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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 19: Too Young to Bond?
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Translations for Japanese words used in italics in this chapter at the end…
Bra flew furiously towards Goten's house, feeling as if time were slipping by quicker than she could live it. Anxiousness gripped her senses painfully and exhaustion settled thickly in her limbs. Going Super Saiya-jin for the first time had been draining. Not to mention all the emotional upheaval she'd just been put through by her dear, dear father.
Seriously, her dad had some nerve treating Goten that way and threatening to disown her if she continued to date him. He was nuts, out of his mind. Stark raving mad. She was sure once her mom got a hold of him, things would improve and he would get what was coming to him.
What if they didn't? What if this made his tenuous hold on civility finally snap? She had always known her dad was different than other dads and that she would by no means ever have a normal family life. However, he'd always been there for them in his own way and she loved him with all her heart. He was her dear daddy after all.
Why did he have to ruin things like that? What a horrendous mess she'd managed to get into! Not to mention what had happened to poor Goten!
Eventually, she arrived at her destination, panting with exertion. She was expecting Goten to open the door for her immediately as he usually did but she found it closed. Even though she knocked twice, one answered.
Could her dad have injured him worse than she had previously thought? The notion sent shivers up her spine and set a stone of dread in the pit of her stomach.
The door was unlocked, allowing her to open it tentatively. In addition, the house was dark and she could barely see anything. Walking into his living room, she was finally close enough to truly feel him. She'd sensed his ki before, a bit weak but broadcasting just fine. Bra needed to see him, though, touch him to make sure he was alright.
Goten was sprawled on the couch, face down, snoring like a baby.
She snorted. It was just like Goten to be sleeping like the dead at a time like this. Bra poked him gingerly on his ribs and he stirred slightly.
Wake up she told him through their still tentative bond, directing the thought as loudly as she could into his mind.
“Ahhh!” He woke up with a yell, his eyes opening wide with pupils dilated, practically jumping off the couch.
“It's just me, silly,” she said, snickering slightly despite everything.
“Oh, thank Dende you're okay, Bra. I was so worried!”
She spread her arms so he could see all of her. “I'm fine.”
“Your cheek is swollen! And your hand is getting sort of purple. Here, sit down,” he said as he tugged her down next to him and examined the cut on her cheekbone closely. "Your cheekbone is broken."
“No wonder it hurts like a mother. It'll heal by tomorrow. I hope. Oh gods, Goten, I've got so much to tell you.”
“I know,” Goten said, his face a bit shadowed by worry and gloom.
Bra stared at her gorgeous boyfriend, not even knowing where to start. He looked so worried, it broke her heart. Furthermore, she doubted that what she was about to tell him would assuage his fears. Although it seemed he had suspected about their bond earlier by the way he hadn't acted too surprised when she'd first communicated with him mentally. She should be upset at the fact that he hadn't told her but couldn't bring herself to even mention it. It wasn't the appropriate moment.
She exhaled loudly and began telling him, “My father explained to me about the Saiya-jin bond… which we seem to be forming. Sometimes when two Saiya-jins spend some time together and like each other, they start developing a mental connection. Once they realize this is going on, they must decide what to do. If they decide it is worth it and want to pursue the bond, the couple will accept it and go fully into each other's minds. He was sketchy with the details; it was hell just to get him to say that.”
Goten chuckled weakly, his gaze piercing hers. She swallowed hard. Through their connection Bra could feel the way his heart was hammering, could sense the panic that was threatening to overrun his thoughts.
“So this bond is supposed to be unbreakable,” Bra continued shakily. “He said it was nothing like a puny human marriage. You can't get divorced or separated because it would cause tremendous emotional anguish to both parties. I also spoke to my mom and she told me that it is not supposed to be very common. Freeza had managed to scare them witless, enough to have this mating ritual become some sort of taboo. Especially among the royals. I'm surprised my dad even knew as much as he did.”
“Do your parents have this bond?” Goten asked intently.
“Sort of. Mom described it as an incomplete bond. Basically he can see into her mind and can communicate with her but she can't see into his. He didn't want a complete bond because of his terrible past. He was sure that it would be too much for her delicate human psyche.”
Goten nodded. “That was probably smart.”
“Yes,” Bra agreed. “I suppose it was. I think my mom would still want it though, regardless. In any case, they are mated in most ways. Their union is unbreakable.”
Goten nodded and they both stayed silent for a while.
“Why do you think a race like them would even do that? The bonding thing. I mean, from the little that I've heard, pure Saiya-jins are built mostly for warfare and that is all they care about, pretty much. This sounds like you would be saddling yourself with a walking and breathing liability.”
“Well, I'm guessing the women were warriors too. They would go out together to battle with their male mates, no? Maybe there were too many fights between the males to compete for the women? After all, I think my dad said once that there was a three to one ratio of males to females.”
“That makes sense,” Goten said, laughing a bit. “Also, I imagine that for a Saiya-jin man to stay next to a woman when she gets pregnant and delivers her baby, not to mention also having to take care of them, he might need extra motivation.”
Bra giggled a bit and Goten smiled in return. Perhaps this wouldn't be that bad, after all? Bra mused. Apparently her contemplations had been `louder' than she thought for Goten replied, Perhaps not. Bra glanced up, and sent him a look. Goten just shrugged apologetically.
After a bit, Goten broke the silence. “What else did your dad tell you?”
Bra leaned back and sighed a bit. “He also told me that when the bond is created, you would be able to see every stupid little thing I ever did and so I would I. No privacy, he said. All my memories would be open to you.”
“Now that's just weird. Why was that included in the bond?” he wondered.
“Beats me,” Bra said, shrugging. Her pulse was quickening, though, and she felt very uneasy. “Maybe they took the whole 'two heads is better than one' concept very to heart? Having synchronized thoughts and knowing your partner so deeply would be useful in battle, I think.”
“Yes, putting it that way, it does make sense.”
She frowned. “I imagine there must be a reason for everything but at this point, it is all speculation. It will take a long time, if ever, for me to get the guts to try to ask my dad about it. Anyway, I am furious with him.”
Goten nodded and closed his eyes, looking so weary it was starting to worry Bra.
“What about… what if… someone doesn't want the bond?” he finally asked softly.
Bra exhaled shakily at Goten's question. It was the same thing she had asked her dad. It shouldn't bother her. He did not mean it in a wrong way. Right?
“He said that whoever rejects the bond must go as far away as possible from the other person. Saiya-jins are selfish and possessive and the one involved one would try to win him/her at all costs. I suppose that with distance and time the budding connection would fade.”
“I see, that makes sense.”
“My dad also said some very nasty things,” Bra admitted, rubbing the bridge of her nose. “But they aren't important.”
“What did he say?” Goten asked.
“He basically disowned me. Well, or he will if I don't stop my relationship with you.”
“That bakayarou!” he shouted.
Bra was a little surprised by the viciousness that single word conveyed. It was always novel to see Goten lose his temper.
“It's okay,” she said, not too convincingly. “I am sure Mom can set him right.”
“Oh, Bra, I am so sorry about all this. If only I hadn't…”
“If only what Goten? Are you having regrets now, second thoughts?”
“Are you?” His gazed pinned hers again.
It was on the tip of Bra's tongue to say no but somehow the word didn't leave her lips. Her dad's declarations rang in her ears.
Mated Saiya-jins cannot get divorced or separated. It would cause great emotional anguish to both parties…
Most importantly, they will share all their memories, so there is no privacy in this bond. He will know every single stupid little thing you ever did and so will you about him…
If one of the parties rejects the budding bond, he or she should go away as far as possible form the other…
Bra almost growled in frustration. Why can't I be normal. Why can't I be just human?
Because you are Bra, the Saiya-jin Princess. Goten replied telepathically.
A little startled, Bra eyed Goten balefully and said out loud, “Stop eavesdropping.”
“It's not my fault you're so loud in my brain,” he teased.
“Ugh how can you joke around in a moment like this?”
He shrugged and grinned a bit ruefully.
“So what are we going to do?” Bra inquired.
Goten tensed slightly. “I think that we need to think about it.”
“What is there to think about?” she asked, suddenly very annoyed. He was acting like creating this bond with her would be awful.
“Obviously, Bra, this is a life altering decision. It's more serious than marriage.”
“I know that,” she snapped peevishly.
Goten looked at her with bewildered eyes. “What do you want me to tell you Bra? This is just nuts.”
Bra sighed and crossed her legs. “I know.”
Goten was deep in thought and he looked like he had the weight of the world upon his shoulders. She could practically see the wheels turning in that head of his.
“What are you thinking?” she said.
“I think we need some time apart,” he reluctantly said.
NANI!!?? Are you breaking up with me?”
“No.” Goten held up his arms as if she was pointing at him with a deadly ki ball. “Not at all. I just think that we need time to think this through.”
“What do you need to think about? You know what my dad said. If one of us doesn't want the bond, he must go as far away as possible. Do you want to do that Goten? Or you want me to leave?”
“I…” He looked helpless and she could tell he was this close to tearing his hair out. “You're just making this more difficult, dammit! We can't just make a decision like this on a whim.”
“A whim? A whim?!! I thought we loved each other,” she cried out, hurt and angry.
“Yes, of course I love you, Bra!” he replied truthfully. “But this is way beyond… everything!”
“So let me get this straight,” said Bra, getting up from the couch to stand in front of him. “We kiss, you pursue me, we start falling in love and developing a bond. We have amazing, earth shattering sex. I just defied my father for you. He pretty much kicked me out of the house. And all you can say is this is beyond everything and you have to think about it?”
“You are so young!” he blurted out, frustrated.
Bra felt silent after his outburst. He was finally tugging on his hair, his expression a study of pure male frustration.
“Ah, I see what it's like. So it comes back to my age yet again. I thought it didn't bother you Goten, that I am twelve years younger than you. I thought you accepted me as a woman.”
“I know you are a woman but you're a young one. You are rich and beautiful… You have the world at your feet,” he said with barely repressed emotion.
“Yes, and what of it? Why can't we have the world at our feet? Goten, you are loving, handsome, strong, smart and extremely charming. Together we are better than separate. I understand this whole thing is pretty freaking out there. True, we need to mediate on it but we can do that together, no?”
“No,” Goten said, shaking his head. “We'll just end up influencing each other's decision. I think we need to decide this by ourselves. Alone,” he emphasized.
“Oh, so just who of us is supposed to leave? You or me? For how long, how far away? Tell me oh-so-much-older-than-me boyfriend?”
“No need to be sarcastic,” Goten admonished softly.
“Don't tell me what to do!” she retorted hotly.
“I don't want to fight!” he told her earnestly. “Please, can you try to understand I'm trying to do what's best for you?”
“And what about what is best for you Goten?”
He shook his head. “It doesn't matter.”
“What do you mean it doesn't matter? For once in your life do something for yourself. You want me, I am here. I'm not going anywhere.”
“Then I should go then," he said.
“How about your dojo?” she asked, a bit panicked.
“I suppose that can wait.”
Her eyes were brimming with tears. What was going on? She didn't understand anything. How could everything have changed so drastically in such a short span of time?
“Goten, why are you doing this? Have you already made your decision? Because if you have and you are going to break up with me, just let me know. Don't feed me the 'we need space' line. It would be easier for me to leave. I can transfer colleges and buy a house somewhere else.”
“So you would leave permanently, just like that?” Goten asked, bewildered.
“What the hell does that mean? I don't get you Goten! Weren't you just saying a second ago we needed time apart? It sounds like a line to break up with me.”
“No it isn't. You just need time to think!” he reiterated.
Angrily she rolled her eyes and snorted. “Oh my GOD! FINE! I am going to take an extended vacation. If by the time I come back you are still spouting this bull, I will have to make you understand with other methods. You are not the only one who can pursue the one they want.”
A slight smile graced Goten's face before it melted into a concerned expression yet again.
“Don't leave mad at me, babe.”
“Do not `babe' me now. I am pissed off at you. Where do you think you're coming from, treating me like a child?” she screeched.
“I am not treating you like a child.”
“Whatever,” Bra snapped. “Don't worry about a thing. I will be out of your hair by tonight.”
“You know perfectly well it's not like that, Bra.”
“Pttt, whatever” she snorted, already walking towards the door.
“Can I at least get a goodbye kiss?”
Bra fell silent and her whole body stiffened, not knowing what to do. Should she give in to this tremendous temptation or should she stay strong and push him away like he deserved? He advanced on her and her mouth went dry.
Before she could formulate an answer to her internal debate, Goten stepped up to her and got a hold of the back of her neck immediately pressing his silken lips to hers; seeking entrance into her mouth with his delicious tongue. She tilted her head and he deepened the kiss, earning a mutual groan. It was exquisite, desperate, animalistic. She threaded her fingers through his thick hair with one hand while the other gripped his back. Her head was swimming and if he had tugged her down to the carpet to have her right there in the middle of his living room, she would have consented happily. In fact, she was almost ready to do so herself. He crushed him to her and his hands wandered over her in reverence as if it were the last time he would ever have her in his arms.
And perhaps it could be.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
I let her go… am I an idiot? I just let her walk out, and thinking I don't really want the bond. Oh God, have I made a mistake? Goten wondered, punishing himself emotionally.
Was he the biggest baka in the whole wide freaking world? Every single fiber of his being had desired to hold on to her and never let her go. To consume her and tie her down to him until she could never, ever escape. Even if she wanted to do it. To make her scream out in pleasure until her voice was raw and no doubts remained of who was her master.
But the rational part of his psyche warned him he needed to tread carefully. One mistake now would affect the rest of his life later. Their lives. She was too precious to him, too vital to toy with. No matter how much he wanted her, he had to be sure she wanted him as well, just as fiercely as he did.
A distant corner of his mind told him his cell phone was ringing. Apparently, it had been thrilling for quite a bit for the screen said there were ten missed calls. As soon as he'd shakily flown over his home after the confrontation with the Prince, he had collapsed on the couch, sapped of all energy and will.
All of the missed calls were from Trunks. There were also a few messages left as well. Apparently, their altercation had been sensed by him and Goten wondered if the other warriors of their close knit group would come pounding on his door.
Not likely. After all, he hadn't raised his ki much. If anything, they would think it was a violent sparring session between Vegita and Bra.
What was he supposed to tell his best friend? Trunks was a smart guy, he was sure that he had already figured out exactly what had happened. Goten knew he needed to let him know things were under control… for now.
He punched Trunks' speedial tiredly, preparing himself for the barrage of questions that would be upcoming.
“Goten! Finally you decide to call me back. What in the name of all that is unholy is going on?” he demanded.
“The crap hit the fan. Your father tried beating me up but Bra managed to stop him before he crushed me to a pulp. She went Super Saiya-jin. It seems Bra and I are bonding Saiya-jin style and Vegita didn't appreciate this too much. I basically escaped with my nonexistent tail between my legs and let Bra handle it. He pretty much said he would disown her if she didn't break it up with me. Oh, and my dad and mom showed up to the function too, with front row seats.”
“HOLY CRAP!” Trunks yelled out. “What the… Kuso. Are you okay?”
“For the most part. Just a couple broken ribs and a bruised kidney. My pride is more damaged than anything else. Oh and I let Bra go.”
Trunks basically gasped. “You did what?!”
“I told Bra she needed to think about it. She said she was going to take an extended vacation.”
“Alright, I'm heading over there right now. Do not move an inch.”
“Not planning to,” Goten replied, grumbling.
Hanging up Goten moaned. Great, now I'm going to get grilled by my best friend, who also happens to be my girlfriend's brother AND the son of the dude who just tried killing me. Awesome.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“Pan, we are leaving on a vacation. Tonight. Make the necessary arrangements,” Bra practically barked at her best friend over the phone. She was opening up capsule suitcases all over the place, all the while stuffing junk in them. However, she wasn't really paying attention to what she was packing.
“Come again?” Pan replied. “What the hell is going on? Grandma just called saying the picnic was canceled. Wouldn't tell my kaa-san why. And now you want to leave?”
“Yeah. Didn't you feel the exploding ki a while ago?” Bra asked.
“Sure I did but I just thought… wait, no wonder it felt different. Was that… was it you?” Pan asked suspiciously.
“Yes,” she replied succinctly.
“You went Super Saiya-jin,” Pan said, a note of ill concealed envy in her voice.
“Yes I did. Trust me, it wasn't pretty. It hurt like hell. I feel like a stampede of angry buffaloes just had a party all over my body. But I need to leave tonight and I want to leave with you.”
Pan protested hotly. “But our classes… we have our finals soon!”
“I'll arrange everything. Trust me, the Briefs surname goes a long way. We will have no problems.”
“My six month anniversary with Ben was coming up in a few days.”
“I'll also fly him over. It will be even more romantic. Now can you please start packing?” Bra practically ordered her.
She heard her friend grunt. “Why do I let you control me this way?”
“Because I am Bra Briefs. Come on, we are best friends, I would do the same for you. Just hurry up.”
“Grrr… you… Ugh. Where are we going?”
Bra rummaged through a drawer as she spoke. “To a remote tropical island. Owned by my mom.”
“Are you going to tell me what the hell happened?”
“Let's just say all hell broke loose with my father and he tried killing Goten. Oh and also Goten sort of dumped me.”
Pan screeched, “WHAT!!!????”
“He said I needed time to think about it. Alone.”
“Erm… Maybe he didn't mean…”
“As far as I am concerned, he basically dumped me.”
“And you're going to let it go that easy?” Pan inquired.
Bra grinned viciously into the distance. Pan would have probably been a bit freaked out at the almost demonic light that had lit her friend's eyes. Fortunately she couldn't see how much Bra resembled her father at the moment.
“Of course not. He is mine, whether he wants to be or not. I will just let him have some time to miss me. He will come crawling back soon enough.”
“Bra are you sure this is the way you want things to roll, I mean…”
“Just please start packing already, Pan?” the heiress interrupted. “I will be there in twenty minutes.”
Bra could barely hear what Pan grumbled under her breath but it sounded curiously like she was using the words “bitch”, “spoiled brat”, “arrogant uppity girl” among others to describe her.
But she still went ahead and started packing.
To be continued…
Japanese words used in this chapter:
Dende: Earth's current god or deity
baka: Stupid, idiot
bakayarou: asshole
nani: what
kuso: crap (or worse), expletive
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