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Abandoned: Chapter 5

"Come on Bri... you can make it through this." Iaine said holding tightly to her hand listening to her heart monitor beep. She is lying a bed in the rectory hopsital. She was shot six times. Her chances of survival were slim. Bri wasn't even breathing on her own. She had a resperater breathing for her. "Come on Bri... for the first time in your life... you look lifeless. Open your eyes and breath. We have to find out who did this to you. You know I can't do anything without you."
"Eh-hem. Iaine..." Father Maxwell had said standing at the door.
Iaine got up and walked outside with Father Maxwell.
"Yes? Is everything alright?" He asked.
"Well... not exactly. The doctors want to take off her resperator. They want to see if she can survive without it. Are you willing to do let them do this?" Maxwell asked.
Iaine thought for a couple of minutes. "Bri... she's a survivor. Give them my approval." He said nodding his head.
"Will do." Maxwell said as he began to walk away.
"Oh Father..." Iaine said grabbing his arm.
"Yes Iaine?" Maxwell asked.
"Will you give Bri her last rights? She can sure use some prayers." He asked.
"Sure... lemme just tell them to shut the resperator off." He said before walking away.

The Vatican, 4:05 a.m.

"Thank you, Father Maxwell." Iaine said. "Thank you for your services."
"You're quite welcome." Maxwell said.
"Well... I'm tired. I'm just go get some sleep before the sun rises." Iaine said in the doorway, just about to leave the room. "Thank you for getting me the room here also Father." Iaine said.
"No problem. Do you mind if I stay with her a while?" He asked.
"No. Go right ahead Father. Thank you." Iaine said before leaving.
Maxwell grabbed Bri's hand and held it tight. Her hand felt dead. It felt like no emotion. "Come on Brianne. Breath. Your a strong person. I knew it since the day I met you that first day you came to my church."

"Thank you all for attending service today. God bless all." Maxwell said as everyone left the church.
Iaine, Bri, and Marion all walked over to Maxwell.
"Father! That was a beautiful... but rather long service!" Marion said shaking Maxwell's hand roughly.
"Th-th-than-k y-ou." Maxwell said feeling his whole body shake.
"You dolt! You don't shake a priests hand like that!" Bri said.
"Hello Father Maxwell. My name is Bri... I don't like church but you sure do make it entertaining!" Bri said smiling.

"I'll never forget your smile. It was the most sincere one I had ever seen." Maxwell continued to watch her heart monitor.

"Now listen Michael. Never ever... drink the blood of a vampire. Just as you would never sink your fangs into a human neck, you would never drink the blood of a vampire." A strong deep voice said.
"Right Iaine! I will never ever drink the blood of a vampire!" A sweet, cute, small boy with navy blue streaks said.
"That's my boy!" The man said rubbing his head. "Now, when you are weak, you will need a blood fix. Take this syringe and use it on humans." Iaine said handing the little boy the syringe.
The boy grabbed the syringe. "Th-thank you Iaine." He said.
Iaine I, would never show love or compassion toward Iaine II (Michael). He just showed encouragement. Iaine II would always steal a hug in, but the feeling was never returned.
"I love you Iaine!" The boy said hugging him.
"Stop wasting your time on love. Time is precious. Spend your time making yourself fearless and strong." Iaine said pulling the boy's arms off of him.

"Master Iaine... what do I do? You're bleeding a lot!" An averaged size nine year old said.
Iaine was lying on the floor. He was stabbed a bunch of times in the stomach, chest, and back.
"J-j-just go my young son... get yourself out of here!" Iaine struggled to say as the house they're in is being torched. "Go! Get out!" He yells pushing the boy. "Get out Michael!"
He begins to cry. "Iaine..."
"You are Iaine now! Take the syringe... the knife. Don't let anyone hurt you! Go! Go!" He yells at him.
He runs out of the house and watches as it burns to ashes.

6:13 a.m.

Still holding Bri's hand. Maxwell is just about to pass out. "Bri I'm ready to go to bed. I'll be back here later. I promise." Maxwell says standing up. He begins walking away with his hand still holding Bri's. As his hand is about to pull away from her's. She grips onto him. He stops, turns around. She grips his hand for a couple of seconds and let's go. The suddenly her heart monitor goes flat lined.

beap... beap.... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa...
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