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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 12: The World's Best and Worst Kaa-sans
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
The sun caressed Goten's back tantalizingly. He signed, enjoying the sound of the far off surf, the scent of salt in the air and most importantly, the feeling of Bra's slender legs and arms wrapped around his larger frame.
After their run in with the paparazzi Tuesday night, they had finally watched the movie. Even though Bra hadn't wanted to admit it, she had clearly enjoyed it. Although she had made fun of it mercilessly, she'd still laughed and cringed and whooped according to happened on the screen. She was an active audience, feeling the movie like she was one of the characters. He really liked that about her, even if it made concentrating on the movie quite challenging.
Halfway through the movie, they had both stopped --well, mostly him-- trying to pay attention and had engaged in some old fashioned making out. There was not much you could decently do in a theater -although she gave him quite a few ideas wearing that short skirt-, especially considering it was only their second date.
It was getting harder and harder to control himself every time he saw her. It was not often he felt like a randy teenager. Well, scratch that, it was pretty often, but it was certainly not often that he did not seem to think about anything else but doing her when he laid his hands on her.
Bra sighed, opened her eyes and gazed at him, smiling brightly.
“This was such a good idea,” she whispered.
“I'm glad you liked it,” he whispered back. He had practically kidnapped her before she could go to class that Thursday morning. He had the day off and there had been nothing else he wanted to do except for hanging out with Bra. They'd barely stopped by her mansion for her bikini, although he had suggested she do without it. She had just smacked him across the head and had still gone to pick up her beach stuff.
Why they were whispering, he had no idea. Perhaps it was because they were feeling drowsy after a couple of hours of frolicking in the surf. Bra had brought her surfing board, and had tried to teach him a bit of the basics. Unfortunately, it was going to take more time and probably another teacher. They had been often sidetracked, pretty much every time they touched each other, playfully or not.
Bra kept smiling at him and Goten felt his insides flip flop. Then she closed her eyes again, snuggling against him. She was so gorgeous. She was also funny, sharp, girly, kind, very spontaneous and fun to be with. Yes, he was very physically attracted to her. It wasn't only that, and that worried him. He wasn't in it only for the obvious benefits. He genuinely liked her. He always had, even when she had been a bitchy brat most of the time.
It was true what he'd told Bra that day when he had forcibly made her talk to him and taken her away from Tram sister's wedding. He hadn't been lying when he had explained he really didn't know exactly what were they doing or where was this heading. He'd never had to worry about that before. He'd always made sure he and his girlfriend were having fun, and if it developed into something deeper, it had to be mutual. If one of them felt more than the other, then it was better to break it off before it got worse. So far, he hadn't found someone compatible enough to get married. He had thought that Paris had been the one but that had not worked out.
Bra was less experienced, though. Even though she had had numerous boyfriends, only one or two of her relationships had lasted more than a couple of months. In her constant search for the Right One, she had gone through a lot. He hoped that didn't mean she wouldn't start rushing their relationship.
With a self deprecating laugh, Goten realized he was the one who was wasting time and brain cells thinking about where their relationship was headed, not her. For all he knew, she might not even consider them a relationship.
All at once, that worried him a bit. Could it be that she was dating another guy, or thinking about dating others while going out with him? It was true that they hadn't spoken about exclusivity. It shouldn't trouble him, but it did. Even if it wasn't serious yet between them, and he didn't know if it would ever get to that point since they were still getting to know each other as more than friends, he had to know how she felt about it.
“Bra,” he started, watching her open her eyes again.
“Yes Goten-kun?” she asked, grinning.
Could it be that she sensed his thoughts? Her smile was awfully smug.
“Are you seeing other guys besides me?” he blurted out. As soon as the words left his mouth he cursed himself.
Nani?! ” she almost screeched, disentangling her limbs from his and sitting up indignantly.
“I'm sorry, it was a lame question. I just blurted out the first thing that came to my mouth.” Oh jeez… has my father's head injury passed on onto me? “I know you usually stick to just one boyfriend… It's just that since we haven't talked much about… this…” he trailed off, feeling his face burn. Come on, he was thirty-one, not fourteen.
“Well…” she began, regarding him quizzically, considering her answer. She then smiled very confidently, making him nervous. What was going through that gorgeous head of hers? “I guess it is a reasonable question. After all, it's not like you've asked me to be your girlfriend. We haven't even really talked about it. This is an all around bizarre relationship. We've known each other forever and our family and friends will freak when they find out.”
She smiled and Goten smiled back plastically, somehow unsettled by her words. Why had she mentioned the word girlfriend?
“I guess we can talk about it,” Goten offered, not willing to let things unsettled.
“Sure we can. Is there something you want to tell me?” Bra inquired, batting her eyelashes and gazing at him from hooded eyes.
All of a sudden it all seemed so silly. Of course he wanted her to be his girlfriend. He did want something more. Why else would he risk his limbs by dating her? As soon as her brother found out, he would be furious. Trunks would probably stop talking to him for a while. And if Vegita found out… the thought made him shudder and his mind shied away from that possibility.
Goten grinned at Bra, who was still coyly waiting for his answer.
Laughing out loud, he took her hands. He kissed them both and then placed them behind his neck where they automatically tangled into his hair. He encircled her small waist and pulled her towards him so their bodies could be plastered together. They were facing each other, kneeling on the white sand. Palm trees were swaying in the gentle afternoon breeze. Being here with her had been worth driving for two hours. Bra looked up at him expectantly, smiling slightly. Slowly, deliberately, he tasted her lips. They were salty from the seawater. He delved into her mouth, savoring the moment, crushing her to him, holding her as tight as possible. They held and kissed each other for several minutes until Goten came up for air.
“I like you very, very much, Bra,” he confessed, feeling like a foolish adolescent, but not caring at all.
“I like you too, Goten,” she said, grinning widely.
“And I would like for you to be my girlfriend.”
Bra laughed and nodded. “That sounded even cornier outside my head. You didn't have to do that, that was very sweet,” she told him, nibbling his lips playfully.
“I aim to please,” he said, enjoying her lips against his.
Needless to say, it was not necessary to tell each other they were still a secret couple.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
It was Friday afternoon and Bra was in a bit of a bad mood. She had stayed up way too late with Goten last night and had totally forgotten about a test. Not to mention, she had also left that class early the day before so she had missed the review. She was very sure she had totally flunked the test. She was also very worried about when the article with the incriminating pictures was going to come out. She didn't really know how the whole magazine business worked, but she and Goten had been checking all of the tabloids daily since Tuesday. What were they going to do when it came out, she did not know.
Her high heels clicked on the marble floors of C.C. The clicking sound was suddenly drowned by her mother's voice booming through the stereo speakers that were installed all over the complex.
“Honey, come into the labs please. We need to talk.”
Bra was not surprised that her mom knew she had barely stepped into the complex. There was a camera in the front and a beep had alerted Bulma that someone had just walked in. What did surprise her was the fact she was being summoned though the intercom. Something was up.
With trepidation, Bra walked towards the labs, ignoring all the art on the walls, the robots milling around and the gorgeous furniture.
Opening the heavy door, she stepped in and immediately covered her ears. What was that atrocious noise? A few seconds later, it mercifully stopped and Bulma stepped out from behind a big chunk of metal.
“Look at this,” her mom spoke, tossing her a magazine a bit smudged with oil.
How did she get a hold of tomorrow's Scandal magazine?
“I always receive the magazine the day before it's released to the public,” Bulma said, answering Bra's question before she could voice it. “That's what money can do. Go to page 24. You and Goten are in there.”
Almost shaking with nervousness, leafed through the disreputable publication and read:
Billionaire heiress has it all. She lives in the Capsule Corporation mansion with her genius mother Bulma, her brother Trunks who is Capsule Corporation's acting CEO and her mysterious father Vegita, a prince of a small foreign country (although such claim hasn't been completely confirmed, it is common knowledge). Prince Vegita has been very aggressive towards the press in the past but no charges have ever stuck. Bra is filthy rich, gorgeous and pretty smart to boot (if you can trust those SAT scores). She is constantly seen in exclusive clubs, luxury shopping centers, concerts and award shows.
However, poor Bra seems to have bad luck in love. She made headlines when she dated famous pop star Johnny Krentz. She had barely turned 18 when they were seen together in several restaurants. She was his date the night he won the Grammy for best new artist. Bra was the one to break the short relationship after a huge public spat that took place in Club 5. A month after the breakup, she was seen making out with actor David Bugle. A few weeks after that, the heiress was seen sucking face with yet another young actor. Bra seems to be jumping from man to man, just like her famous mother did before settling down.
That is why it is not a surprise that Bra Briefs has been spotted with yet another boy toy. She was seen and photographed at the new Satan movie theater holding hands and groping with an unknown man. Before a decent picture could be taken, the young man ran after the photographer and caused him some harm. The photographer is recuperating and getting some counsel to sue the perpetrator.
Bra shook her head in bewilderment. That was the stupidest article she had ever read. The rumor mill must be running extremely dry if that was the best they could come up with. There were two pictures of them. Both were pretty blurry. In one of them, all you could see was Goten's back and her hands perilously close to his ass. It had been taken when they had been making out at a supposedly private corner. Bra was against the wall and he was holding her so that's why you couldn't see her at all, just a bit of her long blue hair. In the second picture, they were holding hands and facing the camera. Unfortunately for the photographer, Goten had been turning his head back so only a quarter of his face could be seen. It was dark, so someone who didn't know Goten wouldn't be able to recognize him. She, however, was instantly recognizable.
Bra glanced at her mom's stern expression. “Oh God, this makes me look like the world's biggest hussy.”
Bulma's lips twitched slightly. “Oh honey, you've seen my tabloid scrapbook. I was seen as a bigger hussy than you will ever be.” Her lips stopped twitching and her expression became stern again. “What is all this anyway?”
Kaa-san, I am sorry I didn't tell you.”
“You should be. How do you think I feel finding out this way?”
“But, Mom, we have only been dating for a week. That was taken Tuesday. They work damn fast.” Bulma frowned and Bra pouted. “I'm sorry, Kaa-san.”
“I thought you told me everything,” Bulma complained. “You know you can, right?”
“I do… I was going to… eventually. I was just, I'm sorry I was afraid you'd tell Otou-san,” Bra replied.
“You're very lucky you have such a good Kaa-san. Not only will I not tell your father or your brother, but I managed to buy all the issues of this magazine, just in case.”
Bulma took two capsules and showed them to Bra. “I won't open them here; there are too many of them and not enough room in here.”
Bra just stared at her mom, moved beyond words. Who could ask for a better parent?
Bra fell into Bulma's arms, sobbing. “Oh Mom, thank you so much! You are the greatest!”
Bulma smiled, “I know.”
They stood there, hugging for a while until Bulma pulled back and asked, “How did this happen?”
“Well, we went to the movies and…”
“No, no,” interrupted Bulma. “How did this start in the first place?”
Bra giggled and said, “First you gotta tell me all about what happened between Yamcha and you.” Bulma's eyes widened but she took it in stride. “Seems like I'm not the only one keeping secrets,” Bra teased her mom.
“Fine,” replied Bulma shaking her head and smirking a bit.
“I'll tell you everything if we go to the living room or my room or something. We're just standing here like fools,” Bra complained.
“We are far too intelligent and beautiful to ever be fools. Come on; let's go to the sitting room. I'll tell the robots to serve us some wine too. I'm thirsty,” Bulma declared as she turned to the intercom set on the wall.
“You should also change. That outfit is funky as hell.”
“Funky?” Bulma asked, glancing down at her shapeless oil-splattered gray overalls. “What do you expect me to work in, a ball gown?”
Giggling, they proceeded to step out of the lab after Bulma ordered the robots to prepare the sitting room.
That night at dinner, Trunks actually joined them. They were all so busy with their activities -her dad with his endless training and God knows what else, her mom with her company and her inventions, Trunks and his womanizing and well, work and she with her studies and social life- that they didn't eat together at the table as often as they should. It did happen at least once a week, though.
“I want to propose a toast,” Kaa-san announced, getting up and holding up her glass of fresh papaya juice.
“What is it now, woman?” tou-san asked, being his usual grumbly self. Bra frowned at him and one of his eyebrows rose. She'd learned to read his facial expressions since infancy and that meant, at least in this occasion, that he was amused.
“Well, we are number one in the Forbes 500 this year!” she exclaimed enthusiastically and Bra grinned.
“Bulma, isn't your company always number one?” Vegita said acerbically, startling Bra a bit. Her dad didn't call her mom by name very often, preferring to call her onna, and when he did, it usually meant something. She supposed in this case, it meant that he was actually proud of her.
“Well,” she cleared her throat. “Yes, but Yamatchi Inc. was hot on our heels. However we beat them, thanks to all our hard work -that means you too, Trunks- we are still up there.”
Trunks beamed and Bra had to hand it to her mom. She had found the way to actually get through her brother's thick skull. Flattery.
“This means, though, that if you want an even bigger bonus next year, you need to skip out a lot less, Trunks. This is your heritage, got it?” her mom directed towards her brother, looking stern.
As well as bribery and pride of heritage. Impressive.
“Sure thing, Mom and congratulations,” Trunks said, smiling. Vegita just snorted but he was smirking in a slightly pleased way.
“Aren't you going to congratulate me, Vegita?” Kaa-san inquired archly, directing her attention to Tou-san.
“No,” he replied succinctly but his eyes said otherwise. Their gazes locked a bit longer than necessary and the atmosphere in the dining room became a bit steamier than Bra felt comfortable with. Jeez, we get it. You guys still have sex, now cut it out, Bra wanted to shout out.
“Ahem,” Trunks finally coughed, breaking the spell, right before Bra did. Her mom was blushing slightly and she sat back down.
“Well, let's keep eating before it gets cold!”
Bra smirked and Trunks shook his head. Dad scowled. Everything was as usual.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“Anyway, she ended up telling me the whole story of what happened with her and Yamcha. Isn't it awesome? Our secret will be safe for a bit longer,” she giggled, balancing a shopping bag in each hand and her cell between her shoulder and ear. She had completely forgotten her Bluetooth. Bra wished she could just levitate the bags with her ki and have them follow her but she didn't want to look like a freak in public and possibly get photographed.
“You did keep at least a copy of the magazine, right?” Goten inquired, clearly diverted by the whole situation and not at all worried about their near discovery. The thought made Bra feel nervous and elated at the same time.
“Of course. We should read it together and make fun of it. What are you doing tonight?” asked Bra, switching her cell to her other ear.
“Nothing much. After I get off work I have an errand to run and then I'm going home. Why?”
“Well, I want to do something for you I have never done for a man before,” Bra teased.
Goten chuckled. “Really?”
“Yes, really. And you might not survive. Are you up for a challenge?”
“Sure,” he retorted, laughing. “What is it?”
“I am going to cook for you,” Bra said.
Goten almost chocked with laughter. “Oh man, this is going to be great. I got chicken and pasta and other stuff in my house. Want to do it there?”
Bra hesitated at that but she berated herself. There was nothing to be afraid of. Not even her own uncontrollable lust. She could control herself if they were all alone in his house. With a big bed nearby. “Sure. What time should I be there?”
“Don't begin cooking without me. I should be home around 7:30 p.m.”
“Okay, 7:30 it is.”
After finishing off her shopping, Bra had more than enough time to get ready. She dressed in Gucci jeans and a sparkly purple Calvin Klein sweater she'd just purchased. Autumn was slowly turning into winter and it was getting pretty cold. She drove to Goten's and got there exactly at 7:30. Goten had told her he always left a key underneath the welcome rug and had given her permission to come in anytime, even if he wasn't home. Not a very safe thing to do, but quite convenient if you kept losing your keys like Goten always did.
Letting herself in, Bra was vastly amused at how neat and orderly everything was. The kitchen counters were polished. The living room was spotless. The green couch and equally green easy chair were well kept and aligned perfectly towards the big screen TV, which was gleaming and free of any dust or fingerprints on the screen. There were no magazines lying around, no nasty, sweaty T-shirts tossed behind the chairs in the living room, no dust, no garbage peaking out. She dared not go into his room -she did not want to invade his privacy- but she was sure the bed was made and the carpet was just as recently vacuumed. She would have never suspected this was a bachelor's home. Really, Chichi had done a splendid job raising him.
Grinning to herself, Bra sat down on the couch and found the remote on the end table. Wow, she couldn't even find her remote in her room most times. Turning on the TV, she found a great show in the History channel about mummies and settled down to wait for Goten.
Half an hour later, Bra began getting a bit exasperated. It was already eight. She decided it was time to try and give him a call. She hadn't wanted to be all picky about punctuality but half an hour was half an hour.
Bra got her cell phone and pressed three for speed dialing. After five rings she got his answering machine. Baffled, she debated against trying again. She didn't want to seem like some psycho, calling him a bunch of times. Finally, she decided one more call -in case he had to work late and hadn't heard the phone- could never be considered psycho.
Nothing. How bizare.
Resolving to calm down, she took deep breaths to keep from getting pissed. It was okay. He would be late and have a perfectly good explanation.
Another half an hour went by.
Then another.
And yet one more.
It was 9:30 p.m. and Bra was beyond pissed. She was entering the enraged region. How dare he stand her up like this? He was nuts if he thought she was going to just sit and take that. Hell no! She was going to leave right this second. It was bad enough she had actually waited for two hours; he didn't have to know about it!
Huffing, she took her purse and her light jacket. She turned off the TV and all the lights and then wondered why she was being so nice anyway. The jerk. Insensitive baka.
Before she could continue cursing him with more imaginative words, she heard the door turn. Oh crap. It was Goten. She could feel him. Her enraged mood turned into a dark, broody, stormy one. She was no longer mad at him; she just felt a helplessness and disappointment she couldn't shake.
She just stood there and watched Goten open the door and let himself in. He slammed it shut and, scowling darkly; then he faced his own living room and stopped dead on his tracks.
“Oh, I…” he stammered, growing red in the face.
“Yes, it's me. Bra. Remember? 7:30. Here?” she gesticulated wildly around the house, blushing with anger.
“Look, I can explain… the little thing I had to do after work… I had to go to my mother's, and my father was there and…” he trailed off, adverting his gaze.
Bra examined him closely and realized how very distraught he was. Distraught enough to forget their date. He was still a jerk but she did want to hear what had happened.
“Okay, this is going to be a long night. I'll make some coffee. Sit,” she ordered, taking him by the hand and practically shoving him onto the couch.
She went to the kitchen and got the coffee started, turning back every couple of seconds to watch Goten. The bar was facing the living room and she could see him just sitting there staring out into space.
You poor man. What happened at your house? she wondered, walking back beside him.
“So, what happened?” Bra finally said after a long silence.
“I got into an argument with my parents and I called my dad an insensitive bakayarou,” he replied tonelessly, still staring into space.
Bra's mouth opened as she gasped slightly and she immediately pulled the easy chair right in front of him and sat down.
“Why did you say that?”
“Because it's the truth. He comes every few months and he thinks that's enough. My mother needs him.”
“But your dad comes to town at least once a month,” she reasoned.
“Really? How do you know that?” Goten asked, looking away.
“Because he comes to train with my dad, that's why,” she answered.
“Well, that doesn't mean he comes to see my mom every month or so,” he started, his expression thunderous. “Ever since he left off with Uub, he has never come home to live permanently. Oh sure, a couple of years ago he stayed like four months. Last year he stayed one. But he is always off, searching for promising talent, training strong warriors, saving other planets and all that crap. Yeah my dad's a big hero, big whoop... what about his family, huh? Gohan and I are fine; at least he waited till we were both adults to leave, but what about Mom, huh? Fortunately, he is finally making some money and sending some to my mom. That is why I finally moved out, because I was sure that at least for a while, my mother could support herself and not break down.”
“Break down?” Bra asked softly.
“Yes. Break down. She suffers from clinical depression. She has already tried to kill herself twice. Two years ago she finally became stable and that's when I moved,” Goten explained, still not meeting Bra's eyes. “She also made me promise her I wouldn't tell my dad and I didn't for a very long time. But tonight, I sort of did and my mom was beyond pissed at me.”
Bra was shocked. Sure, she knew Chichi was often a bit depressed and not too stable, but she had no idea she had attempted to end her own life!
“So that is the reason you would never really stick to going to college and why you kept living with your mom for so long,” Bra stated soberly, not being able to imagine how all this must have affected Goten's whole life.
Bra stood up from the easy chair and sat besides him. She had no idea if he would reject her hug or not in the state he was in, but she didn't care. She would try it anyway. Goten made it easy by just sitting there limply and not resisting her when she embraced him tightly.
With their arms wrapped around each other, Bra listened to the rest of his story.
“I hadn't expected for my dad to be there. My mom didn't have the decency of letting me know it was one of his visits as she usually does. I walked into the house and I immediately got mad. I don't know what came into me. I stood in the living room and began powering up. Dad came out, worried and not knowing what was going on. I told him, well, what I said, and he just acted confused and said he was sorry. He had no idea why I was upset but he still said he was sorry. Made me feel guilty as hell. Then Mom also showed up and started screaming at me. I didn't say much and left when she began crying.”
Bra felt awful for Goten, but there was nothing she could really tell him. He had said something he shouldn't have to his dad. She knew where he was coming from but still; if she were either of his parents she would have been offended too. If she had told such a thing to her father, he would have smacked her so hard and so fast she would have landed in Namek. It wasn't her place to judge Goten, though, so she just remained silent, hugging him. They held each other for a while until Goten pulled back, smiling. All of a sudden, her mood lifted too.
“Hey, I'm here all snuggling with a celebrity and I'm all moping about a stupid fight with my parents… come on, read me the article.”
Bra laughed and rummaged into her jacket's huge pockets and unearthed the last copy of that week's Scandal magazine.
By the time she finished reading it, they were both practically rolling on the floor laughing.
“So, I chased the photographer and beat him up, huh?” said Goten.
“Yeah, you better be careful or his lawyers will come after you. Man, I bet they are good lawyers too. You know a paparazzi taking pictures of me has to have the best lawyers,” said Bra, giggling.
“You are a celebrity, though, you dumped Johnny Krentz at club 5,” Goten commented jokingly.
“Well,” Bra began. “That's kinda true.”
“Really?” Goten chocked out between guffaws.
“He was actually after my money. It seems he also wanted to be an actor, but no producer or director would give him a chance, since they didn't think he was actor material. A marginally talented singer, yes, but not an actor. He wanted me to finance his movie or something. I got so pissed I practically broke the whole bottle of wine on his head and left. The paparazzi didn't leave me alone for months after that little spectacle.”
“Wow,” Goten said. “I remember that but I didn't pay too much attention to it at the time… what about David Bugle?” asked Goten.
“Erm,” Bra cleared her thought, blushing. “I did let him kiss me at a party. We didn't make out that much, though.”
Bra could tell Goten was trying very, very hard not to feel intimidated by the fact she had dated Johnny Krentz, but it was tough. He'd just been screamed at by his mom and probably deemed her out of his league just because she'd dated some famous but idiotic guys.
Sensing how he was feeling, Bra cupped his jaw in both her hands and dragged his face forward until they were nose to nose. “Baby, you are a much better kisser than Johnny. Trust me, you'd blow him away to dust in a kissing contest,” she affirmed silkily, kissing him deeply to prove her point.
A few minutes into the kiss, Bra sat across his lap to be even more comfortable, molding her body to his.
“Oh,” Goten groaned as they kept kissing.
An annoying buzz began in Bra's ear but she ignored it, really getting into the spirit of the tongue-wrestling.
The buzzing continued, though and Goten seemed to also hear it because he fidgeted a bit.
Eventually, when it went on, both realized it was a cell phone.
“Oh crap, it's my cell phone. Hold on… Erm… It's your brother.”
Both stayed silent for a couple of seconds until Goten said, “I'm not getting it.”
“You should. You shouldn't break your routine or he'll suspect something,” Bra urged.
Goten scowled and grabbed the cell phone, hitting the call button.
“Hey, old buddy, whatchadoing?” asked Goten.
He nodded for a minute and laughed, and they chatted for a little while. Meanwhile, Bra just sat there, staring at Goten, chewing her lip. Why had he scowled like that? And who else would find out about them next? And why did her brother keep interrupting them right when they were making out?
To be continued…
Japanese words used in this chapter:
nani: what
kaa-san: mom
otou-san: father
onna: woman
bakayarou: asshole
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