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Demon Queen

Part 4

Rune woke up. He sat up quickly with dizziness hitting him. He flopped down in a laying position again. It seemed that getting up was causing him pain.

Then he snapped his eyes open, looking around frantically at his surroundings. He didn't recognize it at all and plus, it was dark with only candles lit to provide light. Rune managed to stand up but upon walking he found his hands being left behind. There on his wrists were chains. He tugged on them but to no avail would they break. He cursed and sat back down on the bed.

He kept backtracking where he was and how he ended up in this room. He only remembered fighting the witch demon and then being sold to Nadil and…wait, he remembered that he was sold to Nadil as some slave or something. He couldn't escape and he didn't have his dragon powers now. He had to find a way out of here and maybe…grab some food on the way that isn't part human. He tugged on the chains harder. With his task at hand he didn't notice someone open, entered, and closed the door.

He snapped out of his gaze as someone's hands clamped theirs over his. He turned to the owner of those hands that were surprisingly soft and gasped. It was none other than the demon lord himself. He saw amusement in his eyes and a bit of something He couldn't identify. He forced him to let go.

"I admire your rebellious spirit elf but I expected a 'thank you' for taking the time to bring food to you. Seeing as you need nourishment for sleeping for a week and since you are not fit to walk freely among my grounds."

Rune just kept silent because he was confused right now. Nadil was actually being…nice? Indeed the demon lord was actually being nice and Rune did see a tray of food that he was accustomed to eating, not the food that demons ate. He really didn't have the same tastes as the demons did. He watched Nadil walked over to the table near the door and walked back with the tray in hand. He put it in front of him sitting Indian style form.

"Eat and please do not make a mess of my chambers," Nadil said before leaving Rune by himself. Rune stared at the door for a few minutes before eating the food in front of him. He didn't even bother to note if it was poisoned or not but ate up anyway.

Nadil watched the elf slowly eat the food given to him from the small open crack of the door that he left open. He didn't know why he didn't kill the water knight. It was perfect for the dragon tribe to drown in sorrows for their lost comrade. But he hesitated. He cursed whatever the hell he was feeling and walked off not wanting to watch the beautiful figure sitting on his bed and all for him to take.

Pyore met up with him in the middle of the hall.

"My lord, what troubles you so?" she asked walking behind him.

"It doesn't concern you," he said coldly.

Pyore let out a chuckle. "Don't tell me that the great demon lord has fallen for the elf?" she said. Yes, she thought. Everything is really going according to plan. Nadil didn't say anything. He was sure that he wasn't. The elf would be useful in case the other dragons come for him and that was all. "You know the elf might find a way to escape. If she does who's going to be your trump card?" she said stating a point. That caught Nadil. He didn't think that the elf had a way of escaping especially under watchful eye of all his servants.

"You should give her a reason to stay and be loyal. Plus there is something that you can have that the dragon lord can't have. Now that the dragon queen is infertile here's an opportunity to have something that he wouldn't."

"I'm listening," he said turning to face her.

"Good, lets go somewhere private. Walls have ears." She mentally grinned; things were now in place. She only has to wait nine months.


Rune sat bored after finishing his meal a few hours after Nadil left the room. Servants came in and took the plate from him when he was finished. Now he wondered, how was he going to get a bath?

As if someone has been answering his requests for the last few times, Nadil came in. He was carrying a bath towel and extra clothes. That was…odd. He placed it at the end of the bed before getting out keys and a rope. It was pretty obvious what was going on. Rune found this as an opportunity to escape.

Nadil unlocked the chains on his wrist. Guessing that he might try to make a break for it, which he wasn't wrong. He grabbed the fleeing elf from behind and trapped him by wrapping his arms around him while clasping his hands. He leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"If you intend to be like this, do I have to carry you and bathe you myself?" Nadil said as if he was really going to do what he just said. He wouldn't mind doing it anyways. Nadil couldn't help it; somehow he was falling for the water knight turned female. He proceeded to do what he planned. He dragged Rune towards the baths. Rune struggled and didn't bother thinking that he didn't have the upper hand at the moment. He had no clue what he was doing because maybe it was the female genes or something making him do things he normally wouldn't do.

When he actually realized what the hell the demon lord said he blushed a little red. This didn't go unnoticed by Nadil. He smirked.

"You like the idea?" he whispered in Rune's ear suggestively.

Rune blushed ten shades redder. It went from embarrassment to anger.

"HENTAI!" Rune reacted how any girl would automatically react and slapped him. Rune was furious. He grabbed the clothes and began to walk towards the baths. "I can bathe myself. And I can do it ALONE!" Rune slammed the door leaving an equally mad demon lord who was nursing his injury. He tramped out of the room and back to going on about business. He could deal with this, he hoped.


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