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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"Brooke", I said, hoping she heard me. Nope, she didn't. "Brooklyn?", I called again hoping she wasn't ignoring me because she was mad at me for something ridic. Again.
"That one", she said to a women that looked like a rock stars manager. Now I KNEW she was ignoring me. She was always mad at me for something. Couldn't she just give a break?! <<Go talk to her Marcie>> I thought. She was always thinking of me as the little one and I begrudge being ignored. I closed my eyes and thought, <<I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!>>
But just as I gained enough courage to open my eyes and started lifting my feet, I froze. She was right in front of me.
There I was, in my red plastic lined rectangle glasses, my white tank top with my b&w striped 4 button vest, my black classy slack shorts, complimented by my white Mary Jane peep-toes and she was staring me down like a tiger stalking it's next victim. Brooklyn was shorter than me but, man, at this moment she seemed a LOT taller.
“Marcie Collins”, she said with a chuckle, “Now what do you need THIS time?!”. She was scaring me, but I will NOT back down! I'm gonna give her a piece of my mind....
“Brooklyn! I am sick and tired of you bossing me around!”, now I felt like a PRO!
“Goodness, Miss Collins! I AM your boss.... And who are you to talk to your boss that way?!”, Oops, totally forgot. I am such an idiot!
Come on Marce! Think of something, QUICK! Heh Heh Heh. Got it.
“Yeah? Well, not anymore! I QUIT!” she was quite startled there.
And then I thought to myself,<<Marce, can you really just quit? You have 2 children at home a a husband in the hospital, how could it get any worse you ask? By quitting>> Oh yeah... forgot about that part...... I am such a dumb blonde! Plus, to quit, you have to hand in a Resignation form, Marcie. Or the world will punish you (at least that is what my best friend said that her mother told her teaching her manners in 3rd grade^^).
“Um....actually....Brooke- uh, Mrs. Andrews. Well...... How do I say this? I need a raise...”, What are you stupid?! Why would you say that, Marcie Victoria Collins?!Well, that one sure set her off.
Here it comes. Plug your ears!!
“Miss Collins!!! HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR A RAISE AFTER TRYING TO TELL ME THAT I AM BOSSY AND THAT YOU QUIT?!? This, this is... THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!”, Well, I've got to admit that last part (this is an outrage) was absolutely hilarious! But.. I've got to accept the fruits of my blondness...