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Demon Queen

Part 3

The two dragon knights woke up. There in Rath's hand was a letter. It said:

Don't worry about your water knight. She's perfectly fine. Wait at the dragon castle. I have a little *gift* for you.

After they looked at it, the note went into flames burning all evidence. As soon as that happened Rath and Thatz immediately ran to their destination. They are now determined more than ever to go back.

* * *

Rune didn't like the witch's plan one bit. Why? He was chained with other demons that are being sold as lowly slaves along with her. Plus they kept trying to grope him. He knocked some of them out when they tried to feel around him. He was, by now the only one conscious probably with a few of them, those were farther than her. He was disgusted with the smell and décor. To say it wasn't that pleasant. He felt like He was going to hurl.

He was starting to feel the affects of the syringe wasting away and would soon diminish giving him a chance to summon Water and get the hell out of there. It'll go away in a few moments while He thinks up an escape so he wouldn't be sold as some slave to more powerful demons that he was sure Rath could take care of.

"So I see you're doing well," the witch said.

Rune ignored her and just assumed that she was talking to someone else even if he knew that it was directed to him. He felt the chains being tugged and he was flung towards the cell doors. Before he could hit them the witch stopped him. The witch, Pyore, grasped Rune's face in her hand.

"You know I think I could sell you to the highest bidder but I think I'll sell you last after all the other worthless demons in this cell that you managed to knock out."

"Unhappy?" Rune said coldly.

"No need to be like that. Every demon that met up with you thought you were beautiful now I get to give you to the highest bidder. I hope that the lord accepts my offer."

"Too bad because I won't be participating. Water Dragon!" Rune called out his dragon. He cut the ropes with his sword while Water broke the cell doors. He quickly got on Water's back and they tried to escape the demon prison. He fended the other demons trying to attack them with the newly found powers He was able to do.

Pyore growled in annoyance. Looks like she must do everything herself again.

"ACID RAIN!" Pyore called out sending a wave of water droplets at the dragon.

"SHIELD!" Rune called out to protect himself and Water. Unfortunately the shield didn't extend that far, it only protected him. The water hit the dragon's tail earning a hiss out of the owner. Rune didn't know what else to do. So he just thought of something that might work if not he knew that Water was done for.

"Shield extension!" Fortunately for him it worked. The shield protected both of them. He saw Pyore a bit angry. He had a feeling that he wasn't supposed to know anything yet besides the basic elements that were displayed earlier.

"So you want to play it the hard way don't you elf. Well who am I do deny you? ACID RAIN DOUBLE!" She yelled out. This time the attack did hit it's target.

Rune felt the affects of the attack. It felt like his skin was burning and melting. He accidentally let his hold let go and slipped off Water. Water Dragon looked at his fallen master and was about to go retrieve him but Rune shouted back telling him to just get out so he could give the message to Rath and Thatz. Water plainly disagreed but Rune argued forcing Water to go leaving him there.

The demon minions immediately restrained him. Rune struggled but to no avail. Pyore came over and got out a syringe. Rune struggled even more to get out because he didn't want to be defenseless again. He still couldn't escape.

"Don't worry elf. It'll only be until you're new master says that you can have your dragon powers. I don't know if he will but if you aren't sold then you still belong to me." She injected the liquid into his arm.

Rune stopped his struggles knowing that it's useless. He just hoped that Water would reach the others in time before he was sold to someone else. Or if he were lucky then he wouldn't be sold and would be kept for another few years.

"Take her out. She'll be next." Pyore said before leaving to her post of adoring the demons with slaves.

* * *

Back at the dragon lord's castle, Rath and Thatz came bursting in demanding the same question. None of the others understood what they were saying.

Lykouleon finally came to see what the fuss was all about. He convinced them to calm down and start from the beginning to explain why Rune isn't with them. But before they could Cesia came bursting in with some important news to tell them.

"Hurry it's Water, he's hurt," she said. Everyone went outside to investigate.

* * *

Back at the auction, Rune was up. He kept up a struggle but was brought up anyways. Pyore started announcing what he was originally until some stupid syringe was injected into him. He was hoping that no one would even be interested in him. Unfortunately there were plenty of demons that were willing to pay anything for him. The numbers continued going up. He looked up on the crowd and saw unfamiliar faces. And some familiar ones that he was sure that he didn't want to see again. Shydeman and Shyrendora. He wandered his eyes over something else and was shocked to see Nadil up and better. He adverted his eyes when he looked at him.

"Twenty times of everyone together," he spoke up.

"Sold!" Pyore said gladly. Her plan was put into place. Now she just needs the elf going the right way for it to work. She saw the future and she was pretty sure what would happen.

Rune became tense as he heard that. He was hoping that he wouldn't be sold to…demons especially him. Pyore gestured to him two servants to bring Rune down in front of Nadil. Rune mentally cursed. He should've used Water to break out now, because he was defenseless. His hands were bound and his dragon powers were useless pretty much.

As he was brought closer he tried to figure any means of escape. He had nothing that would guarantee an escape. Rune didn't notice that he was brought in front of him until he felt something draping over his shivering form finding warmth within the object. He snapped out of his thoughts to find a cloak draped over his and arms encircling him a bit below the shoulders. He had chills down his spine as a hot breath breezed past his neck.

"Don't worry elf, you have your uses," Nadil said whispering in his ear. Rune knowing exactly what that meant started thrashing, trying to get out of his grip. Nadil cursed as the water night hit him in the gut. The whole crowd turned to look at the scene. Nadil seeing that this was attracting attention decided to put an end to it. He subdued the water night. He caught him as he fell unconscious and tossed him over his shoulder.

Pyore came over and paid her respects by bowing.

"I'm sorry my lord but she hasn't been the most of loyal," she said apologizing to him, which he nodded in approval.

"Your payment will be brought to you tomorrow. One of my servants shall bring it here," he said.

* * *

At the dragon castle the others were discussing on the whereabouts of their missing water night. It was evident in everyone's eyes that they were missing him. Apparently Rath and Thatz forgot one detail. The fact that the water knight is now a female.

"Is there something you've been leaving out?" Cesia asked seriously at the two dragon knights that were snickering at their remembrance of the water knight. They immediately stopped laughing because they didn't want someone hunting them down. "Well? Care to share?"

"I think I would," a woman's voice interrupted them. She appeared in the entrance of the door. The dragon knights got their swords ready in case the witch demon planned to attack them. But what surprised them were the droplets of tears that came from the demon's eyes. To them a demon never cries. "I'm sorry but I had no other choice but to do what I did," she said in small volume. "I didn't realize what would happen if I did what I just did."

"What are you talking about?!" Thatz questioned harshly seeming to sense fake concern from the demon.

"I'm a half demon. I'm part human too. My parents were killed by the demon lord himself, I didn't know what else to do. He spared me should I join him. He said that I had potential. Turns out I did. But I didn't like what I was doing. I knew that it was wrong but every time I tried to get away I was always caught he said he'd kill me and kill my friends shall I do it again. I couldn't find an opportunity until he was occupied with everything else. I came to seek your help. If you would that is," she said speaking like she really means it.

"How do we know that we can trust you? For all we know this could be a trap," Rath said glaring at the half demon.

"Please, you have to believe me! If I were lying I would've attacked you by now. I don't have my demon minions outside!" She pleaded.

"Yes but you were strong facing us before."

"Because I had time to gather my powers! If I had to fight you since I first arrived then I wouldn't even last one second!"


"Rath, Thatz! How can you? I'm sorry miss," Cesia said speaking up for the first time during this ordeal, "They're just a couple of boneheads that need their egos bandaged."

"That's okay, it's very understandable. I know what I have I done and I do regret it terribly."

"Do not worry about it, miss. We have room for you to spend for the duration of your stay. You can rest now, I'm sure that you have a tiring day," Lykouleon said offering a warm smile in her direction sensing no false flaws in her story.

"Thank you o-sama. Would you please call me Pyore. I wish to stay but he might notice that I'm gone. I just hope that the water knight isn't sold yet so I could bring him back here. I'll gather information for you. But I don't think that I'll be back for another four months time. It's sort of working season for me."

"Alright. You're welcome any time," Lykouleon said offering another warm smile before Pyore disappeared. Rath and Thatz were about to say something but Cesia elbowed the both of them to shut them up.

* * *

Pyore was back in her lab. She smirked as she saw the exchange after her leave of the dragon officers meeting. Yes, everything was going according to plan. There is only one more thing she needs to do before her plan is really put into motion.


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