Dragon Knights Fan Fiction / Dragon Knight (adult) Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Queen ❯ Part 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Summary: There is this demon witch who has plans to rule all the land of both dragon and demon. She requires the dragon tribe and the demons to do it. Will her plans be spoiled? And what of the pawn that she sends into Nadil's territory?

Demon Queen

Chapter 1

A demon yawned from his perch. The tree he was currently resting on was getting uncomfortable since he sat down. He got tired from watching the fight between the dragon knights and the demon witch that worked for their lord personally. He had to admit that the witch was powerful and was severely injuring the dragon knights, especially the water knight. He thought she must've cast a powerful spell or something on the water knight since he was easy access than the other two.

He was bored and opted to looking for some entertainment and found it when he sat down. It has probably been hours since they were fighting the witch. He'd seen the witch's power in action before. Sadly to say the unfortunate town was destroyed with only one word. He wondered why she wasn't killing the dragon knights right now. If she was able to destroy a town with one word then she should be able to destroy them also with one word. He saw that there were other demons assisting her. There was a downside to her power; she had to have enough time to gather energy and cast it out, which she is currently doing right now. He opted to watch what would happen next.

At the battle sight the dragon knights were loosing badly. Very bad. They never knew that the demons willingly came and volunteered to attack them. There is really something wrong with this picture. Plus they were having trouble in killing these demons. Once it died it would split in half creating more of them. So that method was out of the question. Rath, the fire knight, tried his flames on them. That did the trick. It barbecued them to crisp. But then the demon woman was hard to get to. Everything they tried didn't affect her at all. It just bounced off an invisible barrier.

She smirked. 'This is easier then I thought. I guess Lord Nadil is right about them.' She thought. She was at full power. Now she's unstoppable. She knew that she was stronger than all three knights combined along with the dragon lord. She is also power full than Nadil but she liked him because he took care of her. Her plans weren't to destroy them at all. She needed one of them that can withstand her experiments being performed that she wanted to test especially a particular one.

In fact she was testing it right now. None of the dragon knights knew it though. 'What fools that they don't see what's ahead.' She wanted to fully see if the experiment will work but had other errands to do. She was just going to send one of her men later. She gave the dragon knights a break this time.

All three collapsed on the ground, exhausted. To them that was a very tough match. They were thankful that the demon witch actually gave them a break. None of them could move an inch even Rath who could get his limbs to move even better than the other two.

Far away in a tree nearby the demon that occupied it was watching the knights attempt to get up. He still wondered why the demon witch didn't kill them. Wouldn't they just be more trouble alive than dead? The demon thought. He shrugged it off and went off with that question kept in the back of his mind for later.

By nightfall Rath and Thatz were bouncing and ready to go food hunting. They haven't eaten anything yet for dinner so they had to walk to the next town. Rune was okay. He had a bit of a hard time getting up but was able to follow his other two companions for the journey.

When they reached the nearest town they found a place to stay and some food. Rune didn't eat any since he didn't feel like it and just went straight to sleep. The other two found it weird that their sort of PMS-ing friend wasn't yelling at them this time. They shrugged it off and continued eating since they think it'll pass.

Back to the demon witch. She was monitoring the three knights. She's been trying to pinpoint which one has been hit with the potion she blasted them. Unfortunately, for her, two of them fit the symptoms of the affects. So she had to improvise and see who goes further than the other. She waved her hand over the water and the images disappeared.

She summoned a demon. "Go to the dragon knights. Observe and watch when one cannot use his powers. Remember that and bring the candidate to me. Bring him to me when he shows that he can't use his powers. Go and don't attack them on the third day. Oh and take some others with you. You'll need to get him when he's unprotected."

The demon bowed and left to gather a few others and spy on the dragon knights.

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