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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Flight 26 to Paris, France is now boarding”

“Ugh do they have to sound so perky ? They are certainly easily compared to a BUNNY!”, I said to myself with a roar. Oops.... everybody's laughing.. Are they laughing AT me or WITH me?
Irrelevant. I am a new person. Because Brooklyn may have fired me but I WILL get my revenge. Because I am a stylist, and stylists will fight to the death to get to the top. Because I have feelings too! I will go to Paris to live with my father and find an internship as a stylist and try again. I will rise above any hill, you name it. She won't hurt me ever again. Ever.

“Flight 26 to Paris, France takes off in five minutes”, there's that voice again... Wait... it just said what I think it said, didn't it? Oh no. I'd better ask for directions!

“Um, excuse me ma'am?”



“OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!”, I said, crying, to the two women opening the door to the plane. At least, that is what they did after I threw a huge fit about my husband dying and me spending my last hundred and seventy three dollars on this plane ticket.
You see, after my husband died, I had to send my children off to live with my mother. We have to be separate for now but I hope that in the end we can all be in each others arms. I had no where to go but luckily my father (I was a 'mistake' if you know what I mean) was a very wealthy man and said that I could come and stay with him for as long as I'd like.

Anyways, they let me on the plane.

The plane ride was a long one and I was exhausted so as soon as I arrived at my father's house, I was out like a light. I think he carried me in that night... Or did I just give him mt luggage and walk to my new room myself? Hmm.. I don't remember.

Thank You Daddy

That night seemed to go perfectly, I think.