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Dark Soul By Mari and The Eternal Dragon  

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Chapter 02: Now who is to blame?

Back at Kami’s look out, Mr. Popo was casually tending the flowers in the garden when he senses Goku and some new visitors coming.

That’s when Goku and the rest of the scouts reappeared with their wounded guests.

"Oh Goku, I’m happy that you have returned." Mr. Popo greeted Goku and he looked at Sailor Pluto and recognized her right away. "And Pluto, it’s good to see you again. It’s been ages since you last visited."

"It has." Sailor Pluto agreed her voice quiet and slightly worried which was a change from her usually icy cold demeanor.

"You two know each other?" Goku asked in shock, he didn’t know many people besides the Z fighters who had ever been to Kami’s lookout. A huge surge in power drew Goku’s attention back to Nerima and made him gasp at the attack’s raw power. "Dende, can you help heal the others while I go back and check on Ranma?"

"Of course, Goku," Dende said as he headed towards the group of injured people, "Just be careful."

"I will." Goku promised as he used his instant transmission to teleport back to the spot where he was fighting only moments earlier. The sight around him made Goku want to cry as he gazed around at the needless destruction around him. A quick scan for Ranma’s ki let Goku know that Ranma was gone but it also had another side effect, it told Goku that there were no survivors left in Nerima. "Oh Ranma…" Goku whispered as he teleported back to the lookout.

It seemed everyone was okay for the most part besides disorientation as they regained consciousness. A quick scan through the crowd led Goku to find Dende healing the last of the sailor fuku clad girls, the one with the long flowing black hair. Goku started heading towards his friend as he noticed one of the wrecking crew heading towards Dende in a quick pace with a bokken held high ready to attack.

"FOUL DEMON!" the boy cried out in outrage.

Almost instantly Goku was between the two, quickly knocking the bokken away. Normally Goku wouldn’t be this angry with a normal person as he was, but this so-called normal person was one of the biggest reasons for the current dilemma. "Is this how you repay someone for saving your life?" Goku demanded.

"The foul demon must be vanquished!" the boy demanded, making to attack again.

"That is KAMI!" Goku snarled.

"LIES!" Kuno cried out in outrage.

A moment later Kuno was laying on the ground under a girl’s mallet, "SHUT UP HENTAI!" Unfortunately the outburst caused the girl to wince in pain from the splitting headache she had.

"Dried up old monkey." A boy in white robes grumbled as BaBa floated over to Goku, stopping only to smack the boy up the side of the head with a fan.

"Hi BaBa." Goku said, trying to hide his amusement.

"Hello Goku," BaBa said as she glared at the gathered crowd, especially at the NWC. "King Yama sent me here, he thought that I might be of some help."

"That’s great!" Goku beamed, "We need to find the dragon balls to bring everyone back!"

"That’s not why I’m here, Goku." BaBa said, "These fools need to be taught a lesson."

"What about all of those innocents?" Goku asked.

"Let the senshi handle it," Old Kai said as he and Kabito Kai arrived, "I want to have a word with these fools!"

"Who Dares Call The Great Tatewaki Kuno A Fool!" Kuno demanded only to get a whap on the head by Old Kai.

"Learn to respect your elders!" Old Kai snide at Kuno, making him whimper.

"Don’t worry, Goku," Pluto was doing her best to comfort the Saiyan, "we’ll do our best to help the situation."

"I trust that you will." Goku was confident about Pluto’s willingness to help out. "Maybe I can get the rest of the Z-Warriors so that we can think of a way to stop Ranma before he gets any worse."

"Sounds like a plan." Pluto approved, "come Saturn, we must go back to see if Uranus and Neptune are okay."

"Yes Pluto." Saturn obeyed and joined up with Goku and Saturn.

"Hey don’t forget about us." Sailor Moon called out.

"Yeah this is our fight too you know." Jupiter jumped in.

"Uranus and Neptune maybe our best fighters but even I don’t think they can handle Ranma." Mars added her comment.

"And besides we want to do all that we can to help him." Mercury concluded.

"But why do you want to help that pervert?" Akane wanted answers but she received a hard slap on the face by Venus and shocked the NWC.

"Because it’s all your fault that Ranma turned into that monster in the first place!" Venus answered, giving Akane an angry glare.

The NWC gasped in shock when Venus made that accusation. Ukyo was the first to snap out of it. "Now hold on there, what do you mean it’s our fault?"

"I’m afraid that I have to agree with Sailor Venus on this one," Goku took over, "Instead of trying to listen to Ranma and to talk about things among yourselves, you all keep resorting to your violent tendencies. Thus giving Ranma all of your negative energy which turned him into that hateful creature you all saw today."

"Just what are you trying say?" Ryoga impatiently asked, but Old Kai gave him the same whap on the head like he did to Kuno.

"I’ll get this one Goku." Old Kai decided to explain to the NWC when he pulled a screen from out of nowhere with caricatures of Ranma in step by step form. "All living beings contain both positive and negative energy and they are usually in balance which makes that person/animal/plant to live a normal and happy life." Pointing at the first picture of Ranma looking what he used to. "But unfortunately for Ranma, he received so much negative energy ever since his father took on that illogical training trip." Passing at the second and third Ranma pictures of him going through the transformation. "Which turned him into a creature of hate and pain." Stopped at the picture of the Ranma Monster.

"And you guys kept on making it worse every time you fight with Ranma!" Mars added her two cents.

"And what does that suppose to mean?" Mousse commanded and of course Old Kai had to give him another whap on the head for his outburst.

"It means that instead trying talk to Ranma and help him with his problems like Goku said," Old Kai chastised with such rage, "you all keep ganging up on him like a bunch bullies. A pack of spoiled brats, that’s what you really are!" He humphed at that last part.

"A BUNCH OF BULLIES!?" Seethed a red faced Akane. One could almost see the steam coming from her ears as a bright red battle aura snapped to life around the enraged girl. First, the blonde slut slaps her then this freak tells her that it’s their fault that Ranma snapped. It was too much for Akane as she started summoning her chi mallet ready to dish out some of her so called ‘divine punishment.’

"Yes, a bunch of bullies fits quite right, wouldn’t you say?" Old Kai replied as his hands blurred striking several pressure points on the girl who could be the poster child for anger management classes.

"Wow," Goku exclaimed in awe, "You’ll have to teach me that some day."

"Perhaps Goku but we have more important stuff to worry about now than dilly dallying around all day." Old Kai said with a smile.

"Of course," Dende said, "We have to help Ranma some how."

"Please Ancestor, with your permission," Kabito Kai bowed down respectfully at Old Kai, "I would like to help Goku and the Sailor Scouts to save Ranma from himself."

"Very well then," Old Kai permitted Kabito Kai, "You can do so by making sure that no more innocent people get killed by Ranma’s rampage." Then he turned to Dende and Mr. Popo, "Ok folks," Old Kai said after clearing his throat, "Goku and Kabito Kai will go and see what they can do with Ranma to keep him busy while the senshi look for the others. If it gets too out of hand, I guess we can always get the dragon balls. Baba and myself will take care of these blithering idiots."

For once the NWC didn’t have much to say as Goku used his instant transmission to teleport his group off of the lookout.

"What about me Old Kai?" Dende asked, fearing the answer as he really wasn’t much of a fighter though he wouldn’t let others suffer.

"Some nice tea would be nice," Old Kai said matter of factly causing sweatdrops to appear on Mr. Popo and Dende, "And a room for the young fools bodies to rest while Baba and myself send their souls on a little trip."

"A little trip?" Ukyo asked nervously. She wasn’t a coward but she was smart, and she knew that she was in way over her head but knew that the people their wouldn’t hurt them. Especially if the green guy was really the Kami and something in the back of her mind assured her that it was.

"Right this way." Mr. Popo said turning to leave, stopping only long enough for the others to catch up. Reluctantly everyone followed though Akane and Kuno needed a little help from the others and Ryoga himself needed to be led by the hand.

"You know that boy has a curse?" Old Kai said softly to Baba as she floated next to Old Kai.

"Yes," Baba nodded, "Jusenkyo."

"No you old bat," Old Kai snapped, "The directional curse."

"And your point you old goat?" Baba asked back with a sneer.

"If you can cast a spell to calm them and have them follow then I’m sure you can remove it." Old Kai said.

"Now why would I do something like that," Baba growled, "It’s his grandfather’s fault they have it anyways and I’m not so sure I want to remove it."

"And what about the Kuno's, you old hag?" Old Kai asked, amused with their conversation.

"They are nothing but trouble." Baba said.

"Here we are." Mr. Popo said as the group entered a chamber set up with several beds for the Z fighters for when they visited. It was only coincidence that said fighters were usually pretty badly injured at those times while fighting threats to earth.

"Excellent." Old Kai said with a smile directing the group to lay down in the beds.

"Might I ask what you are going to do?" Mr. Popo asked.

"We are going to put these fools to sleep and send their souls on a little trip through a hole in time." Old Kai replied.

"I-Isn’t that dangerous?" Mr. Popo asked.

"To them maybe." Baba said with an evil smirk.

"It is not that dangerous so stay out of this you wrinkled old monkey." Old Kai said.

"Well excuse me you old fossil." Baba snapped and stuck her tongue out at Old Kai.

"Let’s get started, shall we?" Old Kai said as Mr. Popo backed out of the door. "Do your thing, witch."

"With pleasure." Baba said as she concentrated, calling up her aura…"WITCH?"

"We don’t have time to argue if we want to get this finished soon." Old Kai said as he started concentrating, calling up his aura and synchronized it with Baba’s. Slowly the NWC started to glow as well, one by one matching the auras’ of the elders.

Suddenly everyone’s auras erupted violently in the room, filling it with bright light. As the light faded there was nothing left but a heavy fog surrounding the group as the all stood in a group.

"I-Is this heaven?" Ukyo asked, a shiver running up her spine.

"If it was girl," Old Kai snorted, "You wouldn’t be so scared."

"We are standing in a rift in time where your journey begins." Baba explains, "You all will experience Ranma’s life as if it were your own."

"Aiya, but what good it would do for Ranma?" Shampoo questioned the old fortuneteller’s methods.

"Because, little Amazon," BaBa turned to Shampoo, "this will help you understand Ranma a little better and see the truth of everything. Plus it will also make you see all the mistakes you have made with him."

The NWC were about to protest but the Old Kai halted them with one hand. "Right so everybody keep your arms and legs inside the ride and off we go."

Old Kai and FortuneTeller BaBa said a few chants and everyone spiraled back into the past of Ranma Saotome. ******

While at Capsule Corporation in West City, Goku had gathered all the Z-Warriors and their families and told them everything. "… And that’s the whole story." The Saiyan finished his story not leaving anything out.

"So let me get this straight," Vegeta was the first to speak out, "You’re saying that some brat has thrown a hissy fit, turned into some kind of monster, and is now destroying an entire city?" To the Saiyan Prince, things like this are no big deal.

"Wow that poor kid," Krillin sympathized Ranma’s plight, "and I though I had problems."

"That’s why I need all of your help to stop Ranma so that we can saved him." Goku requested his friends’ assistants; "While some of us will try to tire him out the rest of you will search for the Dragonballs so that we can wish everything back the way it was before Ranma’s transformation."

"I’ll help you stop Ranma, Dad." Gohan volunteered first.

"Me too." Goten offered his service.

"I want to help this Ranma kid." Pan stepped in.

"Count me in." Trunks.

"But Pan this might be too dangerous for you." Gohan tried to debate with his daughter.

"Come on Dad," Pan disputed her point of view, "I traveled into space with Grandpa and Trunks to search for the Black Star Dragonballs and faced many dangers that are much worse than this." She made her statement. "Besides, it’s like Grandpa said, none of this is his fault."

"Okay, but if things get too much for you, I want you to leave as soon as you can." Gohan made a deal, which Pan accepted with a thumbs up.

"I too would also wish to help," Piccolo also joined in the group. "I know what’s it like to be evil and maybe I can help your friend’s problem."

"I might as well joined you guys." 18 wishes to help out, "After all this might need a woman’s touch."

"Hey Dad what about you?" Trunks asked his father, "Don’t you want to help Ranma as well."

Vegeta just gave his usual scowl.

"Come on Vegeta," Goku pleaded, "I thought out of all people you might understand." He tried his best to talk the stubborn Saiyan Prince to help out. "After all weren’t you taken away from your home when you a child?"

That was all Goku needed to convince Vegeta. "Fine I’ll go," He concluded, "but I’m warning you, I am not going to hold back if the kid becomes to destructive."

"Well it looks like the rest of us will be searching for the Dragonballs." Krillin indicated while scratching his head. He could’ve gone with Goku if he wanted, but since he hasn’t fought in a long time, he figures it would be better safe than sorry.

"Then it’s all settled." Goku and his group started to get ready to leave.

"Good luck you guys." Bulma wished them well.

"And be careful," Chichi advised Goku, "remember he’s just a scared little boy."

"We will and good luck on finding the Dragonballs." And those were the last words when Goku performed his instant transmission and he and the Z-Warriors vanished.

"Oh I hope they will be okay." Chichi was already worried about her family’s safety.

"Don’t worry Chichi I’m sure they’re going to be just fine." Videl placed a comforting hand on her mother-in-law’s shoulder.

"Yeah Goku and the others had been into tougher situation than this." Bulma placed her two cents. "Now let’s go find those Dragonballs." And the ones who remained behind left the room to get ready for their quest of the Dragonballs.

Will the NWC’s travel in time be able to convince them that they are the real blame for Ranma’s problems? How will the Z-Warriors be able to stop Ranma’s destruction? Find out in later chapters of "Dark Soul."