Fake Fan Fiction ❯ Ice ❯ Part One ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Author's Note: Okay, once again, not a lemon. Just a sweet story I wrote for a friend. Cavity sweet, and occasionally comedic. Which is how I usually write...hmm...well, on to the fic!

Ice: A Fake Fanfic

"Ice skating?"

"Yah, it'll be fun."

Bikky looked at Carol. "Ice skating?"

"For my birthday. I've always wanted to go ice skating for my birthday...but it's okay if you don't want to go...we can always do something else."

"No. Whatever you want to do...it's your birthday. Ice skating is fine." Bikky told her.

"You're the greatest!" Carol hugged her boyfriend excitedly. "See you later!"

"Ice skating..." Bikky repeated.

"Ice skating?" Ryo blinked.

"Yah, ice skating. Have you ever gone ice skating?" Bikky queried.



"Not that I recall."

Bikky sighed. "Well, I was hoping."

"What's the sudden interest in ice skating?" Ryo was curious. Given Bikky's likes, dislikes, and personality ice skating was the last thing he'd expected him to take an interest in.

"Carol wants to go ice skating for her birthday next week. I don't know how to ice skate." Bikky explained.

"Does Carol?"

"I think it's a good bet she does considering she asked to go. C'mon, why would she ask to go do something she doesn't know how to do?"

"Well, you never know." Ryo told him. Bikky's reply was a sarcastic look. "But you want to learn before you go with her, don't you?"

"It would be extremely embarrassing to fall everywhere right in front of my girlfriend." Bikky stated pointedly.

"I'll ask around. I'm sure someone I know should know how to ice skate."

"Ice skating?" Dee looked at Ryo.

"Carol wants to go ice skating for her birthday." Ryo explained. "Bikky doesn't know how and he doesn't know anyone who knows. He wants to learn enough to atleast stay on his feet when he takes her."

"I haven't ice skated in years." Dee told him.

"But you did know how to once." Ryo persisted.

"A million years ago, I doubt I could stay on my feet at this point."

"Someone I know has to know how to ice skate." Ryo sat down with a sigh.

"Dee!" JJ's voice called excitedly.

Dee winced and glanced around, spotting JJ before he reached him. He sat down next to Ryo, effectively dodging him. JJ skidded to a stop. Inspired Ryo lept up. "JJ!"

JJ took a step back. "What?"

"Do you know how to ice skate?" Ryo asked him. Dee looked at his partner sarcastically and JJ groaned.

"Don't mention ice skating." He told Ryo, walking over to get a cup of coffee.

"Why?" Ryo asked.

"What rock have you been under?" JJ queried. "Thanks to the blasted "Ice Stalker" I've spent the last two weeks at skating rinks!"

"Ice Stalker?" Ryo blinked.

JJ stared at him. "You have been under a rock."

"What's with this Ice Stalker?"

JJ sighed. "It's Drake and my's case - and it's driving me crazy. Someone's been attacking people coming out of ice rinks all around the city. It seems like the same person, but there doesn't seem to be any pattern in the attacks."

"Who's being attacked?"

"Who isn't? Like I said - no pattern." JJ sighed again. "Drake and I have spent every day of the last two weeks at the skating rinks where the attacks have happened. We've got nothing."

Ryo frowned. Dee broke in. "Haven't you two been on that case for over a month?"

JJ glared at his coffee cup as if it were to blame for everything. "No kidding."

"Taking you awhile, isn't it?"

JJ ground his teeth together. "Don't remind me. Berkeley is threatening to give the case to someone else if we don't get a lead soon."

"You don't know anything?" Ryo queried.

"Well, there's three rinks that the attacks take place at. We know that. We keep choosing the wrong one. I suggested we each take one to better our chances but Drake's against that approach. "It's too risky." ." JJ lowered his voice in an imitation of his partner, missing the fact that Drake had just walked into the hallway. " "Those rinks are miles apart. What happens if one of us needs back up? Or if one of us it targeted by the attacker?" ." Ryo noticed Drake and went to say something, Dee elbowed him to keep him quiet. " "You, I mean we, shouldn't take risks like that." I hate it when he talks like that. Who does he think he is?" JJ sipped from his coffee.

"Your partner." Drake stated.

JJ choked, looked over at Drake, and turned a glare on Dee and Ryo. "Thanks for the warning." He muttered.

"Your welcome." Dee replied.

"What rinks are the attacks taking place at?" Ryo queried.

"What's your sudden interest in ice skating?" JJ asked in return.

"Carol wants to go ice skating for her birthday. But I don't want Bikky and her going to any of the rinks the attacks are taking place at."

"Carol's birthday is at the end of next week, isn't it?"

"Yah, so?"

"Thanks for the confidence."

"Huh?" Ryo blinked. "I didn't mean-"

"Save it." JJ told him.

"I'll have Ted give you the names and addresses." Drake promised Ryo.

"Do you know how to ice skate?" Ryo asked him. JJ burst out laughing.

Drake flushed and glared at his partner. "Are we going?" He asked irritably, storming off down the hallway.

"Something I said?" Ryo wanted to know.

"He couldn't even stand in skates, let alone go anywhere." JJ replied.

"Are you coming?!" Drake shouted from the end of the hallway.

"See you two later." JJ ditched his cup and started after Drake, still laughing.

Dee was trying not to laugh himself, when he spotted Ryo's worried look. "What's wrong?" He asked his partner.

"I'm just worried Carol picked a bad time to take an interest in ice skating. I'd rather she and Bikky stay clear until all this Ice Stalker business is solved." Ryo told him.

"Drake and JJ can take care of the Ice Stalker." Dee replied. "If you want, I'm sure they'll stay clear. But if it's isolated to three rinks staying clear of them should be enough."

"I know...I just..." Ryo shrugged helplessly.

"Are worried. But what's new?" Dee asked with a smile. Ryo glared at him. "Why not just go with Bikky when he's learning and go with them on Carol's birthday? I don't see a problem, but I'm sure that'll be safer for them. And less worry for you."

Ryo nodded. "I think I'll do that."

"I'll even go with you." Dee promised.

Ryo smiled at him. "I'm sure that'll be torture for you."

Dee paused, then smiled back. "Yep. Torture." Before Ryo could protest Dee grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss.

"Yes. beginner...you're full...that's okay, thanks anyway." Bikky hung up the phone and flipped to the next page in the phone book. Picking up the phone he punched out a new number. "Hello, I was wondering if you give lessons..you don't..that's fine...Yes, thanks..." Bikky hit the button to break the connection and dialed again. "Hello, I was wondering if you give lessons...beginner..when does the class start?...In two weeks...no, nevermind." Bikky hung up the phone with a sign. "Why couldn't Carol just have wanted a bike for her birthday?"

"Hey, Ryo, Drake said you wanted these addresses." Ted walked up with a sheet of paper.

"The ice rinks, thanks." Ryo took the paper.

"What's your sudden interest in ice rinks?" Ted queried.

"Carol wants to go ice skating for her birthday and Bikky doesn't know how...Do you know how to ice skate?"


Ryo sighed. "Thanks again." He looked at the addresses. Ted glanced over at Dee, who shrugged. With a shake of his head he left. "How is it with all the people I know not a one knows how to ice skate?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe Diana knows how to ice skate..." Dee hid a smile, but Ryo caught it anyway. "What?"


"What do you find so amusing?"

"This whole ice skating thing."


"It's just funny."

"I'm glad YOU think it's funny..."

Carol sat on the steps of the 27th precinct in a bored fashion as she watched for who she was waiting for. Dee and Ryo exited and she yanked up a magazine she held to hide her face, watching them head off down the street over the top. She glanced around when they were out of sight, and lept up as Diana walked down the steps toward her. "Diana."

"Hm?" Diana turned to Carol. "Carol? Hi, is something wrong?"

"No, I was just wondering if I could get some help from you on something."


"Well, my birthday's next week. And I asked Bikky to take me ice skating...and I don't know what to wear..."

JJ made a casual circuit of the rink before making his way to the wall Drake was standing behind, safely off ice. "You do realize we're the only ones from out shift still on duty." He mentioned to Drake.

"Yes...for the thousandth time." Drake replied, watching a large group on and off the ice around the rink. "Now can you go back to watching?"

"Watching for what? Nothing's happening. I think we blew it again."

"Don't jinx us. If we don't choose right soon we'll lose the case. When was the last time you lost a case?"

"Never." JJ answered. "But this is beyond boring and extremely frustrating. We don't even know what we're looking for. We're chasing our tails here, partner." With that stated he let go of the wall and started another circle of the rink.

Ryo watched Bikky on the ice, holding desperately to the wall to keep himself up. Dee stood casually a few feet away, also on the ice. It's all balance. Let go of the wall." He stated.

"If I let go of the wall I'll fall on my a-" Bikky began. Ryo cleared his throat loudly. Bikky swallowed the rest of his sentence. "I'll fall." He stated.

"You'll never learn to skate if you cling to the wall the whole time. Better to fall now then on Carol's birthday." Dee pointed out.

Bikky grimaced at him, and slowly let go of the wall. He didn't fall. "Well...I'm standing."

"Now try moving." Dee suggested, sliding forward with ease. Bikky glared at him, and tried to move forward. He'd gotten a couple of feet away before he fell.

"Ice skating, why did she have to choose ice skating?"

"Haven't you finished tieing your skates on yet?" Dee asked of Ryo.

"Er,...yes...but..." Ryo stuttered.

"What? You might as well learn too. Otherwise you'll be the one falling everywhere on Carol's birthday." Dee pointed out.

"I was afraid I'd be a distraction." Ryo stated, holding onto the wall as he walked toward the ice.

"You're a distraction no matter what you do." Dee grinned at him. Ryo flushed.

Bikky pulled himself up with the wall and tried again. A couple more feet, and he fell again. "This is impossible." He muttered. "Why do people consider this fun?"

Ryo was watching Bikky as he let go of the wall and stepped on the ice. The next thing he knew he was staring at the ceiling. Dee burst out laughing. Ryo sat up, rubbing the back of his head. Bikky glanced back, spotting Ryo. He smothered a laugh, turning away. "I saw that!" Ryo called to him.

"Very graceful, Ryo." Dee took his hands, and pulled him to his feet.

"What do you find so amusing?" Ryo demanded, trying to gain some footing. "Whoa!" He slipped again, this time pulling Dee down on top of him. Bikky heard Ryo's shout and turned back, laughing quietly. He stopped laughing when he saw them. "This is humiliating." Ryo muttered as Dee pushed himself up off his partner.

"You're no gold medal winner." Dee grinned at him, standing up. Ryo reached for the wall, but Dee grabbed his hands again, pulling him up and against him. "But you won't hear me complaining."

"Dee!" Ryo hissed, glancing around as he tried to pull back. He promptly fell again.

Dee knelt next to him. "I can see you're going to be harder to teach than Bikky."

"I'm really beginning to understand why Drake was so embarrassed when I asked him about ice skating." Ryo took Dee's hand and allowed him to help him to his feet.

"It's not that hard, you're making a big deal out of it." Dee told him. Facing him and holding his hands he slowly skated backward.

"Whoa, wait!" Ryo clung to Dee's hands as he tried to keep his balance.

"See? It's not so hard." Dee let go of Ryo's hands.

"Easy for you to sa-!" Ryo's sentence cut off when he fell forward.

Dee brought his hand up to his face with a sigh, shaking his head slightly. "On ice, you are a klutz."

"Very funny." Ryo automatically reached up his hands for Dee to take. Smiling to himself Dee reached for Ryo's outstretched hand, but suddenly someone skated right between them. Dee was forced to pull back, landing on the ice in a sitting position.
Dee glared over at Bikky. "Very impressive." He told him, standing up. "Why don't you go practice some more?"

"I am practicing." Bikky replied. "So are you, obviously."

Ryo, still sitting on the ice, glanced between Bikky and Dee as their arguement began to escalate, attracting attention. He buried his face in his arms with a sigh.

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