Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ The Prince and the Sorceress ❯ Rematch! ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 7

Mrs. Blunt finished tying the ribbons to Bulma's hair.

"You look wonderful." She said bursting into tears.

Bulma turned unsure what she had done to deserve the water works.

"Mrs. Blunt please, don't cry." She said in a desperate attempt to stop her.

She watched in shock as the blonde woman scurried away from her. Bulma checked herself in the mirror again. *Have I over done it?* She wondered.

She had dressed in the red dress that Chi Chi had given her. It was definitely different than the heavy materials of her robes. She had tied her hair in two buns, wrapped in the red ribbons. They flowed down her back. She felt like a girl again. Instead of a grown up with hundreds of responsibilities.

She slipped on her white dragon boots with golden scale trims. It was rare that anyone could see her boots. Now she had the perfect dress to show them off. The slits at both sides started mid hip. It gave a very good view of her long pale legs.

*These legs haven't seen sunshine since I was 17.* Bulma mused as she saw how terribly pale they both were.

She stood in front of the mirror. She tried to reason it was only her way of showing Vegeta how feminine she could be.

Bulma grabbed her staff and went towards the Gravity Chamber. She could feel the nerves in her stomach. *This isn't a date.* Bulma reminded herself. *This is only a sparring match.*

Somehow she didn't feel convinced. She had a nagging inner voice telling her she wanted to flirt with Vegeta. As she walked up to the Saiyan, his back turned to her. She couldn't help, but admire his strong body.

*I really need to take Chi Chi's advice and get out more.* Bulma thought. *I'm only finding myself attracted because he's the only male for miles around.*

"What are you standing there like an idiot." Vegeta hissed. He turned to make another snide comment but couldn't. He could only glare at her choice of clothing. It didn't seem like a sparring outfit.

"This is the only dress light enough." Bulma answered his unasked question. She could see it in his bemused face.

Vegeta leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. Bulma looked at him scowling.

"Are we not going down to the Gravity chamber?" She asked, they were just beside the stairway.

Vegeta grunted and made a hand gesture towards the door.

"Oh I see, ladies first?" Bulma asked finally understanding why he was standing back. Vegeta just grunted again and re-crossed his arms. Bulma's eyes lingered on Vegeta for a second. trying to figure out if he meant to push her down the stairs.

Vegeta followed behind, trying not to gaze at her rump. It was swaying from side to side. he hadn't realised how slim she was underneath her thick clothes.

*I swear she is trying to tempt me.* Vegeta thought.

Vegeta made sure his eyes stayed on the walls as he walked down behind her.

*She is an annoying, pompous, self righteous little trollop.* He reminded himself. *She does not deserve the prince of Saiyans.*

Bulma tried not to giggle as she made her way down. It was obvious the idea to show Vegeta how feminine she could be was working. He hadn't said one nasty comment about her appearance. That was definitely a Vegeta compliment. If he had something mean to say he would have said it by now.

"You're awfully quiet Vegeta." Bulma said smirking. She was glad he couldn't see his face. "Are you scared of being beaten by a woman."

She heard his cold chuckle behind her.

"So you admit you're a woman now and not an immortal." He said.

"I've made no such claims." Bulma said.

"Everyone treats you like a goddess." He snarled almost in disgust.

"They don't!" Bulma protested. "They just act with a bit more respect. Some people might take a note of that."

Vegeta just snorted. "You should show more respect to me, I am the prince of Saiyans."

They reached the bottom of the long stairway. As they entered the chamber and the door closed behind them. Bulma was reminded of a tomb. She hoped she wouldn't be buried here. She knew Vegeta would more like survive the cave collapsing. He had his Saiyan strength. She would just have to depend on her shields. The only thing was that they didn't work if she was unconscious.

"I want to work on my defence moves." Bulma said.

"The best defence is attack." Vegeta said. He had begun his warm up and was not wanting to waste his time being Bulma's attack toy.

"I won't be on the front line Vegeta." Bulma explained. "The best strategy with me would be on the side lines healing."

"That is your choice." Vegeta said. "But I think you have some half decent attacks."

Bulma looked at Vegeta to see his sincerity, in case he was being sarcastic. She was sure that sounded like a complement.

"I cannot kill another mortal." Bulma said. "It is not my place to attack."

"So you know your place." Vegeta smirked.

"WHAT!!" Bulma yelled but she had to stop herself. She couldn't let him bait her. She forced her anger back down inside her and counted to ten.

"If you can't understand my position." Bulma said after a short pause. "I will not explain any further. You are a warrior and you only see war. I wish for more peaceful outcomes."

"You're more naive than I thought." Vegeta spat.

"Forget it Vegeta." Bulma sighed. "We obviously disagree, lets just spar." She raised her staff and summoned a shield.

"It's only because you know I'm right." Vegeta smirked. He balanced his weight into a fighting position.

Bulma's shield had formed into small globes of light. Each ball surrounding Bulma in a round mass.

"What kind of protection is that." Vegeta snarled. "I can see all the holes."

"It's a new one I want to try." Bulma said smiling, she wasn't going to explain how it worked. She was just going to let Vegeta find that out on his own. "Attack me and see what it does."

"I'll warn you now, I'm going to make you cry for mercy." He said.

"I'll never beg." Bulma sneered.

"You will in the end." He said as he lunged for her neck. He wanted to grab her by the throat. As his hand moved in an orb blurred in front of him. His hand was now a foot away from where he had been aiming.

"It's a deflection shield." Bulma said smiling.

"It's a cheap trick." Vegeta growled. He threw a punch. The blurring happened again and Vegeta's fist was no where near his intended target, Bulma's face.

Bulma put her hand over her mouth and started laughing.

"I thought you said you could see the holes." She taunted.

Vegeta roared with rage at her impertinence. He would find a way to break her stupid shield. He quickened his attacks, sending punches and kicks towards Bulma. Each one flew to different directions. This angered Vegeta more. He was not expecting this trickery. He sped up into super speed.

Bulma yelped but kept her control on her shield. It wasn't enough though. Vegeta's constant barrage of punches on slipped through. Bulma was clipped in the jaw and she had to throw herself backwards, rolling with the hit. She landed on he side.

Vegeta gave a small chuckle. "Found one."

Bulma groaned in pain. If Vegeta had directly hit her she would have something broken by now. Fortunately she still had her jaw working. "Find this!." She grabbed her staff and shot a large energy beam at Vegeta. Bulma took the oppertunity of Vegeta being distracted by floating up and summoning another shield. Vegeta had deflected the energy blast easily and looked up to see Bulma above him.

A wind was beginning to whip up. Bulma had cast a small weather spell.

"Resorting to that tornado again?" Vegeta said.

"I don't like this enclosed space." Bulma said. "I wanted a little fresh air."

The wind circled around the chamber. "Scared to be so close to me?" He said.

Bulma smiled, he wasn't noticing the thunder she was brewing. Vegeta threw a couple of ki blasts, testing her shield. The balls of energy bounced back directly at Vegeta. Bulma moved quickly to avoid them herself. They had bounced off the walls and were circling round.

"You idiot Vegeta." Bulma yelled. "The walls are ki resistant. They won't stop till they hit something!"

"You're the one that forgot to tell me." Vegeta yelled. He dodged as his energy balls hurled past him. They again bounced off Bulma's shield.

"We have to stop them somehow." Bulma moaned. "It's becoming a tiresome game of dodgeball."

Vegeta growled as he moved again. "I agree, and your stupid storm you're making isn't helping."

Bulma glared at him. *He noticed!* She released the storm and it thundered around her. The bolts of lightning hit the ground, sparking and raging till it disappeared.

"I was hoping to hit a bolt on your spikey head." Bulma said as she shifted in the air to avoid the balls.

"I thought you wanted to be more defensive." Vegeta said as he blurred and was instantly in front of Bulma. Bulma squealed and instantly transmitted away before he could grab her.

"I thought it would be a surprise." Bulma said behind him. Vegeta spun round and flew at her. Bulma transmitted away again. Vegeta was left flying into the space Bulma had occupied. Unfortunately his ki balls were heading in that direction too. They connected and Vegeta landed roughly on the ground.

"Oh my goddess, Vegeta!" Bulma rushed down to the ground. She dropped her shield. Vegeta rolled back up and kicked her in the kidneys. Bulma flew backwards and smashed into the wall. She crumbled into a ball on the ground.

"Get up woman." Vegeta snarled.

Bulma didn't respond. Vegeta swore under his breath and approached her. He kept his shield up in case Bulma was playing possum like he did.

"Get up, it was only a kick." He said poking her ribs with his foot. There was a small groan from the sorceress. Vegeta knelt down beside her. She wasn't bluffing; she was hurt by his kick.

*She is so weak sometimes.* Vegeta thought. He held out his hand and placed it over the area he'd kicked. He began giving her a portion of his ki. Letting a small part of his power enter her. Nappa had done the same healing effect for him when he had been young. It was draining and should only be used in an emergency. If it had been anybody else Vegeta would have just saved his own energy; but Bulma was different.

Bulma groaned and uncurled from her fetal ball. She looked up to Vegeta.

"That was a rotten trick." She whispered.

"I think you need to work on your physical strength." Vegeta said standing up again. He was trying not to look at her. Her dress was now flared apart. Bulma's matching red panties were daring him to look. Bulma hadn't noticed she was too busy ranting at him.

"You think that was funny don't you." She yelled getting her voice back. "I know I'm not as physically strong as you. There was no excuse to kick me like you did. A lighter kick would have sufficed for telling me my defences were down; but NO the big scary Prince Vegeta wanted to try and kill me!" Bulma was breathing fast and her body was shaking. She could feel all her anger rising up again. She closed her eyes and tried to wish it all back down again.

"Woman." Vegeta called to her.

Bulma kept her eyes closed. If she had to look at his face she would explode with anger.

"Woman." Vegeta said again.

Bulma concentrated on her breathing.


She opened her eyes to see Vegeta looking directly at her. For a moment Bulma could have sworn she saw concern in his eyes; but it returned to the cold usual stare.

"Sometimes you are so weak." He sneered.

Bulma snapped and her hand thrusted out for his chest. She released a telekinetic blast. It exploded around Vegeta sending him backwards. He slammed into the wall. Bulma looked at the damage in the wall.

"I'm sorry." She gasped. She ran towards Vegeta. "I just got so angry."

Vegeta pulled himself out of the wall. He grunted and looked at her smirking. "Not bad." He said. "You should use that move more often."

"I haven't used that before." Bulma said meekly. "I don't know what came over me."

"I think you should go cool off." Vegeta said. He opened the door. "I want to train for real now."

Bulma marched over to the door. She glared into his dark eyes. "Go ahead." She hissed. "If I stay here any longer I will kill you."

"Thanks for the warm up." He said. "You do realise when you get more in control we'll need another rematch."

"It'll be a pleasure." She limped away trying hard to hide any gasps. Vegeta turned away his fist clenched around a red ribbon. It was the same ribbon from Bulma's hair. Vegeta held it to his chest and chuckled. The shadows swirled around in the corners. If Vegeta had been listening he might have heard a small chuckle mirroring his own.


Author's Note: Okay, I know this romance is short on any action but I'm building the tension up! Plus this is a PG-13 and has to be kiddy proof!

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