Fake Fan Fiction ❯ FAKE in Love: Act I, Stalkers and Protectors ❯ Chapter 5

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Dee was a little annoyed to find that Ryo was hang-over free while his own head felt like someone had parked a bus on it. It was even more frustrating that Rose had also managed to escape the dreaded morning after bug, and was actually chatting quite amicably with his Ryo.
“Coffee,” Dee groaned.
Ryo handed him a cup with a raised eyebrow and Dee sat down, one hand pressing lightly to his throbbing head.
“Do you want something to eat?”
Dee paled at the question and barely shook his head.
“Pity,” Rose said. “Ryo made wonderful egg sandwiches, with sausage and cheese. They were excellent.”
Dee groaned at the description and Rose and Ryo both grinned a little.
“Why don't the two of you leave me alone?” Dee said. “It's not my fault that I'm hung-over.”
“What?” Ryo said with surprise.
“I drank less than you!” Dee said and then flinched sharply at the volume in his voice. “I shouldn't have to suffer. Go away.”
“You're the one who came into the kitchen. The rest of the hung-over drunks were polite enough to stay upstairs until they felt human,” Ryo said.
“Needed coffee.”
Ryo sighed. “Fine. I'm going out to the shooting range anyway. I'm all packed, so don't even try to trick me into packing for you.”
Dee groaned.
“I'm not even going to move for another hour.”
“Then I'll go with you Ryo,” Rose said. “I have no desire to listen to him complain anymore.”
Go to hell you sanctimonious prick. Dee stared darkly at Rose, but didn't say anything as the man followed his partner out the door. He trusted Ryo, and if Rose tried anything…Well, Ryo had his gun with him. Dee smiled grimly at that and went back to sulking about his pounding head.
Ryo returned to the shambling house about forty-five minutes later, his eyes flashing murder as he stalked through the rooms. He threw the rest of his luggage together and irritably sat down silently in the kitchen, his nerves raggedly jangling as he tried to calm himself down.
The hang-over party had descended into the living room, and Ted stared questioningly at Diana as Ryo passed through. She shrugged and Dee got up slowly, already feeling his own rage bubbling up. Rose entered the house quietly and sat down in the living room, immediately opening a book and ignoring them all.
“Ryo,” Dee said quietly.
“What?” Ryo snapped, and then flinched back guiltily.
“Come on, let's talk outside.”
Dee lit up the cigarette and took a long pull. Ryo sighed heavily and sat down on the porch railing, his arms crossing lightly as he glanced out at the thick forest.
“So what'd he do?” Dee said, trying to keep his voice calm.
How about a competition?
Ryo had laughed, feeling confident after their first few rounds of shooting.
What do I get when I win?
How about a kiss?
“He just won't quit,” Ryo said. “I'm already tired after this whole…thing. He doesn't care, he just keeps pushing. He almost…”
Ryo bit the words off and shook his head. Dee didn't need to know that Rose had come that close again, that he had felt the man's hot breath on his lips. Fortunately he had been holding a gun, and even the Berkeley Roses of the world flinched back at the touch of cold steel.
“Berkeley Rose always gets his man,” Dee said as he tossed his cigarette away and rested his hands on Ryo's waist. “Diana said that once,” he lightly caressed Ryo's sides, his eyes not meeting Ryo's just staring blankly at his own hands.
“I hate that I blush every time,” Ryo said angrily. “I hate it! I try to show him that I'm angry, but it, it just…”
“It just looks sexier?”
“Dee!” The blush was there again.
Dee leaned forward and lightly nuzzled at his neck, Ryo's hands rushing to his shoulders with a startled “oh.” Dee kissed that soft skin delicately, letting his breath tickle across it, Ryo's hands tightening.
“I thought you would be mad,” Ryo whispered.
“I am,” Dee said softly and kissed his neck again. “But not at you.”
“I'll shoot him later,” Dee whispered and Ryo laughed.
“No you won't.”
“I can think about it.”
Ryo smiled.
“Love you Ryo,” Dee said quietly.
“Love you Dee.”
“How sweet.”
Ryo stiffened immediately under Dee's hands as the cold voice drifted over them. Derrick Marsh stared at them from the doorway, a dull smile on his face that didn't touch his eyes.
“You?” Dee said with shock. “How the hell…”
“Drop your guns,” Marsh said lowly, another man stepping quietly onto the porch and aiming a gun at them. “Now.”
Dee growled low in his throat but tossed his gun to the ground, Ryo reluctantly doing the same.
“Detective MacLean, if you don't mind, please put on your handcuffs. I know you have them with you. Hands behind your back,” the smooth smile remained. “Oh, but I'll need the key first. Step aside Detective Laytner.”
Ryo fished his keys out of his pocket and removed both of the handcuff keys. He carefully palmed one and dropped the other into Marsh's waiting hand.
“Behind your back,” Marsh said again.
The handcuffs clicked noisily into place, Dee's eyes now trying to peer behind Marsh into the strangely quiet house. Marsh smiled at him.
“Oh you don't need to worry about them, so long as they behave themselves.”
Ryo slid the spare key under his watchband, suddenly very aware of his wrists with the handcuffs tightly around them. Dee's eyes slid back to him and then to Marsh.
“What the fuck is this about?”
Marsh shrugged. “Mr. Sinclair, please escort the detective to my car.”
The man with the gun nodded curtly and wrenched sharply on Ryo's arm, pulling him roughly down the stairs. Dee's jaw clenched angrily and his eyes flashed.
“Now, now,” Marsh said as he drew his own gun. “We both know I won't kill him here. You however…do you really want him to see that?”
Dee glared darkly at him but Marsh just smiled and shook his head.
“Hands against the house,” Marsh said. “Hurry up, Detective.”
Dee splayed his hands against the siding and he felt Marsh's hot breath tickling against his neck.
“Can't have you chasing after him, now can I?”
The gun slammed sharply into the base of his neck, causing him to grunt and drop to the ground. Marsh stared down at him, still smiling, his eyes still empty as he kicked Dee in the temple.
“Dee! Dee! Dee!” Ryo was fighting against the armed men now, struggling desperately to break away. “Dee! Dee!”
J.J. clenched his eyes shut, his hands digging into the carpet as Ryo's panicked yells reached them. God what's happening out there? There was a strangled cry, and then a silence that was suddenly worse. The man standing over them turned and quickly disappeared, the sounds of a few cars filling the air distantly.
Why didn't we notice them? Why didn't we hear them?
Marsh had actually arrived the night before, the armed men he had hired patiently waiting with him in the darkness. Then it had simply been a matter of waiting for that one perfect moment. The capture had all been a lie, no one had ever found him, but he had certainly found Diana's agents. Not that they had come easily. No, Marsh had to admit that the FBI had picked a different breed than the cops, a breed that wasn't too interested in money. Of course there were other ways of getting them to talk, and other ways to make them lie. It had been a fun time, he had told Agent Spacey, most enjoyable, all to find out where the detective was hidden. And now, he and Ryo were speeding off to god only knew where, and Dee was…
J.J. all but sobbed as he sprang to his feet and ripped the door open, Dee's prone form laying still on the ground. His breathing was ragged and wet, and a puddle of dark blood was forming around his head.
“Call an ambulance,” Rose said lowly. “Now.”
Ryo's head screamed as he woke up, his brain stumbling darkly through a thick hazy fog. Every part of him hurt and throbbed dully, his body warning him that moving now would be enough to make him pass out again. He looked around carefully, keeping as still as he could, forcing himself to keep calm.
Detective MacLean was laying on small bed, a dingy open apartment surrounding him. He couldn't see much, just a small kitchenette and a dirty couch. He blinked slowly, trying to focus his mind as much as possible. Long fingers snaked in his hair and yanked his head sharply over. He tried to cry out, but his mouth was taped shut.
Marsh peered down at him, staring intently into his eyes before sighing with disappointment.
“Awake,” Marsh said. “But still groggy. We'll have to wait a little bit, eh Detective?”
Ryo blinked quickly, trying to focus and keep himself from passing out again. His ankles throbbed painfully and he knew they were tied, his wrists were also beginning to hurt a little. He fingered them gingerly and found that his handcuffs were still in place. He cautiously slid a finger under his watch band and found the small key still hidden.
“I just want you to know this isn't personal,” Marsh said as he drew his knife from nowhere. “I don't know what this is, but it really isn't about you. It's not because of anything you did or didn't do. I suppose it just is.”
He chuckled slightly at that.
“Do you know how many times I've made that speech?” he sat down on the bed and stared at Ryo. “I don't, but it's the truth. This really isn't about you.”
He rested the side of the knife against Ryo's cheek, sighing a little when the man just stared back. Marsh stood back up and paced quietly to a small chair. He sat down and turned back to Ryo.
“You were the funnest so far,” Marsh said.
Ryo gritted his teeth together and slid the key out from under his watch. There was an agonizing split second when it threatened to slip out of his sweaty fingers, but he managed to hold on. It slid quietly against the metal, but the sound screamed in Ryo's ears and he waited for Marsh to spring on him. The killer just sat in his chair though, and continued to speak, the knife swishing sometimes for emphasis. The handcuffs chinked dully, one wrist free and Ryo paused, his gaze still resting on Marsh. Slowly he shifted the key into his other hand and removed the handcuffs completely. Now he waited, his body tensing as he tried to calm his mind.
What if he wasn't fast enough? What if Marsh knew what he had done? What if he couldn't avoid that knife? The questions whirled in his mind and he patiently pushed them aside, answering each one as rationally as he could. He needed to be calm, this was no time to let himself panic. Marsh stood up and walked forward again, the knife gripped lightly in his right hand.
“How are we doing?” he said as he leaned over to peer in Ryo's eyes. “How does it look?”
Ryo's hand clamped tightly onto his wrist and Marsh dropped the knife as a fist slammed into his face. He stumbled sharply back and Ryo wrenched at the thin rope that held his legs. He tugged at it violently, cursing the small knots, but finally getting a strand free and working it desperately.
“You little whore!” Marsh roared.
He stumbled for the knife, his eyes narrowing darkly at Ryo as the detective sprang off the bed, his eyes resting intently on Marsh. A little blood was running from his nose, and he wiped at it as he picked up the blade, never looking away from Ryo. Ryo's mouth thinned. Marsh was between him and the door, not that it mattered much. He had to subdue Marsh before he risked leaving here; there was no way of telling what or who was waiting for him outside.
“I would have gone easy on you,” Marsh said lowly. “You've got a pretty face, I would have taken it easy on you.”
Ryo ripped the tape off his mouth and spat angrily, his own eyes flashing as he observed Marsh's movements. There was no sign of training in his steps, nothing in how he held the knife to betray that he had any real skill with it. That was dangerous in and of itself. Ryo knew it was risky to go up against men who knew what they were doing, but amateurs had a way of taking stupid risks and getting people killed because of them.
Marsh rushed him and Ryo stepped out of the path of the knife, his fist again connecting with Marsh's face, but the man didn't seem to care. He tackled Ryo blindly, crushing him down onto the floor. Ryo twisted, trying to break his fall, one wrist snapping painfully as he landed, a blinding pain running through him. The knife made contact now and slashed across his chest. Marsh was panting and Ryo clawed at him, trying to dig in a hold to throw him off. The knife slid out again, this time cutting deep into Ryo's left side. He bit back on a yell and finally locked his hands together, the injured left wrist screaming as he slammed his balled fists into Marsh's head.
The man fell off him and Ryo scrambled away, his injured arm pressed close to his body, thick blood running down him. Marsh grabbed the chair he had been sitting on only a few moments earlier and flung it at Ryo, the hard back careening into his chest and head. Ryo grunted and staggered back, stars racing over his vision. Marsh was rushing him again, but this time Ryo leaned into it, the knife grazing sharply into his right shoulder as he lifted Marsh with the force of his own momentum and tossed him aside.
Marsh slid across the floor, his head colliding with the kitchen cabinet, the sharp corner digging deep into his skull. He moaned and tried to get up, a sheath of blood running over his face. The knife skittered out of fingers that didn't want to work and he dropped back down to his knees, wobbling dangerously as the head wound continued to bleed. Ryo gasped for air and hesitated. He didn't want to hit him again, but then again oh god did he ever. He moved cautiously closer and Marsh growled low in his throat. Ryo's mouth thinned into an almost white line and one good solid kick collided with Marsh's chin.
The man toppled over and lay still and Ryo collapsed to the floor. He panted, both arms now wrapped around his body as he struggled to calm his pounding heart. Suddenly he had the oddest craving for a cigarette and he smiled as he observed his handiwork. Yup, definitely Dee-like. He'd have to stick Dee with the paperwork on this, it was only fair. He always did the write-ups for Dee's little escapades.
He felt blackness calling for him again and he shook his head. Better get up and get moving, better get help here, ASAP. Ryo stumbled back to the bed, retrieving his glittering handcuffs. He stared at them dully then made his way back across the apartment, trying to ignore the way his clothes were sticking to him. He ran his hands through Marsh's pockets and found his extra key before cuffing the man. Now he sat back again and took a couple more deep breaths. Time for the hard part.
Ryo almost laughed when he found his small cell phone in one of the kitchen drawers. He picked it up and turned it on, half-expecting it to somehow be broken. The reassuring beep and strong signal bars were more of a comfort than he could ever admit. He gently pressed the two, then send, then waited through the soft ringing for someone at the precinct to pick up.
Dee woke up slowly, a soft groan escaping him as his head pounded dully. He blinked a couple times and then frowned. He knew his eyes were open, but everything was dark. Holy shit, I've gone blind. His mind stumbled around that thought for a moment before he realized that he could make out a few things, a couple of blinking lights on a monitor and a thin strip of light peeking from underneath a nearby door. It's just dark.
The panic suddenly welled up again.
He struggled to lift his right arm, but it refused to move and he gritted his teeth angrily. Shit, he wasn't blind, just paralyzed. How the hell was he going to find Ryo if he couldn't even move right? Damn these are some good drugs. His mind kept blinking in and out, foggily running over everything, but Ryo remained through it all. Something shuffled at his left and he turned, trying to peer into the blackness.
A light clicked on and the face of Berkeley Rose stared back at him. Dee grimaced and opened his mouth to snap something, but Rose raised a finger to his lips and then pointed to Dee's right. Dee turned cautiously, half-way expecting a trick, but all thoughts of Rose disappeared as he stared down at Ryo.
The man was slumped down at Dee's bedside, his head resting heavily in Dee's hand as he slept, his eye shuddering a little as he dreamt. Dee stared at him, his head suddenly clear, heart suddenly so grateful and so filled that he felt that he was going to burst. He gently lifted his left hand brushed Ryo's hair back, smiling a little at how it glittered in the harsh light.
“This is the most sleep he's had in the last three days,” Rose said quietly.
“I've been out for three days?” Dee said, his eyes still pinned to Ryo.
“Five,” Rose said lowly. “We didn't find him for two.”
Dee's eyes jerked to him and Rose stared flatly back. He sighed under Dee's accusing stare and crossed his arms.
“That's some partner you have there. By the time the officers he called arrived on scene he presented them with a disarmed, handcuffed, unconscious suspect.”
Dee blinked slowly and then grinned.
“That's my Ryo.”
“Yes,” Rose said flatly and stood up. “The doctors left strict instructions to find them as soon as you woke up. If you ever want to get out of here, I suggest you cooperate with their tests,” he paused at the door and looked back at Dee. “It might take me a while to find a doctor. Say, about fifteen minutes?”
Dee's smile softened and he nodded.
Rose shrugged and left quietly.
Dee ran a hand through Ryo's hair again, and gently touched his partner's face.
“Ryo, Ryo, wake up.”
Dee watched as Ryo shifted a little and then sat up, one hand rising to rub sleepily at his eyes. Dee smiled at him and Ryo frowned then launched himself into Dee's arms.
“Oh thank god,” Ryo breathed and then his lips pressed tightly to Dee's.
Dee held him, pulling him lightly onto the bed and pinning him beneath his grip. Ryo leaned into the kiss, a few tears of relief running down his face as Dee finally pulled back and smiled down at him.
“I hear you've taken to beating up suspects now,” he said softly.
Ryo chuckled and traced a hand down Dee's face.
“My partner's a bad influence on me.”
Dee gently touched the pale bruise that spanned most of the right side of Ryo's face. It was a light blue green, and Ryo smiled softly.
“We match.”
He raised his own hand and pressed lightly to Dee's temple. “It's right here.”
Dee touched his own face a little roughly and winced.
“I told you,” Ryo said and laughed again.
Dee lifted Ryo's left hand and gently ran his fingers over the bandage. He kissed each finger slowly, his eyes sad and distant and Ryo waited silently for Dee to speak again.
“I'm sorry you got hurt,” Dee said finally. “I…well I can't remember what happened, not really. We were outside, right? And Marsh showed up, but then it starts to get hazy and I…why didn't I stop him? Why didn't I come after you?”
Ryo's hand slipped from Dee's hold and gently cradled his face, the bandages soft and warm against Dee's skin. Dee laughed, and Ryo noticed a few tears resting in his eyes.
“I'm just so happy to see you,” Dee said suddenly. “I feel like I've been dreaming and that I wasn't dreaming and it's all,” he shook his head in frustration. “Nothing's coming out right, and I can't remember what happened, and I can't say anything how I want to. Dammit, I can't get this right at all.”
Ryo silenced him with a kiss, his tongue darting out with warmth and love. Dee closed his eyes and held onto Ryo again, the tender touch of his partner enough to calm him, Ryo's quiet peace filling him up completely. The kiss ended just as softly as it had began, but Ryo didn't pull away. He leaned closer, his lips brushing against Dee's ear.
“I love you Dee.”
Dee's arms tightened.
“I love you Ryo.”
Dee sat irritably in the hospital bed, Ryo at his side as the nurse wrote down his new vitals. She smiled at them both and quickly left, Dee's scowl chasing most everyone away.
“Will you stop already?” Ryo said with a frown. “It's not their fault you're stuck here, and it's only until tomorrow morning.”
“I hate hospitals,” Dee said. “Especially this one. Emiry might be anywhere.”
Ryo grinned, wondering how exactly the bulky nurse was doing and if she had been told that Dee was once again a patient. The door slid open and he half-expected her to saunter in as if summoned by their thoughts, but it was only the lovely Agent Spacey.
“Hi boys,” she said with a grin. “How are my two favorite detectives?”
“I'm going to tell Drake you said that,” Ryo said flatly.
Diana blushed furiously and shook her head.
“I suppose that I have to take any teasing you want to give with a smile, don't I?”
“Absolutely,” Ryo grinned.
“What's this?” Dee said, his own mischievous grin sliding into place.
“Diana's got a boyfriend,” Ryo taunted.
“I'm going to kill you both,” she said with an embarrassed and obviously happy smile. “How are you feeling Dee?”
“I want the fuck out of here,” he said slowly.
“My you're pleasant,” Diana sat down next to Ryo. “Stop bitching already. We've already pulled so many strings that I think you should be able to survive one more night in the hospital.”
“I don't think I can,” Dee said. “I need cigarettes.”
Ryo sighed with a little dejection and Dee moaned.
“Ryo, please, can I come home tonight? Pleeeease?”
“Dee, there's nothing I can do. You're stuck.”
Dee muttered some low curse but became silent, his body moving restlessly in the narrow hospital bed. He kept glancing over at Ryo, and Diana smiled a little; he was obviously worried and didn't want to leave Ryo alone anymore.
“Bikky said to tell you to feel better,” Ryo said finally.
“That doesn't sound like Bikky,” Dee said.
“Well, he added `perverted skank' to the end of it…”
“That sounds like Bikky!” Dee laughed.
“Yes,” Ryo said tiredly.
“When's he coming back?” Diana asked.
“The end of the week. I finally got Aunt Elena to promise to put him on a plane. I swear she'd keep him forever if she could. And no Dee, before you say anything, she can't.”
Diana chuckled and then sighed.
“You're ready for tomorrow?”
“As ready as I can be, I guess.”
“They aren't going to take it easy on you.”
“I know, but it's important. If we can't make everything stick now at the preliminary hearing then Marsh is going to walk. You said it yourself, everything is circumstantial,” Ryo sighed. “The prosecutor has made it clear that my testimony is very important.”
“Yeah,” Diana said softly. “Will you be able to go?”
Dee grunted irritably. “I'll miss the beginning, but so long as things run smoothly I should be there for Ryo's testimony.”
“I can't believe they're pushing this thing so fast,” Dee said flatly. “It seems like a pretty big risk to me.”
“Everything is circumstantial,” Diana said and shook her head. “We're still running physical evidence, but Marsh's lawyers are hoping to show that we've got nothing concrete. They do that best by pouncing on us before we've run everything.”
“I hate lawyers,” Dee said shaking his head. “I like prosecutors, sometimes, but lawyers are the scum suckers of the universe. They should die.”
“Maybe you should bring him some nicotine gum or something,” Diana said as she shook her head.
“He won't use it.”
“Nicotine is meant to be sucked out of a fucking cigarette,” Dee said lowly. “Not chewed on like something base and unworthy.”
“You're so cute when you're cranky!” Diana said and lightly patted Dee's cheek. “I'll save you a seat tomorrow in court. Come on, handsome, walk me out.”
Diana wrapped her arms around Ryo and headed out into the hallway, an angry yell from Dee informing her that his jealousy was just as high strung without nicotine as he was.
“What an idiot,” Diana muttered. “Don't worry Ryo, I'll be there, and I'll smack that lunkhead into behaving himself. Now take off your shirt.”
“W-what?” Ryo blushed darkly.
“Calm down Prissy, this isn't a social call. I want to see your battle scars!”
“No, Diana, back off! Hey, stop that! Get your hands off me! Ack, Diana!”
Ryo returned to Dee's room a few seconds later, his face a little flustered as he struggled to smooth back out his clothing. He was so sore, so painfully sore and stiff, and for a moment he wished that he had agreed to some stronger pain meds. It really wasn't that bad, but having Diana yank and pull on him hadn't helped. He was willing to take it from Dee, Dee needed him, Dee loved him. Ryo sighed quietly; he really should tell Dee though, should show him the marks. Dee angrily threw a magazine across the room and Ryo shook his head. Maybe tomorrow.
“You're such an addict,” Ryo said flatly.
“I know that,” Dee said. “And I accept it as one of my charming character flaws.”
Ryo sat back down next to him and Dee suddenly became quiet, his eyes resting heavily on his brown haired partner. Ryo frowned and glanced over at him.
Dee yanked him into the bed, his lips running up and down what little skin Ryo's suit exposed. Ryo gasped and pushed at him, but Dee held on tight and Ryo bit back on a little cry of pain. Dee kissed at his neck and started to pull his tie free, but Ryo's hands smacked him away and he all but flew out of the bed. Dee stared at him in surprise as Ryo straightened his tie and shook his head.
“No Dee, we're in a hospital. I've gotta go anyway, but I'll see you tomorrow. Try and behave so they'll let you out on time.”
Dee nodded dumbly, a little sadness in his eyes and Ryo smiled softly at him. He came back to Dee's side and gently kissed him parting his lips a little to let Dee's tongue slide into his mouth. He pulled away slowly, hoping Dee would sense his reluctance to go and then turned and headed for the door. He paused there and smiled at Dee again.
“Love you Dee.”
“Love you too,” Dee said, immediately brightening.
Dee had no idea how many times he had said the “f-word” since the hospital had discharged him (late of course) but he wasn't sure that he could count them all. Everything was going wrong this morning. Paperwork problems, doctors disappearing, charts mislabeled, prescriptions not filed, then no taxis, traffic jams, and stupid pedestrians that didn't know how to read a street sign.
“Get out of the fuckin' road!” Dee yelled out of the cab.
The driver glanced back at him.
“You're sure in a hurry, considering you're going to court.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Dee said lighting up another cigarette; he had been chain smoking them since he had stepped out of the hospital.
“Long hospital stay?” the cabbie said as Dee slid his lighter back into his pocket.
“Longest of my life,” Dee said and leaned back, strangely contented by the taste of the cigarette. “You know, I know these things are disgusting and I'm probably committing suicide right now, but I don't fucking care.”
The driver laughed and fought his way out into a faster moving lane. Dee's eyes strayed out to the busy streets and his leg began to bounce nervously up and down. He had to make it in time, he had to be there for Ryo. The cab rolled to a halt again, but this time finally at the courthouse. Dee all but threw his money to the driver (a nice tip included, he wasn't a cheap skate after all) and sprinted up the stairs, his throbbing head reminding him that pain meds, high stress, and physical activity weren't the smartest combination.
He snuffed out his cigarette sadly at the door and fished out his badge and gun, sliding them on the tray next to the metal detector. They passed him through quickly and directed him down the hall, his footsteps loud and pounding against the polished marble. The officer at the door checked his id again before stepping aside and letting him enter.
Dee winced a little as he saw Ryo was already in the witness stand patiently answering questions from Marsh's lawyer. Diana waved him over and he sat down, noticing Drake peering over at him from her other side.
“What'd I miss?” Dee whispered.
“Almost everything,” Diana said. “They've been going after him like this for the last hour.”
Dee turned back to the front of the courtroom and he felt a small smile. Let them try and trip up his Ryo, let them do everything they could think of. Ryo didn't lie, and Ryo was stubborn enough to hold his ground for as long as it took. Dee observed him silently, this was the Ryo that criminals needed to fear. He was calm and collected, his suit carefully pressed, badge hanging from the pocket in his jacket to deftly remind everyone that he was a police officer. He was patient, he was cool, he was perfect.
The defense attorney (I fuckin' know that guy! Jeff Taylor…I can't believe he'd take this case!) pressed Ryo for more information, but Ryo's story never changed, never altered no matter what Taylor asked him. Dee frowned; what exactly was Ryo's story? He could tell that they weren't able to trip him up, but that just meant that he wasn't repeating himself and Dee couldn't hear about what had happened. He'd have to ask Ryo later, when he apologized for being late.
“Thank you Detective MacLean, I just have a little more for you. You stated that both the New York police department and the FBI were unable to find a commonality between any the victims, is that correct?”
“Officer, how would you respond to statements that suggest that the victims of these crimes were selected based their homosexual preferences?”
Dee's eyes widened and he felt his mouth drop open. Why wasn't anyone objecting? Why was that ape of a prosecutor just sitting there? Why wasn't someone jamming a fist through Marsh's head and just ending this stupid game now? Dee felt his anger rising, his pulse quickening, his jaw tightening. He was going to kill him, he wasn't sure which one, Marsh, Taylor, or the prick of a prosecutor, but one of them, at least, was going to die.
Ryo, however, remained unflappable.
“Mr. Taylor, are you suggesting that besides being charged with attempted murder, assaulting an officer, kidnapping, numerous charges of illegal weapons, murder…besides all of these, are you suggesting that we should attempt to charge your client with hate crimes as well?”
Dee's mouth dropped open again. Where the fuck had that come from?
Taylor paused and then sighed. “I withdraw the question. Nothing further your honor.”
“Prosecution, do you wish to redirect?”
“No your honor.”
“The witness may step down.”
Ryo stood up smoothly, his movement fluid and calm as he started to walk away, Marsh's eyes burning into him. Ryo didn't look at him, his eyes already darting to the back of the courtroom to where he knew Dee was sitting. A bare smile danced across the corners of his lips, and suddenly Marsh was on him. The courtroom erupted into movement and chaos, Dee struggling to push his way through the suddenly standing crowd. Marsh was hissing something in Ryo's ear, but he couldn't understand it, couldn't stop to think about it. He had fallen on his injured wrist and Marsh's knee was digging painfully into one of the knife wounds. Marsh's hiss became angrier, but he had dangerously miscalculated. This Ryo was injured, but he wasn't drugged, he wasn't groggy and confused, and he wasn't fighting an opponent that had a weapon.
This Ryo had no qualms about flipping Marsh sharply off of him and pinning him roughly to the floor, one of Marsh's arms pulled tightly across his back. The man squirmed and spit, but Ryo knelt on top of him, allowing his knee to dig a little hard into the base of the man's spine.
“Bailiffs!” the judge was shouting, pounding his gavel loudly. “Remove him from the courtroom!”
Strong hands helped Ryo, grabbing Marsh and handcuffing him quickly, dragging him across the floor and out of the room. Ryo stood up and straightened his tie, strangely amused by all the noise that echoed around him.
“Order!” the judge roared with one more savage bang. “These proceedings will continue with order or the courtroom will be cleared!”
The room quieted and stilled and Ryo made his way to the back, sliding down next to Dee. He grinned a little at the dark haired detective and then turned back to watch the lawyers. Dee couldn't take his eyes off Ryo. God this man was amazing, and Dee was blessed just to know him. And he loves me. Warmth spread through Dee at that thought, and all he could think about was kissing Ryo. He knew it was a dangerous idea, considering both what had just been asked on the stand and Ryo's skittishness in public, but he supposed it was alright to just imagine it for a while.
“Does the prosecution which to call anymore witnesses?”
“No your honor, we feel we've presented our evidence adequately.”
“And I agree. This matter will be taken up in New York District court on…”
Even Jim made it out of the lab and into the bar that night.
Ryo accepted all the congratulations he could get, happily toasting with water or soda, a little sad that pain meds as weak as his still couldn't be mixed with alcohol. Of course Dee was in the same boat, so at least he had someone to stay sober with. The late night turned into early morning, but no one seemed interested in leaving, the liquor flowing freely, everyone laughing and dancing and clinging all over each other.
J.J. arrived a little after one, his eyes sparkling happily when he finally spotted Dee.
The voice screeched above the roar of the bar and Dee flinched and frantically looked around for some place to hide, or at least a human shield to sacrifice in his place. J.J. barreled forward, somehow actually picking up speed as he weaved through the crowd, his arms happily thrown open. He leapt, and then…
Dee opened his eyes cautiously and saw Ryo holding loosely to J.J.'s collar, the short blue haired man staring up at Ryo with surprise.
“J.J., Dee just got out of the hospital,” Ryo said. “If you do anything to send him back there for even a moment, I will personally shoot you.”
J.J.'s eyes weren't the only ones that widened. Dee was pretty sure that Ryo didn't mean it, it was an unimaginative threat and Ryo was a gentle guy, but then again, Ryo was also a damned good shot. He could see J.J. thinking these same thoughts as Ryo finally released him and turned back to the conversation he had been having with Diana and Drake. J.J. paused a moment longer then took the last couple of steps and gently hugged Dee.
“I'm glad you're feeling better,” he said quietly and released Dee.
“Thanks J.J.,” Dee said. “Umm, you want a drink?”
J.J. grinned. “Of course, Mr. Sexy!”
Dee groaned; he had to remember not to be nice to anyone but Ryo from now on. It always got him into trouble.
Diana nudged Ryo and pointed to the door where Attorney Jeff Taylor stood, warily searching the room. Ryo waved him over, and Dee pushed past J.J. angrily as the attorney started to speak quietly to Ryo.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” Dee said unceremoniously.
“Dee,” Ryo snapped. “Shut up.”
Taylor sighed and turned back to Ryo.
“Sorry again,” he said. “It should be taken care of now, though. I'm passing the case off to some high priced suit from Los Angeles, and I think he's clear on what will happen if he tries to address it again.”
“What?” Dee said with a frown. “What are you talking about?”
Ryo glanced around the crowded bar, but only Diana, Drake, and Dee seemed to have any interest in what they were saying.
“Dee, listen carefully, this never leaves here, ever. You don't tell anyone about it, forever,” Ryo sighed and then hesitantly spoke again. “Taylor kind of mentioned a few of the questions that he might be asking me when I was on the stand, and he suggested, in a hypothetical situation, how he would recommend answering them.”
Dee stared at him and then his mouth dropped open with surprise. “You were coached?”
“That's such an ugly way of putting it,” Taylor said quietly. “Look, the whole gay angle is bullshit, everyone knows it. Marsh only leaked it out to try and destroy MacLean's credibility and reputation. The prelim was a closed session, but we still had to address it, just to show that I was doing everything I could to get the son of a bitch off. Ryo's answer made it clear that the cops would be willing to investigate the accusations and not back down because of them. More importantly, they were a very beautiful threat. Marsh doesn't need anymore enemies right now, and he sure as hell doesn't need anymore charges. The man isn't stupid, he'll have to drop it.”
“And leave me out of it,” Ryo said.
Dee glanced between the two of them and then shook his head.
“Looks like I owe you an apology,” Dee said. “How about a drink? I can highly recommend the club soda tonight.”
“Thanks, and don't worry about it. I don't think that I should stay any longer than I have to. Chances are pretty good that some of your comrades are going to recognize me, and I don't feel like playing the justify why I'm an attorney game tonight. Maybe some other time.”
“Thanks again,” Ryo said.
“Yeah, and I'm still sorry that I had to do it.”
“He's a nice guy,” Diana said, her voice a little slurred. “A very nice guy.”
Drake kissed her neck a little possessively and she giggled. Dee grinned and shook his head.
“Well aren't you two cute?”
“Adorable,” Diana said, drawing out the word. “I'm going to come to New York all the time now.”
“Greeeeeeeeaaaaat,” Dee said.
Ryo winced a little as someone's elbow jammed into his side. The bar really was too crowded for him, especially with his body aching so much now. He sighed and lightly touched Dee's shoulder.
“I'm ready to go if you are.”
“Absolutely,” Dee said with a grin. “I just gotta take care of something first.”
He disappeared into the crowd and Ryo sighed slightly, Diana's eyes sobering as she looked over his shoulder.
“Rose is here,” she said flatly.
Drake stiffened at her side and Diana sighed, lightly pecking his cheek.
“Say goodbye before you leave,” Diana said. “I don't feel like dealing with this right now. Come on.”
She drug Drake away, the man grinning again as she whispered something in his ear, her hand playfully toying in his hair. Ryo sighed and chuckled as he watched them leave, hoping that both really were happy and would continue to be so. Rose tapped lightly at his shoulder and Ryo turned, smiling slightly.
“Hello Comissioner.”
“Hello Ryo,” Rose said softly. “Congratulations.”
Rose was silent, then gently reached out and lightly touched one finger to the bandage visible on Ryo's left hand. He caressed it, his eyes pinned to it sadly, the rest of his fingertips soon brushing over the fabric for a moment. He sighed then, his eyes rising back up to Ryo's.
“I'll see you at the office, Ryo,” he said quietly and he smiled, a small suggestive light dancing in his eyes. “Let me know if you need me to do anything for you.”
Ryo knew he was blushing and he silently cursed Rose for managing to do it to him again. The Commisioner's smile grew a little and he turned and walked away.
Dee glared through the crowd as Rose spoke softly to his Ryo, but he trusted Ryo, and maybe he owed Rose a little bit. He frowned angrily as the payphone receiver burred loudly against his ear.
“New York Corrections Holding,” a voice rattled off.
“Yeah, this is Detective Dee Laytner, I need to speak on a secured line with one of your prisoners, a Thomas Frate.”
“Please hold officer.”
Dee took a long drag on his cigarette, his eyes scanning the bar as he patiently waited.
“Officer? Please wait for transfer to prisoner Frate.”
The line clicked loudly and a groggy voice echoed into Dee's ear.
“Hello? Who the fuck is calling me this late? I don't make deals with pigs.”
“Hey Tommy,” Dee said.
“Oh, shit, Dee! Hey man, how's it going?”
“Same shit different day,” Dee said.
“Try being on this side of the wall,” Tommy said and laughed.
Dee snorted and Tommy laughed again.
“Yeah, yeah,” the prisoner said. “I did it to myself, I know. The penguin always warned me to behave myself, but she was your mother not mine, so why the hell should I have listened to her?”
Dee grinned. “Wait till the next time I see her. You're going to be in trouble.”
“She's still alive?”
Dee laughed. “As feisty as ever.”
“Well shit,” Tommy paused. “What are you calling about Dee?”
“I need a favor.”
“Name it.”
Dee took another drag on his cigarette. “We never had this conversation.”
“Yeah, I get it.”
“There's a guy coming in, I don't know where they'll put him. Name's Marsh, Derrick Marsh.”
There was a light click on the other side of the line as Tommy sucked at his teeth, carefully memorizing the name.
Dee paused. If he was going to stop this, now was the time.
“Don't make friends with him,” he said flatly.
Tommy grunted. “Must have really pissed you off Dee.”
“It's taken care of,” Tommy said. “Hey, do you remember that time when I got caught with that stereo and you said you took it?”
Dee chuckled. “Yeah.”
“Shit, pulling this for you doesn't even cover all the fire you walked through for me over that. How far do you want this to go?”
Dee paused again and he could almost feel Tommy waiting there for him to speak again.
“I'm expecting you out next year,” Dee said. “Don't waste anymore time in jail.”
Tommy laughed. “I get it, I'll set things in gear. The guy'll wish he was dead, but we won't do anything permanent…well, shit, here comes the guard. I'm about out of time now Dee. Looks like they don't particularly care if it's a cop on the other end.”
“Bastards,” Dee said flatly.
Tommy laughed again. “Good to hear from you Dee, and I'll talk to you soon.”
“Bye Tommy, thanks.”
“For what?”
The phone clicked loudly in his ear and Dee hung up, making his way silently back to Ryo. He would never tell his partner what he had done, he'd never tell anyone about it, but there would be times later when he would think back on that phone call and feel a deep seated sense of satisfaction. He gently tugged at Ryo's coat sleeve and the two made their way out of the bar, saying goodbye to Diana on their way.
“See you later!” Diana called, allowing Drake to wrap his arms around her. “Play nice!”
Dee kept glancing over at Ryo as they drove home from the bar. He knew that he should be focusing more on the road, but he just couldn't stop checking to make sure that beautiful Ryo really was there. He felt a shiver of anticipation run through him, but he restrained himself, knowing that if he tried to jump Ryo now, the man would get so flustered that he would probably dart away from any touch for the rest of the night.
He smiled a little to himself. Ryo was weird like that. At home he was gentle, affectionate, even playful with Dee, but anywhere that they could be seen, well they might as well only have met the day before. That was alright with him though, he had waited for Ryo for a long time, and he was willing to wait again for as long as it took for Ryo to be comfortable enough to kiss him in public. He wasn't going to push it, he loved Ryo too much to make any demands like that or give him any stupid ultimatums. It was alright to look though.
He grinned wolfishly at Ryo who smiled demurely back.
Oh God…
They finally made it Ryo's place, Dee keeping his hands to himself sadly as another man rode in the elevator with them, chatting quietly with Ryo. He was Ryo's neighbor from across the hall, and walked with them all the way there. Dee wished Ryo would say something rude, would snap anything at the man to get him to shut up and leave them alone. They talked for a few minutes longer, then Ryo finally unlocked the door and headed inside. Dee followed into the wonderful quiet and paused to click the locks into place. He turned to smile at Ryo, but only caught a glimpse of him disappearing into the bedroom.
Oh I like where this is going.
Dee noticed Ryo's tie and jacket folded across the back of one of the chairs and he tossed his own jacket on the floor next to it. He grinned and pulled open the bedroom door, his smile faltering a little as he saw Ryo seated on the bed, a serious look on his face. Dee started to speak but Ryo held his arms out, beckoning him closer, so Dee came. He bent down into a gentle kiss, Ryo's hands light at his waist, soft and careful as he allowed Dee to pull him further onto the bed. Ryo pulled Dee's shirt off, his hands pale against dark olive skin and he sighed a little bit, Dee smiling happily. The kisses continued, slow and soft and Dee's smile grew a little as he licked Ryo's neck. He moved gently, carefully, and began to unbutton Ryo's shirt, his mouth sliding down, then stopping suddenly as his lips lightly caressed a thick bandage.
Dee sat back with a frown and Ryo stared hesitantly up at him. Slowly, Dee undid the shirt and pushed it lightly back, a wave of pain washing over his face. Ryo's beautiful chest was a patchwork of bruises and bandages, thick marks that raced all across pale skin.
“Ryo,” Dee breathed.
How many times? How many times had he grabbed Ryo? How many times had he pushed him, jarred against him, demanded his touch? How many times had Ryo been hiding a grimace with a smile? God, how many times had he hurt Ryo? He had just assumed that Ryo was fine, that everything was okay. Ryo had won, Ryo had come out fine, he had to be okay, to be safe. He felt tears gathering in his eyes.
“Ryo,” he said, his voice strangely hoarse. “We can…we don't have to…”
Ryo's hands gently moved to his face, their eyes locking for an instant before Ryo pulled him down and kissed him. It was hungry, deep, that river of passion that ran through Ryo bubbling up and drowning them both. He sucked at Dee's tongue, ran his teeth over it, and jammed his own tongue into Dee's mouth. He pulled Dee tighter to him, their lips pressing almost painfully together as Ryo worked every muscle in his mouth, his eyes opening slowly as he finally released Dee, still holding him close, his breath tickling across Dee's face as he spoke.
“I love you,” he whispered. “More than anything.”
Dee felt a shiver run through him as Ryo pulled him back down, their lips meeting softly this time. Ryo's kiss was hesitant now, questioning, his lips barely parting as he waited for Dee. Dee slid his tongue forward, gently exploring Ryo's mouth, softly, carefully, that's what Ryo wanted, what Ryo needed. Dee closed his eyes and began to slowly kiss down Ryo's neck.
Be gentle, be gentle, be gentle…
Dee chanted it over and over in his mind, his hands slow and light as he caressed Ryo's body, his kisses covering every inch of skin. Ryo moaned and Dee felt his breath catch as the small muscles in Ryo's body quivered beneath him. He paused, already panting a little, and closed his eyes as he began to undo Ryo's pants, sliding them quickly off and throwing them away, his hands lightly rubbing against Ryo's thighs. A slight sound escaped Ryo, somewhere between a moan and a gasp and Dee listened to Ryo's strained breath. He paused again and opened his eyes, looking up at his beautiful Ryo.
He knew there was strength in this man, wonderful steel that wouldn't break no matter what. He had seen it, knew that it ran all through him, but at moments like this he couldn't help but think of Ryo as delicate, delicate and beautiful. He was still tangled in the shirt, chest rising and falling with small panting breathes, a light sheen of sweat covering his body. His face was flushed, eyes closed, mouth parted, lips moist. His hair hung loosely around his face, his hands gripped the blankets lightly, and his body shivered every time Dee touched him. Dee felt his own breath speed up as he gently ran his fingers down Ryo's thighs, the man moaning loudly now, legs spreading a little, inviting Dee closer.
Be gentle, be gentle, be gentle…
Dee leaned forward and kissed Ryo's stomach, his tongue sliding a little over the skin as his hands slid down Ryo's legs to silky smooth skin and soft curled hair. Ryo moaned loudly as Dee's fingers ran over him, and Dee sat back up, wanting to watch, to see him, to cherish everything that ran across his face. His hands became more sure now as they wrapped around Ryo's warm cock, stroking it lightly, fingers kneading into it as he squeezed and pulled. Ryo's neck arched, his mouth opening wide as he cried out, his hands tangling tighter in the blankets. His hips thrust slightly into Dee's hold, encouraging him, desiring his touch and Dee rubbed a little harder. Small moans and whispers escaped Ryo, his head twisting back into the pillow, the light flush darker now, his skin glowing with passion and excitement. His mouth opened and closed, lips working soundlessly as Dee slid one hand free and struggled to remove his own clothes.
Be gentle, be gentle, be gentle…
Dee never broke his slow methodical rhythm as he tossed his pants aside and began to rub the thick lubricant over his fingers. He breathed hotly against his hand, eyes still locked on Ryo as he warmed his fingers. Dee pressed his body lightly against Ryo's legs and Ryo pulled his knees up willingly, body curling as Dee gently ran a slick finger down the delicate cleft of his ass. Ryo cried out and Dee had to bite his tongue to calm himself, to keep himself focused. His hand continued its slow tortuous work, Ryo hard and compliant beneath him, hips rocking a little as Dee tenuously slid one finger in. Ryo moaned, low, almost animal like and Dee had to close his eyes again, had to look away. Another finger joined the first and a long quavering cry left Ryo, his body thrusting a little harder now as Dee became almost painfully aware of his own erection.
Be gentle, be gentle, be gentle…
A third finger stretched and teased at the thick muscles inside of Ryo, sliding, touching, coursing gently within him. Ryo cried out again, his hips pressing insistently against Dee's hands as he struggled between two waves of pleasure. Dee watched him, his muscles tense, his whole body shaking with desire, oh Ryo wanted him. Dee forced himself to keep moving slow, to keep up his careful work. He pulled and stretched at Ryo some more the man almost whimpering now as finger tips grazed that deep wonderful place inside of him. Dee bit back on a moan of his own, his erection weeping a little now as Ryo bucked beneath him. Dee began to slide forward, carefully lifting Ryo's hips as he slid into position, his fingers pulling out and lightly coating his own cock with what was left of the lubricant on them. He moaned then, his senses alight with pleasure as he hesitated a moment longer, Ryo's shallow cry beckoning him on.
Be gentle, be gentle, oh god be gentle…
He slid carefully in, Ryo's body tensing for a moment, but then relaxing against him, Ryo's hips arching a little, tightening his muscles and making Dee moan again. His hand slowed and Ryo gasped with disappointment, but Dee leaned forward, carefully supporting himself, careful not to lean his weight against Ryo, careful to just be close. His lips brushed against Ryo's then pressed down more tightly, both waiting, trapped as they kissed, their tongues played, touched, stroked, roved over each other. Ryo's arms slid around Dee's neck, clinging to him lightly as Ryo slowly began to rock his hips, gently encouraging Dee to begin again.
Be gentle, be gentle, be gentle…
Dee thrust slowly, Ryo's whole body tensing with pleasure, his fingers digging into Dee's back as he arched closer, his bandaged chest tickling against Dee's skin. Ryo's mouth lightly touched his neck, soft moans and hot breath running over Dee's skin as he thrust again and again, carefully, deliberately. Ryo's hips rocked with him, his body contracting and holding onto Dee. Dee moaned, that hot wonderful tightness rubbing against him as he thrust again. Ryo's mouth opened wider, lips grazing against Dee's neck as a hot sigh pulsed over him.
Be gentle, be gentle, be gentle…
Ryo began to rock harder against him, rubbing his erection against Dee's body, pulling Dee deeper inside. Dee moaned and Ryo whispered a little, his words lost on hot breath as he arched his body against Dee again. Now Dee thrust harder, his panting breath picking up as he pushed deeper, faster, Ryo's arms tightening around him, both breathing heavily. Ryo moved with him, the bed groaning a little as they rocked, their bodies twisted tightly together. Ryo cried out, his body shuddering as his came, a warm heat spreading out between him and Dee, every muscle tensing and writhing in pleasure. Dee felt it, felt it run through Ryo and slammed hard deep inside, unable to stop himself, everything within Ryo rubbing tight against him, ripping through him. He screamed then, finally coming, Ryo clinging to him as his body whipped through another blinding flash of pleasure. Dee bucked against him again, his breath still heavy and gasping, hips working now without thought, but slowly, pulling back. Ryo's hold loosened and his lips pressed forward, seeking Dee out, kissing, inviting that tongue back into his mouth. Dee paused within him again, feeling wonderfully spent, empty, and yet strangely filled with love and Ryo.
He pulled out just as gently as he had entered, but Ryo didn't release him, the warm kiss lasting, breaking then beginning again, Ryo's wonderful taste running all through him. Finally, he gently lay down next to Ryo, and slid close to him, the cool air whispering across their heated skin. Dee nuzzled at Ryo's neck, and Ryo smiled, warm, pleased, and satisfied. The dark haired man gingerly slid an arm across Ryo's chest and Ryo sighed with contentment, leaning closer to Dee as he felt exhaustion singing in every muscle.
“Sexy little Ryo,” Dee breathed against his neck. “Oh what you do to me.”
For the moment they laid together, enjoying the feel of skin on skin, hot body pressed close to hot body. Ryo closed his eyes and smiled at the warm peace that ran through him. That same old thought, that wonderful wish he made every time Dee kissed him, touched him, looked at him, whispered through his mind and he felt absolute love.
You and only you, forever.