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Abandoned: Chapter 4

"Just kill him!" Alux said talking on a cell phone. "I don't care how you do it! Just get it done! But make sure you don't let her see you doing it. I want her for myself!" She said before hanging the phone up and tossing it onto a bed.

The Vatican, 9:27 p.m.

Bri and Iaine are walking down the street.
"I'm so glad we decided to come here Iaine!" Bri said joyeously. "Too much at home reminds me of Marion." She said as they walked past a church.
"You and me both." Iaine said. They paused in front of the church. "Let's go inside..." Iaine said.
"Inside?! We can't walk inside that church at this hour! Come on Iaine! I don't wana spend my time here in a church!" Bri whined as Iaine walked up to the doors.
"It's locked." Iaine said pulling on the doors.
"Good! Then we don't have to waste our time here!" She said happily.
"Wait... the side gate is open. We can walk inside." He said walking over.
"Iaine! We can't just walk inside a church rectory!" Bri said following behind him. "Iaine!" She yelled as they began walking through the courtyard.
"Shhh... you know I didn't make it to church today. We were on that plane a the whole damn day." He told her.
"Yeah... I'd rather still be on the plane than be here." Bri said under her breath.
"Whud you say?" He said looking over his shoulder at her.
"Get down!" Bri yelled grabbing Iaine and pulling him down behind a bush. Someone was walking through the courtyard.
"Brianne... what the heck are you doing?" Iaine asked.
"Shut up! Look!" Bri said pointing to the man walking by them. Iaine looked over at him. The courtyard was dark but beautiful at the same time. The man could not see them. As he walked by, Bri realized something... "... Hey look! It's Father Maxwell!" She yelled coming from behind the bush.
"Oh my gosh!" Father Maxwell said grabbing his chest. "You frightened me!" He said before realizing that he knew this person. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" He said before Iaine came out from behind the bush. "Iaine! I know you!" Father Maxwell said.
"Hello Father." Iaine said.
"Maxwell what are you doing here?" Bri asked before Iaine pushed her shoulder for not saying "Father" before calling him by his name.
"... Oh, I'm here on a retreat. I just arrived yesterday. What are you two doing here?" He asked.
"Oh..." Iaine was interupted by Bri.
"Oh, we were just so upset and everything at home was just reminding us too much of our friend Marion. Yeah, I just thought that we should come in here and say a prayer for him." Bri said lying.
Iaine gave her a look like she was completely ridiculous.
"Oh that's so nice." Father Maxwell said.
"Thanks. Well, Marion always said I was the nicest person he ever met!" Bri said smiling.
"No he didn't." Iaine said before Bri elbowed him in the stomach.
Bri went on and on, babbiling on about how much she "loved" church. Iaine stood there, mocking every lie that came out of her mouth. After being elbowed five more times, Iaine stopped conridicting her. And Bri kept speaking to Father Maxwell. Iaine just stood there listening for about fifteen minutes. Then, Iaine saw from behind Father Maxwell, two priests came charging out of the building. They then both grabbed out a gun each. They were the men who killed Marion. They aimed for Father Maxwell, Bri, and Iaine.
"Get down." Iaine said throwing Father Maxwell to the ground and shoving Bri into the bushes. The men opened fire. Iaine rolled on the ground, dogding the bullets. He then quickly pulled out his gun and starting shooting at them. He shot one of them in the chest and then he stood up. Now Iaine and the other guy were battling it out and dogding each other's bullets. Bri was digging herself out of the bushes, then she pulled out her two pistols and began shooting also. The man that they were shooting at was a pro, and was not hit by even one bullet. But as they focused on this one man, the other guy, was pulling off his bullet proof vest! Father Maxwell remained on the ground and Iaine and Bri kept shooting at this one man that was dodging their bullets and missing them as he shot back. Then the man on the ground, stood up and opened fire on Iaine and Bri.
"Bri get down!" Iaine yelled his loudest falling to the floor. Just as he went to the ground, Bri looked over at the other man, when she was shot by both of them. Bang, bang, bang, bang... bang, bang! They shot her down to the ground. Iaine didn't have a second to help her. He shot both men in the heads while they shot at Bri. Maxwell crawled over to Bri and tried to hold her. Bri was struggling to breath. Her mouth filled with blood. Father Maxwell began praying for Bri. He held her and prayed. Iaine ran over, after killing the men. He didn't know what to do and so he just grabbed Father Maxwell's hand and began praying with him. All the nuns and priests at the rectory came running out.

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