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Dark Soul
By Mari (A.K.A Maric, Maricc, Mar, Anime-iac, and Animeiac) and Lord Aries Greymon.

Disclaimer: Dragonball/Z/GT is the © property of Akira Toriyama. Ranma ½ is the © property of Rumiko Takahashi. Sailor Moon is the © property of Naoko Takeuchi.

A/N: Now I know that some of you have been asking me to add in the characters from KOF. But I have to tell you something. I just can’t because I never play the game before and even if I knew some of the characters from other crossover fanfics I might just end up butchering them that will upset a lot of KOF fans. So please don’t ask me to put in characters that I don’t know. And I'm sorry to say but Lord Aries Greymon is no longer my co-author. I relieved him of his duties so that he can concentrate on things that really matter in his life. I wish him the very best.

A/N: I am dedicating this story to the people of Japan who suffered the disasters in March 2011

Chapter 05: Jusenkyo

On their latest stop, the group had just arrived at another part of Ranma’s past.

“We’re here, Kiddies.” Old Kai announced.

“Where the heck are we?” Ukyo asked since this is her first time in China; whether in real life or Ranma’s past.

“We, my dear, are in the sacred cursed springs known as Jusenkyo.” Old Kai confirmed.

Those who had been here had chills running down their spines.

Even Akane was very nervous about this place and she’s not even curse. But she did have terrible memories about the cursed springs since she almost died here. However, she was wondering why Ryoga would be anxious being here. Now would be Ryoga be acting like this? It’s not like he’s been here before. Although she never did learned that Ryoga had been here and he is her pet pig, P-chan. Of course that will have to wait.

“And why, pray tell, did you bring us to such a place?” Kuno questioned the two elder guides. Neither he nor Kodachi ever knew that this is where Ranma got his curse.

“Well other than this is a very well known tourist attraction, each of these springs contains a tragic tale. They had entrapped many unfortunate souls who had drown here, whether human or animal. Now who ever fell into any of the springs ends up taking the form of who ever sunk in it.” Baba let out a very sad sigh.

“But that doesn’t tell us why are we here.” Kodachi demanded the answers.

“The reason we’re all here is so that you and your blundering brother will might actually stop harassing poor Ranma.” Old Kai bellowed at the Kuno Kids.

“What does that foul sorcerer Saotome have something to with this?” Kuno received another whack from Baba.

“You will see right about now.” As Baba predicted, she pointed at the direction where Semi-past Genma and Ranma and the Jusenkyo Guide came from on que.

“Here we are, Honorable Customers, The cursed springs of Jusenkyo.” Announced the tour guide.

“Well this place doesn't look that much.” said Semi-past Genma.

“Yeah I don't think it might be a challenge.” added Semi-past Ranma.

“Ranma Darling!” cheered Kodachi.

“Saotome!” growled Kuno.

“Not so fast you two.” Old Kai stopped them on their track. “Before either of you ever think about glomping or attacking Ranma. Both of you must see this or else neither of you will ever learned the truth.”

The Kuno siblings looked deflated but for once did what they were told.

“Ah but Honorable Customers, each of these springs have a tragic story.” The guide starts his tales. “Many have come here but all meet their fates. Each of these springs contain the victims who had drowned here.”

“Okay Boy, time to get started.”

Both Genma and Ranma jumped up on the bamboo poles.

"Aiya what Customers doing?! No One Has Ever Dared Of Training At Springs In Centuries!"

"Lets hope you haven't gone soft, Boy!"

"Ha! You be surprised what I got in store for you, Old Man!"

"Typical of Ranma of being so cocky in things like this." Ryoga commented.

"Hush Boy!" Old Kai swatted the young directionally impaired man.

The traveling troupe continue witnessing the match between father and son until..."SPLASH!" Genma fell into his fated spring.

"Oh No! Honorable Customer Took Very Bad Fall In That Spring!"

The spring started to bubble a bit and then out comes a giant panda charging back to the pole.

"What the.." Past Ranma was startled when he saw the panda.

Those who have seen Genma as a panda lots of time before weren't that all impress. However those who haven't were in complete shock.

"What sorcery is this?!"

"What did that panda do to my darling Ranma's father?!"

This was the first time the Kuno kids actually get to see a Jusenkyo curse transformation.

"For those of you who are new to Jusenkyo, that Fat Panda over there is none other than that Scoundrel Genma Saotome." Old Kai enlighten the siblings.

"WHAT?!" Tatewaki and Kodachi couldn't believe what Old Kai just told them.

"And if you think that's incredible just stay tuned to see what will happen next." Baba intervened.

"Oh young Sir, it was I was trying to warn you. This place is filled with cursed springs. That one were old Sir fell in is Spring of Drown Panda. Many years ago, a panda was wondering through Jusenkyo and fell into spring and drowned. Tragic story."

"You didn't say anything about that!"

"Well that's why he tried to warn you, Dummy?" Akane tried to correct Ranma even though it was pointless to do so.

"It's not like he can hear you, Sugar." Ukyo reminded the youngest Tendo.

"If you all keep quiet and pay attention you'll just might learn something." Baba directed the two talking girls to where what will happen next.

While Ranma was distracted, Genma Panda launched in the air and ,with a swift kick, knocked Ranma off the pole. Making fell into the one spring that gave Ranma the most problems.


"Ranma Darling"

The Kuno's ran to the spring that Ranma fell in. When they saw bubbles on the surface, what happens next would be on surprised those two will never forget but wish they would. "The Pig-Tailed Girl!" There was both joy and angered from the two siblings when they Girl-type Ranma resurfaced.

"Not so fast you two." Old Kai and Fortuneteller Baba got a hold of the Kuno kids before there are any glomping/slaying.

"But the Pig-Tailed Girl needs rescuing!"

"Unhand me so that I may finally vanquish the dreaded Pig-Tailed Girl!"

"That's Ranma!" Those who already knew about Ranma's curse told the Kuno kids.

"WHAT!" Tatewaki and Kodachi just couldn't believe what they just heard. "That beauteous/wretched Pig-tailed Girl couldn't possibly that despicable/my beloved Ranma!"

"Well duh, he was trying to tell you two dummies for two years but neither of you ever figured it out!" Ukyo told them.

"But how are we suppose to know that?" Kuno shouted.

"Think back to those times you two met Ranma!" Old Kai instructed. "From that time when Ranma enrolled in your school to when you first saw his girl side over at the school pool. From when Nabiki and Ranma told you that he and the Pig-tailed Girl are one mind and body."

The Kuno Kids remember each moment that have Ranma and Ranko. They never see them together. Ranko only appears where Ranma was and vice versa. All those times they try to either embrace or kill Ranma and Ranko they never noticed the obvious details, like how they wore the same outfit and have the same pig-tail and they have same face and blue eyes. Only the hair color and body types are different. They look at Ranma in girl form and each other back and forth until they came to one realization. "WE'RE IN LOVE WITH THE SAME PERSON?!?" And they pretty much vomited after finally learning the truth.

Baba almost became sick as well after seeing the Kuno Kids tossing their cookies but managed to quickly recover. “Boy I'm really glad I made us unseen and unheard.”

Old Kai however had a good laugh. "Most people usually see this stuff like this in soap operas."

This is also the part where now female past Ranma starts chasing the panda past Genma for knocking her into that spring.

"I can't believe this, after all this time, I was in love with a woman who is really a man." Kuno still feels nauseous.

"After all this time, My Darling Ranma is really that Pig-Tailed girl." Kodachi is still a bit queasy.

“Well believe it. Ranma and Pig-Tailed are the same person.” Baba finalized.

“But how.... it couldn't be... we didn't know....” Tatewaki and Kodachi still couldn't believe what they saw.

“Well if you two stop jabbering and actually listen for once in your lives.” Old Kai explain the situation in the best he can to them. “Ranma got his curse when he and Genma trained here in Jusenkyo. Cold water changes him into the girl you see before you.” He directed the Kuno kids to Girl Ranma's direction. “Warm water changes him back to his birth form. These two events were happen in front of you from time to time but you never noticed.”

“But how come we never see him change if you say he does so in front of us.” Tatewaki wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“Because you and your sister never want to know the truth.” Old Kai told them off.

Both Kuno kids were taken back by that answer.

“You heard me, you two always live your personal fantasy worlds that you both ignore the real world around you. Never listen to what others were saying. Never caring who ever you're hurting. Trying to force yourselves on others. Neither of you have any consideration of other people's feelings.” Old Kai went on and on about the Kuno's faults until they couldn't take it anymore.

“Please Stop!” Tatewaki covered his ears.

“We Beg Of You!” Kodachi pleaded.

“See, this is exactly what I was talking about. Both of you never wanted to know the truth of anything around you. You don't even want to know the truth of yourselves.” Old Kai simply glared at the Kuno Kids with his arms crossed.

“I've already know the truth of myself!” Kuno was furious when Old Kai told them that.

“Oh really? So you two know that you're just over pompous, over arrogant, over privileged, spoiled little rich brats who treat others with no respect what so ever.” Old Kai said that with a raised eyebrow.

“THAT'S NOT TRUE!” Tatewaki debated with pure anger that would almost put Akane to shame.

“Yes it is!” Akane stepped up and for once keeping her anger in check.

Tatewaki couldn't believe that his beloved Akane Tendo would agree to this old space man. “Akane, you don't mean that?”

“Yes I do, Kuno.” Akane was finally be able to get this off her chest. “You and Kodachi have always been like this. All you two ever do was bothering both Ranma and I whether is to date us or kill us.”

“But Akane I....” Tatewaki was going to tell Akane that he loves her and the pig-tailed girl but she cut him off.

“No you don't, Kuno. If you had then you wouldn't keep bugging us. We don't love you, Kuno, we never had loved you and we will never love you.” Akane turned over to Kodachi. “On Ranma's behalf, that goes the same to you, Kodachi. Ranma's not in love with you. Never has and never will.”

“Why You Wretched Little...” Kodachi was about assault Akane when Baba stood between them.

“PIPE DOWN!” Even Baba can be scary if she needs to be, causing the little Kuno girl to stepped back. “Thank you Akane. What she said and what you saw are true. Neither of you ever even thought that Ranma has a curse. If you two actually did learned about the it, would ieither of you still want to be in love with Ranma?”

For once the Kuno kids actually using their heads to think. They gave that question a lot of thought. After what they just witnessed and remembering the past situations with Ranma and the Pig-Tailed girl, they came up with one heartbreaking answer.

“No, we wouldn't.” Tatewaki spoke up first. “As much as I love the Pig-Tailed girl, she is truly Ranma and Ranma is a man. So there for, I do not wish to be in love with a man. To think, after calling him accursed Saotome, he really was cursed.”

“I feel exactly the same way.” It was Kodachi's turn. “I may love Ranma Dar.. Saotome, but he can only be a man if he isn't in contact with cold water, and to be honest, I don't see myself having to keep dousing him with warm water every time that happens. What if turns into the Pig-Tailed and there is no hot water in sight. I can't always be there for him with just to change him back. So there for I could never be in love with a man who change into a woman.”

“Plus if I kill Ranma, I kill the Pig-Tailed girl.”

“And if I kill the Pig-Tailed Girl, I kill Ranma.”

Tears are now flowing from the Kuno Kids' eyes.

“We didn't know he was having problems!”

“We never meant to cause him so much pain!”

“We are terrible people.”

“We don't deserve love and happiness.”



The two broke down crying.

“Come on you two. Don't be so hard on yourselves.” Akane sympathized.

The Kuno Kids were surprise when Akane tried to comfort them, even though they thought she hates them.

“But Akane I though you hated us.”

“After all the trouble we cause you and Ranma.”

“I don't hate you two, I just hated how you both tried to push yourselves on to Ranma and me. I mean, I would've liked you Kuno if you had just given me a chance to do so on my own.”

Tatewaki was about to ask if Akane may actually have feelings for him but then he remembered how he was before this time trip. “You would, wouldn't you, but now I'm afraid I have blown that chance. It seems that you don't ever want to have a relationship me, ever.”

“Maybe not the one you wanted but we can still be friends. Is that okay with you? You too Kodachi.”

Tatewaki gave this some thought. Even though he now knows that she'll never want to date him, a friendship with Akane is better than nothing. “Very well, friends it is then.”

The siblings offer their hands in friendship

“Okay then.” Akane accepted the handshakes.

“I'm glad that we friends, Akane, but what about Ranma? I doubt he would want to be friends with us.” Kodachi was being skeptical

“I know one way how you two can make it up to Ranma.” Old Kai only have one solution for them.

“But how, Great Elder?” Tatewaki for once was showing Old Kai some respect.

“Well now that's more like it.” Old Kai was very please by this progress. “Anyway, there's still a chance that you can get Ranma to be your friend.”

“Please tell us oh Great Elder, we'll do anything.” Kodachi pleaded as she and Tatewaki both bowed down to him.

“Ha hah this is getting better, You two can start by helping us getting Ranma back to normal. Need I remind you two, this is going to be very hard, and there's might be a chance that neither us may not make it out alive, but that's the risk you need to take in order to save him. So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge?

Tatewaki and Kodachi looked up at Old Kai, then look at each other and smiled.

The the group were surprised by their answer.

“However, just because Ranma is curse,” Tatewaki

“That doesn't mean we couldn't be his friends.” Kodachi.

“So we will help you to save Ranma.” The Kuno Kids together.

Both Old Kai and Baba were very please with the Kuno Kids's answer.

“Well I'm very glad that you two are thinking straight for once.” Old Kai hope they would take it as a compliment.

“Yes it does my heart good that you two are accepting reality.” Baba praised. “Now we finally got that mess out of the way, it's time to get going.”

Everyone was getting ready to leave this past when Akane spots something while female past Ranma was still chasing her panda past father. “Hey who's that over there?”

Everyone else looked where Akane was pointing out and it turns to be past Ryoga.

Ryoga now starts to panic for he fears that Akane would learn that he is curse and he is her pet pig P-chan.

“Is that you over there, Ryoga?” Akane asked.

“Well that is...” Ryoga stammered. He is doomed for sure.

“What were doing here in Jusenkyo, Sugar?” Ukyo didn't know about his curse as well

“Um, you see...”

“Was this have to do with that fight you and Ranma didn't have about bread?” Shampoo remembered Ranma and Ryoga were suppose to have a duel at the empty lot behind his house but never showed up because his bad sense of direction.

“Oh boy look at the time. We better get going if we're going to save Ranma.” Ryoga hurriedly ushers the other back to the group.

“Do you think we should have told both Akane and Ukyo that Ryoga got his curse here as well?” Old Kai asked Baba.

“Nah, it can wait when we get to Past Nerima, then they'll be in for a surprise.” Then Baba cast her time traveling spell and the group simply vanished. Leaving at the part where Past Ryoga was knocked off by female past Ranma.

In the real world, the Z-Warriors and the Sailor Soldiers were having a more challenging time trying to prevent Monster Ranma from doing even more damage.

“Man, does this kid ever stop?” 18 kept on firing her ki shots at him but to no avail.

“I'm don't think he even knows how to stop anymore.” Sailor Jupiter was having the same trouble as well with her thunder bolts.

“It's like our attacks have no affect on him.” Trunks deducted.

“Well he often gets into fights a lot more than any body else we know.” Goten added his two cents.

“Still we have to keep going.” Pan continued with her attacks with more effort than usual.

“Come on, is that the best you got?” Monster Ranma taunted. “I've been hit with harder stuff more often than this.”

“Ranma please, we don't want to hurt you!” Sailor Moon pleaded.

“Oh that's rich, people been wanting to kill or marry me for as long as I've been in Nerima.” Monster Ranma refused to be believe the Moon Princess. “No body cares about me!”

“That's not true, Ranma! We care!” Goku tried to get through to him. “”

“Oh really. Where were you when my father threw me into a pit of starving cats? Where were you when I was dragged by a train? Where were you when I was made to jump with a boulder tied on my back? Where were you when my father and I were chased away by either animals or angry towns people? Or when I was knocked into that spring that gave me my curse, being chased by a crazed Chinese Female Amazon for knocking her off a large log just to win a prize fairly? Where were you when I was constantly get ambushed, paralyzed, getting mallet, poisoned, ridiculed, being accused of, threatened, beat-up, all for no apparent reason what so ever!”

“Please, Ranma, we understand what you've been going through!” Rei tried her shot but with the same results.


“I've just had enough of your whining, you little brat!” Vegeta shot a blast at Monster Ranma's feet, which caused a hot water line to break and shoots out a fountain of hot water.

“Uh Dad, I don't think that was a very good idea.” Trunks pointed out what his father might have done wrong when they all saw a now male Monster Ranma and judging by the fear on their faces, they can sense he is even more stronger than ever.

“Thanks, I was getting tired being in my female form anyway. Maybe you guys are so bad after all. SO ALLOW ME TO RETURN A FAVOR!” Then Monster Ranma is about to unleashed a powerful blast.

“RANMA! DON'T DO IT!” Goku tried to stop him but it was too late.

Monster Ranma's blast send our heroes straight across Tokyo, knocking everyone out for a while.

“Ha, that's take of them. Now I can get back on getting everyone in this retched town.” And so Monster Ranma continues with his destruction.

Luckily the Earth's defenders were able to come too after that last attack.

“Man, that kid has some issues to deal with.” Gohan was still shaking the cobwebs out of his head.
“Way to go Vegeta, now he's even more harder to stop him.” Piccolo snapped at Vegeta's little mistake.

“Oh would you be quiet Namek. We've been in tougher situations than this.” Vegeta's pride won't allow him to accept this technicality.

“But now what are going to do? Ranma's more stronger when he is a male.” Sailor Uranus is now having doubts on stopping Monster Ranma.

The rest were stumped until Sailor Venus thought of something. “Say Sailor Moon, do you think your Crystal Healing Activation will work on Ranma?”

“Oh Man, I haven't even thought about that.” Sailor Moon just now realized.

“Leave it Meatball Head to think things like this at the last minute.” Sailor Mars sighed at Sailor Moon's flakiness.

“Well excuse me that I don't do well under pressure.” The two scouts were about to have their usual rivalries when Goten stepped in.

“Easy now, Ladies, you two can deal with this later.” Goten turned to his father. “What do you think, Dad.”

“Well I don't know much about healing crystals, but if you think it will help save Ranma then I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.” Goku gathered everyone to get ready for the instant transmission. He looked for Monster's Ranma power signature until he found it. “There he is.” With that, everyone disappeared.

Meanwhile at the Look Out Palace, Kabito Kai was bringing in some more survivors while Dende and Sailor Saturn were tending everyone's injuries and Mr. PoPo, along with the assistance of Kasumi Tendo, were serving nourishment.

Even Nabiki was helping out with the victims and for once she is doing it for free. Of course it took some convincing and the threat of being left behind to do so.

Kasumi and Nabiki were very lucky, they have some how managed to survive Monster Ranma's destruction when Kabito Kai came to their rescue. As for Mr. Tendo and Happosai, well lets just say that even in the heavens we can hear cries like 'WHAAAAAAAA!!!! NOW THE SCHOOLS WILL NEVER BE JOINED!' and 'I'LL NEVER SEE MY PRECIOUS SILKY DARLINGS EVER AGAIN!'

Just then, Sailor Pluto made her appearance.

“Oh Sailor Pluto, thank goodness. How's everything back on Earth.” Mr. PoPo asked.

“Oh hello, you must be Ms. Sailor Pluto. Would you care for some tea?” Kasumi offered.

“Kasumi I presumed.” Pluto guessed right “Thank you but I am a bit of a hurry.” She answers Mr. Polo’s question. “Not good I'm afraid. Ranma has turned back to a male and now he is stronger than ever.” Sailor Pluto answered grimly.

“That's terrible.” Mr. PoPo felt sullen.

“Oh my, poor Ranma.” Kasumi's usual reaction to everything.

“Poor Ranma? What about poor us?” Nabiki finally snapped all this working for free was getting to her.

“Now Nabiki, remember your manners.” Kasumi tried to calm down her sister.

“Forget my manners! Ranma destroyed our house and killed our father! We have no money, no food, and I am not getting paid!”

“Please Ms. Tendo, if you just calmed down.” Mr. PoPo.

“Aw stuff it, Tubby! This is all Ranma's fault! If he wasn't so...” Nabiki's little complaint was cut short thanks to a slap in the face by Sailor Pluto.

“Now who is being like Akane?” Sailor Pluto chided.

“Oh my.” Kasumi rushed to her younger sister. “That was uncalled for Ms. Sailor Pluto.”

“I'm sorry for striking your sister like, Ms. Tendo, but she has no right to speak ill of Ranma like that when it's clearly Akane and the others' fault.

“But Ranma's the one...” Nabiki debated but was countered by the Guardian of Time.

“Ranma is the victim. It was your little sister and the rest of the NWC who made him what he is. If either of you two or that sorry excuse of a father of yours had control of her, none of this wouldn't happen.”

“But Ms. Pluto, if Ranma couldn't just eaten the lunch Akane made...” Kasumi tried to reason Pluto but with the same results.

“Oh please Kasumi, we all know that Akane can't cook. Even if she took every cooking lesson in the world, she would end up making the same mistakes over and over. Your problem is that both of you are afraid of her.”

“What do you mean we afraid of Akane?” Nabiki repeated, not liking what she heard.

“I mean if you two tried to stand up to her, she will kill you.” Sailor Pluto nailed it.

“But Akane would never...” Kasumi

“You two saw how she treats Ranma and glares at your father and Genma every time they try to correct her.” Sailor Pluto.

“But Akane....”

“How many times have you seen Akane loses her temper?”

“Well it's hard to say. I'm guessing a lot” Nabiki was usually good with numbers but this was the first time she is stumped.

“And how many times have either of you tried to stop her from doing any damages?” Sailor Pluto asked again.

Kasumi and Nabiki tried to think up a number but the discovered that there wasn't one time they tried to stop Akane's temper tantrums. Both hung their heads in shame.

“Just as I thought, this is why I meant that you two are afraid of her.”

“You're right.” Nabiki agreed.

“We love Akane but her strength gets so powerful when she is angry and we are afraid to hurt.” Kasumi added in.

“We are so sorry.” The two Tendo sisters bowed down to Pluto.

“It's not me that you should be apologizing. It's Ranma that need to that from both of you.”

Kasumi and Nabiki nodded their heads in agreement.

“When all of this is over we'll apologize to him” Kasumi promised.

“That's good.” Pluto approved.

Kasumi and Nabiki returned helping the victims.

“Now back to the situation, the others are still doing their best to try to stop him.” That was only pep talk Pluto can give on times like this.

“Well that's good, at least.” Mr. PoPo had some hope that everything is going to be okay.

“Sailor Moon is going to try to use her Crystal Healing Activation powers on Ranma.”

“Do you think it will work?”

“Hard to say, I maybe the Guardian of Time but even I can't predict the future.”

“Well lets just hope this Crystal Healing Activation power will work.”

“Same here. I must go now, they'll need me in case the situation gets worse.”

“Be careful, Pluto.”

“Oh and I do apologize for my behavior. I'm not always like that.”

“I know and it's okay, I've seen things like many times before.”

Pluto smiled at her round friend and vanished in an instant.

Mr. PoPo looked up into the sky for comfort and guidance. “Oh Kama, I wish you were still here. You probably know what to do.”

And thus we ended this chapter with that little prayer.

A/N: Speaking of prayers, I am dedicating this story to the people of Japan who had suffered the disasters March 2011, may they get well soon. Do you think Sailor Moon's Crystal Healing Activation will help get Ranma back to the way he was? What other parts of Ranma's past the NWC will discover? There is more to come in our next chapter of Dark Soul.