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Dark Soul By Mari and The Eternal Dragon  

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Chapter 01: Now they done it.

It was your normal average typical cliché day at Nerima that started with Akane trying feed Ranma her latest ‘cuisine’ creation. "Here Ranma, I made something new for you." Said Akane as she offered Ranma what either looks like food, or a failed science experiment gone wrong.

"Uh gee, thanks Akane," Ranma tried to turn her meal down as gentle as he could, "but I’m not really hungry right now."

But of course as usual Akane took this as an insult to her cooking. "Come on Ranma! I really worked hard on this." She forced the dish to his face.

"No, honest Akane, I…." However Ranma was cut off when Akane vehemently opened his mouth and shoved what ever she made down his throat.

Ranma can actually feel the toxins burning his mouth and his face is turning into a violently green color. Then to his horror he vomited out vile concoction along with other meals he had before.

This pissed off Akane and so she brought out her mallet from out of nowhere. "RANMA NO BAKA!" She cried. Just as about she was about to send the now sickly pigtailed martial artist; Shampoo came by on her bike and landed on Ranma’s head. "Nihao Ranma," The female Amazon greeted her suppose husband, "Shampoo come to give you lunch."

Ranma was still twitching under Shampoo’s bike when she got off. But when Shampoo was about offer his lunch, Ukyo appeared with her lunch to give to Ranma. "Here Ranma-honey, I made your favorite." The Japanese Pizza chef presented her lunch to Ranma.

But then a wave of black rose petals blew over everyone else and out comes Kodachi in her trademark leotard. "OH HO HO HO HO HO!" She gave out her famous/evilly-annoying laugh, "my dear Ranma darling shall never eat the food of peasants," and she swiped everyone’s food from their hands with her ribbon.

"Hey, that was Ranma’s!" Ukyo told the insane gymnast.

"You give Ranma’s lunch back right now!" Shampoo demanded.

"Never you wenches," Kodachi gets into her fighting stance, "nothing will ever touch Ranma darling’s lips but mine!"

"Okay if that’s they way you wanted!" And Ukyo pulled out her giant spatula while Shampoo pulled out her bonbaris and the three of them started attacking each other.

Ranma was still feeling sick when Ryoga came storming in, "For upsetting Akane, DIE RANMA!"

The pigtailed martial artist was barely able to dodge the incoming bandannas as the fight between the two and the girls spilled out onto the street where there where a group of girls walking down the sidewalk, their jaws slack at the insane amount of violence going on.

If it wasn't for pig boy Ranma would be laughing his head off at Mousse glomping one of the girls
while crying out, "I love you, Shampoo!"

"How dare you not take our fight seriously, Saotome!?" An enraged Ryouga demanded as he pulled his umbrella free from his pack and held it like a sword as he charged again.

"Foul sorcerer, today is the day I free my loves from your evil spells!" A new voice called out with arrogance, a very familiar voice belonging to the delusional kendoist.

"RAANNMMAAAA!" Akane growled out, her battle aura glowing red brightly around her as she pulled away from her fight, "Stop picking on Ryouga this instant!"

Ranma couldn't answer back as he was now trying to deal with Ryouga, Kuno and Mousse who had finally put on his glasses.

Usually the three wasn't that much of a challenge separately, and barely a challenge together but after eating the toxic waste that Akane claimed to be her cooking, he was having a little trouble. On top of all that, he was trying, though unsuccessfully, to
lead the fight away from the group of shocked girls who was watching the whole thing.

Another barrage of ki charged bandannas whizzed by Ranma who barely dodged them in time only to realize that they was heading straight towards the group of girls. Not believing he was going to make it in time, instincts took over as he filled his body full of ki and with inhuman speed made it between the projectiles and the girls just in time to take the full impact of the attack.

His ki blunted the normally sharp edges of the bandannas, though he wasn't sure how, but he still felt the heavy blows of each one as they struck him driving him back little by little. Having had enough as the pig almost seriously hurt a group of innocent girls, Ranma growled out loudly, almost cat like. He was getting sick off all of this.

"YOU PERVERT!!" Akane screamed in rage as she rushed forward and hit Ranma hard though his ki filled body stopped most of the force, "How dare you be flirting with other girls!!!"

Ranma's growling became even louder as the ki in his body increased causing his muscled to bulge slightly, his body stating to glow with a dark aura. A stripe started to form on each cheek starting out and thinning out to a point as it went in. His eyes glowed red with power that Ranma wasn't sure he even had. Only thing he did know was that he was tired of all of it. Every day for the last week was the same thing, each day growing worse and worse. And every day, though Ranma wasn't sure how, even the pig boy had
made it to cause trouble for Ranma.

As the rage and depression coursed through Ranma, his power levels increased more and more. His muscles bulged even more as his ears slowly started to change, becoming more pointed as did his canines as his growling started to change more into a hissing sound. A tail covered in dark fur tore from the back of his pants and swished angrily back and forth as his fingernails grew in length, ending in sharp points almost like claws.


Goku shook his head in confusion and surprise as he sensed the darkening power levels jump even higher. For the last couple of months he had kept an eye out on Ranma Saotome, surprised at how strong the young youth was and even more surprising was how pure his heart was. The only thing staining that was a dark taint in Ranma's soul that Goku had learned was caused from the neko ken. A technique that the idiot that was surprisingly Ranma's father had taught the youth a long time ago.

Another surge of power caught Goku's attention as the level jumped up even higher than his own when in super sayjin 2. Putting everything Goku had into it, he increased his power to increase his speed dramatically as he flew from Kami's lookout towards Nerima.


"You hypocritical BITCH!" Ranma shout out as he backhanded Akane hard sending her flying across the street slamming into a building hard.

"How dare you!!" Ryouga shouted in outrage as he charged Ranma whom merely grabbed the pig boy's neck tightly and raised the struggling boy's form into the air.

"No, RYOUGA, how dare you? You make me promise on my honor not to tell anyone about your curse then you turn around and use your curse to get into MY fiancée’s arms and bed. Please tell me P-Chan why I shouldn't kill you right here and now?" Ranma hissed as he tightened his grip on the pigtailed boy little by little as he spoke.

"Go to hell Saotome!" Ryouga gasped out.

"So be it." Ranma said as he slammed Ryouga's body into the ground hard leaving a crater where the broken lost boy laid, a trickle of blood coming from his mouth.

"FOUL SORCERER!" Kuno screamed as he charged towards Ranma wit his boken raised to strike. Not even bothering to say anything Ranma brought his arm into the air and made a single slashing motion with his claws sending the kendoist flying back, his boken falling in pieces and five long slashes across his chest flowing with blood.

"VENUS CRESCENT BEAM!" A cry from behind moments before a beam of energy slammed into the pig tailed martial artist's back. Spinning around as he slashed with his claw again sent the sailor suited girls, who Ranma recognized as the same girls earlier, flying back and into the stone wall that was behind them. They slid to the ground phased but there weren’t any signs of permanent damage to the group.



Ranma disappeared and reappeared right before the okynomiyaki chief who was trying to quietly make a strategic retreat. "Uc-Chan, you weren't leaving yet where you?" Ranma snarled, "I'm hurt, really hurt." The sneer on Ranma's lips told otherwise though as he reached out and pulled Ukyo roughly to him and kissed her hard on the lips as she struggled to get free. After a few
moments he released her, "Ahhh, what's wrong Ukyo, I thought that was what you wanted."

"You're not my Ran-Chan." Ukyo said, shaking with fear. She knew she didn't stand a chance against him.

"You’re just as blind as that idiot Mousse." Ranma said as he held his arm out from his body, palm open and facing Ukyo. Without any warnings or battle cries, he let off a powerful ki blast knocking the cook through the air landing hard on the ground with her right arm under her in an unnatural angle.

A gymnast's ribbon snagged Ranma's neck and burned up as Ranma's aura increased in intensity and power. "Kodachi, Kodachi, Kodachi. Whatever shall I do with you?"

"You will give back my Ranma-Sama." Kodachi said just before she went flying to land next to a very scared and very shaken Amazon's feet.

"Ahhhh, my Amazon wife, what do you have to say? Hmmmmm?" Ranma asked as he walked slowly over to the Amazon delighting in the girl's fear. He never really knew Shampoo to be scared like this though he really didn't care about that. He licked his lips as he looked her up and down smiling cruelly. "I could kill you right here and now but I'm not so sure."

"Leave Shampoo alone!!" Mousse cried out as he threw chains from his billowing sleeves at Ranma who caught them quickly and yanked them hard pulling Mousse from his feet and flying toward Ranma who hit him hard knocking the Chinese boy unconscious.

Shampoo was at Mousse's side at the same time that he hit the ground, checking to make sure that he was okay.

Ranma started towards Shampoo but was distracted as he sensed a powerful aura approaching an looked up in the sky in the general direction to see a man with blonde hair glowing with a golden Aura flying towards him. One thing ran through Ranma's mind at the sight, "This was going to be fun!"

"Ranma, please stop doing this!" Goku demanded the now mutated pigtailed youth. "These people don’t deserve a pointless death."

"Don’t Deserve It?" Ranma-monster repeated, "These Fools Have Been Trying To Kill Me Ever Since I Came To This Damn Town!" He told Goku, "They Deserve Eternity Times The Pain That They Gave Me!"

Goku landed in front of Shampoo and facing Ranma-monster. "You there," he was referring to Shampoo, "take your friend someplace safe from here!"

For once, Shampoo decided to listen to the advice of an outsider male seeing as said outsider male was keeping up with the now cat-like Ranma, though the newcomer was having a little difficulty at it. Shampoo draped the unconscious Mouse’s arm over her shoulder and pulled his unconscious body up but was having to much difficulty with it when a splash of cold water soaked the amazon male making him a duck while leaving the shaken Shampoo dry.

"Come Mousse," Shampoo said hoarsely, "We need to go get help, get Great Grandmother and help the others."

A hoarse and very weak "Quack" was her only response from the limp body in her arms.

"Are you okay?" A smaller girl with violet colored hair asked. She was with three other women, all wearing outfits similar to the other strange girls who were unconscious.

"No," Shampoo hissed, "Airen possessed by demon and hurt everyone! Does it look like I’M OKAY!?"

"Sheesh," the shorthaired blonde said as she rubbed a finger in her ear with a distorted look on her face. "You don’t have to yell, you know!"

"Neptune, Uranus," the green haired woman said, "Go help Goku while Saturn and I try to help the others here."

The aqua and blonde haired girls nodded and headed to where the battle was taking place as the youngest of the newcomers came towards Shampoo with her hands glowing softly.

"Now what?" Shampoo thought, a part of her wanting to cry. * * * * *

Ranma sneered at his opponent as he blocked a kick from what was becoming a pest in the cat-like martial artist’s book. It was time to take this up a notch or two. He concentrated all of his ki through his body enhancing his speed and shot forward, not caring that he was actually now flying now as he began to rain his own assault down onto the interloper with more than deadly intent.

"Please calm down, Ranma!" Goku pleaded as he blocked each of his opponent’s attacks, straining more and more each time.

Ranma knew that soon he would have his victory over this strange man and show him what it meant to get in the way of his rightful vengeance on all of the garbage in Nerima.

"AQUA SUBMERGE!!!" came a cry from no where startling Ranma when a ball of water smashed into the now red head martial artist, turning her fur the same color. A soaking wet cat like girl with clothes and hair pasted all over her body from the attack exploded with a shriek to the heavens sending a shockwave knocking everyone back.

"Thanks," Goku said, "But maybe that was a bad idea."

Sailor Uranus sweat dropped as she stared, her mouth agape, at the exotic looking creature in front of her. It wasn’t the strange beauty that attracted the blonde’s attention, really it wasn’t, it was the sheer amount of raw power and negative emotions rolling of the red haired girl who looked like she was about ready to burst into tears. In Sailor Uranus’s experience, all of the above was not a good thing in an enemy. Even if that enemy wasn’t really an enemy but a victim. A very powerful blast of ki hit Uranus hard sending her crashing back onto the ground and skidding about twenty feet away leaving a trench in her wake.

"URANUS!!!" Sailor Neptune cried out in anguish at seeing her lover hit so hard.

Smirking after the now calmed down cat girl looks on, she notices the thin layer of fur on the back of her hands and running up her arms. At first she was shocked at seeing this, then she smirked as an idea ran through her head. Maybe she would have some fun here. Silently, Ranma sneaked up behind Neptune’s and wrapped her arms around the senshi from behind and held the shocked woman in a gentle embrace as she nuzzles the side of the warrior’s neck. Breathing into the senshi’s ear, Ranma whispered, "MMMMMM…you know you are kind of cute." The blush that crossed the woman’s face made Ranma want to laugh, "It’s too bad I have to kill you now." Ranma felt the shiver run up the woman’s spine as she tried to squirm out of Ranma’s grasp and succeeded as Uranus got in a surprise punch knocking a now angry cat girl away from Neptune.



"YOU!" Uranus growled out at a shocked Goku who had a huge sweat drop on the back of his head, "Get the others out of here! This BASTARDS MINE!!!"

Goku wanted to argue the point but he knew that the two warriors could hold their ground long enough to get the injured away to Kami’s lookout and out of harms way. Ever since he became a super sayjin 4 after fighting Baby, all of Goku’s powers grew exponentially including his instant transmission which now could be used to teleport a small group without having to be in contact, just the general vicinity. He made his way over to the middle of the fight zone and stuck his middle and forefinger to his fore head while closing his eyes and concentrating on where he wanted to go and seconds later everyone but Ranma, Neptune and Uranus was teleported to Kami’s lookout.

Goku turned to go back when a strong surge of power caught his attention, "DON"T DO IT RANMA!!!" He cried out just as the shockwave of the blast shot out from Nerima. *****  

"How dare you touch her!" an infuriated Uranus demands as she trades blows with a bored cat girl.

"I’m sick of this, this place and all of it’s pain." Ranma whispers.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Uranus demanded then gasped, "Get out of here, Neptune!"

It was too late though as the energy that Ranma was gathering was let out in a huge explosion sending shock waves through out Nerima destroying everything.

"Nobody can hurt me anymore if they aren’t living." Ranma smiles as the dust settles leaving her in a crater at the epicenter of the largest Shi Shi Hokodan infused with Neko Ken energies that was ever witnessed in history. *****

Meanwhile in the outer world at the Earth’s checkout point station, King Yama and two of his assistants had just witnessed the destruction of Nerima.

"Oh this is very bad, Sir." Said one assistant, "If he keeps this up, it’s going to be the Buu incident all over again."

"Do you have any idea what this means, Your Majesty?" The second assistant asked King Yama.

"Yeah, it means more paper work for me to do!" King Yama answered in annoyance as his assistants sweatdropped. "Stupid Genma Saotome, if he didn’t took Ranma on that idiotic training trip, none of this wouldn’t have happen!"

"That’s is very true, Sir," the first assistant agreed, "but is there anything we can do?"

"Only one I can think of," King Yama responded, "Fortune Teller BaBa!" he called out and a small little old woman wearing a witch’s outfit and riding a crystal ball enter the room.

"You called, King Yama?" BaBa addressed to him.

"Ah BaBa," King Yama addressed to the little old woman, "I assumed that you are aware of what just happened."

"But of course, Sir." BaBa knew what he was talking about. "Such a shame and he was nice boy too." She hung her head in sorrow.

"Yes, of course it is," King Yama concurred, getting back to the matter at hand, "the reason I called you here is because I want you to go to Kami’s look out and see if you can get those kids that Goku brought there and make them see the mistakes that they made when Ranma went into his transformation."

"Of course King Yama," BaBa accepted the assignment, "I shall do my very best." She declared and flew out of King Yama’s office.

"Now that’s taken care of," King Yama assured as he gets ready for the work that is coming to him, "who is up first?"

"Genma Saotome, Sir." The second assistant replied.

"Well speak of the devil." King Yama had gotten an evil smile on his face. Oh he’s going to enjoy berating that fat-panda-bastard for all the crimes he committed in his life. *****  

Elsewhere in the universe at the Planet of the Kais, two certain Kais had just saw the same thing that King Yama saw. And neither of them didn’t like the results.

"Of all the stupid, idiotic, disastrous…." Old Kai was referring to the NWC, "if those troublesome kids hadn’t irritated Ranma so much, he wouldn’t transform into that monster in the first place!" He fumed at the crystal ball and looked at the sky. "And it’s all thanks to numb-skull Genma Saotome! Man among Men my ass! He just wanted Ranma to do all his dirty work so that he can live the ‘easy life! GENMA SAOTOME! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

"I understand your frustration of what has happen, Great Ancestor." Kabito Kai tried to calm down his oldest relative, "but King Yama send down BaBa to try to talk to the children"

"King Yama intentions were good," Old Kai contemplated on the plan, "but I’m afraid that it will take more than mere words to try to get through them." He let out a solemn sigh, "Ranma tried talking but that never works on his so-called friends." He now has a plan of his own. "I think BaBa will need help on this one." He turns to Kabito Kai, "Tell me young one, do you think you can get to Kami’s look out."

"Why yes Sir." Kabito Kai knew what he’s going to do.

"Good, then lets’ get going." Old Kai instructed, "we’re going to have a talk with those kids whether they like or not" And then Old Kai and Kabito Kai teleported out of their home planet.

Well it looks like the NWC has done it this time. Now thanks to their recklessness, Ranma has become a murderous monster that hates the living and is willing to kill all life on Earth, possibly even the universe. Will Goku, the Z-Warriors, and the Sailor Scouts be able to save Ranma and the Earth from his destruction? And what will happen when the two Kais and BaBa meet the NWC? Find out next time in "Dark Soul"