Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Just a Kiss ❯ A Date? ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 1: A Date?
Pairings: Mainly Goten/Bra, also Vegita/Bulma & Goku/Chichi
Rating: Mature for sexual content, light swearing and fabulousness :P.
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon ball. If I did, this fic would be famous and I would be rich as hell.
Description: Bra has been hopelessly in love with Goten for as long as she can remember. Now that she is a woman, she's sadly resigned to the fact that Goten is out of reach. Or is he? Goten has noticed she's become a woman, and this has complicated their easygoing relationship…Can a kiss ignite the fire between these two? A fire that will burn for all eternity?
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
His hand scorched a burning path down her waist, her hip, ending at her bare thigh. He gripped gently and dragged her to him, bringing their bodies even closer. She felt his breath on her neck, uneven and rasping.
“You are mine,” he growled into her ear-he actually growled. She squirmed in pleasurable agony. That sound was her favorite sound ever. She had to make him do that again. “All mine.”
She swallowed. “Yes...I am yours.”
Tangling his free hand in her long hair, he turned her face to his. Eyes dark as night pierced right into her soul. She lost herself in their endless depths.
“Why did I wait so long to do this?” he asked.
She smiled, trembling with sheer need. “I don't know.”
They kissed fiercely, greedy for every last drop of bliss. He let her hair go and grabbed the back of her knees to pull her up; in less than a heartbeat, she wound her legs around his waist. His large hands gripped her ass. Hard.
More hungry kisses. She was melting into his skin; her entire body felt sinfully boneless. Eventually, needing some much needed air, she managed to pull away a bit, and tossed her hair, giggling breathlessly. All levity died when he ground his hips against hers. “I want you…I want you now.”
He grinned and let her down, pressing the whole length of his body against hers, digging his fingers into her hips.
He groaned. “Can you feel how much I want you?”
Wordlessly, she reached down and began pulling up his shirt, marveling at the beauty of his chest. His breath hitched and he…
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
OhfortheloveofDendetheKaiousandallthatisholy! Her obsessive fantasies refused to leave her the hell alone.
Why can't you shut up? She screamed at her subconscious, fuming.
The situation was unbearable, and it became worse when she was single-which she was at the moment. Obviously, she was going psycho, scolding her own subconscious. To compound her problem, and now she was horny. Awesome.
Bra Briefs huffed and continued driving home, giving the road her full attention now. Thank the gods for Saiya-jin reflexes. The speedometer read 110 mph. She would get home so much quicker if her extended family relaxed about flying. Joy killers. So what if someone spotted one of them once in a while? Seriously, they were too uptight.
Even as she grumbled about the “day-flying ban”, her thoughts returned to her constant dilemma.
While most men fell at her feet with one of her smiles, she could not have the one she longed for with her soul.
This is insane.
The little girl in the throes of her first crush was gone. She was a woman, three months shy of her twentieth birthday.
Thanks to the combination of her parents' excellent genes, she was beautiful, a thousand times more powerful than all but a handful of humans, and exceptionally intelligent… not to mention filthy rich. Tabloid heiress rich. Whenever she made an entrance, men drooled and women scowled.
She should have been fully satisfied with her life. More than satisfied; ecstatic. In a few years, she would be a famous fashion and interior designer, in charge of Capsule Corporation's numerous buildings' interiors, and playing a big part in her mom's popular clothing line.
The world was at her feet. Indeed, she was rarely denied anything she wanted. Spoiled was a good middle name. She was a princess of the Saiya-jin and the Capsule Corporation legacy. Thus, it was difficult to accept something was missing in her life. What more could she possibly ask for?
She really needed to stop fantasizing about him. He would never see her as anything other than his best friend's little sister, while she would forever adore him madly.
Goten embodied everything she wanted in a man. He was honest, funny, handsome, sexy, strong, easygoing and charming-to name a few of his numerous qualities. Did she mention hot as hell? Sizzling, mind blowing, swoon-inducing hot; with his dark eyes, bulging muscles, breathtaking smile, and the unruly mop that could never be tamed. The whole package drove her absolutely crazy. His hair alone had been the topic of many of her fantasies. She wanted to grip it hard while he ran his tongue down her...
Alright, I'm getting sidetracked...I am supposed to cut back on hopeless daydreaming instead of reflecting on the reasons why I'm thoroughly and absolutely in love-and in lust-with him.
The way she was behaving was unhealthy. Years of therapy had turned out to be futile. She often felt her whole life revolved around Goten. Every guy she dated, every man she kissed was a sad and temporary replacement for Goten. Her heart lacked space for anyone else; it was his. As soon as she felt a relationship was getting too intense, she ran away. It was rather pathetic.
Her face pinched sourly. Face it, it's more than pathetic; it's downright depressing.
Even though he occupied her thoughts more than was healthy, she had a career, friends, family, parties…Her life-and calendar-was jam-packed. And yet, the bitter taste of regret caught her unawares at times.
Bra's cell phone began ringing in her purse. It was Pan's ringtone.
“Whatsup, girl?”
Pan's 3D hologram image smiled. “Getting ready to go to your place.”
Bra frowned. “My place? But I thought we were meeting at the library.”
“Change of plans. I want to talk to you guys. Oh, and would you please call Marron and Goten?”
“Sure, I'll call Marron, you call Goten,” said Bra.
“No can do,” Pan said, smirking.
“Come on Pan, don't be a pain,” she whined.
Pan shook her head. “I'm doing you a favor. You're going to see him soon anyway. Don't be a wuss. See ya in a little while.”
“You're a horrible friend, you know that, right?”
Pan stuck out her tongue and giggled. Seriously, the girl was way too hyper, and having a new boyfriend did not help. She hung up before Bra could argue further.
Ugh. Great. Just great. Thanks a lot Pan.
Fine, she would call Goten as soon as she got home. She hated it when Pan was right. Why did she want to talk to them anyways?
Her cell phone rang again and Bra automatically took the call. It was some up and coming actor who kept calling her since they met at a cocktail. Honestly, she could not for the life of her remember his name. It was something with a P. Paden? Paolo? Peter? At least he was cute. Very cute.
“Bra, you are looking beautiful as always,” P-something said, grinning.
Bra immediately went into flirting mode, giggling softly and flipping her hair. “Thanks.”
“I want to take you out this weekend. Anywhere you want, you call the shots.”
She smirked, feeling slightly tempted. It would be a nice distraction and from what she could remember of him, he wasn't boring... but no, she wasn't ready yet. Akira and all his drama was still too fresh in her mind.
“That sounds like fun, but I can't. I'm super busy. Maybe some other time?” she asked, flashing him her signature smile to soften the blow.
Looking a bit dazed, P smiled back. “Some other time then.”
“Sure, later.”
Not five seconds elapsed before another call lit up her cell phone. This time she knew exactly who it was. One of her ex-boyfriends. Grunting, she let it go to voicemail. Bothersome exes were unavoidable. When someone dated as much as she did, it was bound to happen. She wished he would stop it. It was becoming annoying.
She was anxious to get home and get the calls over with she accelerated the car further, pushing the speedometer to a hundred and twenty and coming within inches of causing a dozen car wrecks.
Her thoughts were still running amok while she capsuled her car, a red convertible her mom designed exclusively for her when she turned fifteen. The badass convertible didn't make up for not being able to fly during the day, but it helped a bit.
Time to make the calls.
The first one was easy. Marron was home sick with a killer case of the flu. Marron blew her nose several times during the video call and Bra laughed when she had a sneezing attack.
“I suggest you use your avatar if anyone else calls,” she teased.
Marron glared. “Sure, make fun of the sick girl. You never have to go through this, you freaky alien.”
“Half alien, thankyouverymuch,” Bra said and they laughed a bit.
As soon as they finished talking, Bra sent a bot to take her some chicken soup, a get-well card, and a chick flick to cheer her up. She also made a mental note to visit her soon.
Pressing Goten's speed dial all the fortitude she was able to muster. She had perfected the art of sounding casual even under duress during her teens. However, her perfection faltered when her crush was concerned.
Don't be chicken. Just press call. Just do it. It's not a big deal, you're being ridiculous. Stop staring at the screen and do it.
Goten answered the phone after a few rings. He was in the middle of lunch. Bra could see Chichi-san in the background, placing plates on the table. Goten put down the chopsticks long enough to briefly chat with her, longingly eying the bowl in front of him. After a few short sentences, Bra snorted and told him he could go back to pigging out. With a grateful, goofy grin he waved goodbye.
Okay, that wasn't so bad, right?
As soon as she was able to slow her heartbeat, she summoned a few service bots and ordered them to tidy up before her friends arrived. She also checked outside, glad to see there were no paparazzi skulking in the vicinity. Her friends would have no need to deal with the idiots to get in. They milled around pretty much daily, hoping to catch a member of her family doing something interesting. Of course, the insanity that would ensue if the press got wind of how interesting their families were would be catastrophic.
Smirking at that thought, Bra headed to the kitchen for a snack, sprinting so fast her feet barely brushed the lush carpet. Her half-Saiya-jin stomach growled painfully, even though she'd eaten two boxes of cereal with milk an hour ago. Dammit, being Saiya-jin is so infuriating sometimes. Stupid insatiable appetite.
Pausing long enough in front of a gold-plated mirror hanging in the hallway, she checked her appearance.
Looking hot as usual. Hmmm, should I apply more lipstick?
Now she wished she had taken longer on her hair and makeup, but she hadn't known about Goten's impending visit…
You are acting like you're thirteen. Yuck.
As soon as Bra opened the kitchen door, a pained groan escaped her lips. Great, Trunks was hogging the refrigerator.
"Hey, dumb-ass, buzz off. I need the fridge!" she complained loudly. Bra was in the mood for a spat, and she could usually count on her hotheaded brother to deliver.
"Wait for your turn, airhead," Trunks mocked, without turning to face her.
"Are you ever going to get tired of being such a jerk-off?" Bra pinched her nose and whined, “And by the way, you stink! Now let me through!" She pushed him and he grunted. Glowering, he turned around, his left hand glowing.
“You shouldn't have done that.”
“No you don't...don't you dare!” she screeched. Trunks smirked.
“Go away or your fancy blouse gets it.”
She looked down. This wasn't the moment to start this with him. It was a new, expensive blouse which made her boobs look amazing, and well, Goten was coming.
Bra scowled at her brother as fiercely as she could. “You're going to pay for this,” she threatened.
Trunks smirked. Dramatically, he started making a small ki ball. “Yeah, yeah...fiiiive, foooourr...”
Bra squeaked and ran out in the name of fashion.
“You're an asshole!” she yelled behind her.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
A little while later, Bra returned to the kitchen, making sure Trunks had left. She grabbed a gallon of juice, a dozen granola bars, a box of cookies and a quart of yogurt, hoping it would be enough. Right as she was finishing her snack, Trunks returned and she stood up, taking a defensive stand. He ignored her and powered up enough to dry his wet hair.
Bra let out a huge sigh. “Good, you bathed. I feared for my health.”
He was about to say something when the intercom buzzed. Goten and Pan appeared on the big surveillance TV, making funny faces.
Trunks pressed the intercom button, grinning. “We're in the kitchen, morons.”
Bra waited for them to make their appearance, tapping her foot impatiently. She braced herself for the usual shock to her system, straightening her back and lifting her chin.
A minute later, they walked in. Rising, she smiled and waited for Goten to pat her back as usual. Whatever cologne he was wearing smelled heavenly. Bra almost stepped closer to him, wanting more of his scent, but caught herself before moving. She had no desire to do anything embarrassing, like throwing herself at him.
He wore jeans and a tight-fitting green T-shirt which showed off his amazingly muscular, big, hard body. Bra averted her gaze after making eye contact with his gorgeous onyx eyes. One look was all her sanity was able to take at the moment.
It wasn't fair. Why did the man have to be so perfectly sexy? The worst-and most painful-part of this whole mess started ever since she turned sixteen. From one day to the next, he avoided touching her except when strictly necessary, keeping a respectful distance. Before this development, she would get away with creating reasons for touching him, like crying on his shoulder, playfully tickling him, and asking him for training “tips” among many others. A few rebuffs later, she'd stopped trying, knowing it was futile.
She greeted Pan with a hug, smiling widely. Her best friend made her feel better at times like these, simply with her presence. She looked pretty in a short skirt and a halter top. Was she wearing the lipstick Bra gave her ages ago? She'd definitely tease her about that later. Obviously, her boyfriend had something to do with this, accomplishing what Bra hadn't been able to achieve over years of whining and begging.
"Whatsup Pan?" Trunks was the first to ask.
"Well, it's about the weekend. I know it's Thursday, and kinda last minute, but do you guys have any plans?"
Despite the fact that Trunks and Goten were several years older than Bra and Pan, they frequently hung out with them, and Marron-who was nine years older than Bra. When the girls were young, Trunks and Goten babysat for them, played with them, tormented them, and helped them with their homework. As Bra and Pan got older the boys became sparring partners, rides, chaperons, and friends. Trunks and Goten at times complained about having to “cart them around”, but they knew their bond was special and enduring. Saiya-jins stuck together. They were family, part of a special and exclusive clan. Not to mention an almost extinct race of powerful aliens.
"I got a date with Tram," Trunks informed them smugly.
Goten made a fist and Trunks punched it, flashing him a gorgeous half-smirk.
"At last, you got her to say yes. Did it shock you when she didn't instantly fall at your feet?”
Trunks snickered. “She came to her senses, of course.”
Goten laughed uproariously. Bra and Pan shook their heads.
“Seriously guys…as the years go by, you become more immature. Why the heck is that?”
They scowled at her and she tossed her hair and snickered.
“Let's double date. It'll be fun!” Pan said enthusiastically. Bra smirked. This guy really had her excited.
Trunks nodded. “Sounds like a great idea. I'll run it by her.”
"I do not have any plans,” Bra said. Telling them she'd been asked out would be childish, right?
"Oh yeah, I forgot it's only been a week since…well. I hope you feel up to it this weekend," Pan said.
“Of course, anything for you.” Bra reached over and squeezed Pan's hand, knowing what she had left out. It was nice having a friend who understood her so well. Discussing the breakup with anyone else was out of the question. Akira and she had dated for six months-a long relationship when compared to her track record.
“You still haven't told us what this is about, Panny,” Goten pointed out.
"Right. Well...the thing is, Ben wants to meet my friends and-"
“That's great!" Bra squealed. “I've been dying to meet him. Lately it's been nothing but `Ben is so romantic', `Ben is so cute, `I can't wait for you to meet Ben' from you. Meeting the friends is almost as serious as meeting the parents.”
Trunks started humming the wedding march and they chuckled. Pan shot him an irritated look.
Whatever, Trunks...Like I was saying, I didn't want to pressure him, he's pretty shy.” She suddenly bounced on her chair. “Oh, I have such a great feeling about him. He is so sweet and cute…”
Bra saw the stars in her eyes and hoped this guy was genuine, for Pan's sake, and his. She was not above causing grief to someone who harmed her loved ones.
This time it was Goten who began humming. Pan shot him a look, while Trunks and Bra joined in.
“That's not nice, you guys...you better not act like this when you meet him or I'll never introduce you to anyone ever again,” Pan complained, glaring balefully.
“She's nervous. Do you think the wedding invitations didn't come out right?” Trunks stage-whispered. Pan reached over and hit him across the head. “Jeez Panny, take a joke.”
Goten laughed and stretched back. Bra ran an appreciative eye over his brawny body.
Bra, you're ogling him. She flipped off her subconscious. Sue me.
“What 'bout you Goten?” Pan asked.
"I got nothing. Zip. Nada. My social calendar is blank,” Goten said with a shrug.
“Blank like your brain?” said Trunks. Goten punched him in the arm. Trunks pretended to be hurt. “Everyone's hitting me,” he complained.
“You deserve it,” Pan shot back, giggling.
Bra glanced over at Goten. She knew why he'd been avoiding socializing the last couple of weeks. Breaking up was never easy. Goten and Paris dated on and off for five years.
At first, the gang-except for Bra-had loved her, even though she was a total airhead. She was a fun, vivacious, sweet girl and three years younger than Goten. Her infectious giggle delighted her friends. Her body, face, and dark hair were lovely. Unconsciously sexy, the fair Paris looked gorgeous without even trying.
Bra despised her on sight, of course. She loathed any woman who tried to ensnare her Goten.
Towards the end of their relationship however, Paris slowly turned into the girlfriend from hell. From one moment to the next, the social butterfly became so antisocial that Goten barely hung out with anyone else. She also grew to be inexplicably possessive, paranoid, and exceedingly annoying. Her mood swings baffled them, to say the least. Despite it all, breaking it off with her had pained Goten.
Thankfully, Goten looked a lot better than the last time she saw him. She hated seeing him unhappy. He would probably return to the dating market in no time. Bra fiercely disliked the idea. She wasn't sure what was worse: Goten being in a monogamous relationship, or Goten flirting with half the female population of Satan city. A flirt to the core, his reputation nearly surpassed hers, and she'd been told she flirted with anything male.
She involved herself in the conversation again. "What did you have in mind then?” Bra asked Pan.
"Ben and I want to go to the new club that opened last week.”
Trunks nodded. “Do you mean `Shake it up'? I went there on the opening night with some friends. You'd love it. Great music and excellent service…classy and fun. I was already planning on taking her soon.” He eyed Goten. “You should take a date as well. I'm sure you got lots of options. If not, I'll totally fix you up.”
Bra scowled at her brother. She understood Trunk's desire to encourage his friend to re-enter the dating scene, but she didn't want Trunks pushing Goten into it if he wasn't ready. Hopefully he would never be ready or, better yet, come to his senses and fall in love with her.
Goten shook his head. "Thanks buddy, but I'll pass...I don't want to go on a date-date. I'd rather go with a friend,” Goten replied, gazing straight at Bra. This new turn of events flustered her. What did that look mean?
"Well, Bra doesn't have a date either,” Pan said, obviously trying to hold in a giggle.
Ugh, Pan...stop it, thought Bra. "Nope, no one," she said aloud.
Pan raised an eyebrow, believing she was being subtle about it. Bra inwardly groaned and merely turned her attention away from her.
For Pete's sakes, is it possible for you to be any more obvious?
"Hey, let's go-you and me. What do you say?" Goten asked.
It took a lot for Bra to look Goten in the eye without blushing. He grinned at her in a way that invariably made her heart race. Bra's knees weakened, making her intensely glad she was sitting. She crossed her legs as gracefully as she was able, her mind in a haze. What was she supposed to reply?
"I would love to,” she said with a slight smile, as calm as can be.
Keeping her features even, she turned to study her manicure. She felt the heat of his gaze scorching her. Relief flooded her when Pan spoke.
"Then it is settled. We gotta leave, Bra. You didn't forget about going to the library, right?”
Bra looked up to answer Pan and noticed Goten's eyes were still on her. She could not decipher what lurked behind them. Whatever it was, his gaze sent tingles down her spine.
Pan stood up. Bemused, Bra did the same. She nodded at Goten as she struggled to remain composed. Under the cool exterior, her mind raced. What the hell is wrong with me? He asked me to go as friends. Brain to Bra: Stop being an idiot. Relax!
“Yes, of course I remember, silly,” Bra said, wondering what was her rush.
Pan grabbed Bra's arm, practically dragging her out of the kitchen. She waved at the guys as Pan hauled her away.
“Bye,” Trunks and Goten called out.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“Where's the fire?” Bra complained, once they were out of earshot.
"You should have made an excuse to get out of it," Pan said.
Clumsily, Bra retrieved the car capsule from her pocket. “Then why were you giggling and stuff?”
“Sorry,” Pan said, shrugging. “I was being silly. I know how infatuated you are with Goten; it seemed like such a good idea at the time. Now I realize I shouldn't have done it.”
Bra rolled her eyes. “Now you realize this? By the way, nice subtle exit. `We gotta leave now to go to the library',” she mimicked her in a high excited voice. “Come on, Pan. You can do better than that!”
Pan pointedly ignored her comment. "You can still back down. You can claim you have an important test coming up you'd forgotten about, or a modeling gig, a sudden nasty rash-anything to avoid this. This is a bad idea. Bad, bad, bad.”
Bra rolled her eyes again. "Seriously, a rash? Eww. Okay Pan, I get it. It's a bad idea. You think I don't know that?”
"You could have said no..."
“I couldn't say no! My brain overloaded… everyone was looking at me.”
“So now Trunks, Goten and I are everyone? Yeah right…we know the real reason you said yes.”
Bra shook her head miserably. “Fine. Yes. Hell, I don't want to back down. You and I know nothing's going to happen, alright? We, us…Goten…together…it's impossible. He's twelve years older than me; he's known me since I was a baby. He wouldn't dare touch me…unfortunately. This is my chance to at least pretend it's possible, even if it's for one night. How can I pass up an opportunity to dance with him?”
The memory of the first-and only-time they had danced flooded her mind.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Marron's parents threw their blond friend a huge graduation party in honor of her Graduate degree last year.
The music had been awesome, the food sumptuous. Bra had been following Goten's movements for a while, content to sit and watch for the moment, waving away whoever asked her to dance. Without warning, he appeared right in front of her and practically hauled her to the dance floor, to her surprise and utter delight.
“Please rescue me,” he whispered into her ear, causing her to beam from ear to ear. “Jessie won't stop stalking me.”
Her heart filled with sympathy for the girl. Who wouldn't fall in love with Goten?
She laughed. “Poor Jessie, she loves you.”
“Let us not talk about it, please. I can't take it anymore. I'm about to forget she's Marron's friend. The girl is a freaking pain,” he hissed.
Bra giggled, It was funny to see Goten all worked up; it happened so rarely.
“Awww, I'm sorry. Don't you worry; I'll save you,” she said, winking.
“Promise not to stalk me?” he asked, a teasing smile curving his lips in a way that should be deemed illegal.
“Hmmm,” Bra said. She pretended to think about it. “Naw, I'm too busy avoiding my own stalkers.”
His laughter boomed, and it was music to her ears.
They danced together most of the night and Bra reveled in the jealous glares they were receiving. It had been delightful.
The butterflies in her stomach wouldn't quit fluttering around for weeks following that memorable night. What she would give to repeat it…
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“Can I drive today?” Pan asked, pulling Bra away from her daydream.
“No,” she snapped, throwing her car capsule.
Pan whined. “Then let's take my car, come on, I want to drive.”
“I said no.”
Bra rolled her eyes. “Fine, you big baby.”
“Yay.” Pan jumped into the driver's seat and began backing out towards the main street.
Bra looked out her window, sighing. Pan gazed at her sympathetically. “Oh Bra…I wish you could get what you want. I can only imagine your frustration all these years. Something's gotta give. I'm worried about you.”
“I know. It's pathetic, isn't it? I don't know what to do anymore.” Close to tears, Bra pressed her lips together and resolutely gathered herself.
Pan frowned. “Sorry I brought it up. Don't worry, it'll be fine. You'll have fun and pretend for a night. No harm in that, right?” Pan said, trying to lighten the mood.
“I guess.”
Pan shot her a mischievous grin. Lighting-quick, she snapped off her seatbelt and disappeared.
“Pan, what the hell!” Bra bellowed.
“What?” came Pan's voice from under the car. Bra dangled from her seat to be able to see. Pan was balancing the moving car on her pinky finger, smirking widely.
“You're so stupid! My mom is going to have my head if this turns up in the news! Come back up here!” she yelled, shrilly.
Pan laughed loudly and returned to the car several minutes later, telling Bra she was being lame as she got screamed at.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“I swear those girls are totally nuts,” Trunks said in an amused tone, as he rummaged in the fridge for something to eat once again. Goten was right behind him doing the same.
He chuckled. “Yeah, they are.”
Trunks gave him a sideways look. “So… you and my sister are going on a friendly date.”
“Wasn't it a good idea? I am not ready for the scene yet,” he said, pretending to shudder.
“Hmmmm,” Trunks said, and silently stared darkly at Goten for a whole minute. The fridge's door was open and he was holding a loaf of bread.
Goten finished preparing a sandwich. He looked up and tilted his head in confusion. "What?"
"Do you have a thing for my sister?" Trunks asked, scowling darkly.
"What the...hell no! She is your little sister. Are you insane? I just want to hang out with a friend, that's all." Goten said energetically, shaking his head and opening his eyes wide at the implication of his friend's words.
He did his best to make it sound like Bra was the last woman on Earth he would be interested in.
Trunks didn't say anything for a few seconds and then snorted loudly, throwing his head back. “Ha ha, got you!”
“You idiot!” Goten said, laughing along with Trunks, the hilarity a bit forced. He surprised himself as he realized the idea of finding Bra attractive was not as amusing to him as it was to Trunks.
Trunks was doubled up in laughter. “You should've seen your face…Come on, you and my sister?” He laughed again and Goten stopped himself from scowling. He was laying it on rather thick.
It wasn't that funny.
She's become such a beautiful…woman? Yes, woman, she was one now, right?
He could still remember her as a little hellion, always stomping her foot to get her way. He grinned at the memory.
That night, he went to sleep reminiscing about the time they danced at Marron's party and how much fun they'd had.
To be continued...
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
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