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Dark Soul By Mari (A.K.A Maric, Maricc, Mar, Anime-iac, and Animeiac) and Lord Aries Greymon  

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Chapter 04: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again: Part 2 (The Neko-ken and the Fight that never happened.)

All right, we all know what happened in chapter three. Everyone got a good dose of Reality.


The senshi are attempting to discuss strategy while waiting for Ranma to show up.

This was not working very well.

"Quiet!" barks Vegeta, as he continues scanning the horizon. "You'll wake the dead at this rate." Vegeta stops and focuses all his attention on a point several miles out. "She's here." Now Vegeta, being the arrogant bastard we all know and love, takes off, followed by Piccolo, to try and stop the redheaded death machine.

A few seconds later, the explosions start.

"Ooooh! It looks just like an Anime!" That would be Mina making an ass of her mind again.

Trunks pipes up. "Lady, you wish it were an Anime." He then takes off, heading for the rapidly growing fight.


"This is channel 7 Evening news. Tonight's top story, the total destruction of Neriema-ku, Tokyo. We go now to reporter Christine Hollard."

"Thanks Jake. As many of you already know, Nerima was destroyed earlier today. What you may not know, is that it was destroyed by a resident." The camera pans about some, zooming in on several of the large bloody smears.

"Apparently, area resident Ranma Saotome, A 'martial artist' of frightening power, was angered to the point of blind hatred todaaghexdv..." The signal cuts out to static, then one of the walls near the Anchors' desk breaks open revealing a Green man, with several bunt holes in his clothes.

"Damn kid. Hits a lot harder than he should. What the?!?!!?" Piccolo is knocked over by Mercury, who was thrown into the hole by Mad-Neko-Ranma-chan.

Again Piccolo tries to get up, but he has a harder time when parts of the building start to drop on him.

"Damn kid. Hits a lot harder than he should. What the?!?!!?" Piccolo is knocked over by Mercury, who was thrown into the hole by Mad-Neko-Ranma-chan.

Again Piccolo tries to get up, but he has a harder time when parts of the building start to fall on him.

"Enough of this!" Piccolo then blasts away the falling debris. What Piccolo couldn't see however was Vegeta beating the tar out of Mad-Neko-Ranma-chan, right in the line of his blast.

Vegeta had her on the run. He knew it, she knew it, and she was getting sloppy. "Come on Girl, is that the best you can do?" She feinted, and Vegeta fell for it.

Sadly, that feint put him right in Piccolo’s line of fire, which resulted in a broken and badly burnt leg for Vegeta. Ranma was hit as well, but given all the times he's been blown up, she only got minor burns. However, she was tossed fairly far away by the blast.

And right onto a piece of Rebar. Then some of the building she hit collapsed on top of her, bending the rebar, and making it hard to move.

[Scene shift, Piccolo and Vegeta]

"Damn her! I will rip off her face and make her beg for death!"

"Not with that leg you won't." Piccolo flew up beside him, missing most of his shirt. "And besides, first we have to find her. At least she can't have gone too far."

"Damn you Namek! Why do you insist on angering me!"

[Scene shift, Ranma]

"Ugh, why can't I move? Oh." Ranma moves the slab off of herself, and as she's getting up she feels the rebar. Then Vegeta shows up in the hole she fell through.

"Dammit" 'I can't fight like this.' Ranma-monster growled as she turned and ran, leaving a slight trail of blood behind.

"Dammit" Ranma-monster growled as she turned and ran, leaving a slight trail of blood behind.

Vegeta moved to follow, but then he remembered why a broken leg hurts so much, even when you're flying. "SaaaaAAHHHHH!!!!!"

Piccolo winced in slight pain, as Vegeta's scream nearly reached the same horrid pitch as Gohan's whistling.

Trunks, having been knocked out early, and into the basement, finally pulls himself out of the rubble, dislodging a body as he did so. "Man, this Ranma kid is tougher than Bebe!"

Rei meanwhile, was busy pulling glass shards out of Goten's arm.


For the meantime, Mad-Neko-Ranma-chan has found a nice, dark hole to hide in.

"Nnnnn, How am I gonna get this out?" Neko-Monster-Ranma-Chan twitched in agony every time she took a breath. Oh it was a certainty the rebar wouldn't kill her, despite going clear through her lung. After all, some of her Father's training techniques were worse.

A few minutes later and Ranma-chan manages to get a grip on the rebar, and gives a single, sharp yank.

She realized with absolute clarity that it wasn't the smartest thing to do just yet.

"AAAAahhhhh!!!!!!!!" Ranma-chan shudders for a bit before falling over sideways. "D-Dammit." she lay there trying to ease the pain for a few minutes before getting up and trying again.

This time though she goes much much slower. Ranma actually gets about quarter of the rebar out, but she can't get a good enough grip anymore.

"Nnngh, I think I need help. I can't fight like this and win. Ng, that arrogant bastard's gonna die slowly, and the green one too." Ranma-chan slowly picks herself up, and makes her way out to the streets. A little ways from her hiding hole, she runs across a Hobo, who, being a hobo tried to help her.

"Miss? Miss are you okay? Miss? Oh sh^$" Ranma chan casually blew away the hobo, and part of a nearby building.


Up on Kami's Lookout.

"What? How did he get past them? -Sigh- that poor boy will be the death of us all. Kabito-Kai, get down there and start evacuating as many homeless as you can find." Dende then turned and walked back to the central building.


While the fight was still going outside, the NWC with their elder guides just made another of their stops in Ranma’s past. The place they are in right now seems to be very dark to them.

"Where are we now?" Ryoga said his trademark saying but only this time he is not alone.

"Yeah and why is it so dark?" Mousse asked and for once he kept his glasses on.

FortuneTeller Baba used her crystal ball as a night-light so that everyone can see well. "Ah that’s more like it." She praised herself.

"Well you all know about Ranma’s Neko-ken technique, correct?" Old Kai reminded the Neriman Children and they nodded in a yes.

"But do any of you ever wondered how he learned it?" FortuneTeller Baba questioned the kids and they shook their heads in a no.

"Is that the case kiddies, now it’s high time you’ll find out the truth." Added Old Kai as the ceiling opened and a light shone in.

What is next they heard were two voices. One belonged they shuddery recognized is Genma and the other is Little Ranma as he was crying and begging his father not to dropped him into the pit again.

"No Papa! Please Don’t Throw Me In Their Again!" Little Ranma pleaded with tears flowing freely from his eyes.

"Quit Acting Like A Girl, Boy!" Genma barked angrily at his crying son "Now get back in there and learn that technique!" He ordered as he threw scared little pig-tailed boy into the pit.

What the NWC was Little Ranma after being thrown into the pit they are in. But what truly shocked them was that he was covered in deep cuts and scratches and was wrapped in some kind of fish product. The poor thing was crying and curled himself in a fetal position from what ever hurt him in the first place.

"Aiya, Little Ranma!" Shampoo ran over to the scared little pig-tailed boy to try to console him.

"Don’t you kids ever listen?" Baba complained. "I keep telling you that we can’t touch anything in the past nor the past cannot hear us!"

"It okay Ranma. Shampoo here." The female Chinese Amazon said it in a soothing motherly tone. But when she tried to put a comforting hand on Little Ranma’s head, it went right through him. "Huh?" She momentarily forgotten that she can’t interfere with Ranma’s past.

"Poor little guy for having such a cruel fat ass like Genma for a father." Ukyo couldn’t help but feel sorry for Little Ranma.

"I wonder why the much younger Saotome was so frighten about being in this…" But Kuno’s attempt to think was cut off when the group heard a low and feral growl.

Soon there was more of that hideous sound. Then several of starving cats came out of the shadows and start heading towards to Little Ranma.

"What is going on here?" Mousse demanded, having no idea about the horrors of the Neko-ken training.

"This my dear boy is the dreading training of the Neko-ken." Old Kai enlightened the near-sighted male Amazon.

"NO! BAD KITTIES! GET AWAY FROM LITTLE RANMA!" Shampoo tried her best to get the psychotic and hunger stricken cats away from Little Ranma but it was no use. They kept on running through her.

"WAHAAAA!!" Little Ranma wailed in fear. "PAPA HELP ME! THE KITTIES ARE HURTING ME AGAIN! I WANNA GET OUT! I DON’T WANT TO LEARN THE NEKO-KEN ANYMORE! I WANNA GO HOME! I WANT MY MAMA!" But alas Little Ranma’s pleas were on Genma’s deaf ears. The cats kept on attacking him as they scratch and tear his tender flesh to get the food.

The rest NWC were heart broken and nauseous after witnessing such a horrendous sight.

"So that’s how the Neko-ken was done." Akane was now on a verge of tears but not as overly dramatic as her fathers does.

"And people say our father was cruel." Kodachi compared her father with Genma and Kuno agreed with a slight nod while trying not to throw up.

"What kind of sick and twisted monster of a man would do this to his own son?!" Ryoga shook his fist in rage at the past Genma who was probably sitting comfortably up above while Little Ranma was being torn apart by the demon acting felines.

"Now that you learned how Ranma gained the Neko-ken and got his fear of cats," Baba was about to concluded this part of the tour, "it’s time for us to move on. But first would someone please retrieve the Shampoo back."

And of course Mousse willingly volunteered. "Come on now Shampoo, were leaving."

"No! Shampoo No Leave Little Ranma!" Shampoo refused to leave her suppose Airen with these monster cats.

"There’s nothing we can do for him right now." Mousse tried to reason with her. "What’s done is done." He dragged the hysteric purple haired female warrior but she kept on kicking and screaming.

"Let Me Go! Leave Me Here! Shampoo Must Protect Little Ranma!" But it was too late, Baba said her chant and everyone left the pit.

Not a moment later, the NWC, Old Kai and FortuneTeller Baba arrived what looks like an empty lot.

Shampoo was still shaken and crying from not be able to save Little Ranma from those starving cats. "It no fair! It no fair! Shampoo should’ve stopped those evil hungry cats from hurting Airen!"

"Hey it’s okay Sugar. It’s all over now." Ukyo tried her best to comfort the buxom Chinese native but it didn’t do any good.

Shampoo can still see Little Ranma’s face as the cats were ripping him apart with their claws and hear his cries of help. "Now I know why Ranma runs away when Shampoo is in cat form." She finally figured it out. "Me thought he was just being mean but it turned he afraid that Shampoo would try to kill him like those other cats did. To Ranma, Shampoo is a monster as a cat!"

"There there child it’s all in the past." Baba also tried to cheer up the fear stricken great-granddaughter of Cologne.

"Shampoo promise never use cat curse form against Ranma ever again!" Shampoo vowed with tears still streaming down her eyes.

"Well now that is settled," Old Kai contemplated and turned over to Ryoga who was looking over the newest surrounding, "tell me Dear Boy, does this place looked similarly familiar to you?"

It took the lost boy a while to get with the program but he it was all finally coming back to him. "Yes, yes I do. This is the vacant lot that I told Ranma to meet me to have our fight after he stole some bread from me." Ryoga remembered, "But then he took off like a coward by the time I got here."

Old Kai swatted the pig boy for that remark. "Well you got the first part right but the rest wasn’t entirely true."

"What’s that suppose to mean?" Ryoga annoyingly asked while rubbing his head. He was getting really tired of the Old Kai’s treatment he was giving.

"Ranma waited for you for three days but you didn’t come until the fourth day." Old Kai reminded the cursed pig boy.

"So what’s your point?" The directionally challenged youth still had no idea what Old Kai was talking about.

"This was the third day that Ranma was still waiting before he left for China." Old Kai revealed.

"You don’t mean?" Ryoga couldn’t believe what Old Kai was about to say next.

"If you don’t believe me then go see for yourself." Old Kai lead Ryoga to direction he was indicating.

Then Ryoga sees Ranma standing in front of large pipes. "Ha finally now I can have my revenge!" Ryoga was about to charge at the Past Ranma but Old Kai got a good hold on the lost boy.

"Now hold it right there young man." Old Kai scolded, "in case you have forgotten we are in Ranma’s past."

"But this is my only chance to get back at Ranma for all those times he humiliated me!" Ryoga tried to convince the Old Kai but to no avail.

"Sure Ranma was here when you arrived but did know why he left?" Old Kai quizzed Ryoga.

"Yeah because he’s nothing more than an honorless coward!" Ryoga said his usual accusation.

"Wrong!" Old Kai clonked Ryoga on top of the head. "If you knew what really happed then you wouldn’t had followed Ranma in the first place!" He huffed, "it’s high time that you finally the truth. Now sit still and pay attention!"

Ryoga grumbled but did what Old Kai as told. That is when he saw Genma coming towards Ranma.

"Hey what’s Mr. Saotome doing here?" Ryoga was confused by what he was seeing.

Old Kai simply shushed him.

"Come Boy, we got get going before nightfall!" Genma ordered.

"But Pop I promised this from school that I wait for him so that we can have our fight!" Ranma countered.

"We have no time for this Boy!" Genma debated, "it’s been three days and he still hasn’t shown up!"

"Well maybe he’s still training still!" Ranma assumed, which made Ryoga a little teary-eyed.

Old Kai took this as a sign that maybe the cursed bandana lad might be wrong about Ranma.

"Besides I promised him that we’ll meet here and Ranma Saotome never runs from a fight." Ranma stated, "if he said that he’ll be here then he’ll here.

"He believed in me." Ryoga’s voice was quivering. "He really believed in me."

"If that’s how you feel Son then you left me no other choice." Genma concluded in a low voice as he knocked Ranma out cold with one karate chop.

Ryoga choked in horror after what he just saw what happen. What’s going on here? Why did Mr. Saotome did that?

"Forgive me Boy but we can’t waste our time waiting for one your little friends." Genma said his peace and started dragging the unconscious Ranma by the pigtail.

Ryoga came out of his shocked and started going after them. "Wait! Come Back Here!"

"Ryoga you get back here…" Baba tried to retrieve Ryoga but Old Kai held her back.

"Ah just let him get it out of his system." Old Kai suggested. "These kids today never listen."

The NWC shot a dirty at Old Kai for that remark but he simply shrugged.

Ryoga came fully charged at Genma and Ranma. "Bring Ranma Back Here You Fat Bastard!" He tried to knock Genma out but he completely went through him. "Stop! Don’t Leave Me Here! Give Me Back Ranma! Come Back! Come Back!"

But it was no use. Genma can’t hear Ryoga’s please as continue to drag Ranma until they were completely out of sight.

Tears flowed from Ryoga’s eyes as finally learned the reality of what truly happen on that day. "It was him." He was referring to Genma. "It was him all along." The lost boy fell to his knees. "All this time I was blaming Ranma for running out of our fight but it was Mr. Saotome that made him leave. If I knew back then I wouldn’t have had follow them." He banged his fist on the ground. "I’m sorry Ranma. I’m so sorry."

Old Kai placed a reassuring hand on Ryoga’s shoulder. "So now you finally know the truth."

Ryoga kept on crying but was able to speak. "Yes Sir," he sniffled, "I finally realized that it wasn’t Ranma’s fault that I’ve seen hell."

"I’m glad that you finally come to your senses." Old Kai gave Ryoga an approving smile. "Maybe now you’ll stop blaming Ranma for all of your problems."

Ryoga slightly chuckled, "funny how things work," he slowly gets up. "If Mr. Saotome didn’t took Ranma away from our fight then maybe Ranma and I might’ve been friends."

"Maybe there’s still a chance that you two will be friends." Old Kai acknowledged as look at the direction that Genma took with Ranma. "Come now, you saw what you needed to see." He directed Ryoga back to the group.

"Okay now know what really happen," Baba announced, "its high time we get moving." And once again they disappeared to who knows where.



Well Ryoga finally learned the truth about why Ranma left before they had their fight. What new surprises await for the NWC? Will the Z-Warriors and the Scouts keep on to stop Mad-Neko-Ranma’s destruction? These and a lot more will be answered in our next chapter of "Dark Soul".


"Welcome to Jusenkyo!" The guide greeted the newest guest.

"So this is the where the Foul Sorcerer entrapped the lovely pigtailed girl!" Kuno delusionaly assumed.

Old Kai deliberately whacked the tiresome fake kendoist. "Oh will you cut that out."

"So this is where my Ranma-sama was ensnared buy that pigtailed harlot!" Kodachi jumped into the wrong conclusion.

Baba wisely smacked the insane gymnast over her head. "Would you behave yourself Child!"

"Now you two going to be good little children during this trip?" Old Kai asked with a suspicious raised eyebrow.

"Yes Sir and Ma’am." The Kuno kids replied in a pathetic little whimper.

"Good then lets get going with this story." Baba concluded and the rest of the NWC went on their way to the next chapter.