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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 10: Northern Cuisine
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
"Is this an intervention?" Bra complained loudly, chuckling.
"Hell yes it is," Pan replied hotly.
"I wouldn't call it an intervention, it is more of a friendly meddling," Marron teased, her blond hair in a ponytail. She always wore her hair up in one way or another but she didn't wear it in pigtails anymore. It suited her, just like jeans and t-shirts and tank tops suited Pan.
They were seated on Bra's extra large king-size bed, among her many fluffy pillows.
"Guys, really, there's nothing to tell."
"Come on!" Pan snorted while Marron just pursed her lips.
Smiling, Bra looked at her two best friends. Somehow, it all came back to those two, no matter how different they were or how much they argued. It had a lot to do with the fact they all knew how unique their families were and because of the secrets they kept from the rest of the world.
With those thoughts in mind, Bra finally told them everything that had happened last week.
"No way!" exclaimed the naturally explosive Pan.
"No way, it's unbelievable," Marron declared.
"I know," Bra said with a sly smile on her lips. "I still can't quite believe it myself."
"What's gotten into him?" Pan inquired, perplexed.
"Lust," commented Marron dryly.
Bra's eyebrows rose at that but she didn't contradict her older friend either, which they both noticed.
"Seriously, I don't know what's gotten into both of us, but we're going to discuss it tonight."
"Oh, I am sure you two will do a lot of discussing," put in Marron very tongue-in-cheek.
"Let me guess, a Southern restaurant," interjected Pan.
"Nope,” Bra replied.
"Northern?" Marron guessed again.
"Yes," answered Bra, smiling.
"And who's idea was it?" Pan inquired.
"Goten's," said Bra, a bit defensively.
"Hrmp," was all Marron contributed.
"And you're wearing this?" Pan asked, fingering the little black dress, lace bra and thong arranged neatly on top of the bed.
"I… Ah…," stammered Bra. Her cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink.
"So you guys are just going to discuss, huh?" Marron asked tartly.
"Well, yes, we are. We are going to talk…" Bra said meekly.
"And you'll be wearing that…" interrupted Pan.
"And there'll be candlelight," said Marron.
"And sumptuous food," commented Pan.
"You'll be going in a limo," chirped Marron.
"Just the two of you," Pan said.
"Let's not forget there'll be wine," Marron chimed.
"Or perhaps champagne," said Pan.
Bra burst out laughing when she found herself directing her attention back and forth like a gyrating fan.
"You guys are too much. Really, it's nothing."
"But it is!" contradicted Pan. "He wants something from you."
"Yeah, something," cracked Marron.
"I didn't mean it that way!" complained Pan.
"Alright you guys, I get it. You're trying to make a big deal out of this. Honestly, I still haven't decided what to do. On one hand, I've always felt attracted to him, but he's like my brother."
"Onegai," Marron snorted, rolling her eyes. "You guys were never that close and you've been drooling over him for years. No way can you tell me you ever truly saw him as brother."
"Yes, but…" Bra tried to put in.
"And now he's drooling over you. It's all so exciting! Like a movie," Pan exclaimed very girlishly, eliciting a snort from Marron.
"I think you've been hanging out with Bra too much," Marron said in a deadpan.
Pan stuck out her tongue and Bra laughed.
"Well, I guess I'll find out tonight. I can always walk away from this whenever I want,” Bra told her friends and even she could hear the doubtful tone in her voice.
"Sure you can," Pan said positively.
"Sure you can," Marron stated a bit sarcastically.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Later that night, Goten smiled and wondered how many men would readily maim or preferably kill him just to be in his shoes.
Bra looked stunning in that slinky black dress. It flowed and clung to her beautiful shape as she brushed her hair in front of her mirror. It wasn't fully zipped so he got a glimpse of a lot more of that creamy skin that he had bargained for. She was also wearing what looked like a really well made and expensive black wig. It was short and straight and made her look even more exotic.
She picked up a tube of lipstick, opened it and made a face. She selected another one and smiled, obviously approving of the color. As she looked at her reflection, the tube sprang away from her fingers, clattering noisily on top of her dresser. She turned around and frowned at him.
"I could've been naked or something."
"Hmmmm, really? I'm sorry I missed that."
Bra smirked and Goten jumped into her room, leaving his temporary perch on her windowsill. He was instantly right behind her, grinning at her.
"Since you're fifteen minutes early, you can be of some assistance and zip me up,” she murmured teasingly and somewhat flirtatiously.
"Sure," he drawled, and smoothly placed a hand on her hip. Slowly, he drew the zipper upwards, his fingers trailing over her bare spine.
She shivered and moved away from his hands as soon as he was done.
"You have dangerous hands," she told him as she turned to face him. She was blushing a bit.
"And you have dangerous lips," he replied, looking at them almost hungrily.
"Oh, Goten, come on," she said, trying to dispel the flying sparks. "Let me put on some lipstick so we can leave. My dad will kill you if he finds you here," she threatened as she turned to the mirror.
"Small price to pay," he teased as he plucked the lipstick from her fingers. "You don't need this; your lips are fine without the stuff. Besides, you'll smudge it anyway."
"Really?" she inquired, her eyes narrowing.
He turned her around to face him, casually draping his hands around her shoulders. He drew her close, grinning at her. He saw her swallow and couldn't help but tease her.
Her chin went up and her nose threatened to touch the ceiling. "Don't be ridiculous."
"I'm not being ridiculous. I'm a bit shaky myself."
Bra merely gave him a look and he smiled again.
"I think I know what will make us feel better."
He closed the distance between their lips smoothly and with no resistance at all, even though her eyes had widened a bit when she realized his intent.
Wow, she has gorgeous eyes, he mussed as he touched his lips to hers, brushing and caressing them softly.
Abruptly, Bra buried her hands deep into his thick hair, angling her mouth to expertly deepen the kiss. They groaned together when Goten pulled away shortly afterwards.
"Feel better?" he asked her, a bit unsteady on his feet.
"Hmh?" she murmured distractedly, one hand still in his hair, her gaze on his mouth.
Not being able to resist, he kissed her again until he had to either drag her away or give in to the urge to drag her to that virginal looking bed, arranged with all those fluffy pillows. Actually, the whole room was very girly. There was a mural of a prairie scene on one wall and a huge picture of her looking quite gorgeous right over her bed. The entire bedroom was decorated in light blue and white. The dresser was white, the bed's comforter was blue. The closets were white with blue designs. It was strange really, but just standing in such a feminine space was strangely turning him on. It was like breaching a forbidden sanctuary.
Her eyes widened and she stepped back, a hand on her throat, as if she had read his less than honorable thoughts.
"Here you go," he said as he handed her the lipstick. "I still think it's useless, but I know you wouldn't be caught dead leaving the house without wearing it."
Bra frowned at him, but merriment danced in her eyes as she tossed it back. It landed noisily on her beauty table and rolled to the floor, but they ignored it.
“So what's with the wig? Going incognito?” he asked her laughingly.
“Sometimes I get followed by paparazzi, you know. I just want to try and throw them off,” she explained, smirking.
“Oh, the price to pay for being beautiful, rich and famous,” he said melodramatically.
"Oh Goten, you're too much," she teased him affectionately. "And I still can't believe this is happening."
"What? That I'm actually looking your way after all these years you've felt attracted to me?"
Temper flared in her eyes quickly and he let her spin away from him.
"This is all a game to you, isn't it?" she snapped.
"No," he stated very firmly, very clearly. "I'm still not sure what it is," he told her as he reached forward and captured one of her blue locks of hair.
“But it is not a game. That's why I feel tonight we should be completely honest with each other," Goten said firmly and then noticed the crackle fizz in Bra's eyes fade as she expelled a little annoyed puff of air.
"Okay, you're right. It's true that it's hard to believe you're all of a sudden attracted to me when you where here when my mama brought me home from the hospital,” she said, peering at him from underneath black bangs.
He smiled and nodded, "True, but that was more than nineteen years ago, Bra. Things change, and you're a woman now. I can't lie to you and tell you I haven't noticed you've turned into one. A woman that turns heads and makes men of all ages sigh."
He could see she was pleased by the compliment, so he had to tease her further, "I myself have often plied away adoring fans."
"That's because I'm beautiful, rich and famous," she said, eying him speculatively.
Temper flared into his eyes this time.
"Listen Bra," he cut out. "Never assume that has anything to do with this," he growled, moving his hands in a sweeping motion, including the two of them.
"Fine," she replied curtly, "Is it because I am also half Saiya-jin? Do you feel there's something missing in human women? Are you worried that one day you'll snap one of them in half, no matter how much control you try to maintain over your strength?"
Goten's eyes flared and Bra simply held her ground. However, he wasn't angry at her words but relieved she had been the one to state them.
"Yes, that's part of it," he finally said after a couple of seconds rife with tension. "Isn't that part of why you find me attractive too?"
She nodded and Goten felt equal parts of satisfaction and worry. Could it be that was the only reason? He could tell she was wondering the same thing. Her doubts reached him like uncomfortable little slaps.
"Why don't we continue this conversation at the restaurant? The limo is waiting for us outside and I really don't wish to be dismembered by your father."
Bra smiled at his wane attempt at humor. Even though it was a bit of a joke, he wasn't ready for her dad to find out he was involved with his daughter in any way or that he had laid his hands on her.
Oh, and how much he loved putting his hands on her.
Licking her lips, she nodded and followed him as he stepped outside her window and floated there. He held out a hand and she stepped out of her room. They hung there in midair, looking into each other's eyes until she smiled and tugged him downwards. They landed and walked towards the limo. The complex was so big that they had to stroll the equivalent to two blocks before rounding to the entrance. They didn't mind, though, since they were enjoying walking under the stars, holding hands, their fingers intertwined. Goten smiled, thinking how nice it felt to have a quiet moment like this.
They continued to hold hands during the limo ride, quietly taking pleasure the seemingly innocent caress. They were still hand-locked when the limo stopped in front of the establishment.
It was a charming place. The entrance was decorated by two water fountains, one on each side of the heavy open oak doors. On one side there was a marble lion, water dripping from his open jaws. On the other side was an eagle, seemingly in midair.
When they walked in, Goten noticed how muted and elegant the colors were. The whole restaurant was decorated in brown and beige. Even the waiter's uniforms were brown pants or short skirts and beige shirts or blouses with a brown necktie. The tile was gleaming cream.
The Maitre'd showed them to their reserved table for two. It was so tiny, Goten was sure it was done on purpose to force intimacy between the couples that frequented the place.
He glanced at Bra and sent her a huge grin. She stifled a sigh when their calves brushed as they sat across each other. His grin turned into a full-fledged one. Bra tried really hard to scowl at him, but she just couldn't and he, not for the first time, marveled at how it seemed they could read each other's minds.
A waiter came to them and asked for their selection of aperitif.
"I don't have a preference, what about you, honey?"
Bra frowned at his use of an endearment in front of a waiter before she had even given him her answer as to whether she would give him a chance. His triumphant smile challenged her to complain out loud. She contained herself.
Glancing once more at the extremely elegant leather-bound menu Bra decided for a glass of Cinzano. Goten ordered the same. The waiter left with their order.
"I don't really know much about wines," he admitted honestly. "I really like Long Island Long teas and Screwdrivers, but I wouldn't dare ask for that here," he said, his mouth lifting in a half-smirk.
"You could always try, they aim to please," she shot back, looking at the milling orderly waiters.
Goten shook his head and said, "I think I'll stick with this fine Cinzano."
"How do you know its fine?"
"You have really good taste."
She shrugged and blushed a bit. Ah, so she seemed to be flustering her tonight.
The waiter arrived with their crystal glasses of wine and asked if they were ready to order. Both nodded. He was a gangly young thing, all big black eyes, and long limbs and pimples.
Bra ordered the Veal Roulade and the waiter exclaimed in a fake French accent, "Oh, ma'am, it'z delizious, filled with Parma Procuitto and fresh stuffing, draped wiz exquisite Marsala sauce."
They glanced at each other and she saw the same amusement she felt dancing in his eyes. She bit her lip, trying to suppress the giggle that was bubbling in her throat.
"I'm… erm… glad to hear that," Goten finally uttered, holding in his laughter.
"It'z an ezellent choice. And what would you, divine mademoiselle, vant to drink with your dinner?"
"Ah… I'll have a… ahem… glass of Bordeaux Rougue," Bra replied in a strangled voice.
"Ezellent choice!"
"I rather thought you'd find it so," Goten told him, barely suppressing a smirk.
"And you, fine gentle man, vat vill you dine tonight?"
"This fine gentleman will have some Lasagna."
"Vat type of lasagne?"
"I know you don't have it in the menu, but I want plain old classic meat lasagne."
The bizarre waiter finally left with their orders, they simultaneously burst into laughter.
"Can you believe that guy?" Bra said.
"Oh gods, that was so funny!" Goten stage-whispered.
"And you, ordering Lasagna." Bra choked out.
They kept giggling, trying to keep it down after an elderly couple glared at them from the adjoining table. It seemed the atmosphere in a fancy Northern restaurant was supposed to be dignified and muted.
They managed to plaster on straight faces as the pimply young aspiring actor returned with their glasses of wine, but covered their mouths as soon as he turned away. Thankfully, he didn't attempt to talk to them anymore, but simply bowed dramatically.
Thus, the atmosphere between them visibly changed and became a lot more relaxed. Bra wasn't worrying about her legs brushing against Goten's anymore, a fact that didn't elude him in the slightest. That was why Goten mourned the fact that he had to open up a line of conversation that might make Bra tense up again.
"I need to apologize. I haven't been myself lately."
Bra merely shrugged and smiled, "You've already done that."
"I know I have. But I still want to do it properly."
Bra smiled again, leaning forward. "Let's hear it, then, I love it when you grovel." She sounded so much like her father. Although, Vegita would have never had such a teasing expression on his face.
His eyes lighted up in merriment. It seemed Bra had really loosened up if she was willing to forgive and forget, teasing him so. "I never grovel. Never!" he declared dramatically, eliciting a giggle from his black-wigged date.
"Yeah, sure, whatever you say."
"No, seriously, I would never do that."
"You groveled for me to come here with you."
"Little did I know, you would have come anyway," he told her.
"Right…." she drawled.
They gazed at each other, holding their wine glasses, smiling and suddenly, all the apologies, explanations, excuses and evasions evaporated from both their minds. No more talking was needed.
He reached forward and captured on of her hands in his and kissed her knuckles. She lowered her gaze, clearly embarrassed. Goten thought that was adorable.
Feeling playful, he nipped her skin, and then sucked slightly.
With a mock-horrified expression on her face, she snatched her hand away and inspected the damage.
"A hickey!" she exclaimed. "My goodness, I haven't had a hickey since Hir…"
"Since Hiroshi?"
Bra shook her head and frowned, "Never mind, I'm sorry that slipped out, it's just that…"
"It was something that reminded you of him, that's fine; actually, I am glad you sort of mentioned him, because I've always wondered what really happened between you two."
"What really happened?" Bra inquired archly.
"Yes, rumor has it that you left him for another guy a bit after you two got engaged. Is that true?"
Bra shrugged, a clear stab at being nonchalant about it, but he could clearly tell it was simply a stab at an emotion, not a real feeling.
"Is it true?"
"Well, in a way. Our relationship was already fading a bit. We didn't really get engaged," she said, fidgeting. She's lying, he thought. "So I leaped at the chance to get it on with another guy," she finished, trying to sound convincing.
"That's pure kuso!" Goten blurted out
"How would you know?" she asked him, a puzzled expression on her face.
"Erm, I wouldn't, it just doesn't sound like you," he lamely explained.
"Of course it sounds like me," she told him.
"No it doesn't," contradicted Goten.
"Again I ask how you would know in this particular case?" she asked, a frown on her smooth brow.
Goten shrugged, and this time, he was the one trying to be nonchalant and failing.
Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "What is it that you know?"
His hands went up in midair and he affected the trademarked innocent Son countenance. "Nothing, I swear!"
"Sure… I don't believe you."
"Whatever happened to Hiroshi? I heard that he quit college after his accident," he asked her, seemingly trying to change the subject.
Obliging him temporarily, she replied, "Yeah, he ended up in a fight. No one knows with whom. He never told anyone, not that I cared."
Goten grinned Bra scowled.
"Do you know something I don't?" she questioned pulling back from him slightly.
"All I know is that I don't think you left him for another guy. You wouldn't do that."
He kept grinning, though, and Bra's eyes widened.
"Goten, are you in the habit of spying on me?"
"No, of course not," he said extremely insincerely.
"I thought we were supposed to be honest with each other."
"You're right, besides, this will prove the fact my interest in you is not sudden."
Bra folded her arms in front of her chest, waiting for him to continue.
"One day I was at your place… and you ran in crying and locked yourself into your room. I pretended I was going to the bathroom and I flew outside the complex and floated right in front of your room. You were telling Pan what happened with Hiroshi, I heard everything."
Her eyes widened, and her face paled a bit.
"So, you know how he… he cheated on me and how he was my first…"
"And only until now, yes, I do know."
"And the fight?" she asked, eyes widening. "Oh no."
Goten had no idea whatsoever what her reaction would be. She looked shaken, but not too mad. That could easily change.
"How could you spy on me!" she practically roared.
"I was worried; I'd never seen you cry before."
"That gives you no right!"
"I know, summimasen."
"So what, you went to beat up this guy because of what he did?"
"Not exactly, I went to tell him to get the hell away from you and that he better go along with your plan of pretending you were the one who dumped him. I told him he better help you save the little pride you still had left. He got smart with me. He started acting like a total bakayarou, suggesting perhaps the two of us had already been getting it on and other perverted stupid little comments. I insulted him back and he took a swing at me. We started fighting and I guess I got carried away."
"You sent him to the hospital!"
"It was just a broken nose."
"And a couple of broken ribs too."
"He ran into my fist."
"Uh huh…."
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," he apologized, looking at her through his thick spiky bangs, hoping she would buy the apology.
"I can fight my own battles, you know."
"I know."
There was a rather long pause. Goten's throat felt dry and tight. Bra just kept staring at him, considering her next words. Her expression was unreadable. He began breaking up in a cold sweat, his pulse hammering. By god, but she made him nervous.
He shifted, extremely uncomfortable, and finally noticed the little smirk on her lips. The little tease was playing with him!
"It's kind of nice having someone fight them for me, though. Just once in a while," she finally told him, smirking.
Goten beamed and got a hold of her hands again.
"So you forgive me for snooping?"
"I guess."
"And for beating up your ex-boyfriend?"
"I sure do."
They sunk into one of those moments again. Words weren't necessary, and the outside world was non-existent. The waiter had to clear up his throat twice to get their attention. He set their table, attractively setting their plates.
"Iz everyzing zatisfactory?"
"It certainly is," Goten replied, his eyes not leaving Bra's face, clearly not talking about the presentation of the food or the aperitif they had already sipped.
The waiter replied something neither of them heard. He left and was ignored by the two half Saiya-jins who were vastly distracted with each other.
Bra leaned forward, her cheek brushing his. All the blood in Goten's body rushed to his head and then it pooled in a decidedly south area. Her lips were almost brushing his ear.
"The answer is yes," she whispered huskily.
Goten was confused for about two seconds until he remembered what he had brought her here for. It had been for some talking, sure, but the main purpose was to hear her answer.
She was going to give them a chance.
He grinned and kissed her hands after she pulled back.
Bra smiled back, clearly pleased too and a bit rosy. Suddenly, he also felt extremely tingly and flushed.
"What do you say we go to my place after this, watch a DVD and order four extra large pizzas?"
"Sounds great," she replied, grinning widely.
To be continued…
Japanese words used in this chapter:

onegai: please
shiimata: crap (or worse)
summimasen: a formal way of saying I'm sorry
bakayarou: asshole
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