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Dark Soul By Mari (A.K.A Maric, Maricc, Mar, Anime-iac, and Animeiac) and Lord Aries Greymon  

Disclaimer: Dragonball/Z/GT is the © property of Akira Toriyama. Ranma ½ is the © property of Rumiko Takahashi. Sailor Moon is the © property of Naoko Takeuchi.

A/N: Due to inconvenient scheduling, my last co-author, The Eternal Dragon, can no longer aid me in this fic. So please welcome my new co-author/beta reader Lord Aries Greymon.

Chapter 03: Lets Do the Time Warp Again (The training trip, the deal, and Ukyo)

Well it was a dizzy trip but the NWC, Old Kai, and BaBa have made it back into Ranma’s past where it all started. "Well here we are." BaBa called out as they stopped inside of a house.

"Where are we?" Akane asked, still trying to recover from that rift into time.

"We are in the home of Ranma Saotome, where it all began." Old Kai supplied the answered.

"And as a safety precaution, I have made all of us unheardable and untouchable to the past so that we will not interfere no matter how much we want to change it." Baba informed everyone.

"But why not?" Ukyo questioned Baba’s motives.

"Because all of you need to see what really happen in Ranma’s lifetime and the truth of everything." Baba informed the okonomiyaki chef.

"So this is the home of the foul sorcerer Saotome." Kuno assumed as he looked around the surroundings of Ranma’s home. "At last I the Great Tatewaki Kuno the Blue Thunder of Furikin High shall learn all the secrets of his Dark Magic." The delusional kendoist declared and received a bonk on the head from the Old Kai.

"Only one Saotome is foul, but it’s not Ranma." Old Kai humphed at Kuno’s moronic antics.

Just as Kuno was about to protest, a small baby’s cry was heard from somewhere inside the house. "Where is baby crying coming from?" Shampoo was curious about where they are hearing that sound.

"Where else but the living room." Baba implied to the female Amazon.

"Well let’s go see what is then." Old Kai added and he and Baba started headed towards the crying.

The NWC shrugged and followed the two ancient beings to where they were going. When they all entered the living room what they found truly surprised the NWC. It was Nodoka and Genma when they were a bit younger and what it looks like that Nodoka was trying to pull Genma back in while he was carrying a small baby "Ranma?" Ranma’s rivals/fiancees said it together in unison.

"That’s is correct," Baba confirmed them, "this was Ranma Saotome when he was just a little bitty baby."

"You mean the accursed Saotome started off as a baby?" Kuno still couldn’t believe that crying baby boy was his most wretched rival.

"Of course he did you dunder head!" Old Kai chastised Kuno for his incompetence. "What did you think he was?"

"Bu-but I thought that he was made out of dark magic and all sorts of evils." The dense kendoist countered Old Kai’s answer, which earned him a smack on the head from Baba.

"Foolish little whelp," Baba scolded, "even if he was, all wizards, witches, and any practitioner of magic and the supernatural started off as babies." She lectured the male Kuno while he was rubbing his sore head. "And I am sick and tired of you always defiling us as evil!" The little old fortuneteller went up to his face to tell him that. "One more racist word about magic from you and I’ll show you some real dark magic!"

"Yes ma’am." Kuno squeaked and nodded in agreement. For once he's using head and keeping his mouth shut.



Everyone else was busy watching Nodoka struggling to make Genma not to leave with their baby and banging him on the head with everything she got. Then they saw Genma pushed Nodoka away with his foot. This of course angered one of the NWC members.

"Why that bastard!" Ukyo pulled out her giant spatula. "I can’t believe he actually did that to his own wife!" She started charging at the soon to be portly Genma and was going to make him pay for what he did.

"Now wait a minute child!" Baba tried to call her back but it was too late.

Just as the female cross dressing chef brought down her spatula on Genma’s head it went right through him. "Huh?" Ukyo was flabbergasted by it. "But how did it…"

"As I already told everyone, I made us inaudible and incorporeal so that we wouldn’t disturb the events in the past." Baba reminded her.

"But you saw what he did to poor Ran-chan’s mother!" Ukyo prompted the crystal ball riding lady.

"I know how you feel my dear," Old Kai intervened, "I hated him for what he did, but you must understand that you need to see all the events from Ranma’s past no matter how unpleasant it is."

Ukyo reluctantly hang her head, but she knew that they were right about not interfering with past events, and slowly walked back to the group.

Now they see Genma bowing down to Nodoka as she held baby Ranma in her arms. "Oh sure now he acts like a good husband." Ukyo grumbled.

"Hush young one and listen." Baba instructed as they listen closely to the conversation between Ranma’s parents.

"Please understand Nodoka," Past Genma begged Past Nodoka, "… if Ranma is going to inherit the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts he mustn’t have any distractions and a mother’s love can only delay his true potentials."

"What fat panda man mean by that?" Shampoo had no idea what Genma meant.

"The fool Genma, afraid that a mother’s love would make him weak and helpless." Old Kai provided the answer. "Like being kind, gentle, loving, caring, and helpful."

"In other words, a good human being." Baba added her two cents and went back to the discussion.

"I must do what is best for Ranma and the school of Anything Goes!" Past Genma confirmed but the NWC just looked at him like he was nuts.

"And people say were insane." Said Kodachi to her brother and he agreed with a nod.

"What is best for Ranma?" Past Nodoka repeated only the first part as she holds on to her only child.

"Yes," Past Genma affirmed his wife, "and if I shall fail to do so then Ranma and I will commit ritual seppuku!"

"WHAT!?!" Only the Japanese portion of the NWC blanched out when they heard that. The two Chinese Amazon didn’t know the Seppuku was and Old Kai and Baba just shook their heads in shame.

"What ritual seppuku?" Shampoo queried since she knows little about Japanese customs.

Old Kai decided to take this one. "It’s a ceremonial suicide where the person must cut open his/her belly with a sharp blade while the second cuts of the first's head."

Shampoo turned very green at that statement. "Aiya, why anyone want do that?" She was trying to fight off the queasiness in her stomach.

"In some sick and twisted way, it’s to ‘seal their honor.’" Baba jumped in for the chance.

When everyone heard the word ‘honor’ it made him or her rethink about what it truly meant.

At this time Past Genma is now making the infamous seppuku contract. "And with this contract Ranma and I shall seal deal to keep our word." He first put his thumbprint on the contract and painted Baby Ranma’s hand with the black ink. "Go on Ranma, place your handprint to make your mother happy."

So Baby Ranma was just making handprints all over the contract and simply laughing.

"Such a brave and noble young child to sacrifice his life to appease his mother." Kuno couldn’t help but admire Baby Ranma’s willingness to give his life. But of course Old Kai had to berate him again for his stupidity.

"You Idiot!" Old Kai castigated Kuno with another smack on his head. "Ranma didn’t know what he was doing!" He was getting really tired of lecturing this poor mislead kid. "He thought he was finger painting." The eldest Kai turned his attention back to the Past Saotomes and narrowed his eyes. "To a baby, everything is a toy."

"You know, maybe we should take a detour and fix this retard’s past so he's not quite so stupid anymore?" Baba hooks her thumb towards Kuno. "Nah. Too much effort." Baba shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"Oh Ranma." Said Akane with sympathy. She had no idea that his life was going to be so complicated.

"Oh Ranma my brave little boy." Said Past Nodoka as she too signed the contract. "How I pray that you’ll be a man among men someday."

"That poor woman," Baba shook her head, "she has no idea that she just sealed Ranma’s fate."

"What kind of mother would do that to her own son?" Mousse still cannot believe Nodoka would agree to kill Ranma if Genma didn’t keep his promise.

"Now remember Young Amazon," Old Kai was referring to Mousse, "Mrs. Saotome didn’t know that her own husband was conning her when he made that deal."

"Besides do you think a scoundrel like Genma would ever once actually keep up to that contract?" Baba just couldn’t resist saying that.

"No definitly not." Old Kai replied and turns to the NWC. "Okay kiddies that ends part one for our history lesson." Deciding to move. "Now on to part two, ready Baba."

Baba starts chanting again and the group disappeared from Ranma’s old house and reappeared seconds later in the middle of a desert.

"Now where are we?" It was Ukyo’s turn to ask about their latest location.

"Were in the desert where Genma first met up that man over there." Old Kai replied as he indicated that small campsite over to their left.

"And of course where Ranma’s troubles truly first started." The friends/enemies of Ranma didn’t know what Baba was talking about until one of them saw a lone figure striving across the hot desert sand.

"Hey who’s that over there?" Ryoga pointed towards to that man who looked like he hadn’t eaten in days and was carrying a small bundle on his back while trying to balance himself on the walking stick.

"Why isn’t in obvious?" Old Kai took this one, "It’s none other than that no good con artist Genma."

"What? No way!" Mousse retorted, "That’s Mr. Saotome?"

"Him look too skinny to be fat panda man." Shampoo just couldn’t imagine Genma that thin.

"Well if you’ve been traveling for months without food and water you looked like that as well." The elder Kai acknowledged the children.

"And incase you kids have forgotten," Baba chimed in, "that little bundle he was carrying was little Ranma."

Everyone turned their attention back to Past Genma as he reached the campsite where he was trying to get that piece of food from that man.

"Now you’ll see Ranma hates his father."

The group were completely shocked when Past Genma offered Baby Ranma for a bowl of rice, a piece of fish, and two pickles.

"A bowl of rice." Ryoga.

"A piece of fish." Mousse.

"And two pickles." Kuno.

All of them said in separate order with their left eyes twitching.

"Pitiful isn’t it?" Old Kai.

"I’ll say," Kuno was about to say something stupid again, "I thought Saotome was completely worth…"

"Now is not a good time Brother Dear." Thankfully Kodachi managed to cut her equally insane brother before he finished.

"Nice to know that someone actually have some little sense in that family." Baba have to give the gymnast some credit for shutting him up.

After Past Genma finished his meal, that practically cost Baby Ranma’s soul, he gets up and leaves the campsite as the man who bought Ranma feeds his supposedly new son-in-law.

"Hey get back here and take Ranma back!" Mousse called out to Past Genma and was about to go after him but Old Kai grabbed his shoulder to stop him.

"Oh would you sit still for a moment." Old Kai pulled the myopic cursed male Amazon back to the group. "He can’t hear any of us anyway."

"Besides Ranma won’t be with that man and his daughter any longer." Baba predicted as she directed the NWC to that rope with a hoop at the end. The rope latches on to Ranma and everyone can see Past Genma reeling it in.

"Why that dirty no good…" Akane couldn’t think up more ways to described Genma’s trickery. "Mr. Saotome lied to that man and stole Ranma back!"

"Yeah how dare he make a deal with him when I was suppose to be Ran-chan’s fiancee first!" Ukyo intervened her self-claimed Ranma.

"Excuse me but my father and his father made a deal that Ranma was suppose to deal with a Tendo before we we’re even born." Akane reminded the cute-fiancee chef.

"Yeah? Well my father promised Mr. Saotome our Yatti cart if he engaged Ranma to me." Ukyo retold her side of the story.

"Ranma didn’t know that you were a girl back then." Just as Akane and Ukyo were about to have one their bouts, Baba made herself the referee and stepped in between the two dueling fiancees.

"I’m sorry to say this Ladies, but none of you are the first to be engaged to Ranma." Baba had no other choice but to tell them the truth.

"Huh, what do you mean?" Akane and Ukyo couldn’t believe what she just heard.

"Truth is you two are somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000." Baba simple stated the fact. Causing everyone but Old Kai to facefault.

"Between 300,000.." Akane.

"..and 400,000." Ukyo.

Both of them with their eyes twitching.

"Oh come on isn’t that obvious?" The old fortuneteller still has more information about Genma Saotome. "Genma has been conning people by promising people to them give his first born since he was a baby himself. You two were just his latest victims."

Both Akane and Ukyo still cannot believe what Fortuneteller Baba was saying. "That can’t be true!"

"Fine then I’ll just have to show it to you two girls." Baba chanted to her crystal ball and revealed Genma’s past history of his deception.

First one up is Genma as a baby with some other baby. "Ga ga goo ga ga ga." Said Baby Genma in baby talk which translates ‘Give me your bottle and I’ll give you my first born.’ Second image is Genma at three years old with another little boy holding a small frog. "Froggy for first born." Third is Genma now in kindergarten, "If you give me your sandwich I’ll give you my first born." The list goes on an on with every single past image of Genma deceiving people.

Akane’s and Ukyo anger auras were starting to rise up. "So all this time Mr. Saotome has been lying to everyone." Akane figured out.

"And the worst part is that he’s been using poor Ran-chan for his con games." Ukyo was also pissed as well for being one of Genma’s saps.

"But what I don’t understand why has Mr. Saotome been making all those other engagements when he already promised the Tendos?" Ryoga asked, still a bit furious about the fat man’s actions.

"What else, for free stuff." Old Kai simply answered the lost boy’s plight.

"I’m not surprised," Baba added in, "the fat fool thinks he can anything for free as long as he promises people his first born."

"But my family doesn’t have anything to offer Mr. Saotome for engaging Ranma to me." Akane rectified.

"Oh but you have Deary." Baba revealed the answer to the youngest Tendo.

"But what is it?" Akane didn’t know what Baba was talking about.

"Your family’s dojo." It was the only true reason that Baba could think of.

Akane gasped when she heard it. "That can’t be it!" She didn’t want to hear the truth. "Both of our fathers wanted Ranma and me to get married so that the two schools can join!"

"Oh please like Genma actually cares about the schools." Old Kai humphed.

"Aiyah. Seem true enough, if he wanted join sc, sch, … Ryu, would just have Ranma-Airen fight Crying Man. Ranma-Airen learn entire Ryu that way." Shampoo, while stupid in a few ways, does know that Ranma can lean a move just by having it used on him in a fight. "Only thing he not learn, be Hammer-girl's stupid hammer trick."

Akane was about to debate Shampoo’s argument with her mallet till Old Kai immediately stopped her on her tracks. "That’s enough you girls," He told them, "you can settle your differences later."

"How true," Baba added after ending Genma’s childhood past, "we have lots to see and so little time to do so." And so they start up with their time travel as the pass through Genma’s so-called "rigorous training", tying Ranma to trains and making him run, Throwing boulders at him, and roof hopping. The group grows more disgusted with each atrocity. They eventually landed somewhere that is quite familiar to Ukyo. "Here we are," the little old witch announced, "remember anything Deary?" She asked Ukyo.

"I… I don't know." Ukyo confessed.

"Oh come on now," Kai persuaded the Okonomiyaki chef, "Surely there something familiar about this particular spot."

Ukyo tried hard to bring to mind about this place but nothing came up. "I’m sorry, but I can’t think of anything about this place."

"Maybe that will help refresh your memory." Baba pointed out two likely familiar figures sitting on the ground. One was a pretty large man wearing a well-known gi, matching skull kerchief, and glasses. The other was a five year old boy with black hair tied in a pigtail on the back. Wearing the same gi as the large man and eating Okonomiyaki.

"Is that Ran-chan and Mr. Saotome?" Ukyo guessed correctly.

"Bingo," Old Kai chimed for the chef’s right answer, "tell the young lady what she won, Baba."

"Gladly," Baba took over, "this is where Genma asked Ranma that famous question that made him choose between you and your family’s cart."

It was suddenly coming back to Ukyo. "That’s right!" she exclaimed slightly ticked, "that’s when that Jack-Ass chose Okonomiyaki over me!"

"How dare that villainous cur chosen food over the fair Ukyo!" Kuno ranted, which earned him another smack on the head from Old Kai.

"Oh will you be quiet!" Old Kai chewed out the nut ball kendoist youth and then turns to Ukyo. "Now if you just listen real carefully you’ll the real reason why Ranma made that decision.

The NWC took his word and pay attention to what Genma and Ranma were saying.

"Now tell me boy which do you like best, Ukyo or Okonomiyaki?" Past Genma asked his five-year-old son.

"Um…" Five-year-old Ranma have it some thought, "Okonomiyaki!" Was his answer.

Ukyo was hurt when she heard Chibi Ranma said that and was about to leave when Baba stopped her.

"Now hold on child," Baba convinced part-time boy chef to stay, "there’s more to this than what it seems."

"Really, are you sure you don’t want to marry Ukyo?" Past Genma questioned about his son’s choice.

"Uh-uh, Ukyo’s a boy Pop." Chibi Ranma told his father. "I mean why would anyone want to marry a boy?"

"Well if that’s how you feel then so be it." Past Genma patted his son on the back.

"I can’t believe that Ranma would say such a thing." Ukyo was offended by Chibi Ranma’s answer.

"Not so fast my Dear," Old Kai tried to show Ukyo the real truth, "This is the time when Ranma still thought you were a boy."

"So?" Ukyo tried to see Old Kai’s point.

"Didn’t you heard that Ranma said that he doesn’t wanted to marry a boy?" Old Kai kept on giving her hints.

"But what does that have to do with it?" The Okonomiyaki chef still doesn’t know what Old Kai was talking about.

"Did Genma ever told Ranma that you’re a girl when he asked Ranma that question?" Old Kai made gave Ukyo a stern look hoping that she might get it.

"No but…" That’s when it hit her. All those times when she and Ranma had their little fights. All those times they share Okonomiyaki. All those times she trained so that she can get her revenge for leaving her behind. She finally realized what the Old Kai was talking about. "He never told Ranma that I’m a girl." She starts to tremble in anger. "He Never Told Ranma That I’m A Girl!" That’s when her rage reached it’s point. "HE NEVER TOLD RANMA THAT I’M A GIRL!?!" Her battle aura flared so much that it broke the meter scale. "THAT FAT SON OF A BITCH! WHEN I FIND HIM I’LL RIP OUT HIS LARD FILLED HEART! TURN IT IN OKONOMIYAKI AND MAKE HIM EAT IT!"

The rest of the group froze in place in order not to anger Ukyo anymore than she is.

"Boy it’s a good thing I make sure that no one in the past can hear us." Baba was thankful for that.

"Should I told her that Genma is already dead when Ranma destroyed Nerima?" Old Kai whispered to Baba.

"Now is not a good time," Baba whispered back, "Lets just wait until she cools down."

Ukyo calmed down a bit but her anger is still boiling.

"Ukyo, are you going to be okay?" Akane asked, hoping to try to comfort her.

"I can’t believe that lard ass never told Ranma that I’m a girl." Ukyo is now on a verge of tears. "I actually gave up being a woman all because if a lie." She cries, "I am such a fool."

"Hey Mr. Saotome made fools out of all of us." Akane put a reassuring hand on Ukyo’s shoulder. "Remember he engaged Ranma to who know how many people just to get anything for free without Ranma ever know about them." She gave the chef a sincere smile. "Don’t worry we will get him back for this."

"Okay that’s enough of this part of Ranma’s past for now." Baba reminded everyone, "we still have lots to see and we’re in tight time to do so." And she did her chant and everyone disappeared.

Well that takes care of the first section of Ranma’s past. What do you think will happen when see more? Will Ranma keep on his rampage of Japan? And will Kuno ever stop his insipid rants? Find out next time in "Dark Soul"




"Hold it!" Old Kai shouted, causing everyone to look at him. "We have a problem. It seems Ranma found some of the places Genma "trained" him. Either that, or Godzilla is invading again."

"WHAAAATTT!!!" The collective yell of the Fiancees was nearly enough to knock over Old Kai.

"You heard me. Ranma found some of the training sites. In fact, there goes Tokyo Tower."

Baba speak up "Hmmm, must have thrown him off a few times."

"There goes Police headquarters."

Kuno (twit that he is) interrupts. "Ha! The Foul Sorcerer seeks to undermine my authority! I shall undo his evil soon enough! Cthulu!"

Baba smashes Kuno with her stick, ending the idiot's rant.

"Hmmm, he just took out a Tank. These Japanese have such pitiful weaponry."

"Tank? Ha!" Baba says. "How about the helicopter he just jumped through?"

Old Kai's eyebrows rise. "What kind?"

"One of those American ones. Hmm, there goes the city."

'And some more of those generic Magical heroes.' Was Old Kais final thoughts on the matter.