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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 15: Telling the Older Brother
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
Warning, this chapter contains a bit of citrus (sexual content), but nothing too graphic...
“Oh my God, I can't believe we are doing this,” Bra exclaimed for the fourth or fifth time that day.
“What can't you believe?” breathed Goten with a wicked grin, desire personified. “That we are having sex? That we're having sex in the middle of the day? That we're having sex in the middle of the day in one of your mom's deluxe capsule houses? That we are having sex...”
Yamero!” Bra chortled between guffaws. “That's enough.” Smirking widely, she eyed him through messy bangs. She had stopped trying to untangle her hair hours ago.
Right after he'd left her bed at dawn the night before, she had slept like the dead for a few hours. Invigorated once again, she woke up early in the morning and grabbed one of her mom's capsule houses, the nicest model available. She showed up at his doorstep in a black trench coat, red stilettos, and nothing else. Goten opened the door as soon as she landed -he had obviously felt her ki- and she had proceeded to give him a peek of her lack of clothes.
He had immediately yanked her into his house and taken her against the door, pounding away fiercely, just like she had needed it. Craved it like her next breath. After the quickie, they proceeded to blow their plans for the day -Bra's classes and Goten's work- and sequestered themselves in the house, doing nothing but exploring each other's bodies and taking small restroom breaks.
Bra had soon lost count of how many times she climaxed in his arms. No matter how long she lived or how many other experiences she would have, she would never forget that first time with Goten. They were barely touching at the moment as the lied down together on his bed, but she could just close her eyes and feel him in her, on her, under her, discovering every single inch of her being. The connection she had sensed with him went so much deeper than just intense physical pleasure. She had also felt his pleasure as if it had been her own, his ki had blended with hers in that beautiful moment when he first surged inside her. She attributed the mind-blowing experience to the fact that they were so compatible and he was so very skillful. Also, being able to control ki was a huge plus.
Bra sighed, musing about how gorgeous and amazing he was, in every way. She hadn't known it could be like that. It was as if two months of almost painful sexual tension had detonated inside them, making them insanely and insatiably hot for each other. They had barely gotten out of bed in eight hours and the marathon wasn't over yet. Being half Saiya-jin definitely had its advantages, like increased stamina and incredibly rapid healing of small abrasions.
When she opened her eyes, Bra realized Goten had been staring at her intently the whole time, smiling cheerfully and a bit smugly. She smiled back and snuggled up closer to him, not taking offense to his smugness. He had every right to feel very proud of himself.
“I love you, Bra,” he told her, burying his nose in her tangled mess of hair.
“I love you too, Goten,” she replied, glorying in the words. So this is how real love feels, Bra mused; every single other feeling paled in comparison.
Goten kissed her, slowly exploring her mouth and she melted into the kiss, melding her body to his as if they had always meant to fit together. She could feel his heart beating against hers and the sexual energy that still coursed through both of them, like a flowing river of ki. After a while, he pulled back and smiled so widely, she laughed.
“Oh, nothing,” Goten answered, snickering a bit. “I just can't believe we're having sex in the middle of the day in one of your mom's deluxe capsule houses.”
Bra grinned back. “Well, it is technically mine, since I am to inherit half the business one day.”
Goten chuckled. “Yeah, sometimes I forget how very rich you are.”
“Oh yeah? Well, you better not forget it,” he retorted, closing her eyes and resting her head on his shoulder. Sure, she was half Saiya-jin but she wasn't freaking inexhaustible. She did have her limits and she was still new at this. She wasn't a virgin but she had only gone to bed with Hiroshi a few times before everything blew over a year ago and really, this experience with Goten made her think she might as well have been a virgin. He had taught her more in a day than Hiroshi ever could in months, most likely.
All of a sudden, Goten's stomach emitted a loud grumbling noise and he blushed, looking at her sheepishly.
“I guess I'm hungry.”
Bra giggled and sat up on the king size bed, gazing down at him. Abruptly, her stomach grumbled too and she giggled even harder.
“Okay, yes, we need to eat something.”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“No way!” Pan shrieked loudly, causing Bra to wince and pull away from her cell slightly.
“Yes way,” she replied, sheepishly.
“Okay, I need details. Now!” demanded Pan.
“Alright, let's meet up in say, half an hour?”
Half an hour later, Bra was sitting on Pan's twin sized bed, blushing while Pan grilled incessantly her for minutiae.
“I don't care if he's my uncle. I haven't done it yet, although I think Ben and I are this close, and anything that makes you blush this very hard has to be awesome as hell and I need to know everything,” Pan ordered firmly.
“But I already told you everything when I was with Hiroshi.”
“Pttt,” her friend snorted. “That was obviously nothing in comparison to this. Now talk.”
Bra exhaled noisily and proceeded to tell her as many particulars as she could without feeling like she was violating Goten's privacy. He probably suspected she was here with Pan anyway, knowing how eerily perspective he was and how well he knew her.
“So, what happens now? Are you going to finally tell people?” Pan wondered.
“Well, we didn't talk about that last night...” Bra started but Pan cut her off with, “Well, it sounds like there wasn't much talking, period.”
Bra blushed again and Pan laughed at her. “Seriously, dude, I've never seen you so flustered!”
“Okay, enough already!” Bra complained, trying to frown but not succeeding. She hadn't been able to stop smiling and blushing all day.
“Hey, Dad told me Grandma is planning a family get-together next weekend. That would be the perfect moment to tell!” Pan said enthusiastically while her eyes still twinkled with mischief.
“I don't know if that's the best setting to do it, but I guess it would get it over with easier. Oh God, I just wish we didn't have to deal with that yet,” Bra complained.
Pan's eyes widened and she snapped her fingers. “Oh, by the way, before you started telling me about your steamy romp, I was going to let you know that Trunks totally gave me the third degree yesterday while we were sparring.”
Nani? What did he ask you?” Bra's expression had gone from slightly worried to panicked in a split second.
“He asked me if I thought anything was happening between you guys. When I tried changing the subject, he asked me straight up if I knew anything...” she trailed off, glancing at Bra with worried eyes.
“Yes, and?”
“And,” Pan continued, “I told him that it wasn't me he should be asking.”
Bra groaned and closed her eyes. “Great, you might as well had just gone ahead and told him. Jeez, Pan.”
“Well, what was I supposed to do? You know how he is. He kept at it and was piercing me with those freaky I-can-read-your-mind eyes and I didn't know what to do.”
Bra sighed. “I guess it's for the best. I know Goten really wants to tell him. He feels guilty about it, my brother being his best friends and all. Oh Dende, this is going to be awkward!”
“Yeah,” Pan agreed. “I know I would feel guilty if I were hiding the fact I was dating Trunks from you.”
Bra's eyes snapped back to Pan's, widening in astonishment and Pan guffawed out loud, pointing at her in hilarity then punching her own thigh as she continued laughing.
“Just kidding!”
“Oh, I swear, you... you...”
They started laughing together so hard they were both gasping for breath when they finally calmed down.
“I guess the sooner the better, huh?” Bra finally managed to get out after regulating her breath.
“If it's any consolation, I think he's going to take it fine,” Pan told her sympathetically.
“I really hope so.”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten hadn't felt this nervous in a very long time. He kept glancing at Bra, searching for signs of panic but saw none. Yes, he could feel how nervous she was, but she was holding up fine. This gave him a lot of hope for the future because if she were freaking out badly about telling her brother, imagine how would it be when he told her about the weird, unexplainable stuff that was going on?
Making love to Bra the day before had been an extraordinary event for him. She didn't have enough experience to know this, but he knew it wasn't supposed to be that good. It had never been like that before, ever. It's as if they had been able to read each other's minds, giving each other exactly what they wanted at the precise moment they needed it. They'd been linked at a deeper level that he had ever experienced. He shivered slightly, just recalling the first indescribable moment he had finally been inside her.
Eying Bra again, he shook his head, trying to focus. He had called Trunks and asked him to meet him for dinner at a restaurant close to C.C. Trunks didn't suspect anything and why should he? Goten had acted as normal as you please and it wasn't rare for them to eat dinner together after work if they happened to get out at the same time. Turning towards his girlfriend, he smiled at her and said, “We're almost there.”
“Cool,” she replied then turned more fully towards him. “Babe, I think I should do all the talking. After all, I've been the one asking you not to tell.”
Goten searched her expression and then nodded. He could feel she was okay with it, so he would respect her decision. If it came down to it, he would intervene because he didn't want her to get hurt. He knew Trunks and his temper. He could be quite hurtful when he wanted to be. The restaurant loomed in the distance and Goten spotted it. When he reached the parking lot, he parked his new Hummer with care. Something else he'd been keeping from Trunks, who hadn't seen it yet. He sighed agitatedly as he got out of the car and opened the passenger door for Bra. Everything would be fine. It had to be.
They asked for a table for three and he followed Bra, not being able to resist staring at her ass. It was a very nice one, very round, firm and infinitely grabable. At the moment, it was clad in jeans that looked like they had been spray painted on her buttocks. They sat at the table and Bra proceeded to start wriggling her hands. Goten took them in his gently and smiled at her reassuringly, repeating what he had been telling himself. “Everything's going to be fine.”
Bra raised her troubled eyes to his. “If your friendship with Trunks was affected by this, I would never be able to forgive myself.”
Goten shook his head, “Maybe I should have done this by myself…”
“Don't say that,” Bra retorted, her eyes flashing. “Aren't we in this together?”
At that, he beamed. “Yes, you're right. We are.”
“Of course I am,” she snorted and he snickered in response.
They held hands and just sat next to each other for a while, a companionable but tense silence flowing over them.
“He's here,” Bra whispered a couple of minutes later. She had been facing the door so she was the first to see Trunks walking into the restaurant. Swallowing, she sent Goten a worried look. Even though he was edgy too, he smiled at her reassuringly once again.
As Trunks approached, Goten immediately saw the way his eyes flickered to Bra uncertainly and then back to his, questioningly. Goten smiled as he got close enough to be able to speak.
“Hey, how's it going?” Trunks greeted, taking a seat next to Goten, facing his baby sister. He was wearing a dark blue, expensive looking suite and a crisp white shirt. He had already ditched the tie. Suddenly, Goten had the absurd feeling he should have dressed up for the meeting. Instead, he was wearing jeans and a v-neck sweater. Trunks cocked his head and Bra smiled at him tremulously and he frowned ever so slightly, “I didn't know you were joining us for dinner.”
“Yeah, I decided to join you guys,” was all Bra communicated at the moment, her eyes moving back and forth between her brother and her lover.
Trunks frowned a bit deeper now and turned to face Goten. “So what's going on?” he eventually inquired. Goten didn't know what to make of the frown and he couldn't take the tension anymore. He was about to just blurt it out himself, just to get it over with.
“Trunks, Goten and I have something to tell you,” Bra put in, her expression serious.
a Trunk's eyebrows went up as high as they could. “You andGoten?”
She smiled at Goten and took his hand that had been resting on the table. He clasped the offered limb and then she then directed her attention to her brother.
“Trunks, Goten and I are together.”
Trunks' eyes widened, as he took in the scene. Goten tensed, uncertain of what to expect. His best friend just kept staring at them for a few seconds more before saying in an odd squeaky voice, “Together, together?”
Hai,” Bra replied firmly.
He shook his head and Goten could tell he was bewildered.
“I guess in a way I already knew,” he finally said, his expression still shocked. “But still, wow... I...”
He fell silent again, suddenly glaring at them intently. Goten squirmed under his scrutiny.
“How long?” he barked.
“Since the day we went to 'Shake it up',” Bra countered, blushing slightly. Trunks' eyes widened again.
“Goten, why didn't you tell me about this before!” Trunks exclaimed. His countenance had finally switched from shocked to angry and Goten flinched slightly.
I didn't want him to tell anyone,” Bra said, cutting off whatever Goten was about to say. “I still wasn't sure and...”
“And now you are? Sure, that is?” Trunks interrupted, eying her seriously.
“Yes, Trunks, I love him.”
Something softened in Trunks' disposition in that instant and he leaned back, staring at both of them a bit dazedly. Goten also allowed himself to relax slightly. It seemed things might end up fine after all.
Suddenly, he turned his attention to him, asking a silent, pointed question.
“I love her too, of course,” Goten affirmed.
A few heartbeats went by and Trunks seemed to be deep in thought. We really sprung one up on you, didn't we buddy? Goten thought, almost grinning.
“What are your intentions towards my sister?” Trunks asked him bluntly.
“Trunks!” Bra protested. “This isn't a bad sitcom. People don't ask those type of questions anymore!”
Goten laughed shakily. “It's okay, Bra. You're his little sister, I'm his best friend. I think we can allow him a few clichéd phrases, no?”
“It wasn't a cliché!”
“I'm not little anymore!”
Brother and sister stared at each other with a bit of hostility after both their simultaneous outbursts and Goten sighed.
“Bra...” he said softly, and squeezed her shoulder. Instantly, she relaxed and muttered, “Gomen.”
“It's okay,” he murmured back and then raised his eyes to peer at Trunks and noticed his expression was shocked again and he was looking at Bra oddly. Oh, Goten reflected. I guess Trunks had never thought about using the gentle approach with his headstrong sister, huh?
“My intentions are serious... very serious,” Goten said, and both Bra and Trunks stared at him with slightly rounded eyes. “But we haven't decided anything yet. Right now we are a committed couple.”
Bra nodded, and he could tell his words had affected her, but she didn't say anything to contradict his “very serious” statement.
“Wow, I can't believe this, this is insane!” Trunks expounded, rubbing his face in obvious apprehensiveness. “My best friend and my little sister.... I would have never thought it possible... I mean, everyone already knew Bra had a crush on you...”
“Trunks!” Bra whined, shrilly and Goten grinned.
“... but I just never thought you would actually...”
“Find her attractive?” Goten finished Trunks' sentence, amused. “I have eyes, you know.”
“Ugh, please refrain from using the words attractive and my sister in the same sentence,” Trunks pleaded. “It's bad enough as it is.”
“Trunks!” Bra whined again and this time Goten laughed. Bra glared at him darkly and he just grinned back.
“Okay, so whatever,” Bra said. “Are you going to be mad at Goten over this? Because it wasn't his fault, it just happened.”
Trunks shook his head, “I'm not mad... it's just a lot to take in...”
“Don't make it any more complicated than it is, Brother,” she said and Goten sent her an incredulous look. Bra flushed and adverted her eyes.
“Fine, I understand. Yes it's a bit difficult to take at first but come on, I'm happy, I'm in love and you like Goten, right? I mean, he's your best friend for Pete's sakes. Just give us your blessing. Now!” she snapped, glaring at Trunks.
All of a sudden, Trunks laughed out loud, throwing his head back and guffawing loudly. Goten joined him and Bra just sat there, still glaring.
“Oh man. Goten, are you sure you know what you're doing? I mean, it is Bra we are talking about,” Trunks chortled.
“Hey, drop it! Both of you.” Bra glared at them and Goten did his best to set his features to a serious expression and Trunks did the same.
“Erm... have you told Tou-san yet?” Trunks asked Bra.
“Of course not. I like Goten just the way he is, with his limbs whole, thank-you-very-much.”
Trunks snickered and Goten paled slightly. Oh God, what have I gotten myself into? He then glanced over at Trunks and saw he was studying him seriously. I guess we're going to talk about it when Bra's not around, huh?
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“What do you think he meant by 'my intentions are serious... very serious?'” Bra asked Marron.
“I think he's going to propose soon!” Pan said.
Bra groaned and saw Marron was nodding.
“I have to agree. Everything about this screams proposal.”
Bra moaned and Pan frowned.
“Oh come on Bra, act happy about it, for God's sakes,” Pan complained.
“It's too soon... I want to just date for a while!”
“I agree,” Marron confirmed, always the voice of experience. “I meant proposal but that doesn't mean it's going to be tomorrow. I think every couple needs to date at the very least a year before they get engaged.”
“Yes, that sounds about right to me,” Bra nodded, smiling.
“Why are you being such a chicken, Bra?” Pan demanded.
“A chicken? I'm not being a chicken, I just don't want to rush this.”
“Puh-lease,” Pan snorted. “Give me a break. You've been freaking out over Goten the second you guys kissed. All of a sudden the fantasy came true and you got scared. Admit it.”
“Okay, fine,” Bra cried out and then peeked around, noticing some of the other patrons of the cafe had turned to stare at her. Great, now I'm yelling in public.
Right after they had spoken to Trunks, Goten had left because his mother had called him and she had in turn called in an emergency meeting with her friends.
“Yes, I'm scared, are you satisfied?” she admitted, scowling.
“No, I just want to know what's up,” Pan asked.
Bra sighed. “I don't know... I guess I'm hung over some things and I just don't wanna rush it. Yes, I love him but I've loved other guys before. My mom always told me I didn't need a man to be happy and tried to raise me to think independently but you know what, I do need a man and so does my mom, why else did she stay with my dad back when Trunks was born and he was ignoring her?”
“Maybe because she loved him?” Marron muttered quietly, looking at her with that tender expression she got sometimes that reminded her so much of Krillin.
“I guess,” Bra said, flipping her hair back. “I guess... I'm scared of losing my independence, of changing my whole life for a man. I'm only nineteen.”
“But Goten is not asking you to change anything,” Pan interjected.
“Not now, he isn't, but marriage changes everything. My mom used to travel the world in adventures all the freaking time and now she's just stuck at home.”
“Maybe she wants to be home with you guys. Maybe she had enough of her adventures. For what I know, her life was always in danger. I know that would get old for me very quickly,” Marron told her.
“Well, I don't know about it getting old for me,” Pan said. “But I think your mom is still very adventurous. I mean, just staying with Vegita all this time must be the biggest adventure ever.”
Marron chuckled and Bra just smiled wanly.
“Hey, that's my dad you're talking about.”
Pan stuck out her tongue at her and she did the same and Marron just rolled her eyes.
“You know what I think you should be doing? Talking about this with Goten,” Marron disclosed.
Bra pondered that for a bit. “I suppose you are right.”
Marron, Pan and Bra kept chatting for a while longer and ate a little something while they chuckled over some idiot lawyer who had hit on Marron very awkwardly.
After dinner, they parted ways and Bra went home, mediating. She wanted to spend the night with Goten and she was going to talk to him about some of the things she had mentioned to her friends.
Bra also came to the awful realization she was going to have to tell her mom. Bulma would notice if she didn't go home to sleep that night and would most likely ask her about it. She could always lie and say she had gone to Pan's but she didn't want to do that. She hated lying to her mom and really, there was no reason to do so. Her mom was the most open minded person she had ever met and would not get upset over her spending the night at her boyfriend's. It would just be awkward for her to tell her mother she was having sex with her oldest friend's youngest son.
This time, it was she who used the communicator to call her mom. A couple of minutes later, Bulma joined her in the living room, dressed casually in shorts and a tiny tank top. People always said they looked like sisters and really, she prayed constantly to Dende that she would look that good in her early sixties.
Kaa-san, I gotta tell you something,” she started and her mom nodded.
“What is it Bra-chan?”
“Goten and I slept together yesterday for the first time.”
Bulma's eyes rounded and then she regulated her expression once more.
“So you guys are serious now?” Bulma asked, her eyes still reflecting a bit of shock.
“Yeah. We told Trunks today and Goten said he was very, very serious about me. Pan and Marron think he is about to propose,” she told her mom, blushing a bit.
“Propose? Oh, Bra... my baby, come here,” her kaa-san told her, extending her arms and Bra sank into them, sniffling a bit.
“Oh, don't cry dear...” Bulma said, stroking her hair and Bra sniffed. “I'm just so scared and I love him so much and I don't know what to do.”
“Baby, don't worry about it... things will happen as they need to happen, I promise,” her mom told her, still stroking her hair.
Finally, Bra pulled away and smiled. “Thanks Kaa-san, I guess I'm feeling a bit emotional.”
“How did Trunks take it?”
“Fairly well, actually. I had to get a bit firm with him but I suppose going to him together helped a lot.”
“Yes, that was a very smart thing to do. Of course, you are my daughter after all,” said her mom, winking.
“You're funny, Kaa-san,” Bra said, wrinkling her nose. “By the way, I'm spending the night at Goten's tonight. And it won't be the only time.”
Bulma's eyes widened just a bit. Smiling slowly, she shook her head. “It was a matter of time, huh? Just be safe, please? Use a condom. Do you need one? A box?”
“What? Why is it that kids always think they were the ones that invented sex?”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten beamed as he felt Bra's ki heading over and he dropped his Sports Illustrated magazine. He opened the door to his home and memories from the previous time she'd come to him flooded his mind, making his other head stand to attention. This time, she was wearing more than just a trench coat, which was slightly disappointing, and was holding what appeared like an overnight bag.
They kissed deeply, saying hi to each other and then Bra broke off the kiss, blushing. He grinned and took the bag from her, walking into the house and settling it on the living room table.
Bra sat on the couch and Goten followed her, still grinning. He sat next to her close enough to be able to get a whiff of her hair. It smelled wonderful.
“Thanks for coming,” he said simply and Bra nodded bashfully.
“Why so shy, huh?” he teased, kissing her neck, hitting a spot he knew from experience drove her wild. She gasped slightly and giggled.
“I actually wanted to talk to you,” she said, gasping again when his hand found one of her breasts and caressed it lightly.
“You plan on talking all night?” he asked mischievously, pointing at her bag.
She flushed in earnest now, almost to the roots of her lovely blue hair.
“I'm serious!”
He grinned wickedly as his arms stole around her and then nipped on her earlobe teasingly. “I'm listening.”
“Well... I... I can't talk when you are doing that!” she complained breathlessly. Then moaned helplessly when he directed his attention to her breasts again, rolling a nipple between his thumb and index finger.
“Then maybe we can talk... afterwards...” he trailed off suggestively, finding her lips with his, his hands sliding into her blouse as hers were tugging on his shirt simultaneously.
“Oh, yes… later,” she whimpered.
To be continued...
Japanese words used in this chapter:
yamero: wait
: Earth's current god or deity
hai: yes
gomen: sorry
tou-san: dad
kaa-san: mom
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