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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 2: Meeting the Friends
Pairings: Mainly Goten/Bra, also Vegita/Bulma & Goku/Chichi
Rating: Mature for sexual content, light swearing and fabulousness :P.
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball. Sadly.
Description: Bra has been hopelessly in love with Goten for as long as she can remember. Now that she is a woman, she's sadly resigned to the fact that Goten is out of reach. Or is he? Goten has noticed she's become a woman, and this has complicated their easygoing relationship…Can a kiss ignite the fire between these two? A fire that will burn for all eternity?
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The next day, after classes at West Academy of Art were out, Bra met up with Pan at her house to hang out.
As soon as they met face to face, Bra knew Pan's concerned mindset from the previous day was gone.
"What are you smirking about?" Bra said a bit sharply.
Bra really wasn't in the mood for witty banter. A pounding headache had been plaguing her all day. She was already sick and tired of thinking about Goten, and she really didn't want to hear Pan's opinions on the subject.
"You're in serious trouble, my friend. Will you be able to control yourself tomorrow?" Pan asked.
"You said it would be fine," said Bra.
"I guess I did. But…I know we're going shopping...and we both know what that means, huh?"
Bra grinned in spite of herself. Whenever she had a hot date, she got a new outfit.
It was evident they were headed to the spectacularly huge Satan Mall.
Bra sighed as she turned on the car's ignition, while Pan continued smirking.
"Damn it, it's like you can read my mind. Oh, cut it out and put on some good music. And stop smirking like that; you have no frigging idea how incredibly annoying you are."
Pan giggled and leaned back on the leather seat, smiling cheerfully. Bra felt like throwing her out the car right then and there. Anyway, It's not like she would get hurt.
"Whatever. Just don't buy anything too sexy,” said Pan.
Bra chuckled a bit in spite of herself. Pan had succeeded in lightening the mood, just as a good friend is wont to do.
Pan frowned as Bra modeled a denim halter mini-dress in front of one of the many mirrors lining the walls of `Denim Fantasy'.
“Well, so much for that plan,” Pan muttered.
“I heard that,” Bra said.
Pan rolled her eyes. “That was the point.”
It was one of those rare boutiques where both of them could shop. While Bra had a black credit card with practically no limit, Pan was on financial aid and a modest scholarship.
"It's too sexy," said Pan, pointing out the obvious. The dress fitted Bra like a glove.
"But I like it.”
“Yes, obviously, but…”
Bra ignored her, already heading into the dressing room to take it off so she could purchase it. Bra giggled when she noticed Pan shaking her head, and headed back in to try on some other outfits she'd selected.
As Bra changed clothes, she heard Pan's cell ringing and her grumbling as she searched for it.
“Babe, I was about to call you,” Pan said, her voice all warm. “No, I swear...Come on, I'm being serious.” She laughed and Bra was surprised to hear the husky quality of it.
“Tonight? Well, I was going to hang out with Bra… No, no, I think she wouldn't mind… I'm sure… I'm positive she won't be mortally offend...Oh jeez. Fine, I'll ask her.”
Pan made a big show of raising her voice so Bra would hear her. “Bra, would it be okay if I go with Ben to dinner today?”
Bra smirked. “I'll make the sacrifice of having to change my plans.”
“See, it's all right... See ya at eight?...Love you too.”
She flipped her cell phone closed and positively beamed at Bra as she emerged from the dressing room. “I still can't believe we're already saying 'I love you'.”
Bra grinned back. “I would hug you if my arms could move in this blouse. Help me out of it.”
When Bra got home that day holding several shopping bags, she was greeted by the very common racket of her parents' spirited arguing. For goodness' sakes, here they go again…
“What the hell do you mean you won't help me with Trunks?” her mom screamed shrilly, making Bra wince.
“Has your hearing been affected by old age, Woman? I said, I do not care. Let me repeat that more emphatically. I do not CARE,” Dad replied, his voice a bit lower than her mom's, but still loud enough to make Bra wince again.
“Your son is acting in a completely irresponsible manner! His secretary told me that he left the office at midday three times last week and never returned. He missed an important meeting yesterday and still refuses to wear a suit when meeting with clients! He is the future president of Capsule Corporation! His behavior is not acceptable and you WILL help me.”
“Bulma,” Dad growled, “I said NO. I don't concern myself with any of your company's petty issues. It is your company to run. Don't come here crying to me about it. I will not talk to the boy. Understand?”
“My company's petty issues? Let me remind you that Capsule Corporation and my genius are what keep us in the lap of luxury,” she said, spreading her arms, illustrating how well they lived.
In response, Dad merely shrugged indifferently. Mom's eyes narrowed dangerously.
“This isn't over.”
Abruptly, she turned around and stalked off, her back so stiff Bra thought it was about to break. Her dad smirked slightly before regally walking in the other direction; most likely to the kitchen or the gravity chamber, his two favorite places.
Bra grunted and went up the stairs towards her room. Rating it from one to ten, that argument had scored a measly two. It was obvious her mother had already known Father wasn't going to talk to Trunks. He could care less. Most likely Mom would use the “fight” to her advantage later.
She'd seen her parents argue too many times to worry about it. That night at dinner, Mom would ignore Dad pointedly while he would remain even more silent and aloof than usual. By nighttime they'd be talking again...until their next argument. God knew she'd caught them in compromising positions after an argument enough times to traumatize her. They'd been together over thirty years, so it obviously worked.
Her cell phone rang and she fumbled a bit with all her stuff before getting to it.
“Hey Bra, wanna spar for a bit?” Pan's 3D image was smiling widely, already dressed in sweats and a ratty tank top.
Bra shook her head. “I don't think so. I don't want to be all bruised up for tomorrow.”
“Come on, you'll heal by tomorrow night, pretty please?”
Bra huffed and finally relented. “Fine, where do you want to do it?”
“Let's go to that meadow between the mountains,” Pan suggested.
“I don't think it should be called a meadow anymore, as burned as it is.”
Pan crossed her arms. “Are we going to argue semantics or are we going to spar?”
Bra sighed. “Fine, I'll meet you there.”
She dressed in comfortable sweats and a spandex top, rolling her eyes at herself in the mirror. Why couldn't she just say no to Pan?
They met up and Pan was eager to start right away. Bra made an effort to concentrate on the mock-fight but her brain was a muddled ocean of thoughts, all related to Goten and the next day's outing.
After an hour of mostly fending off Pan's attacks, Bra was relieved when Pan grumbled, “Bra, this is boring, you're not concentrating.”
Bra pouted. “I'm so sorry, I'm just…”
“Yeah, yeah… Goten, Goten, Goten. Ugh, you owe me for next time.”
“Sure thing,” she said, sighing in relief. “Sorry, for real. I promise you a good session next time.”
Pan nodded. “Eh, fine. I'll hold you to that.”
That night, Bra wasn't able to sleep much.
The morning of the “date”, Bra woke up determined to have a great day. The whole club incident had been casual and friendly. She was NOT going to act as if it had meant more. Even if it killed her.
The day zoomed by, and soon Pan and Bra found themselves getting ready for the night's fun. Bra donned the new barely-there mini-dress she'd purchased and complemented it with uncomfortable, but gorgeous, stilettos. Makeup was applied next. When Pan showed up at her house, she was in rollers and ready to be coiffed.
Bra styled Pan's shoulder-length black hair in loose waves and made up her brown eyes to make them pop.
“I can't wait to meet Ben,” Bra said as she watched Pan get dressed.
"I know, me neither! I didn't want to push him into it but if one more week had gone by, I would have said something. Oh, I just hope you like him.”
“If you like him, I'll like him,” Bra said loyally.
“That's what you always say,” Pan said as she straightened up and turned to the mirror next to Bra. “But then you start picking on all their flaws. Go easy on this one, all right? He's important.”
Bra smirked. “I'll try.”
“Some guys are good enough for me, you know,” Pan said.
Bra snorted. They continued getting ready in silence for a few more minutes.
"Seems like we're ready," Bra said, staring at herself in the mirror nervously.
Pan nodded, seemingly satisfied with her appearance. "Yep."
"Is this a little much for tonight? Tell me the truth," Bra anxiously asked, smoothing down the clinging material.
"You know you look stunning. What's all this insecurity all of a sudden? Since when have you ever been afraid of bearing skin?"
"Since your uncle asked me on a date that's not really a date. Oh gods. Do you think he likes me? As more than just his best friend's kid sister?"
Pan sighed and shook her head; they'd had this conversation about ten million times, but Bra didn't care. That's what friends were for-listening to their friends' crap over and over and over.
"Honestly, I don't know. But I really think you're treading on dangerous ground here. Promise me you won't use any of your famous moves tonight."
Bra flashed her an indignant glare, but then chuckled. "Famous? I wish. Anyways, I taught you those moves, so you should be thankful.”
Pan sent Bra a sardonic smirk until Bra laughed. “Okay, okay...I promise," she regretfully agreed. “I'm just really nervous all of a sudden.”
“You? Nervous?” Pan gasped, a hand flying to her chest dramatically. “That's not possible! My world is coming apart!”
Bra laughed and tossed her hair, striking her most confident pose. “How's that?”
She sighed in exaggerated relief. “Much better.”
Still giggling, they headed down to the living room area to find Trunks cuddled next to a really cute redhead who seemed really sophisticated and smart -a welcome contrast to the pretty but unsubstantial girls he usually dated.
"This is Tram," Trunks said, beaming at his companion and then at them. “Tram, that's my sister Bra, and that's her Siamese twin, Pan.”
Bra glared at him. “Ha, ha, ha.”
"Nice to meet you," Pan said, holding in her laughter.
"Yes, nice to finally meet you," Bra said with an impish smile. “We've heard so much about you.”
Tram turned to Trunks and batted her eyelashes dramatically. “Really? What exactly have you said about me, Trunks?”
Bra let out a surprised guffaw. So she is funny too, cool. Maybe this one will work out.
Before anyone was able to say anything else, the intercom beeped.
"Goten is here already? He actually showed up on time. He must be really itching to go," Trunks said. He stood up and walked towards the entrance of the living room, not noticing how much his sister blushed in his wake.
Trunks and Goten walked in and began exchanging greetings. He kissed Bra on the cheek, much to her surprise. No one else seemed to notice, though, being so caught up by Trunks' effusive introduction of Tram. Goten hadn't greeted her that way in years.
Apparently, their relationship seemed to be ready for a change, because he was even so bold as to place an arm around her shoulders as they sat on a soft leather couch. They sat silently next to each other as Trunks, Pan and Tram chatted.
“So how did you guys meet?” Pan asked.
Tram smiled widely. “Well, Trunks had been sending me these looks, you know, for months but I kept ignoring him. I'd heard he was a flirt and had dated half the female staff of Capsule Corp.”
“That is grossly exaggerated…” Trunks said, blushing.
“Regardless, I didn't trust him and his suave ways. But one day I caught him doing something so cute and it just made me change my mind.”
Trunks groaned. “Please don't say it.”
Bra chuckled. “Yes, please do.”
“Yeah Bro, don't be a party pooper,” Goten said.
“Well, he came in one day with a stray puppy. Trunks had seen him crossing the street while he was driving to work and he didn't want him to get run over. It was smelly and dirty but Trunks was carrying him in his arms. He had been closer to the office than anywhere else. He got a box and made holes in it to keep him in there. Then he had someone take the dog to the humane society. Everyone in the office stopped what they were doing to see what was going on. I'm telling you, it was too cute.”
“Awwwwww,” Pan and Bra said at the same time.
“Haha, nice one Trunks,” said Goten.
During the conversation, Bra caught Goten stealing looks at her several times from her peripheral vision.
She was feeling a lot better about her outfit.
Ben arrived five minutes later and found the little group already gathered together. Introductions were made; Pan was looking radiant. He was handsome in a boyish ah-shucks kind of way. He smiled often but seemed a bit nervous, although his smile was always brighter when he looked at Pan.
Bra was very happy for her friend… well, perhaps ninety percent happy, ten percent jealous. How long had it been since she felt the way Pan looked?
She glanced at Goten, who was also appraising Ben. Their eyes met, and he grinned at her, as if there was a private joke only the two of them understood. Smiling back brightly, she didn't feel like breaking their eye contact.
Her mother chose that moment to sail in, dressed to kill in a little red dress and super high heels. Her blue shoulder-length hair was straightened, and it swung around as she shook her head in exasperation.
“Kids, by any chance have you seen your father? He promised he would be ready on time today. We're going to miss the reservation,” Mom complained, both hands on her curvy hips.
Bra smirked as she witnessed the growing unease of her older brother. He blushed and looked painfully embarrassed; everyone was hard-pressed not to laugh. Tram coughed and Pan's hand flew to her mouth. Goten didn't bother pretending he didn't find this hilarious.
Tram extended her hand graciously. “Hi Mrs. Briefs. Nice to meet you, I'm Tram.”
“Oh, hi Tram. Sorry about my manners. You can call me Bulma. All of Trunks' friends do.” She winked and Tram smiled back. “And it's very nice to meet you as well.”
Trunks was squirming like an army of ants had just invaded his pants. Finally, Goten couldn't contain it anymore and let out a chuckle.
“I've seen you so many times in the media, I always wondered if you were as beautiful in person,” said Tram.
Mom fluffed her hair. “Why, thank you. Flattery always works with me.”
They laughed and Mom said, “Love your dress!”
Tram grinned. “Of course you do, it's your design.”
“It did look familiar,” Mom replied, laughing. “I won't keep you any longer. I still have to find my husband.”
Trunks leaned in to whisper in their mom's ear. She was able to hear it loud and clear thanks to her enhanced Saiya-jin hearing.
“Dad's hiding in the fourth floor.”
Mom rolled her eyes. “Thanks.”
Bra shook her head and muttered, “Traitor.” Trunks shrugged.
“Have fun!” Mom said, breaking their staring war, beaming and waving them away.
Bra grinned, imagining what kind of trouble her dad was in.
They headed for the entrance, and she heard Tram tell Trunks, “Your mom is gorgeous! She looks way too young to be your mother.” Bra wasn't able to hear Trunks' reply but he was blushing yet again.
"Would you mind taking your car?” asked Goten. “We don't all fit in Trunks' and yours is so much nicer than mine.”
Bra stared at him for a moment, transfixed. Wow, he is so gorgeous.
Calm down, calm down, calm down! Don't be an idiot. Remember, even breathing, no blushing, no flirting, no nothing. Do NOT embarrass yourself Bra Briefs.
Bra threw her car capsule. "Wow, you car looks great!" Goten said.
She knew it was merely a reference to her car, but she blushed anyway, squeaking. "Thanks, I just had new rims, lights and some other accessories put in.”
“Cool,” he said, examining the car further. Bra unlocked the car and Goten was right behind her.
“Allow me,” he said, opening the door for her. She smiled at him and took a couple of deep breaths as he made his way to the passenger's seat.
They got on the road and Bra picked a random radio station. Music would soothe her nerves and fill the silence. She had been in such a hurry to follow Trunks' wild driving that she'd forgotten to strap on her seatbelt. Clumsily, she tried to strap it on as she held onto the steering wheel with one hand.
Goten reached across her chest to help, his right hand brushing her breast for an instant. Her eyes immediately snapped to his face and his hand dropped away as if the heat of her skin had burned him.
“Sorry,” he croaked out, glancing away.
“It's okay.”
Oh, you have no idea how okay it was. Can you please do it again?
She peered back at the road, not wanting to get into a car-wreck for acting like a stupid teenage girl. She was nineteen and acting like a 14-year-old on her first date. All of a sudden, the whole situation made her giggle.
"Why are you laughing?" Goten asked her casually. She was aware that there was something lurking underneath his apparent nonchalant manner, but she couldn't pinpoint what it was. She'd discovered through years of observing him that Goten had lots of layers most didn't see.
"Oh, nothing much. Just remembering all the times when you guys wouldn't take me with you when you went out,” she lied glibly. When did I learn to do that so well?
Goten sniggered. “You did whine a lot.”
“No I didn't!” Bra exclaimed, mock-insulted.
“Yes you did. You even tried to sneak into Trunks' car once. Remember how we caught you little brats?”
Bra was the one who chuckled now, shaking her head at the memory. She hadn't known how to mask her energy signature back then. “I had totally forgotten you two were able to detect ki.”
“Quite an important factor to keep in mind, don't you think?”
Bra smiled at him and Goten smiled back, his happy-go-lucky grin melting her insides.
"Thanks for coming with me. We're going to have fun tonight, aren't we?"
Touched, Bra glanced at him, a feeling of great tenderness rising in her chest. "Yeah, we will. And I should thank you for acting as my faux date. You could've asked anyone else.”
He shrugged and faced the window, almost sighing. "I guess I could have, but I wasn't in the mood. You're a really cool girl, and I know I'll have fun with you. I won't have to pretend or act any different, you know what I mean?" he asked as he turned to eye her. She knew exactly how it felt to always have to act perky, sexy and witty all the time to keep up an image, even when one didn't feel like it.
Perhaps tonight they could both stop pretending together.
She was pleased and surprised that he had opened up to her like that. Maybe he would never see her as anything more than a friend, but he certainly didn't consider her a little girl anymore.
"I know exactly what you mean,” she whispered.
To be continued...
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