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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 14: Reconciliations
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
Warning, this chapter contains a bit of citrus (sexual content), but nothing too graphic...
Bra sat there on the grass for a couple of minutes, stunned and baffled. She couldn't believe they'd just had their first fight. It felt awful, more than awful; devastating. She didn't want to argue with Goten and she couldn't fully understand why he was so upset.
They really liked each other and she had to admit to herself, there was a connection there that she suspected neither had ever felt before. Perhaps their feelings went deeper, but she wanted, needed time to find out. She knew she loved him but wasn't sure how deep his feelings for her went. She was still scared, though and brimming with so many unanswered questions. Where was this leading? Once their family and friends found out, what would be their reaction? Would they be able to have a normal relationship? She then snorted at that thought. Normal? How could they be normal when they were half Saiya-jin?
Finally, Bra decided it was stupid to just sit there in front of his house sprawled on the front lawn in such an undignified manner. She needed to fix what had happened, but she didn't know how. She didn't even really comprehend what exactly was it that he wanted, why he'd gotten so pissed. Did he really desire to make this public when they were still figuring out what was going on? She had never felt so unbalanced, so in tune with another person, so vulnerable in all her short adventurous life.
It was frightening. Terrifying.
At the moment, Bra decided she needed to talk to a friend. Grabbing her cell phone, she pressed two in her speed-dial.
“Hey Bra, whatsup?”
As soon as Bra heard Pan's cheerful voice, she broke down. The situation was just too strange, too overwhelming. She started crying in earnest when Pan started asking what was wrong.
“Whoa, what happened, where are you?” Pan said, alarmed.
“I'm in front of G-G-Goten's house,” Bra sobbed.
“Okay, stay there. I'll fly over, what the hell. My parents really need to buy me a car,” she complained. Her car had completely broken down beyond repair a few months ago and she hadn't been able to get a new one. Bra could hear her opening and closing drawers. I should have gotten a car for Pan instead, Bra mused.
She hung up on her best friend and attempted to clam down a little, entering Goten's 2/2 house to wait for Pan to arrive. Now she was embarrassed that she'd made her friend fly over, but really, she felt awful and really needed her here with her. She'd make it up for it. What a great friend Pan was, dropping everything at a moment's notice to come to her aid. Bra felt very grateful to have her in her life.
The Son girl got there less than ten minutes later, dressed in jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, her hair in messy ponytail, probably made messier by the flight over. Pan immediately hugged her and Bra started crying a bit again.
“Okay, so what did my uncle do this time?”
Bra gave her a tremulous smile and related the latest events, including Paris' surprise appearance. Afterwards, Pan was silent for a bit, mulling everything over.
“Well, my first reaction would be to tell you that he overreacted. However, he is my uncle and I do know him a bit. I can tell you that he's going through a lot right now. I've heard my parents talk about the situation between grandpa and him. He has become so resentful and grandpa's recent return has created tension between them all. Grandpa spent a lot more time with my dad when he was growing up, but Goten's childhood was harder. I'm sure you already know all this though.” Pan smiled weakly and shrugged. “Also, it seems that this whole `keeping it secret' thing is bothering him more than you thought and it just came out like that after finding out about the premier. As for Paris, they are obviously over and I really doubt he would take her back, especially now that he's with you.”
“I suppose I shouldn't have bought him that car, I mean, jeez, we've been dating for almost three weeks and here I am, giving him a Hummer. What was I thinking?” Bra moaned, covering her face with her hands.
“Don't beat yourself over it, Bra. It's not your fault you are rich. If you guys are going to be together, he will have to learn how to deal with it. You are also going to have to figure out what you want,” Pan concluded, sounding older than her 18 years. After all, she'd also had quite an adventurous childhood, more so than Bra.
“I'm frightened, Pan. I don't know what this is. It's not as simple as it's always been. I feel… I feel that if I were to lose him, I would also lose part of myself. I can't explain it, it's as if he's gotten inside my head,” she complained, tapping her temple with her right index finger.
“Bra, isn't this what you always wanted? To find The One?” Pan inquired, her brows rising.
Hai, and I also wanted Goten to notice me and now that he has, I'm freaking out like an idiot. Why am I so scared?” Bra's face was anguished and Pan's heart went out to her.
“I don't know, my friend. All I can tell you is that I really want to see you happy,” she declared sincerely.
“Oh, you are such a good friend!” Bra exclaimed, throwing her arms around Pan.
“I know… I know,” Pan murmured as she hugged Bra back and then chuckled.
“I think I want to stay here and wait until he comes back… if he decides to do so tonight,” Bra told Pan, her eyes still wet.
Iie, I think that you should give him a little bit of space now. Leave him a note somewhere where he will see it and go to your own bed. You need to sleep and we have classes tomorrow. He'll come around, I promise,” Pan said, winking.
“I guess you're right.” Bra then proceeded to hunt for paper and a pen and after several minutes of agonizing over it and a couple of drafts, she finally wrote down a semi-decent note.
Goten, I am very sorry about our fight. I think we really need to talk and resolve things. You mean too much to me and we need to make this right. Please call me whenever you are ready.
Pan glanced over at the note and nodded. “Looks good enough.”
“Okay. Can we get something to eat? I'm starving,” Bra grumbled while her stomach decided to also complain right at that moment. Being half Saiya-jin could certainly be annoying at times.
They both laughed and Pan said, “Yeah, sure, let's get a bite to eat.”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Oblivious to the events going on at his own house, Goten had decided to go to the gym to let out some steam. After half an hour of working out with the gym's equipment at the maximum weight, he decided that wasn't going to cut it. He was going to have to do some sparring and unfortunately, there weren't many candidates available. Trunks was out on a date, his brother wasn't home… Perhaps this would be a good chance to take up his father's offer of sparring any time he wanted. After all, who better to let out his frustration with?
He drove over his parent's house -his mom would be beyond pissed if he arrived flying- and was relieved to feel his dad's ki inside. He was afraid that he was going to have search for him.
His mother answered the door, wiping her hands on her apron.
“Oh Goten, it's so nice to see you here!” she said and Goten smiled sheepishly. His mom had always been quick to forgive him.
Arigatou Kaa-san, I'm happy to see you too.”
They hugged and she let him in. Goku was at the table eating up a storm and Chichi insisted he sit down to eat too and Goten was certainly not complaining.
“I think there might be enough if you don't over do it Goku-sa,” Kaa-san said, smiling brightly at his dad.
“Okay, Chichi.” His mouth was full so the words came out muffled. Chichi frowned and Tou-san closed his mouth and grinned.
Goten sat at the table and realized he was starving. Goku smiled at him as he ate with his mouth full and Goten couldn't help but smile back. Maybe being so mad at him is not good for me, Goten wondered and he kept eating his mom's wonderful food.
When they were all done, Chichi smiled at them and said, “Goten-kun, I think your dad has some things he needs to tell you. I will be in our room.” She then glared pointedly at Goku, who immediately put his hand behind his head and grinned foolishly. Chichi just shook her head and retired to the back.
Goten waited till she was out of earshot and said, “Dad, you don't have to tell me anything just because Mom told you to.”
“No Son, this is something that I should have done a long time ago. I think it's a good idea to talk. You wanna go outside?”
“Sure,” Goten replied, sending his dad a surprised look, his thoughts of Bra and sparring forgotten for the moment.
They walked for a while among the forest that surrounded the cozy cottage Goten's parents lived at. They eventually located a spot to sit down close to the little river and stared at the running stream, its water crystalline and smooth.
Once relaxed, Goku faced Goten, took a deep breath and started talking. “Son, I know I haven't been the best dad or husband. I've always been so worried with the planet's safety and always getting stronger to save Chikyuu from well… all the bad guys that keep coming! Poor Gohan had to kill Perfect Cell and saw me die right in front of him. That's in part why I stayed dead for eight years. I felt I was the one who was always causing all this trouble... “ Goku paused and peered up at the sky, as if trying to remember what else he needed to say. Goten remained silent, his eyes a bit wide.
“I could say that it wasn't my fault, that I always do my best and have helped save so many so many times, but…  I love fighting. Your mom says it's in my blood `cause I'm Saiya-jin. Not fighting for no reason, but to fight for those I love… to me that's the best thing ever. Chichi never liked it. She thought I was a bad influence on you two, and after I left to train Uub for a while... well, maybe you and your brother were better off without me. You have your mom and your friends and Gohan has Videl and Pan,” his dad sighed and shook his head.
“I know you're mad at me for not being around so much. I'm sorry I didn't notice. Your mom told me a lot of things I haven't noticed. You've grown so much, changed so much that I… its difficult to explain… Last night your mom had a long talk with me. She wants me to be around more, no matter what, and I really do want to do it. I will try my hardest to not go off training someone even if I really, really want to... I want to be a better husband… and a better father.”
Goten stared at his Goku, open-mouthed. Wow, that's a lot of information to assimilate. I guess my tou-san is full of surprises.
Goten frowned a bit and looked away from his dad's earnest expression… could he try to understand? Somehow, he felt his dad wasn't telling him everything. Perhaps he also needed to have a talk with Kaa-san but now… now perhaps was the moment to mend bridges with his father.
Tou-san, it's true that I've been mad at you, and even though what you just told me explains a lot, it doesn't justify everything. I'm an adult now, with a life or my own but yes, you being away so much did affect us and it has specially affected Kaa-san. If you want to stay more, that's not really up to me. I guess I just want you to be here for mom,”
Goku stared right into Goten's eyes. “I know, but I think that it's never too late. Being dead has taught me a lot, specially that life is too special to waste. Maybe I've been ignoring the most important thing, my family. Can we make peace?” Goku asked, his expression wide-eyed, earnest and innocent.
Goten smiled at his dad. How could he say no? “Sure, Tou-san, I guess I can at least do that.”
They both stood at the same time and embraced. Goten buried his head in his Dad's shoulder, feeling the slight urge to cry. He hated being upset at his dad. For so long he had idolized him and he still loved him. Perhaps it was true. Maybe he was here to stay. Sitting down again after the long hug, they remained silent for a while.
Without warning, a very intense sadness invaded Goten's soul. He couldn't control it as tears started streaming down his cheeks and sobs started to shake his muscular frame.
“What's wrong?” his father cried out, his eyes wide and worried.
“It's not you Tou-san, I don't know what's wrong,” Goten sputtered out between sobs. Slowly, the tears started pouring less until he was composed again.
Goku eyed him in alarm, “Son, what happened? Did our talk upset you that much? I didn't mean to make you sad.”
“No Dad, I just told you it wasn't you; I don't know what's going on with me lately. Recently, I've been feeling so very weird and switching emotions from one second to the next, as if someone else's feelings were invading my mind...” his words trailed as a realization struck him with the power of lightning.
Oh my God, could it be? he asked himself. Could this be related to Bra? But how? Why would I be feeling her feelings?
Tou-san, I really got to do something right now. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Thanks for the talk. I'll be by tomorrow to spar and we'll talk more.” Goten said as he got up.
“Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then,” a concerned Goku said.
Goten took off flying, forgetting about his car. He needed to see Bra. This instant. He concentrated on her ki and felt she was in her house, most likely in her room. As he closed into her location, he could sense more, like the fact she was very miserable and upset. He sighed, not knowing what he was going to do or say once he saw her. If she would even let him see her.
Hovering right outside her window, he tried to peer inside. She had drawn the curtains closed. He tapped on the glass, praying to Dende she would let him in and not shut him out. A hand suddenly drew the curtain away and she appeared in front of him; Goten sighed in relief as she opened the window.
“Did you read my note?” she asked him, her eyes dry but puffy, her face a bit red.
“No, why, did you leave it at my place?” he said, landing in the middle of her room, glad and relieved she wasn't screaming at him, at least yet. She drew away from him a bit, a bit nervous, wearing a terry robe, her small, pretty feet bare.
“Yeah, I left you a note, saying I wanted to talk to you,” she explained. He noticed her robe had gaped open a bit, revealing a tantalizing hint of pink lace, but he concentrated on fixing his gaze on her face. This wasn't the time to be thinking about that.
“Well, I just came from my dad's,” he said and saw her eyes widen. “Something interesting is going on at my house, but I'll tell you about that later. Right now, I just want to talk about what happened earlier… Gomen nasai...”
“No, I'm sorry,” Bra interrupted, sitting on the corner of her bed. “I know this whole thing about keeping it secret is bothering you. I just want to do things right and I feel that everyone's going to get involved once they know before we get a chance to get it together.”
Goten cut in, “I know that. I overreacted today. It shouldn't matter to me if you need more time. I know this is not easy... I've just been going through a lot of crap lately and...”
“I know,” Bra murmured, “and I'm sorry about the car, I guess it was too much.”
“No, well, I mean, yes but that didn't bother me. I know how generous you are and it did mean a lot to me that you gave me that, knowing how much I like it... It's just that yes, it is a bit weird that our economic statuses are so opposite,” Goten expressed while he paced around the room a bit. I wish I could express myself better, he thought, sighing.
“Yes,” Bra sighed. “I guess we got a lot to talk about... This is not that simple, is it?”
Iie,” Goten chuckled, “It isn't.”
At that moment, Goten decided he was not going to tell Bra about his strange crying episode earlier and about his budding suspicions. He didn't want to freak her out even more than she already was. He felt uneasy himself. He needed time to think about it before telling her.
“Goten, I erm, ran into someone today,” Bra said, obviously nervous all of a sudden.
“Yeah? Who?” he asked, wondering about the sudden change in the conversation's direction.
“Well, I let myself into your house to wait for you and give you the Hummer and erm… someone was already there.”
Nani?!” Goten exclaimed, standing right in front of Bra, his eyes huge.
“Yeah. Paris,” Bra said, fixing her eyes on her clasped hands.
“Paris?!” Goten exclaimed again, taking a seat right next to Bra. She looked away, fidgeting.
“Yes. She told me everything about her drinking problems and your engagement... she even gave me this.” Bra got up and went to her nightstand and opened the first drawer to the right. She took out the little black velvet box and gave it to a stunned Goten.
He stared at it as if could open up and bite him at any moment and then glanced up at Bra, who was chewing her lip.
“Oh crap... I'm sorry I didn't tell you before but I just didn't want to freak you out and it's over anyway,” he sincerely disclosed, his eyes pained.
“Is it really over? She told me she was in some sort of program and that she wanted to apologize... is there any chance you would want her back?” she wondered softly, her back very straight, her eyes staring straight into his.
So brave, so full of pride, Goten mused, his heart bursting with love.
“No, no way. I did love her once but when the problems started, I stayed with her because I felt she needed me. We had been together so long… but I finally realized she needed to work out her problems by herself and by then, it was over,” he explained.
“Are you sure? You don't love her anymore?” she tearfully asked, her eyes moist.
“No, I can't... because I love you.”
Bra's eyes widened and her jaw went slack. She stared at him in complete shock, not moving a muscle.
Bra gasped. “You love me?” she said tremulously, her eyes watering up.
Hai. Yes I do.”
Goten knew it was perhaps too soon for both of them but he didn't give a damn. That is the way he felt and he should've realized Bra was the one for him a long time ago. All those failed relationships were because he hadn't found his match, his half. And that missing part of him was Bra. He would do whatever it took to get her to realize it if she hadn't already.
“Oh my God,” Bra breathed, gazing at him in wonder.
“It's the truth,” he murmured as he slid closer to her. He cupped her cheeks and gave her a small kiss and smiled down at her.
“I... I... Dende help me, I love you too!” she cried out grabbing two fistfuls of his T-shirt, kissing him hard. Goten responded in kind and soon their hands sliding over each other, exploring, reassuring, caressing, loving. Driving each other mad.
“I can't believe this,” Bra puffed between wet, heated kisses.
“I can,” Goten replied, grinning. His grin became feral as he started untying the sash of her robe.
“That feels so good,” she gasped, as his hand caressed her right breast over the silk of her nightgown.
“I know. It feels good for me too,” he whispered into her ear as he kissed it. Bra pulled back, smirking and got a hold of the frilly hem of her nightgown and in one smooth movement, slid it up her body and tossed it over her head sensuously.
His mouth went dry as he noticed she was wearing nothing else but a pair of very skimpy silk pink panties. With a mischievous and almost evil smile, she rubbed her breasts against his chest and purred, “Speechless, Goten?”
He growled deep in his throat and flipped her over in a lighting-quick move, pinning her under his muscular body.
“Oh yes!” she groaned as he started sliding his hands all over her greedily.
Later, they were both too incoherent to be able to form any actual words, but a lot of groans, gasps, moans and growls were heard.
That night they told each other “I love you,” dozens times and showed it to each other physically three times. Dawn came and both decided it was best if he left to his own house. No use in tempting fate.
Vegita would not appreciate it if he knew Goten had just made love to his precious baby princess right under his roof.
To be continued…
Japanese words used in this chapter:
hai: yes
arigatou: thanks
kaa-san: mom
tou-san: dad
dende: Earth's current god or deity
gomen nasai: very sorry
nani: what
To be continued…
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