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Chapter 9
The next morning after long restless sleep, I asked Darcy if I could fix the rip in my shirt. I didn’t really want a strange man looking up my shirt. Did I? Well anyways I asked if he could help me sew it. He said yes.

I sat down next to Darcy to sew my shirt. Since I didn’t know how, he was going to have to do most of the work. This kind of situation was extremely awkward, seeing how i had no other shirt to wear while mine was being sewed. So, trying to be cool and make Darcy like me, I sat very close to him. Darcy turned to look me in the eye. My gosh Marcie you’ve done it again! your so stupid! he’s not just going to up and marry you just because you're sitting close to him half naked! I thought to myself. But Darcy apparently had other plans because, while he was still looking me in the eye, he leaned over and kissed me. DARCY.KISSED.ME. As our lips touched about 938729019 thought’s ran through my head. What if my lips are dry and gross? what if I smell bad! What if..What if...WHAT IF!? But soon I realised Darcy didn’t care what I looked like or how I smelled. That first day we talked he called me beautiful when I looked..well lets not talk about that. Of course Darcys lips tasted perfect. Felt perfect. ARE perfect. Darcy is perfect.

When he let go I had no idea whether to say something or lean in again but I can tell you I did not open my mouth. Okay, I did but not before our lips touched again.

Finally, I let go to take a breath, I would’ve suffocated otherwise. So..... this was certainly awkward. I mean, we had just met right? Marcie, this might be your chance to have something, with SOMEONE! I have a feeling that Darcy was embarrassed by what had happened just then because he stepped outside. To cool off, I assume. I needed to cool off too so I laid down by the small window and vented my body for a while. I fell asleep for a while and when I woke up, I’d realised that it had been hours. I mean, it was already dark out. And Darcy hadn’t come back.

I went outside, but it was dark so I couldn’t see much. “Darcy?”, I said, like a wimp. I admit, I was scared but that doesn’t make me a wimp, Marcie! “Darcy, are you out here?”, still nothing... I was getting a little worried. So my fear of darkness was withering away with every step that I took into the dark.

“Darcy!”, I cried, but he didn’t respond. Darcy, please answer me! I need you! I can’t go on my own like this!

I walked on and on for what felt like hours, but he didn’t show.

Finally, on my way back, I heard a loud, yet low grunt. I froze. Wait, don’t be afraid. It’s probably just Darcy. Also, there are probably more people that live in the woods, just like Darcy.

I could hear chains rattling. Somebody yelped. I couldn’t hear my rushing thoughts over my own fear. More chains rattled in the distance. My heart just about beat right out of my chest! Again I heard somebody yell, this time the person yelled “Help me!” Marcie! Darcy could be in trouble! you have to help him! I commanded myself to find the person who was yelling. This was going to be tricky because i’ve never really navigated the woods by myself, especially at night. But I had to try something! I couldn’t just stand around well somebody needed help!

I gathered my wits as I descended further into the freezing, but surprisingly calming, woods. I could hear somebody yelling still. I tried my best to follow the noise as best I could, but its hard when the woods are so disorienting! Its dark, and I can't see a thing! I hear the cry for help once more, much closer this time, almost right in front of me. I can tell its a mans cry. I stop to listen, but before I have time to wait, I see him. His body lay awkwardly with his left leg trapped in some weird contraption. “DARCY!” I cry, “DARCY! ARE YOU HURT!?” although I can tell he is by the look on his face. “Marcie? What are you doing out here?” Darcy anxiously asks me. “Its ok Darcy I’m here now. Lets get this...thing off you.” I replied, Hoping hes not too badly hurt. “Its a bear trap.” Darcy explained “I ran onto it about an hour earlier.”
“Okay, can we pull it off?” I asked him
“I already tried, it hurts way too much.” Darcy told me.
I racked my brain for anything I knew about bear traps. I remembered hearing my father say that the more you struggle the tighter they get..Oh no. This is gonna be tougher than i had anticipated.
“I need you to run back to the cabin and get my crowbar! Its on my workbench.” Darcy told me
“Okay! but how will i find you again?” I asked
“Umm..When you get back to the woods, yell for me. I can yell back and you could follow my voice?” Suggested Darcy
“Yea, Okay.” I replied, still a little unsure “I’ll be back soon.”

As I ran back through the woods, I thought to myself Darcy better be okay. I hope he’s okay. Dear lord, make Darcy be okay!

Marilia here! Hey! I didn’t write much of this chapter but I can tell you that it is greattttttttttt!
Layna wrote most of it and she (I just can’t get over this) has such a descriptive mind!
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