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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 11: Going to the Movies
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
Bra felt extremely foolish. There she was, sitting on her bed, staring at her clock like some love-crazed teenager… that she was, technically. She was nineteen, which still made her a teen, and she might not be completely love-crazed -just a little-, but she was sure acting like it.
Sighing deeply, she cursed all men, especially all Saiya-jin men… well, maybe just one since two of them were her blood relatives and the other two were already married and old enough to be her fathers. So basically she was cursing Goten, the jerk. He hadn't called her since their date Saturday. It was already Tuesday night.
Okay, so it had only been two and a half days. He should have called her sooner, perhaps that same night or at least the next morning. So what if she was being a bit demanding? The man pursued her until she gave in and now he just forgot to call her for almost three days?
The phone rang and startled her to death. Hand on her chest, she frowned at the offending device. Her caller ID informed her it was the cad calling her.
Baka,” she muttered with a smile on her lips. She waited three rings until she picked it up.
Moshi moshi?” she sang out, like she hadn't been moping just three seconds ago.
“I want to see you,” he said succinctly.
“Really? That's interesting,” Bra sniffed.
“Isn't it? Don't tell me you're upset that I haven't called you till today.”
Bra's face fell. Was she that obvious? Her spine stiffened and she heard Goten chuckle as if he had seen her.
“Of course I'm not upset,” she informed him in a cheery voice that grated at her own ears.
“That's great. I do want to see you. I'm dying to watch this movie that just came out.”
“Which movie?”
When he mentioned its name, Bra winced, no way in hell would she have chosen to watch that movie. It was full of action, violence, fast cars, heroes and villains. Oh, the sacrifices she had to make to go out with a sexy, charming, strong, sexy, hot, sexy, hot, sexy, sexy, insufferable man. She wanted to inform him he could go with any other of his male friends he chose, including her brother. But he was inviting her, and she really did not want to turn him down just because the movie he had picked wasn't to her taste. Besides, a dark theater was the perfect place to make out, and she was going to freaking perish if she didn't get a taste of that incredible mouth of his soon.
“I promise next time we can watch any fruity movie you want,” he said.
“Actually, I was dying to watch it.”
Okay, so that was a bald-faced lie. She could pretend to enjoy the movie, anyhow. She had done it millions of times before, she was sure it wouldn't be so difficult to do it again.
“I don't believe you,” he put in, humor abundant in his voice. “I remember the time that Trunks and I took you and Pan to the movies when you guys were really young. You cried when one of the bad guys got killed. Your mom yelled at us for more than half an hour for taking you to an R rated movie.”
Bra smiled and shook her head, remembering that day. Then her smile vanished. Oh dear, he had been twelve when she was born! Remembering that fact made her feel embarrassingly young and green.
“So how about that movie? I got tickets for 9 p.m.”
Bra stared at her nightstand clock. It flashed back at her in angry red letters. It was 8:02.
Well, then again, maybe she wasn't so young and green after all. Any man who wanted to watch a comic book movie and called a woman less than an hour before the movie was supposed to start -giving her less than half an hour to get ready!- was certainly not ripe enough to fall from the tree. He was also so sure she would say yes that he had already bought the tickets.
“Why did you wait until 8 o' 2 to call me, dearest Goten?” she asked sweetly.
“I'm sorry… it was a spur of the moment thing. I was on line and thinking about you and bought the tickets.”
Well, then, isn't that sweet? Her belly warmed with affection. Goten was so kawaii.
There was a pause in which Bra could almost see Goten twitch. The least he could do was sweat a little after giving her such short notice. While he did that, she ran to the closet and grabbed her favorite pair of jeans. She'd gotten them after a Versace fashion show in which she'd participated. He'd probably seen them a million times, but not with the tiny teeny fuchsia top she was going to wear it with. She grabbed a pair of fuchsia killer sandals as well, but decided they were too much for such a short notice casual date. Instead she grabbed a pair of sneakers that had some fuchsia stripes. Yes, she also had sneakers with blue dots, black designs, red blotches and plain old white ones. Of course she owned sandals in every color under the sky too. She also owned black, white, red, brown, blue and tan boots and a dozen dress heels. She could never have enough shoes.
The whole process of choosing her clothes took her all of thirty seconds. She could be fast when she wanted to.
“… But if you don't want to go, that's fine, I understand I perhaps didn't give you enough time to get ready.”
Bra smirked. “Really? How long do you think I take getting ready?”
“Hmm… I don't know, the typical high maintenance woman can take up to 45 minutes, not counting a shower,” he chortled.
“So you assume I am high maintenance?” she asked him while she pulled on the very tight jeans. She had a hairy moment with the stupid zipper but managed to work it.
Trapped by his own words, Goten laughed nervously, “No, that is not what I meant… well, maybe you are.”
“I guess I am,” she told him as she snapped close the front clasp of her strapless bra and pulled on her top. “But I know when to be quick too.”
“Well, of course, I wasn't saying you're slow, just that usually girls take forever to get ready,” he told her, laughter evident in his voice.
“You're completely right. Why don't you test your theory? I bet I can be ready by the time you arrive here.”
He chuckled. “Naw, that's fine. I don't need to bet anything… besides, I wouldn't mind waiting. We can always switch the ticket to the 9:50 showing.”
Bra's eyebrows rose. “Is that a challenge? Bring it on. I'll be dressed to kill in 20 minutes.” Could she ever resist a challenge? The answer was no.
“What are we betting?” he asked her, his tone very mischievous.
“I'll tell you when you pick me up.”
He laughed, deep throated and wonderful. Bra felt herself shiver. “If you are not ready, you'll have to watch the movie twice.”
“Well, in that case, if I am ready, you will have to watch any girly movie I want.”
Then he hung up and Bra rushed to the closet, taking off her sneakers and her jeans. She replaced them with a denim mini-skirt and the fuchsia sandals she had called too fancy. She was going to dress to kill.
When Goten tapped on her closed window -she had been making sure she closed her window and drapes in case he decided to drop by unexpectedly again, she wouldn't want him to see her with hot rollers in her hair!- she almost panicked. She'd only had time to quickly style her hair and apply some lipstick.
But then she realized he wouldn't even notice she didn't have eye shadow. He was a guy after all.
Quickly, she sprinted to the window so he wouldn't say she hadn't been ready. When she opened it, he immediately yanked her outside, holding her in midair. Then he grinned and planted his lips firmly on hers, making her eyes roll back when he began kissing her in earnest.
When he finally broke the kiss, she was secretly wishing they could just climb into her bed and finally finish what they had started the night when they'd kissed at the club. But the fact being that neither of them was ready for that step, or at least she wasn't, they would have to wait for a more appropriate moment.
He beamed at her and said, “Oh well, I thought that by flying here I would win. You look great. Sure you're not too cold in that teeny tiny mini skirt?”
He planted his hand on her thigh, trailing his fingers up to the short hem, teasing her mercilessly.
When she blushed scarlet and frowned at him unconvincingly, he laughed and dropped them both to the ground.
“I guess we have to go in my car, then,” she remarked ironically as he took her hand and began purposely walking towards the garages.
He merely smiled and kept walking rather fast.
“Why are we rushing?” Bra finally asked when they reached her little red convertible.
“'Cause I'm sure that some fruity movie will start quite soon.”
Her eyes narrowed. “You are not making fun of me.”
“Yes I am.”
He was gazed at her with such a mock-defiant expression she laughed and un-narrowed her eyes.
“Actually, I would feel bad if you missed your movie. It's okay, we can watch it.”
“But you won the bet,” he pointed out.
“Not really, I didn't finish doing my makeup.”
“I hadn't noticed,” he admitted, peering into her face.
“Yeah, I figured,” she stated dryly.
“Hey, I'm a guy, I don't know about that stuff,” he complained.
“Yeah, I noticed,” she replied, wagging her eyebrows and eying him from head to toe appreciatively. He looked great in that dark blue sweater and blue jeans.
“What? The fact I'm a guy or that I don't know about that stuff.”
She merely smiled enigmatically and opened the car with the clicker. With a bemused smile on his face, Goten sat on the passenger seat. Pretty soon afterwards, they were speeding towards the movie theater.
Goten complained about her driving and Bra merely drove even faster. He simply closed his eyes, muttering about crazy girls and fast cars and she ended up relenting and driving at speed limit.
“You're so funny. Were you really going to close your eyes all the way to the theater?” she asked him, laughing at him openly.
“It's not that long of a drive,” he replied, shaking his head and frowning at her in mild disapproval.
“Fine,” she relented as she followed Goten out of her car after they found a parking spot at the theater parking lot. “I will drive at speed limit from now on.”
“I don't believe you,” he shot back, his arms crossed.
Just as Bra was about to reply, Goten's eyes widened and he tried to open the passenger door, apparently, to get back into the car.
“What the hell are you doing?” Bra asked him as he made motions to her to open the car with the clicker.
“Yamcha's headed over here,” he said.
“Yamcha?” she asked, a note of complete disbelief in her voice.
“Yes, so open the door. Ugh, no time for that, just duck. You're pretty short.”
“Hey!” she squeaked indignantly but still squatted down next to her car, feeling like an idiot.
“Wouldn't you suppose he'll recognize my car? And don't you think he already saw me? Or felt our freaking ki?”
She spotted them as she peeked over the window to see the action. This was ridiculous. He'd already seen them. Attached to him was a small curvaceous brunette. Her clothes seemed like they had been spray-painted on her. Clearly a classy lady… Not.
“Hey, Goten… what's up? Why is Bra ducking over there?” Yamcha greeted them.
“I'm not ducking,” she explained, smiling as she straightened up. “It seems my car got scratched. I was examining the scratch.”
Yamcha nodded with a doubtful expression on his still handsome features, clearly not believing her. She was too obvious, fidgeting and acting embarrassed. Well, she couldn't help it. Goten looked nonchalant enough, but Bra's flaming face gave them away. He regarded them suspiciously, his eyes stopping on Goten's lips. They were a bit glittery. Surely he wouldn't imagine Goten had started wearing lipstick.
Goten wiped his mouth in reflex, but it was too late. Bra knew she was probably wearing a guilty-as-hell expression. She glanced over at Yamcha's wide-eyed look and groaned. Their cover, if they'd ever had a chance for one, had been blown.
“Listen Yamcha-san, I would appreciate it if you didn't…” began Bra, but Yamcha swiftly interrupted her.
“…tell your kaa-san?” he finished, raising a dark eyebrow.
“Yes,” Bra said lamely, clearly looking uncomfortable.
Bra saw Goten rolling his eyes from her peripheral vision. She pleaded to him silently to help because clearly, she didn't have much experience maintaining a forbidden relationship. He, on the other had, had plenty of it. With the mother he had, every girl he ever dated either he just had to marry like right now or she hated -mostly the latter. It was never middle ground.
“Yamcha-san... Who is this lovely woman?” Goten cut in, facing one of his dad's oldest friends with an easygoing smile.
Yamcha's eyes narrowed, but he complied. “Carrie, these are Bra and Goten, children of two of my oldest friends. Goten, Bra, this is Carrie.”
Carrie smiled brightly and extended her hand. “Nice to meet you. You guys are the first friends of Yamcha's I've met,” she said with a little giggle. “I am so happy to finally meet friends of Yamcha. Aren't you guys happy to meet me?” she finished with a breathy voice and a pointed glance to Yamcha.
Bra and Goten blinked and glanced at each other. They did not have to guess what was going on in that relationship. It was pretty evident.
“Erm... of course,” Bra replied, shaking her hand and giving Yamcha an odd look.
“Honey, would you mind opening the car for us and waiting there for just a minute? I need a few moments with my friends here.”
Carrie scowled but still took the keys Yamcha was handing her and walked to the car stiffly.
“We've been dating for only two months,” he began explaining when she was out of earshot.
“That's cool,” Goten said and then sighed, running a hand through his wild hair. “Hey, we would really appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone,” he finally requested, peering at Yamcha guiltily.
“I don't like lying,” Yamcha scolded, his face serious.
Goten groaned and Bra felt like doing it too. The funny part was that she believed Yamcha. He was a very a straightforward, honest and good man.
Sumimasen Yamcha, but if you do that… if you tell Bulma about us, I will have to tell… hmm… I don't know, maybe my mom about you and you know… what you told me that day at the bar,” Goten said, appearing very uncomfortable.
Yamcha scowled deeply. “Son, I was drunk that day, I didn't know what I was saying.”
“But I believed you. Please Yamcha; we don't want people to know yet.”
Yamcha eyed Bra and she nodded eagerly. “Please?” she added, batting her eyelashes like she would to her dad when she was in a tight spot. Her pleading eyes had gotten her out of trouble so many times, she really hoped they would do the trick this time if blackmail didn't. She then threw a questioning look at Goten. What did Goten know about Yamcha that she didn't?
“Okay, fine. I would just hate for you kids to get in trouble. And young man, I can't believe you were trying to blackmail me,” Yamcha affirmed sternly.
Sumimasen sir,” Goten replied, shuffling his feet a bit and blushing.
“Okay then… See you around.”
With that, he turned to his car.
“Jeez, I didn't know he was that strict,” Bra whispered, holding in an inpertient giggle.
“Naw, he isn't. He just really cares about you, just like he does for your okaa-san,” he explained as he took her hand and then kissed it.
“But what is it that you would tell your mom about him and my mom? Everyone knows what happened. Yamcha cheated on mom so she ended up searching for comfort in my dad and ended up falling in love with him.”
“Right,” he snorted, shaking his head.
“What do you mean?” she asked him, gripping his hand a bit harder.
“Why don't we sit somewhere? Let's go to the food court and I'll tell you about it.”
“Okay,” she agreed.
The movie was forgotten as they walked towards the food court. They sat down and Goten began his story.
“Like two years ago the whole gang was at some restaurant celebrating the fact my dad was back for a day or something,” He paused, looking a bit angry about that, but before she could ask him about it, he continued, “After a while everyone began leaving, including you. Trunks and I, though, were not sleepy and had nothing to do the next day. Obviously, neither did Yamcha. So we stayed and ended up at the bar drinking till the week hours of the morning. Yamcha got stinking drunk. It seems he gets weepy and sentimental when drunk.”
“Really?” Bra inquired, amused by that new piece of information.
“Yeah, he began talking about the great love of his life. How she had betrayed him with that stinking alien evil mother… well, you get the idea… and how she had stabbed him in the back.”
Bra gasped. “Oh my God… no way, how could my kaa-san have done that?”
Goten shook his head. “I don't know. They weren't together at the time anyhow. They had known each other for over a decade but things weren't working out since they were constantly fighting. I guess they were growing apart. When your mom took in your dad, it was unavoidable for them to end up together. Well, maybe not unavoidable but they did end up falling for each other.”
“Well, my tou-san took a lot longer to fall for my mom. He wouldn't admit it to her or to himself,” she explained. “He still doesn't act very affectionate around her, in public at least,” she added, smiling.
”Well, doesn't that kill the whole comforting theory? Do you really see your dad comforting your mom and settling for left-overs?” Goten asked her.
Bra frowned at his use of words, but she had to admit he was right. It didn't fit.
“That is so sad. He hasn't gotten over her. The string of women…” she began.
“It's a way of salvaging his pride and I guess he's trying to find another woman who will replace her,” he said, obviously feeling sorry for the older man.
“But why didn't he tell people the truth?” she wondered.
“Again, to salvage his pride. Isn't that what you did when Hiroshi cheated on you?”
“Yes, that's true,” she replied, feeling equally sorry for poor Yamcha. “But,” she continued, “I can't believe Kaa-san lied to me!”
“Did she ever tell you what happened point blank?” he asked her, tilting his head and looking thoughtful.
“Erm… not really,” Bra admitted, twirling a lock of her long blue hair as she spoke. “In the past, she always tried to change the subject, saying it was too grown up for me. If she wasn't doing that, she was just nodding when anyone would mention it. She never really told me everything. She did tell me all about my tou-san and how he rejected her at the beginning, but the whole Yamcha episode was always very hazy… how could I have not realized it?” Bra shook her head in wonder and gazed at Goten.
“We are often blind when we come to our parents,” he replied ironically. Bra noticed it was the second time he mentioned his parents that night in such a sardonic way. Again, before she could inquire about that, he said something else and the subject was quickly dropped. They continued gossiping about Bulma and Yamcha for another half an hour. They were giggling about something when all of a sudden, Bra remembered why they where in the movie theater in the first place.
“Oh Goten, the movie!” she squeaked.
“Don't worry, another session starts at 11.”
“Oh, okay. It's barely 10, though. You wanna eat something?”
“Are you hungry?” he asked her, eying her like he wanted to eat her.
Bra smiled very slowly and shook her head. “Not for food.”
“What do you say we find some corner to make out for an hour?” he inquired, already standing up and taking her hand, brushing his fingers over the center or her palm.
“Sure,” she croaked.
Smiling, they walked outside, seeking an appropriate spot. Goten turned to look at something behind them when she heard a strange pop sound. It sounded strangely like a camera flash.
Bra glanced around but saw nothing, and then Goten distracted her by dragging her to a corner and kissing her soundly and grabbing her ass.
Bra heard the sound again and realized it had to be a camera.
“Duck!” she exclaimed and immediately Goten did so. Bless his reflexes and warrior instincts. Another guy would still be standing there, wondering why she wanted him to duck or just plain old taking too long to do so.
She advanced forward and saw a man sprinting away. She attempted to follow him, but by the second block, he was long gone. He probably knew all the hiding spots around the area and she couldn't feel his puny ki at all or even if she could, wouldn't be able to distinguish it from anyone else who was just walking around.
When she headed back to Goten, she saw him still standing at the corner, looking sheepish.
“Sorry I didn't follow you, I didn't want him to get another picture of me.”
“I know that's fine. This doesn't happen too often but occasionally, I do get photographed. I presume he didn't have more famous people to bug.”
Both of them shook their heads. A dreadful realization made Bra's eyes widen.
“Oh my god, you realize my kaa-san reads that several gossip magazines religiously?”
“Really?” Goten asked, trying not to laugh.
“Seriously, she says that we appear there all the time. People see us flying and think we are UFO's,” she explained.
They fell silent and then Bra exclaimed, “Ahrrrg, I hate the paparazzi! I can't believe I forgot to wear one of my wigs!”
“I'm sure it won't be a big deal,” Goten pointed out, trying to be reasonable.
”Oh, you won't be so reasonable when your picture pops out on one of those dingy magazines in a few days.”
Goten swallowed and seemed very worried.
“What can we do?” he asked her.
“Wait and see what happens.” She replied dryly.
To be continued…
Japanese words used in this chapter:
baka: stupid
moshi moshi: hello when answering the phone
kawaii: cute
sumimasen: a more formal way of saying I'm sorry
okaa-san: mother
otou-san: father
kaa-san: mom
tou-san: dad
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