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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 17: Discovery
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
Warning, this chapter contains a bit of citrus (sexual content), but nothing too graphic...
The two part-Saiya-jin girls circled each other with equally feral expressions, searching for a weak point in their defenses. Fists up, feet shuffling, they appeared to be dancing. However, no mere dance could copy such grace and latent strength.
“Hyaaaa!” Bra eventually hollered, advancing on Pan and managing to land several punches, before propelling her back with a mighty kick. Pan hit the domed wall of the gravity machine hard with a gasp and a groaned, “Kuso...”
Slowly getting up, Pan wiped blood from her split lip, grinning dangerously. Bra stood in a defensive stance a few feet away, smirking.
“Kyyyyaaaa!” Pan came at Bra with all her might, forcing the heiress to dodge a dozen hits before spinning around.
“AAAAHHHHH!” screamed Pan, stepping back from Bra. She eyed her friend seriously and determinedly as she started powering up. Her eyes commanded Bra's attention as she still and stared, knowing something monumental was about to happen. Pan's dark, long hair levitated, seemingly having life of its own as it sparked and thickened, pulsating with golden ki. For a mere second, Bra saw it turn blond, and Pan's eyes were not their usual luminous black anymore, but a dull shade of fearsome teal.
Bra gasped out-loud, waiting to view the ultimate ascension but the transformation never actually happened. Her hair reverted to its black, limp form around its ponytail and Pan sagged to the floor, breathing hard, gasping in exertion.
Bra walked up to Pan slowly, awe present in every line of her beautiful face. She sat down next to her best friend and smiled widely.
“So that is why you insisted so very much for a sparring session! I can't believe it, you almost made it!” Bra squealed, clapping her hands together in glee.
Pan smiled weakly in return and shook her head. “Problem is... that might be as far as I can ever go... I've been working so hard, for SO many years and in the end, perhaps I just have too much human blood in me.”
Bra frowned, staring at Pan intently. The Son girl looked exhausted.
“Thanks, by the way,” Pan put in abruptly.
Bra flashed a crooked smirk. “For what? Beating you up?”
Laughing weakly, Pan clutched her sides before speaking. “Well, this might be the first real sparring session I've ever had with you. Guess Goten is a good influence on you, eh?”
Bra blushed and giggled, swiping sweat from her brow and wiping it on her spandex shorts.
“Well, we hadn't sparred in about three months, I felt I owed you.”
“You did... these men in our lives; they are just too distracting...” Pan trailed off, shaking her head.
“Yes, they are,” Bra agreed. “In any case, I personally believe you are very, very close. Perhaps it will take you longer than you ever thought, but you shouldn't lose hope.”
Shaking her head, Pan sighed. “I don't know. It's so frustrating! I mean, you could probably ascend any time you wanted, I don't know what's holding you back. Me, I want it with every fiber of my being!”
Bra glanced away glumly, not wanting to tell her friend that one of the reasons why she never pushed herself as hard as she should to ascend was because of her. For as long as she could remember, it had been Pan's dream to become a Super Saiya-jin just like Uncle Goten and Trunks. Both had achieved it easily when they had been mere children. Bra hadn't been interested in training at all until her dad had decided to start doing when she turned ten. Perhaps the late start, combined with her “idiotic too human attitude” as Tou-san would so fondly called it plus not wanting to upstage Pan, had held her back from ascending herself.
Pan, on the other hand, trained every single day; by herself, with either of her parents or with Trunks. She adored sparring with Goku whenever he was around. She would drop everything that day, anxiously waiting for her turn. She'd even trained with Vegita a few times. He didn't hold back at all, so it was a rare occurrence for she usually ended up quite bruised.
“I think we should probably vacate my dad's GR...” Bra voiced, changing the subject.
“Yeah, I really don't fancy running into his I'm-going-to-kill-you-if-you-don't-scram-right-NOW expression.”
Bra giggled at her friend's dry wit and helped her get up, groaning herself as they exited the chamber after turning off the 100-times-gravity field.
“I have a date with Ben in an hour,” said Pan as they neared the complex. “Can I borrow something from your closet?”
Bra glanced over slyly at the former tomboy, smirking slightly at her embarrassed shift in glance.
Bra nodded, smirking. “So you are one hundred percent sure that his ex is out of the picture right?”
“Yes, completely... I don't think she'll ever want to come back after the scare I gave her,” chuckled Pan.
Bra giggled uncontrollably at that as they got to her new residence in the guest area of Capsule.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten was toweling his hair, musing about how it was probably time to cut it. Although Bra did love being able to get a grip on it, so figured he shouldn't cut it too short. His cell rang, distracting him from his thoughts.
He walked over to his nightstand where the phone was charging and grinned as he picked it up.
“Hey Trunks, howsitgoing?”
“Nothing much, here about to go out to lunch. Are you working today?”
“Not till later this afternoon. I just have two training sessions like at two. Wanna have lunch at that stake place?” Goten offered. He could hear the windy background on Trunks' end and could tell C.C.'s President had flown out the window yet again.
“Yeah, meet me there in twenty,” Trunks said.
They met up at the establishment and immediately got down to business, ordering several steaks each. It would be just enough to tide them over until they could have a real meal. When the food started coming, they stopped chatting and commenced eating as both were famished.
Once finished with the initial appetizers, they waited for the next courses to arrive. Seating back comfortably the best friends chatted about nonsensical topics... work, the latest news, Goten's latest spar with Goku that morning... Eventually when they were almost finished, Goten noticed that Trunks seemed a bit out of it. He was actually picking at his food after just three plates and was staring unfocused at something seemingly fascinating over Goten's shoulder.
“And then Bra told me she was pregnant but that it wasn't my child,” Goten said loudly. Trunks snapped his eyes back to him and screamed, “NANI!!!”
Son Goten threw his head back and hollered in laughter. Trunks didn't seem too amused at first, but his friend's laughter was contagious and he finally chuckled along, shaking his head and rolling his eyes.
“So what's on your mind today? Are you still upset over Bra and I?” Goten asked succinctly with that trademark Son straightforwardness.
“Well, not really,” Trunks replied, sighing. “It's something else... it's about Tram.”
“But I thought things were going great!”
Trunks shrugged, trying to act indifferent but Goten knew better. That woman had gotten under his skin, and that had happened even before they'd started dating in earnest. “Yes, actually things are going very, very well. We are clicking amazingly. It's only been what, three months but I've known her for longer than that. She might be the one.”
Goten whooped, grinning. “That's awesome!”
“Yes, but the issue is that I think it's time to tell her about, well, my alien side. You know how great that went the last time I did it...” Trunks said sarcastically.
Nodding slowly, Goten's eyes turned sympathetic. “Yeah, that didn't go well, did it?”
Trunks had been 25 and very much in love. He and his girlfriend had been dating for over two years. She not only actually enjoyed martial arts almost as much as Trunks but also worked in Capsule Corporation. Their bond seemed unbreakable and Trunks was about to propose. However, he wanted to tell her about his Saiya-jin side first so there would be no surprises later. Like when their first born came out with a furry brown tail. Or she caught him going Super Saiya-jin.
She hadn't taken it very well, regrettably. At the beginning, she'd tried quite hard to come to terms with it, claiming she still loved him. A couple of months later, Trunks made a tentative marriage proposal and she alleged she still had things to accomplish before she would consider marriage.
Obviously, it was an excuse being the fact she had been more than enthusiastic about marrying him before, but Trunks let it slide. Some time later, she finally tearfully confessed she couldn't see them as being together anymore. She said that she couldn't accept his alien heritage, as much as she had attempted to.
Trunks had been extremely heartbroken and had dealt with it by dating a string of actresses and singers that would put any Casanova to shame. After that, he hadn't had a serious relationship, until now.
“Trunks... this must be quite scary, huh?” Goten broke the silence.
“I need to prepare myself for the possibility that she... I mean, I already feel so much for her and I know that if I'm with her longer, it will just grow. I think it's better to get it over with, even if it hasn't been that long.”
A nod came from Goten. “Perhaps you're right. I feel for you... I remember how terrified I was when I told Paris, but it barely even phased her.”
“Yes, I remember,” Trunks said with a hint of envy. “Nothing ever phased that girl, anyhow, at least until she'd started with her drinking thing…” he said, chuckling.
Goten chuckled along. It was good to be able to laugh about it now. It had been quite tough, trying to deal with his ex-grilfriend's issues with alcohol. At the end, everything had turned out alright. Apparently she was doing better and he was now with the love of his life, who had always been right under his nose.
“Tram seems very put together and mature... a bit too mature for you, if you ask me,” taunted Goten. “I have a feeling she'll be fine with it.”
Trunks grinned and punched him on the shoulder. “Thanks, buddy.”
“Anytime. Now it's my turn... I actually have very good news. You know how I told you that I had plans to...”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten paced around his two bedroom house, giddy with excitement and anticipation. Bra would come over any second; she'd been resting from her sparing session with Pan and had needed to study for a test.
He couldn't wait to show her his surprise.
Grinning, he felt her ki signature nearby and still approaching. He grabbed his wallet and car keys and headed outside to wait for her.
“I thought we were having dinner in,” commented Bra archly as she got out of her car and noticed he was next to his car, smiling widely.
“Naw, I need to show you something first.”
She got into his car and they drove off, heading downtown.
“So what is it that you have to show me?” Bra asked, poking him in the ribs.
“It's a surprise... you understand the concept, right?” Goten said teasingly.
Bra chuckled and settled back to find a good radio station. About fifteen minutes later, they arrived at a business complex and parked nearby.
Goten took her hand eagerly and tugged her forward until they were standing right in front of an empty establishment. Undecorated walls, bare floor and faded posters seen through the entrance was all she could distinguish through the dingy windows. It was located in a very commercial and happening section of town, but she didn't see anything special about this particular empty store.
Beaming, her boyfriend pointed and stated, “I bought this store.”
An inquiring expression crossed Bra's face. “Bought it? What for?”
“Well, a partner and bought this place. He is a coworker I've known for many years. We are going to open a dojo. I will be the main instructor and he will deal with all the financial issues and such.”
Incredulously, Bra stared at him, her mouth hanging open.
“You are going to open a dojo!?”
“Yup,” he exclaimed happily.
“That is so awesome, Goten! No way! Why hadn't you told me about this before? You did mention once how you had bigger plans but you never expounded further... WOW!”
“I wanted to surprise you,” he admitted quietly. Bra giggled and launched herself at him, kissing every single inch of his face, while squealing in excitement. Goten hugged her back and laughed out loud. I couldn't have asked for a better reaction, he mused.
“I am so happy for you babe! This will be so great! When are you going to open it? I can do the interior design for you!” his woman babbled excitedly, jumping up and down. “We have to celebrate!!!!”
“Yes, we do,” Goten murmured, eying her up and down, from the tip of her pretty curled hair to the toes of her open toed pumps. That miniskirt had been distracting him ever since she'd arrived at his house.
“How do you want to celebrate? I can call up a limo and go somewhere fancy or we could fly anywhere! Anything you want,” Bra declared.
“Anything?” Goten sent her a seductive look.
Correctly interpreting his look, she blushed a bit. “Oh Goten, we can do that later... Come on, let's do something fun!”
“That is something fun... and the only way I want to celebrate right now,” he said.
Bra giggled. “Alright, I'll take that as a compliment.... Your place or mine?”
Goten responded by pulling her into his arms and taking off in a blur.
“Your car!” she yelled.
“That's my parking spot, I'll pick it up later.”
Bra shook her head, her hair whipping in the wind. “Where are you taking us?”
In answer, he grabbed her ass firmly and kissed her hard, rubbing himself against her urgently.
“Oh!” she moaned into his mouth, wriggling.
His blood was pounding to a primitive beat in his ears, while his libido rocketed out of control. He got a hold of the hem of her indecent skirt and started sliding it upwards.
“GOTEN! We are in the middle of the air!” Bra protested loudly.
“So? It's not like we're going to fall... and no one will be able to see us this far up,” he finished, anticipating her next complaint.
She still looked doubtful, so he convinced her further by pulling down her top, being careful not to rip it this time, and caressing her right breast slowly. He saw her eyes darken and then close in pleasure. What could he say? He was a boob man, although her amazing legs were a close second. Said limbs were wrapped around him securely and he was sure they would have already caused major damage to a human.
He shot upwards, making sure there were several layers of clouds between them and the surface of Chikyuu, just to make very sure they were well hidden. Then he proceeded to make furious love to her in mid-air, something he had never experienced before.
As they pounded together, they started losing altitude. They both finished with loud cries and Goten was able to keep them up long enough to rearrange their clothes hastily and figure out where they were.
“That was so sugoi,” exclaimed Bra when they landed securely on a peaceful clearing that was actually not that far from the city.
Goten grinned crookedly and kissed her again. “I love you, you know that, right?”
“Yes, of course,” she said, smirking. They laughed together.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“My grandma's picnic is tomorrow,” Pan said while they were taking a break from studying on Bra's bed for their different classes, and the one they had in common.
Bra sighed. “Yeah, I know...”
“So... what have you decided? Are you going to tell?”
“I don't know, Pan. Goten and I are doing so well that I'm scared of complicating things,” Bra muttered, rolling over on her belly. “At the very start, I was a bit confused about what was going on and Goten was acting so strange! But ever since we settled things between us, he's gone back to the Goten I knew... relaxed, easy going, insatiable in b... erm... never mind,” Bra waved her hand around, grinning. “You get the idea. I love him more than I ever thought possible. I don't want to lose him.”
“Who says you're going to lose him? He seems a bit too besotted, if you ask me. And I think you guys should just move in together already. You spend most nights in the same bed anyway,” Pan teased, twirling a strand of her medium length dark hair.
“You're right, I've been contemplating it, but wouldn't it be too soon? It's only been what, three months since this whole thing started? Everything is happening so fast!”
Pan pursed her lips and looked thoughtful. “Have you stopped to consider your Saiya-jin heritage?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, the way you describe your relationship, it sounds to me like things are going on that normally don't happen in regular human relationships. Maybe that's part of what's going on, don't you think?”
Bra sat up and contemplated her friend's words... could it be true? Could there be something occurring beyond their mutual attraction? Strange things did happen when she was around him... she felt sensations she'd never experienced in the past.
“You make a good point, Pan. I feel stupid not to have considered it sooner,” admitted Bra wryly. “And I'm supposed to be the daughter of a genius and a prince.”
Her friend smirked. “Yeah, the operating word being supposed...” Bra reached over to smack her but Pan dodged, laughing. “Well, it's easier sometimes to see things when you're looking from the outside.”
“So you think there is some weird Saiya-jin stuff going on here?”
Pan shrugged. “Have you ever asked your dad about any strange mating thingies they might have?”
A snort answered her. “Ask my dad about Saiya-jin culture? It would be easier to squeeze water out of a rock. He's extremely tight-lipped about anything to do with that. Kaa-san claims my dad has decided to leave all that behind; being the fact that in a couple of centuries there will be absolutely no Saiya-jin blood to speak of in our descendants, since it will be diluted completely with human blood. Once he decided to stay here, weather consciously or not at the beginning, he left it behind. Oh, he will still tell everyone who will listen, or even those who don't care, that he is the great Saiya-jin no Ouji, but won't talk about his culture.”
“I guess your dad is an all or nothing type of guy, huh? He figures why even bother when, like you said, his blood is just going to get diluted eventually. It must have been hard for him to come to terms with all that and to eventually stay with your mom. I'd never thought about it like that, you know. Your dad looks so hard, so sure of himself all the time,” Pan mused.
“He might look like that but he does have feelings. They are so tightly controlled though, it's almost painful, I think, for him to even show them.”
Both best friends were silent for a minute, musing about their heritage and what it implied when Bra's cell started ringing.
“If it's Goten, tell him you guys can have sex later,” Pan complained, mock-disgusted.
“Shut up,” snapped Bra, and then said, “It's Marron anyway, baka
“Hey Bra, are you with Pan?” inquired Marron as soon as she picked up.
“Yeah, we're at my house, whatsup?”
“I need to tell you two something that just happened. Can I head over?”
Bra nodded and then realized she was on the phone and the blond woman couldn't see her.
“Of course, come over.”
They hung up and Pan asked, “What was all that about?”
“Hmmm, I don't know.”
Marron arrived less than twenty minutes later and both Bra and Pan had spent that time coming up with what could have happened to their friend. Their ideas became more and more ridiculous by the second.
“Maybe she's pregnant!”
“No, she's in love with Trunks.”
“Okay, I got one... She hooked up with that creep in her office that kept hitting on her.”
“Ewww, no, she's having an affair with her hot boss!”
When the bell rang at her place, Bra leapt up eagerly and was quickly followed by Pan.
Marron walked in, grinning from ear to ear and they stared at her suspiciously.
“Well, you look too happy to be pregnant,” Bra commented.
“But maybe she's in love with her boss,” put in Pan.
They giggled and Marron gave them a look that said, “Have you lost your MINDS?!!” and made herself at home sitting on one of Bra's many designer couches.
“So what is it?” Bra inquired, sitting next to her blond friend.
“Mike is back.”
“Mike, as in your ex-fiancée Mike who had to leave to Dende knows where for `work related issues' and broke up with you after picking an extremely nasty fight?” Pan exclaimed, amazed.
“Yup... he's moving back.”
“And he wants you back, of course,” stated Bra dryly.
“Apparently so. He showed up at my place a couple of hours ago and...”
“Yes, we can just imagine what happened next... Oh, Marron...” Pan sighed. “You're just as bad as Bra.”
“Me, what did I do now?” Bra said.
They all giggled together and Marron continued to tell them what had happened in great detail.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“Are you sure about this, babe?” Goten asked her for the third time that morning.
“Yes, GOTEN, I already said I'm sure, it's almost as if you don't want me to tell them,” Bra teased.
“No, of course not, it's not that,” he started and then saw her mischievous expression and laughed. “Oh, Bra...”
“It's the perfect opportunity. My dad left the day before yesterday on one of his training trips and that could take anywhere form a few days to a couple of weeks. He even took the space ship. At least this time he sort of let my mom know when he packed right in front of her... in any case, we can always deal with him when he comes back.”
Goten almost shuddered at the necessity of at some point in the future, whether it was tomorrow or in a hundred years from now, having to face her volatile father. Yet it had to be done, though, if they were to be together. It was a miracle he hadn't found already anyhow.
Grinning down at her, he seized her hand and pulled her forward playfully. They were a few hundred feet from his parent's cottage, where his mother had been cooking up a storm since the day before.
“I can just imagine the look on their faces!” Bra chortled and Goten grinned back.
“Yup, they will be surprised alright.”
“I love you so much,” she whispered into his ear and he sighed, holding her even closer.
One second they were in each other's arms, kissing and the next an invisible force of nature tore him away from Bra, grasped a hold of his neck and slammed him against a nearby tree viscously.
Goten gaped up with astonished eyes at his opponent's dark and dangerous visage.
“Daddy! What are you doing here!” the Saiya-jin no Ouji's daughter screeched in a very high-pitched and nervous tone of voice.
Oh, kuso, Goten groaned. I'm so dead.
To be continued...
Japanese words used in this chapter:
kuso: expletive
tou-san: dad
nani: what
sugoi: cool
kaa-san: mom
baka: stupid
kuso: crap (or worse), expletive
To be continued…
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