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Abandoned: Chapter 2

"I can't believe he's dead!" She cried hugging her cousin. "How'd it happen?" She asked him.
"...Someone broke into the apartment and shot 'em." He exclaimed.
"Oh no!... What maniac would do that!?" She asked clinging to him.
"I found a bunch of money Marion had saved... would you make the funeral arrangements?" Iaine asked her.
She nodded her head. "I would do anything for Marion. He was like a brother to me!"
"Yeah... me too." Iaine said reaching into his pocket. "Bri...?"
She looked up at his face. "What?" She asked sniffling.
He pulled his hand out of his pocket it with something clutched in his fist. "...I think, Marion would've wanted you to have this." He said opening his hand up.
She looked down and seen in the palm of Iaine's hand was a small pocket knife. She grabbed it. "This was the knife that always reminded me of him." She said whiping away a tear from her left eye.
"I know, he told me that. I just thought you might have wanted it.

New York City, 8:15 p.m.

The rain continues to pour down, just as it has been doing since summer had started over a month ago. Iaine is walking down the block. He is remembering the times he had with Marion.

"Do we have to go to church!?"
"Yes Brianne. We have to go." Iaine said.
"I honestly don't know why a vamp..." Iaine grabs her mouth before she could say it.
"A what?" Marion asks."Nothing..." Iaine says, lying very well.

"How could you get yourself shot Marion?" Iaine asks as Marion lays in the hospital bed with a gunshot wound to the chest.
"Oh! It's easy! You stand there, the person pulls the trigger, the bullet comes flying outta the gun and goes into you chest like so!" He says hysterically laughing.
"You dolt! You're suppose to run when the cops are chasing you!" Bri says before she gives him a light, but rather hard punch in the chest.
"Ah!!!" Marion yells in pain.
Iaine lights a cigarette.
"Oh lemme have one of those! The nurse won't let me smoke!" Marion says reaching for the cigarette Iaine is pulling out for him.
Bri grabs the cigarette from Iaine's mouth, then the one that Marion grabbed from him. "You dimwits! You can't smoke in a hospital!! Jeez... I think if I weren't around you two would be dead by now, just as you almost were Marion! Now your gona smoke a cigarette!" Bri lectures them as they barely pay any attention.

Iaine laughs at the times he remembers. The raindrops fall on his spikey hair. He has been walking for hours. Ever since the sun was completely set, Iaine went walking around. He left Bri to yell at the funeral home people. Suddenly before Iaine knew it, he was standing in front of the alley where his apartment was with Marion. It still looks the same. The dirtiness, dreariness, and darkness that it always has. The only difference was that Marion was no longer there to patrol the rent he made each and every bum pay for sleeping in this alley.

"Hurry up and smoke that cigarette!" Marion says to Iaine, who is standing up against the door to their downstairs apartment. "I have to make my rounds and you're coming with me." He then says.
"Why do I have to go?" Iaine asks taking a puff out of the cigarette.
"Because... you're intimidating! No one here is gona say "no" when I tell them it's pay-up time with you standing next to me!" Marion said laughing.
"I still cannot believe you make these homeless people pay you for sleeping here. You don't own this alley." Iaine said smiling.
"See Iaine, there is a difference between owning and running a place..." Marion was explaining to Iaine as they began walking down the alley. "When you own something, things go crazy, you make money but things aren't as in control. But when you run something, you have things in your control, the people do what you tell them and you make more money, you profit more on "running" a place."
"Oh how I love your insights and views on how the world goes round." Iaine said sarcastically as Marion walked over to one of the bums and grabbed the money that the person was handing to him.
"No it's true! Especially the business I'm in! If one of these guys don't pay up, the next time they decide to leave there stuff and spot for... say only a couple of minutes... they come back and all there stuff is in the street being run over by cars!" Marion said laughing."Marion... you truley are heartless." Iaine said laughing.

Iaine had made it down to the end of the alley where there was a yelled tag across the doorway to his apartment that read: POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS. Iaine grabbed it and pulled it down. There weren't any cops around. He walked down the stairs and seen that the front door was just left open. He walked inside and looked over at where Marion was shot. There, there was a white outlined mark around the area of where Marion's body lied when he was shot. Iaine walked over to the spot. He put his hand in it and began rubbing on the carpet inside the white marked area.
"I'll find who did this Marion. Then I'll kill 'em. I promise." Iaine said with the most viciously cold eyes.

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