Fan Fiction / Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Abandoned ❯ Moved ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Abandoned: Chapter 61: 23 p.m.She opens her eyes. She is staring at a cieling."Hey... we almost lost you there for a minute." She hears. She turns her body over and sees Father Maxwell sitting there next to her bed."Ah... what happened?" Bri asked trying to sit herself up, but then feeling the awful pain."Oo.. don't move. You were shot... a lot." Maxwell tells her while he fixes her pillows."Oh my gosh! Iaine. Where is he? Is he alright?!" She asks worrily."Yeah. He's fine. He's sleeping now. He was up all night with you." He replied."Well that's the only time he can be up." Bri said under her breath."What was that?" Maxwell asked."Oh nothing. What happened to those guys? Did they get away?" She asked."Oh no! Iaine shot them to death right after they shot you."Bri layed herself back with relief. "Phew... just thank god they're not still out there!"For the rest of the day, Maxwell remained in Bri's room. He kept her company and talked to her about all kinds of things. Bri admitted to Maxwell, that she didn't like going to church but Marion and Iaine always made her go. They laughed and shared personal stories with each other.7: 26 p.m.Iaine had gotten up out of bed just as dusk began to settle in. He got up, took a shower and got ready. He grabbed his gun holder that he kept around his left leg and strapped it on. He grabbed his syringe and stuck it in his back pocket. "This I'm gona need tonight." He said looking down at his hands, that are now pale and almost blue because he hasn't gotten any blood in his body for days. He then grabbed his golden trimmed knife and stuck it in his belt and put his shirt on, then his black jacket on over it, covering the sight of the knife.He went walking down the halls searching for the room. The halls were dark and deserted now. He passed by a window and seen that there was a full moon out. Iaine walked over to the window, rested his elbow on the window-sill and starred at the moon."Marion... you know how I love to see a full moon. It's been a while since I've had the chance to look. It's beautiful..." Iaine kept talking to Marion as if he were standing there next to him. Suddenly, from behind, someone put a wire over Iaine's neck and pulled him to the floor, dragging him and strangling him at the same time."Ahh..." Iaine was trying to grip the wire and pull it off of his neck. He couldn't breath. As this person dragged his body across the floor, Iaine could see that they were wearing all black, even over their face. Iaine struggled to take breaths. Once Iaine realized he couldn't do anything the way he was doing it, he reached for his knife. He grabbed it and pulled it out."AHH!!!" He yelled stabbing the guy in the foot as he raced to some destination."AHH!!!" The man yelled falling to the floor.Iaine caughed as he ripped the wire from around his neck. Iaine was breathing heavily. He turned over and crawled over to the man who was grabbing at his foot. Iaine crawled ontop of the man and stuck the knife into his stomach."Who sent you? Who sent you?" Iaine asked slamming the man's head off of the floor."Aaaah..." The man struggled to speak, but died before he could get a word out."Damnit." Iaine said breathing heavily. He pulled the man's mask off. He didn't recgonize him."Phewhahahahahahaha!!!" Bri said laughing hysterically along with Maxwell. "... Gee... where's Iaine? I thought he'd be here by now." Bri said looking at a clock which read: 7:52 p.m."I don't know. Maybe he's still sleeping." Maxwell said."I highly doubt that! Iaine!" She said as she seen Iaine coming down the hall from her bed.Iaine rushed into the room."Someone almost tried to kill me." He said nervously."What?!""Huh?" Maxwell was confused."Who?!" Bri asked."I don't know. They came from behind. They tried to strangle me but I killed 'em. He's lying dead in the hall." He said."Oh my gosh! We better call security!" Maxwell said."No. Someone's trying to kill me. First they kill Marion, then almost kill you and you. I must be their direct target. They just haven't gotten me alone yet... Until now.""Oh my goodness! Who could be doing this?" Bri asked."Father Maxwell... can you have her moved to another hospital? Quietly." Iaine asked."Moved?! No! Iaine!" Bri said angrily."Bri... you almost died yesterday. I may be the official target, but the one's surrounding me are probably in just as much danger. Look at Marion. Can you have done without anyone knowing?""Sure. I'll get right on it." Maxwell said before leaving the room.Iaine went over and shut the door and locked it. He then went over and sat on the bed."How are you feeling?" He asked."Well, kind of scared now. My body hurts a little." She said."You don't have to be scared after we get you moved to a secret place.""Well what are you gona do?" She asked."I have to find who is trying to kill me." Iaine said."Then what?""Then I have to kill them."
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