However, he was surprised that the gate opened on its own.

“It's open?” He blinked. How? He didn't open it. Then how did it open?

“Hey guy?” Daisuke greeted.

“Hi everybody.” Sora greeted next. After everyone was situated. The three new Chosen showed the new digivices. Daisuke's is blue, Miyako's is red, and Iori's is yellow.

“Those are the new digivices?” Sora asked. “How cool.”

“Yeah. They came out when I touched the Armor Digi-Egg.”

“Well what are we standing around here for? Let's go!” Miyako exclaimed. Koushiro ignored the bickering of Miyako and Daisuke as he checked the other computers.

“The other computers are not affected by this. The gate is only open on this one.” Koushiro walked back to the computer and started typing. “And that's not all. Looks like Akiyama-san has been through the gate already.”

“You can't be serious?” Taichi exclaimed in surprise.

“I'm sure. The gate's logs show that two humans entered the gate before it closed behind them a few minutes ago.”

“Who's Akiyama-san? Is he a new Chosen like us?” Miyako curiously asked.

“Wait!” Daisuke exclaimed in surprise. “Are we talking about the same Akiyama-san that came with Ichijouji-sama, the Tamachi soccer captain, yesterday?”

Taichi looks at them in shock. “You've seen him?” Daisuke shrugged his shoulders.

“He's with Ichijouji-sama all the time. He's her translator and friend.” Taichi frowned in thought. This could be the same girl that Ryo was with all those years ago, can it?

“He is not a new Chosen.” Hikari told the three. They blinked at her in confusion. “He's been a Tamer for many years now.”

“Tamer?” The three new Chosen asked.

“That's a explanation for another time.” Koushiro said. “All you need to know right now is that there is another group called Tamers. We just learned that they have been coming and going to the Digital World for a while now. We believe that one of them has the same model digivice as you three.” Koushrio said as he points to the three with the new digivices. “We were told of a prophecy years ago and it told of three new Chosen and the Tamers. I'm not going to explain this now though. We have business to take care of in the Digital World.”

“Yagami Taichi, is that you?” Everyone froze to see Mr. Fujiyama at the door. “I haven't seen you in a while. And Takenouchi Sora and Izumi Koushiro is here as well. Didn't you all graduate?”

“Yeah we did.” Taichi answered. “What are you doing here?”

“I'm the new head of the Computer Club.”

“Huh?” Taichi and Sora said together. “But what you know about using computers?”

“Not a single thing!” Taichi and Sora looked at each other as they laughed nervously.

“I justed remembered I need to talk with you about something.” Taichi said as he pushes Mr. Fujiyama out of the computer room. “You got a minute.”

“Sure, but what is it about?”

“I've been having trouble with middle school stuff and girls. They are soooo much older.” Taichi looks briefly into the room and winks; then he was gone.

“Thanks Taichi-kun. We owe you.”

“Let's get going everyone.” Koushiro says as they all raise their digivices and enter through the gate.”

Digital World - Fire Island

Ken sits on Stingmon's shoulder as he flies towards the strange tower in the distance. Ryo was being carried by Cyberdramon as they fly next to them. Ken was relieved that her brother hadn't decided to take over Fire Island, much of it anyway. It was hard enough to stop him when he has a whole army on Server. Who knows what might happen if he decides to expand. She hopes Leomon is able to help with recruiting more digimon for their own army. It would help when they help a good few digimon by bypassing the towers anti-digivolving programing, thanks to the combined effects of Ryo's and hers computer hacking skills.

“Ken-chan, look at that!” Ken looks up to see her partner pointing to a strange tower. The tower was at least more then ten feet tall. It looked to be a mixture of rock, stone, and data. There was definitely going to be some serious walking involved. She wondered just how many floors that tower have and just how long it would take them to get to the top.

Digital World - Unknown

He frowns slightly as the Chosen appear on one of his many screens, calling for their partners. The Chosen were a persistent at best, but they will be destroyed. He smiles as he presses a button to call his partner.

On the screen Impmon appears with three of his slaves behind him. “You called master.”

“The Chosen had decided to enter my world. Send attack group 1A.”

“On it.” He presses a button to end the call. He looks on to see V-mon jumping around and stops in front of a boy with a flame jacket and goggles. He narrows his eyes at that.

“Traitor! By all the people you associate with V-mon and it had to be him. How dare you betray him?” He hissed. Looks like he has to teach a certain ex-friend just where his loyalties lie.

Digital World - Grassy Field

Daisuke smiles as the others reunite with their partner. However, something wasn't right. A strange cloud appeared over them. Wait a minute! That wasn't a cloud. It's a…

“That's a Snimon!” V-mon tells him.

“Watch out Sora!” Everyone drops to the ground as Takeru knocks her and Biyomon away from the controlled digimon. Biyomon flies in the air and sends a green twister from her beak.

“Spiral Twister”

“Boom Bubble!” Patamon yells as he shoots a bubble from his mouth.

“Super Shocker!” Tentomon yells as he hurls some type of electricity from his wings.

The three attacks go towards Snimon, only to be missed. Tailmon runs up to the insect digimon and attacks his face. “Lightning Paw!” However, it did nothing and ended up getting hit by Snimon.

“Daisuke! Get the Digi-Egg ready.”

“On it.” Daisuke takes out his digivice to digivolve his friend. However, he wasn't expecting the earthquake. Daisuke scream as they fall into a large hole that formed under them. Daisuke managed to stop himself from falling as he grabbed a rock on the wall. He looks down to see some kind of mole with a drill on his face.

“Oh, no! That's Drimogemon. He lives deep inside the caves of the Digital World. His Drill Spin attack would make you wish you were at the dentist.” Tentomon tells them.

“Daisuke! You okay!” V-mon calls to him.

In the distance a digimon in white fur comes out of the threes. “That's Mojyamon from the snowy mountains. His Bone Boomerang attack will make your head spin.” Tentomon tells them.

“Bone Boomerang!” Mojyamon yells as he throws a bone fixed in ice at V-mon. V-mon gets hit and falls into the hole. Daisuke reaches for V-mon as he falls past him. They scream as they fall only to be captured by Drimogemon.

Digital World - Digi-Tower


Ken stopped following Ryo as she heard a familiar voice. She looked around wondering where the voice came from. She frowned worriedly when there was nothing but pictures on the walls.

I would have sworn I heard V-mon calling me just now.

She looks at her partner wondering if he heard it to. But he wasn't even looking worried at all. He was listening to Ryo as he talked about which room to take next.

Her frowned deepened. Something was very wrong. She knew she heard V-mon just now. Was it possible that he was in trouble? Were the Chosen in trouble?

“Ken-chan is something wrong?” Stingmon asked her. Ken feels her chest tighten as she looks at him. Ken new Stingmon could sense her frantic emotion. It was because of their strong bond with each other. But with V-mon…it was different. She could always feel the odd connection towards him. It could be because Wormmon and V-mon are destined Jogress partners. She didn't really have the same connection with Ryo though. He wasn't really V-mon's partner. He was able to make them Jogress, but it wasn't the same thing. She just had the feeling that this Jogress bond was with someone else.

“Did something happen?” Stingmon asked; worry lased in his voice. Ken nodded. V-mon was in danger. She could feel it.

Ken moved her hands franticly as she tried to get her messaged across to her insect warrior. “It's V-mon. I heard him. He's in danger. He's in danger, Stingmon. We have to help him.”

“Stingmon! Ken-chan! What's going on?”

“Ken-chan said she heard V-mon.” Stingmon told Ryo. Ryo gave her a concerned look.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Ken's hands moved more franticly with her anxiety. “I heard him. He's in danger, Ryo. We have to turn back and help him.”

“But what about Wisemon? We only have two more floors to go.”

Ken made distress sounds, as her hand gestures got more frantic. “I know. I know. But this can't wait. I heard him yelling our names. He's in danger, Ryo. We have to go now. We can always come back after I know V-mon is safe.”

Ryo pulled Ken into a hug, trying to calm her down. Ken had always had this connection to V-mon. She always seemed to know when something was wrong with him, much like how she knew when something was bothering Wormmon. He rubbed her back in reassurance. He didn't like the possibility of V-mon being in trouble. He may have found his partner now, but V-mon was still their friend, a very loyal friend and a part of their dysfunctional family.

He pulled away and smiled at her. “Alright, we'll turn back, for V-mon.” Ryo felt good seeing her smile again. However, he froze when a door appeared right behind her. His eyes widen as the door opened; an old and wise voice echo from the door.

“Come Tamers! I have been expecting you.”

Ken turned around to see where that voice came from. She was shocked to see a door that wasn't part of the tower standing there. As they went through the door Ken saw a colorful space full with different types of energy. In the middle of the room was a huge book with a digimon in a brown robe, and some kind of white desert head wrap, was sitting on it. He motioned for them to get closer.

“Welcome Tamers. I welcome you to my home.”

Nice place, Ken thought to herself.

“Why thank you child. I find it homey this way.” Ken's eyes widen.

You can read my thoughts?

“Yes I can read your thoughts. I find it quiet helpful when I encounter those who want to use my knowledge of the Digital World for their own personal gain.”

“That's amazing.” Ryo mused to himself. Glad he didn't have to translate for once. “Wisemon we were wondering if…”

“I know why you're here Legendary Tamer. You wish for any information about the Dark Spore in hope of saving your friend from its effects.”

Yes. I want to save my brother. I'm losing him.

“Do not worry my dear. You still have time to save him. Please raise up your digivices.” Ken and Ryo do as they are told and watch as Wisemon summons a ball of light from his right hand. Two beams of light leave the ball and enter their digivices. “The answers you seek are in your digivices. I have provided everything that is recorded in time and space.”

Ken smiles at her friend before bowing to the wise digimon. Thank you so very much Wisemon. We are in your debt.”

“No need to thank me. You have a pure heart and only wish to help others. I was more than happy to help you.” Ken smiles and thanks him again. “Now before you leave, I have a gift for you.” The two Tamers blink at him in confusion.

“What is it?” Ryo asked. Wisemon levitates off his book and opens the book. They Tamers watch in amazement as Digi-Code begins to surround the book as Wisemon flips through the huge pages. After about twenty pages Wisemon stops and touches the page. The book glows brightly as a ball of light appears. Within the ball of light were three familiar objects that the Tamers thought they would never see again.

“Is that what I think it is?” Ryo and the two digimon asked.

Digital World - Cliff

V-mon groans as he awakens. The last thing he remembers was he and Daisuke falling to their dooms after getting attacked by the Digimon Emperor's controlled digimon. V-mon opens his eyes and was shocked to see himself hanging on a cliff. Daisuke was out cold on another cliff in front of him. He sighed. He wondered who captured them. No, never mind. He had a feeling he knew whom.

“Looks like the traitor has finally woken up.” Said a cruel and sinister voice, yet familiar voice.

V-mon narrowed his eyes as the Digimon Emperor, who was standing in the palms of a Devimon, was looking at him. “What do you want?” V-mon demanded.

The Emperor smiles evilly at him. “So the traitor wants to know what I want? Isn't that funny Devimon?”

“Very funny master.” The Devimon answered in a very familiar voice. A familiar voice that he used to hear a long time ago. There was a familiar mischievous tone that almost exactly sounded like…

“Impmon? Is that you?” V-mon asked hoping he was wrong.

Devimon smirked at him. “Who else would I be, troublemaker?”

V-mon felt like he was hit with one of MetalGarurumon's missiles. How was this possible? Impmon doesn't digivolve to Devimon, he digivolves to Wizarmon. And why would he be working with the Digimon Emperor? Sam would be so upset to see that his partner working with the evil tyrant… V-mon gasped as he realized why the Emperor sounded so familiar.

“SAM!” Ichijouji Sam smiles evilly at him as he removes his sunglasses to reveal cold purple eyes.

“So you do remember me? Good.” Sam's eyes narrowed in raged. “But that will not save you! You, traitor, have forgetting about Ryo! And for that you will be punished!”

“Sam! What are you talking about? I didn't forget Ryo or our friends. Ryo, you, and Ken are my best friends! How can you say that?”

“How?” The Emperor asked coldly. “How dare you reject your loyalties to the Tamers and join the Chosen? After all of their lies and betrayals, you have the nerve to align yourself with them!”

“He's my partner SAM! And I didn't reject no loyalties to anyone! I will always love and protect you guys! You are my family; my best friends!”

The Digimon Emperor ignored him as he places his glasses back on. “You have aligned yourself with those who betrayed us. I know for a fact that my sister and best friend will not take this betrayal likely. You are proof that digimon are not capable of keeping peace and order. When my rule is complete, my sister will see my reason and will by my side. She will be safe and taken care of like she should be!”

V-mon gasped. “Sam you can't do that! You are causing nothing but damage to the Digital World. Ken and Ryo would not want this! If they did why are they fighting you?” A flicker of the real Sam flashed in his eyes, but it was quickly gone as fast as it came. V-mon's hopes of getting through to the real Sam. The Sam that poor Ken adored and was best friend to his old partner fell down the Digi-Dumpster.

“She is naïve and doesn't see the good I'm doing for her. She will see my reasoning soon enough.” The Emperor answered dully as he turned his back from him. “V-mon for your betrayal you will be ringed and under my enslavement, right in front of your precious Chosen.” Sam gave V-mon one last disgusted look before ordering Devimon to seat him on a ledge.

V-mon could only watch in disappointment as he watched his female friend's brother slip away from him. He had failed to get through to him and that was very heartbreaking. Sam was such a nice, yet stubborn kid. He was always so protective of his little sister, but that what made him, him. Tears filled his eyes at the realization that Ken was in danger and that he had failed to save her brother from his madness. How did it all come down to this? He was losing his family that he had loved and cherished.

V-mon lifted his head to the sky and yelled for the two people that he cared about and wished would save his partner, “KEN! RYO!”

Daisuke groaned and vaguely heard his partner yell for a Ken and Ryo. He opened his eyes to see that he saw on a cliff. Well, this wasn't the worst thing that ever happened to him. Daisuke looked across from him and saw V-mon with tears rolling down his cheek, looking like he was hit by his sister hairdryer.


“Daisuke! What's up buddy?”

“Obviously we are hanging.”

“Oh how cute? The traitor and his Chosen.”

Daisuke looked up to see a kid with navy blue spiky hair, wearing a blue and yellow jumpsuit, blue cape, some type of cuffs, and sunglasses. Daisuke blinked. This guy has way too much time on his hands.

“Who are you calling a traitor, creep?” Daisuke yelled up the cliff.

“Why that dragon of course?”

“Daisuke ignore him!”

“Shut it traitor!”

“Don't talk to him like that! V-mon Armor Digivolve!”

“Oh, don't you need these to do that troublesome trick.” The Emperor asked. Daisuke looked up to see the Emperor holding his digivice and D-Terminal.

“You got to be kidding me!”

Digital World - Forest

Miyako followed the others as they walked into the forest. Sora and Koushiro's digivices were beeping for some reason that was unknown to her. She was startled to hear hers, Iori, Takeru, and Hikari digivices beeping as well.

“My digivice is beeping.” Sora says.

“So is mine.” Hikari says.

“There must be something nearby.” Takeru says.

Biyomon and Tentomon look at each other. “There's no building near here?” Biyomon asked.

“No, just the temple.” Tentomon informs her.

“Temple?” Sora asks.

“Yeah it's right down there.” Biyomon says.

Miyako and the others follow the digimon as they travel into the temple. They went through a bunch of halls and climbed a bunch of stairs until they finally reached a platform. On two pedestals laid two eggs. The first egg was yellow and had a binocular symbol on it. The second egg was silver, had a heart symbol on it, and had wings.

“They look like Digi-Eggs.” Sora pointed out.

“This must be what our digivices were reacting to.” Iori concluded.

“That one has the Crest of Love.” Sora said pointing to the silver egg.

“And that one has the Crest of Knowledge.” Koushiro said gesturing to the yellow egg.

Koushiro and Sora looked at each other before trying to pick up the eggs, which they didn't. “It's no use.” Sora starts to say before remembering that Taichi wasn't able to pick it up but Daisuke could. Koushiro and Sora turn to Miyako and Iori and tell them to pick it up. Miyako walks up to the silver egg and Iori walks up to the yellow one. They put their hands around the eggs and lift them.

“They were able to lift them,” Hikari exclaims.

“Just like Daisuke did yesterday,” Takeru adds. And as it was the magic words two beams of light shoot out of the hole that held the eggs. Purple from where Knowledge was and red from where Love was. Within each light a digimon appeared. A red hark came out of the red beam and a yellow armadillo came out of the purple beam.

“Greetings, my name is Hawkmon.” The hawk tells Miyako.

“I'm Armadillomon.” The armadillo tells Iori.

The two Chosen look at each other as their Digi-Eggs glow. “To activate the Digi-Eggs you must say Digi-Armor Energize.” Hawkmon informs the two Chosen.

“Digi-Armor Energize!”

Digital World - Cliff

“Give me back my digivice!” Daisuke demanded. “And let V-mon go! He has nothing to do with this!”

“On the contrary he had betrayed a close friend of mine and I intend to punish him for it.” The Emperor informs him in an authority voice.

“What are you talking about? V-mon hasn't done anything wrong!”

“As punishment you get to watch as V-mon becomes my slave.” The Emperor snaps his fingers and a Dark Ring goes straight for V-mon.”

“No! V-mon!”

“V-MON!” Daisuke blinked hear three other voices calling V-mon. Daisuke watches a green warrior insect with red eyes attacks the Dark Ring in mid air.

“Spiking Strike!” A pink spike comes out of his gauntlet and he destroys the ring. Daisuke sighs in relief.

“Stingmon! Ken! Ryo!” Daisuke look at the new digimon that V-mon called. His eyes widen as to see Ichijouji Ken on Stingmon shoulder.


V-mon smiles widely at his Jogress partner and the female Tamer. They come to save him and his partner. “V-mon, are you okay?” Stingmon asks as he begins to takes the shackles off.

“Yeah, I'm fine! I'm so glad to see you! It's been awhile.”

“Yes it has. Ryo and I have been so worried about you V-mon.” Ken signs to him; a warm smile was placed on her face.

“Sorry.” V-mon laughed slightly in embarrassment. “You can blame Gennai for that.” Ken shrugged.

“Don't worry about it. I'm sure Ryo would want to know though.”

“I had a feeling you would say that.” V-mon sighed. “Ken?”


V-mon lowered his voice so only Ken could hear. “Your brother thinks I betrayed you and Ryo for being partnered to a Chosen.”

“He told you?” Ken asked with a sad smile on her face.

“Yeah, he even told me that he's doing this for your safety. He thinks that digimon like me are not capable of keeping peace and order. He was saying some strange stuff about you ruling by his side when you see reason and that you will be safe and taken care of.” Ken sighed and looked troubled.

“The Dark Spore is working a lot faster then we thought.”

“What you mean the Dark Spore?”

“Remember that black orb that hit Sam.” V-mon nodded as Stingmon broke another shackle. “Well it's called a Dark Spore. We learned from Leomon that it's like a Dark Gear. It's made of darkness and when activated it slowly corrupts that host to darkness. Sam is losing himself.” V-mon hugs Ken when Stingmon frees him and gives him to Ken.

“I'm so sorry Ken. Is there a way to save him?” She smiles and signs again as Stingmon makes his away to V-mon's partner.

“We found a digimon who knows all about it. He gave us some information, but we have not analyzed it yet.”

“I'm guessing you don't want me to reveal him yet to the Chosen.”

“If you don't mind. We want to save him and we hope this information might have it.”

Daisuke watches as Stingmon makes his way towards him. Ken was signing to V-mon and he was responding back. I didn't know he knew sign language. Though he was relieved. Wait. Was Ichjiouji-sama that Tamer that the others were talking about?

“Hi Daisuke!” V-mon says from the girl's arms. Daisuke smiles as the girl gives him a warm smile that radiated with kindness.

“V-mon! I'm so glad you are okay!”

“Ditto buddy.” V-mon replies back.

Daisuke felt the weight of the shackles coming off as the insect warrior takes them out. “Daisuke this is Ken. She's the Tamer/Chosen of Kindness. She's a old friend of mine.” Ken smiles at him and waves a hello.

“We are in the same class dude, but…um…hello Ichjiouji-sama it's nice to finally talk to you.” Ken nods and moves her hands in front of her. He glances at V-mon for a translation.

“She says likewise and is glad you are okay. She wants to know if you are hurt or anything.”

“Nope. Nothing I can't handle.” Stingmon rips the last shackle and places him on this other shoulder. Daisuke soon finds himself away from the wall and on top of the mountain that was opposite of the one that the Emperor was on. Once on the ground, Daisuke was shocked to see Akiyama on the shoulder of a pretty fierce digimon. This digimon was a grey dragon with red wings and had a silver helmet that covers his face. Akiyama is yelling at the Emperor, but he couldn't hear what. Within a few minutes Devimon appeared, attacked the digimon, and flew off with the Emperor.

“He's gone.” Stingmon tells everyone.

Daisuke nods and notices that V-mon was still being held by Ken. He didn't say anything of course. It must have been awhile since they seen each other. He waited patiently for Ken to come to him. When she did she gently handed V-mon to him, he did notice that there was a cool necklace around her neck. Daisuke held V-mon in his arms as she began signing again. V-mon blushed and stammered as he waited for a translation.

“She says to take care of V-mon. V-mon is family and is to be taken care of and loved like she have always done in their past adventures together. She also warns you that he likes to start fights and loves to eat in any stage.” Stingmon translated and almost laughed when the two blushed.

“Um…sure. Don't worry he is in good hands.”

“She knows.” Akiyama said with a scowl on his face as he gives him back his digivice and D-Terminal.


“Hey V-mon! Been awhile.” Ryo replied with a soft smile on his face, which was surprising since he looked annoyed a few minutes ago. The scary digimon with no face growled slightly as he looked at the mountain behind them.

“They're coming.”

Ryo's eyes narrow slightly as he looks at the mountain as well. Daisuke was curious as to why he seemed angry. “Let's go. I don't want to be here when they get here.” Ryo then turns around and climbs onto his partner. Ken sighed at him and didn't look at all that pleased with his reaction. Daisuke had a feeling that she did this a lot.

Ken smiles apologetically at him. She than moved her hands in front of her as she told V-mon something. V-mon nodded and said, “Okay…yeah…got it…” Daisuke wondered what they were talking about. When she was done she pats V-mon's head and smiles at Daisuke. She waves a goodbye before Stingmon picked her up. “Ken wait!” V-mon yelled. Ken looks at him. “Is it okay that I tell my partner about our adventures.” Daisuke looks at his partner and at Ken expectantly as he speaks. Ken smiles at him and nods her head. They watch as she gives them a final wave and flies after the other Tamer.

Daisuke watches in awe, as the two get smaller as they fly away. He wonders just what type of adventures they had together. It must if been something big and awesome. They seemed so close. He wants to be like that one day with his partner. Daisuke looks at his partner and asks, “What were you guys talking about before?”

V-mon's red eyes look at him. “She wanted me to do something for her.” Daisuke raised an eyebrow at him.

“What exactly?” V-mon frowned at him.

“I'm sorry but its something personal. I can't tell you now.” Daisuke gave a frown of his own. What could be so secret that V-mon couldn't tell him? Does he not trust him? V-mon must have read his thoughts since he smiled sadly at him. “Please don't take this the wrong way Daisuke. It's not that I don't trust you. It's just that the Tamers have a bad history with the Chosen. The Chosen did something in the past that was somewhat of a betrayal if you think of it that way.” Daisuke gave V-mon an understanding look, but why was he starting to sound like the Emperor. Didn't the Emperor say the same thing?

“The Emperor said something about you betraying his close friends. What he mean by that?”

V-mon sighed. “The Emperor was once a Tamer.” Daisuke eyes widen.

“A Tamer like Ichijouji-sama?”

“Yes. You see a few years back we were against a powerful digimon. After that fight something bad happened. He got corrupted by the darkness and is now obsessed with Ken.” Daisuke had a sickening feeling in his stomach. “He claims that he is restoring order and peace. He is trying to get his old friends to join him.”

“But Ichijouji-sama doesn't seem like a person who would hurt a fly!”

“You're right Daisuke. Ken is a very sweet and kind person. She treats everyone with kindness and gentleness. However, she can be stubborn and kind of violent when angered. I remembered she yelled at me and made me clean the kitchen when me and Impmon fought in the kitchen and made a mess. Let just say it took a few hours to get back on her good side.” Daisuke smiled at that. He couldn't imagine a sweet girl signing in anger and forcing V-mon to do any type of chores. “Like I was saying, Ken and Ryo refuse to harm digimon and are fighting him. They want to save him from the darkness. However, this doesn't stop the Emperor from trying to capture them and make Ken his Empress.”

“He can't force someone to join him!”

“That doesn't mean he won't try.” Daisuke was silent as he looked at the direction that Ken went. Why would a creepy kid want such a sweet girl? Ken would never join him that was obvious by the way she cared for her digimon and V-mon. Though there was so much he didn't know about her, about the Tamers. He just wondered.

“Daisuke-kun!” Daisuke turned around to see his friends coming around a mountain. He noticed that Myiako was on a flying eagle.

“Hey guys!” He yelled to them as they landed in front of him. They all looked around confused. “What's wrong?”

“We came to save you but…” Takeru started.

“But it looks like someone beat us to it.” Hikari finished.

“Was someone here?” Koushiro asked.

Daisuke smiles and nods, “Yeah I was saved by the Tamers.”


“Actually they mostly came to save V-mon, but they saved me too.” Daisuke add since they knew V-mon and not him.

“Akiyama-san was here?” Sora asked.

“Yeah and Ichijouji-sama too.”

Digital World - Unknown

The Emperor growls as he entered his chambers. He could believe it. His friends had managed to save V-mon from his punishment. He shook his head in amusement at what his friend said, more yelled, to him. He was furious that he attempted to ring V-mon, the traitor. He had told him that what he was doing was wrong. He laughed at him of course.

He told him he was going to restore peace and the traitor just proofed that digimon can't do that. Ryo snapped at him to stop calling his old partner a traitor. The Emperor told him it was the truth since he aligned himself with those backstabbing Chosen. Ryo didn't object when he said that. He knew he wouldn't. There was no way that Ryo trusted the Chosen. He saw them as just as untrustworthy as he did. Emperor offered again for him and Ken to join him, but he refused. He insisted that Ken would never join him, even if he were her brother.

The Emperor doubted that of course. They would all see his reasoning soon. They will join him soon enough. And when they do they Digital World will be made in his image; a world where Ken will be loved and taken care of like she deserves. She doesn't have to worry about getting mom and dads attention. They were ants and didn't need it. She was special and she will be her Empress. He will protect the one he loves. That was a promise he plans to keep.

Odaiba Elementary School: Computer Room

Daisuke was glad everyone was all right. After he met up with the others the Emperor's controlled digimon attacked. They managed to save them and destroy the Dark Rings. When the three digimon were freed they thanked and started to talk about warning the Tamers about the darkness getting bigger as they walked away. The others were confused by this. Daisuke had a feeling it has something to do with the one Tamer that V-mon was talking about.

Daisuke groans as everyone lands in pile of limbs. He was surprised, however, that there was a smaller version of his partner with him.

“What going on in here?” Taichi asks as he runs into the room.

“Don't ask,” Everyone replies.

“Well it looks like the new digimon returned to their In-Training stages.” Miyako hugs a pink round bird, while Iori talks to a round digimon with wings.

“You're so cute!”

“I can't believe you turn into a big digimon like Digmon.”

Hikari groans as she tries to get up. “Are we going to have to do this every time we come back?”

“And I thought digivolving was tough job.” Patamon squeaks.

Digital World - Forest

Ryo mumbles to himself as they walk into their hidden base. Ryo had this built when long ago when they battled Millenniummon. Their hidden base was a cottage within a force field. When Sam became the Emperor he had this place moved to avoid detection and had up the security of the force field so that no one can detect it.

Ryo entered his office as Ken goes into the kitchen with the digimon to get them some food. Ken always makes food for the digimon since they stay here for their own protection as well as scouting the area for controlled digimon and attacks.

Ryo sits in his computer chair and turns the computer on. It took a few minutes turn on. When the login screen was on Ryo entered his password and clicked the arrow. Ryo grabbed his D-Power and connected it to an adapter. He waited to see what information Wisemon put into their digivice. A screen with information appeared on the screen. Ryo read through and was slightly disturbed. He didn't like that the Dark Spore was a way to resurrect Millenniummon. Does this mean that Sam is unknowingly being controlled by my old enemy? Ryo didn't want to think that.

He read further and read about a possible cure. He frowned. Sam would have to reject the darkness in his heart to stop the Dark Spores influence. That would be fine if they knew how. Sam was determined to make the Digital World in his image for his sister. Ken did not want this but Sam would not listen. There has to be a way to save him. They will save their fellow Tamer with or without the Chosen.

To Be Continued…