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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 16: Revelations
Thanks Trynia Merin for beta reading!
Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
Bra was obsessed with sex. That had to be it. Goten and she hadn't done anything else, really, for TWO entire days. He'd gone to work but had left early on both afternoons, while she had gone to her classes. Truthfully, it had been a waste of her time, for she'd spent the entire day daydreaming and fantasizing.
About Goten.
About his kisses, his hands, his exquisite, big, strong body... really, it was almost too much for a girl to take.
It had started the same way twice... Goten had texted her right after work and they'd met up at his place. Barely had they crossed the threshold of his home, when they shed their clothes as quickly as inhumanly possible.
She'd tried wearing some very sexy, expensive lingerie the day before, but he'd torn if off her in his impatience and she'd pouted for about two seconds. Fortunately, he'd made up for it just fine afterwards.
Bra felt that she needed to say something about the situation, but she'd just been enjoying herself too much. So what if they'd become sex freaks? They hadn't gone out or even talked much. She supposed the roller coaster ride had to end at some point, but not just yet.
Indeed, last night she could have sworn she'd heard him moan naughty things like “harder”, “Yes, yes,” or “Yes, right there, oh my God!” but his lips hadn't moved so it must have been just her imagination, coupled with their connection. It was so good between them, it was almost scary.
“Goten,” she murmured, nudging him. He was sprawled face down on his queen size bed, completely and gloriously naked. She'd been quite energetic a while ago and he seemed pretty wiped out, she noticed quite smugly.
“Goten!” she said a bit louder, poking him in the ribs.
“Hmmmmm?” he gurgled, snuggling deeper into the covers.
“Babe, I gotta go. I haven't talked to Pan much lately, and she's starting to get pissed off at me. Also, I haven't even seen my mother... I want to ask her if I can move to the big guest house. I mean, I love my suite of rooms and I do have a private entrance, but I want to be as far way from my dad to have some privacy.”
“Really?” he piped up, a bit more awake now. He cast her a lazy, lascivious grin and rolled over.
Despite all they'd had done together the past three days and a half, Bra still blushed under the power of that grin. That was coupled with the incredible view he was giving her of his magnificent nude form. Honestly, he could easily have been inspiration for a sculpture of a Greek god.
“Yeah,” she replied, trying to will her blush to fade away. He sat up, facing her fully, his grin spreading even wider now that he was awake and her face flushed a dark pink.
“I would have never imagined you to be such a blusher,” he teased, tracing a path from her cheekbones down to her clavicle. She shivered.
“You fluster me,” Bra admitted, lowering her eyes. “You were my fantasy and now that it's come true... it's more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.”
Goten's held a tender expression that he trained on her as he tipped her chin up, smiling softly.
“I'm not a fantasy... I'm here, real as can be. I have flaws, like any human... well, like any sentient being... but I love you Bra and I can assure you, I'm not going anywhere. Ever.”
Bra almost gasped at the import of those words. His eyes conveyed his potent emotions, and he leaned forward to kiss her, swallowing her answering moan.
“I... do you think we're going too fast?” Bra wondered as they both surfaced from the kiss for air. His startled expression almost made her wish she could take back the words, but it was too late.
“I'm comfortable with the pace we're going at, babe... we're exploring each other, in every way, enjoying. Don't you want to explore me?” Goten said with a goofy smile, trailing down a hand down her back towards her tail spot.
She gasped violently, her head falling back. Through the haze of pleasure, she could hear him chuckle.
“You... you don't play fair,” she moaned as he kept teasing the second most sensitive area of her body.
He laughed this time as he flipped her over and loomed above her.
“Don't you have to be somewhere else, Bra-chan?” he inquired while rubbing against her in exquisite ways.
“OH, screw it!” she yelped as he kissed her ear and neck.
“Yes, please,” Goten responded, laughing.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten groaned and stretched, savoring the sore feeling all over his body... He was pleased beyond words that he could use most of his strength while making love to his gorgeous girlfriend. He didn't have to measure his force, controlling his ki. There was always the danger of something happening whenever he followed his libido with human women. Every time he'd had an intimate relationship with a girl, he would keep a senzu in the glove compartment of his car, secure in a little box.
Fortunately, nothing really serious had ever happened, but he'd caused two women to pass out and had given lots of bruises.
With Bra however... I don't have to worry about that, he thought giddily. I can really let go.
He loved it. He loved her.
It was time to go to work, he reminded himself. Groaning, he got up and came to another realization. It was time to talk to Trunks. Neither of them had contacted the other after their talk in the restaurant. Goten had decided to let his best friend think things through before speaking to him once more. He'd been more reasonable than Goten had expected three days ago, but his parting look had let him know they still had a lot to discuss.
He went to his job and thought all day about what strategy to use with his friend. When they had been a lot younger, Trunks had reveled in treating Goten like a baby just because he was a year younger than him. Goten had let him do it most of them time because it didn't bother him that much most of the time anyway. Trunks had always been his best friend, he couldn't remember a time when the other half Saiya-jin hadn't been in his life. They'd been pretty much raised together.
Trunks had mellowed a bit over the years and now that they were both in their thirties, they had developed a more mature friendship. That didn't mean they didn't still argue often or that Trunks didn't get on his nerves once in a while. He was a spoiled brat and he knew it. But he was also fun, loyal and straightforward.
So how should he act? Should he play innocent? I was drunk, we kissed! I didn't even mean it! I swear! No, Trunks would see through it.
How about super apologetic? I'm so sorry! Really, I didn't want it to happen. I fought it so hard. I apologize. Too wimpy, Trunks would probably get mad at such an attitude.
Cocky? Come on Trunks, get over it. She wanted me bad and she got me. What are you upset about? Ewww, no. That was so not him, maybe more like Trunks.
He finally settled for being honest. Trunks, I've known both of you and your sister my whole life. You both mean so much to me. You're my best friend and now Bra is the love of my life. We love each other, Trunks, we really do. I've never been happier and she seems happy too. As my best friend, can you please understand that?
Inhaling a big breath, he grabbed his cell phone and dialed Trunks' on his speed dial. It was the end of the work day and he'd just finished showering. Bra was at the college, trying to make up for all the time she'd been distracted with him, as she'd informed him. The idea made him smile.
Trunks picked up after the third ring.
Mushi mushi,” he said in a neutral tone of voice.
“Hey Trunks, whatsup?” Goten asked, cheerfully.
“Nothing much, how about you... how are... things?” his lavender haired friend inquired archly.
“Very good, actually,” he replied.
“That's good to hear,” said Trunks.
Goten signed, knowing Trunks was going to make him take the first step. “Hey Trunks, do you have any plans for tonight?”
“Yeah, I'm going out with Tram,” Trunks replied.
“How about right now? Are you free?” Goten asked, no longer sounding as cheerful.
“I don't know...” Trunks hesitated, acting a bit evasive.
“Trunks, Bra really wants us to continue being friends as before... she told me she would never forgive herself if our friendship was affected. I know we need to talk, so come on, let's just talk.” Goten hoped he hadn't laid it on too thick by mentioning Bra, but he knew how stubborn Trunks could be. Truthfully, he would rather get this over with than having to pussyfoot around the situation.
He heard Trunks expel a big breath. “Okay. Let's meet at C.C. in fifteen,” he said at last.
“Sure thing.” Goten nodded, satisfied as the hung up.
Fifteen minutes later they were face to face. Goten was sporting baggy jeans and a comfy sweater while Trunks was still wearing a designer label suit. The prince and the pauper, he mused, smiling a bit at the irony.
Trunks sighed and motioned to Goten to sit down. They were in a sitting area near his suit of rooms, a place where they would hang out often, just watching movies or chatting.
“Goten, I don't think there's much that you could do or say which would break up our friendship, I mean, I can't remember a time when I haven't been your friend,” he started and Goten nodded. His words echoed his earlier thoughts.
“But this whole thing with my sister... it's hard to get used to. I mean, you're too old for her!” Trunks exclaimed.
“But Trunks... even if she got with a man her age, he would end up dying before her anyway... remember humans age twice as fast as us? Take us for example. We're in our thirties but look barely old enough to drink!”
“I know that... in my brain,” Trunks stated, leaning back. “You know what? I guess I just need time to get used to it... Bra... she's my baby sister. I've always been very protective of her but you... you seem to be good for her. I saw you two together at the restaurant and yes, I could see it.” He sighed again and smirked a bit.
“Take all the time you need. I didn't mean for any of this to happen but now that it has, I wouldn't change a thing. I love her so much, Trunks!”
Trunks eyed him, examining his face with that thoughtful expression that made him resemble Vegita so much.
“I've never seen you like this, so besotted,” Trunks finally told him, a huge smirk on his face. “Seems my baby sister has you by the balls, huh?”
Goten blushed beet red and Trunks laughed out loud.
“Yup, definitely.... got you bad, didn't she?”
Goten nodded, still a bit ruddy in the cheeks.
“I knew the poor sucker she ended up with was going to be led around by the nose, I just never thought it would be you,” Trunks guffawed, going as far as slapping his own knee in hilarity.
“Okay now, that's enough... let me inform you she was the one who's been in love with me for years,” Goten put in, laughing a bit himself.
“Exactly, she had more time to get used to it while you... it's hit you like a Final Flash, hasn't it?” he taunted.
“Must you remind me of that episode again and again? I was distracted, you took a cheap shot, okay?” Goten mock growled.
“Yeah, so? It was hilarious! Your hair took weeks to grow out!” Trunks laughed yet again, holding his sides.
“Ugh, you are such a baka sometimes, you know that?” said Goten, irritated.
“Says the one who's dating my little sister,” pointed out Trunks, smirking.
Goten closed his mouth with a snap and didn't say anything further. Trunks continued to taunt him a bit more and finally they settled down to watch an action flick.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Bra arrived home that night and went straight to the intercom to call her kaa-san, wherever she was. All of a sudden, her tou-san popped out of nowhere, almost scaring the hell out of her. Her instincts, though, that had been honed by the master in front of her, led her to control her impulse to jump.
“You haven't been around much the last few days,” he informed her coolly as his dark gaze pinned her down.
“Erm... yes Daddy, I've been busy...” she rejoined, trying very hard not to show any weakness he could pounce on.
“Really, with what?” his eyes narrowed.
“College, friends...”
“A boyfriend?” he asked, raising a black brow.
Bra almost gaped at her dad, but again, stopped herself at the last nanosecond.
Tou-san, you've never asked me about my boyfriends before,” she stated, trying to sound confident.
Hai, that's true... but you and your mother have been acting a bit off lately... and for the past two days I've felt a disturbance in Trunks' ki while we've been training. I don't believe in coincidences, daughter. And knowing you and your mother, only a boyfriend could cause so much... commotion,” he finished pointedly.
“Don't worry tou-san, it's nothing,” she replied, waving her hands around. “I swear, it's nothing for you to worry about.”
“I don't worry,” he snapped. “If you're lying to me, you'll regret it, got it?”
“Yes Daddy!” she exclaimed.
With that, he turned around.
Bra gaped this time. She felt torn between being touched that her dad cared in his own weird, psycho way and being annoyed that he was choosing this particular issue to be alert about.
“Ugh!” she exclaimed and called her kaa-san.
“Mom, we got a problem with Dad, and I want to move to a guest house... tonight if possible,” she said succinctly once she met up with her mom in her lab.
Her Kaa-san just told her to hold on while she gave the robots their instructions, and Bra wondered, not for the first time, Is there anything that phases this woman?
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten drove over to her parent's cottage, deep in thought. His mom had sounded very serious when she'd asked him to come home to have an important talk... what could have happened? Did dad leave again? he pondered, frowning.
He arrived and noticed his mother looked a bit disheveled when she opened the door for him.
“What did dad do this time?” he asked without preambles.
“No, it's not your father, Goten-kun... it's me,” she sobbed and buried her head in her hands.
Goten was at a loss what to do for a second before enfolding her slight form and hugging her tight. She wept against his chest, hard, and shudders wreaked her body.
“Mom, calm down, it's okay, it's okay,” he told her while he searched for his dad's ki... it was nowhere nearby.
“Goten-kun, I've been so unfair to Goku-sa... so unfair,” she cried and Goten's thoughts fell into confusion.
Eventually, his mother composed herself enough to start talking.
“Goten, when your dad talked to you the other day, he didn't tell you the whole story... Your dad has left us in the past for several reasons, yes. But the last time he left, it was because of me,” she sobbed.
“What do you mean?” he said.
Sighing, Chichi explained, “Your dad and I... we loved each other so much at the beginning! Little Gohan was such a delight and everything was perfect, until that brother of his showed up and then the trouble started... first it was Saiya-jins that came, after that, Freeza, and Cell and the Androids and Buu... there came a point when I was this close to just leaving everything behind, because my nerves couldn't take it anymore... but I couldn't, I had to be strong and take care of my boys, set a good example for you two.”
Goten looked at her in sorrow while his mom sighed.
“Your father was dead for eight years... eight years of loneliness... all of a sudden, unexpectedly he came back and I was so happy! After that, though, things changed... I had changed. I was used to being on my own and had gotten older when he looked even younger, if that is possible.”
She took a deep breath and gazed directly into Goten's eyes, willing for him to understand her.
“I waited till both of you were adults to make the decision... I wanted out. I couldn't take the uncertainly anymore. What would be the next threat? The next interesting tournament or pupil that would draw him away from me once again? Fighting was the mistress I could never best. Enough was enough, so I asked him to leave.”
She stayed silent and Goten gawked a bit at her.
You asked him to leave?” Goten cried out, feeling his whole perception of reality shift. In a matter of moments the world he knew and loved was no longer solid, but crumbling to pieces
“Yes, Goten-kun, but he never left for good. He would always come back, if at least for a bit. I would be weak and let him stay but I would always set it up so he would have to leave again, I didn't want to get sucked in, you see,” she sighed, fresh tears coating her face.
“But... he... you,” Goten stammered a bit, not being able to articulate all that was going through his thoughts.
“He's back for good now, dear. He won't leave anymore, I won't let him. I've had enough of being lonely. I'm sorry that we weren't completely straightforward with you. It was your dad actually who insisted on it. He preferred taking the blame because, well, he felt guilty. He knew how unsatisfied I was with... everything and when I asked him to leave, he was very understanding... perhaps he knew I would relent one day. It's too bad it took me so long.”
Goten just sat there, staring at his mom as if he were seeing her for the first time.
“I know it's a lot to take in, Chibi,” she put in, breaking the silence. “Would you like to eat something? It might help you think.”
Her eyes were big and hopeful and she was ready to get up to the kitchen and do what she did best. Goten shook his head slowly.
“No Mom... I think I need to, well, think about this. I'll call you later, okay?”
Chichi nodded, and looked very dejected. Despite his current confusion, he didn't want to see her like that. Stepping forward, he gave her a big hug and a kiss.
“You're a good son, you know that?” she whispered, crying a bit. “You're going to make some lucky girl so very happy one day.”
Goten almost laughed at that moment, but suppressed it and pecked her on her forehead before retiring.
He knew who he needed at the moment.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten felt her ki in one of the prettiest guest houses in the Capsule Corp complex. He wanted to sneak up on her so he suppressed his own energy level as low as it could go while his heart kept beating. He crept in silently and saw her standing in the living room, giving a dozen robots their latest instructions. She was about three fourths of the way done, he could tell. It was obvious she had been working all afternoon on this.
Bra was wearing a pair of cut-offs and a tiny tube top that left little to the imagination. It was pretty chilly outside, but being half-Saiya-jin like him, he was sure she wasn't cold at all.
His mouth watered, while he stared at her. Arousal invaded his body. Really, it wasn't difficult at all excite him to such a state lately. All she had to do was smile and he would stand to attention, like a randy teenager in the throes of his first infatuation.
He stepped up right behind her, surprised she still hadn't noticed his presence and smiled naughtily as he pressed up against her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“AAHHH!” she shrieked, dropping half a dozen capsules. Immediately, she realized it was him and relaxed slightly.
“GOTEN, you scared me to death!” she shrieked.
“You need to be more careful, my love... what if it was a rapist intent on having your charms?” he asked silkily against her ear.
Bra snorted and wriggled her butt temptingly against him.
“Well, it would depend... is he hung like you?” she asked lasciviously.
Goten almost gasped at her crude words and clung to her even closer.
“You naughty girl,” he murmured and felt her shiver. “Is your bed un-encapsuled yet?” he inquired, almost panting.
Iie, not yet,” she whispered back.
“Oh, screw it,” he exclaimed as he turned her around and lowered her to the carpet.
“Please,” Bra replied, giggling.
To be continued…
Japanese words used in this chapter:
mushi mushi: hello over the phone
baka: stupid, idiot
kaa-san: mom
tou-san: dad
hai: yes
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