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Abandoned: Chapter 7

The Hideway, 10:34 a.m.

"Iaine! Iaine wake up! Iaine!" Bri said shaking him. "Iaine come on! Get up!" She said shaking him up.
"Ah...AHH!!" Iaine yelled rolling off of the coach that he was sleeping on.
"Whoooops..." Bri said as she began to laugh hysterically."Ah..." He said rubbing his head. Iaine layed on the carpeted floor. He looked up and seen Bri's face directly above his.
"Have a nice night?" She asked sarcastically.
"Ahh..." Iaine said sitting up. "What happened?"
"I should be asking you that." She said smiling."Huh?"
"You came in here last night rather drunk aye. Hmm... what time was it? Three in the morning?" Bri asked sarcastically.
Iaine pulled himself back onto the coach. "I-I can't remember." He said putting his hands through his hair. Bri came and sat next to him.
"Well you must have been really drunk! You woke me up and then I came out here to see you on the coach."
"Oh which remindes me, why aren't you in bed?" He asked.
"Oooooh come on!!" Bri said rolling her eyes.
"Oooooh. You should be in bed Bri. You were only shot less than a week ago."
"Iaine! How-many-times-do-I-have-to-remind-you-that-demons-heal-quicker-than-any-ot her-species!?" Bri said frustratedly.
Iaine smiled and rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah."
"Oh yeah! You and Marion! Really! Both of you would not get off my case if I even did the slightest thing such as sneeze! 'Bri you need to stay in bed!' or 'Bri you need to eat more fruit!' or my personal favorite of course, 'Bri you eat too much junk food!'. And you both wondered why I didn't wana live with you's!" Bri said. Iaine laughed as Bri was quoting him and Marion.
Just then, Maxwell walked into the huge room with a platter and three tea cups on it.
"Oh good you're up!" Maxwell said coming over and resting the platter on the coffee table. He then grabbed one cup and handed it to Iaine, and then another and handed it to Bri. The he went and took the last cup for himself. Iaine took one sip and spit it out right away.
"Uh... what is this sorry excuse for a beverage?" Iaine said crawling his body from the disgust he tasted.
"Oh it's coffee." Maxwell said sitting in the chair across from the coach that Bri and Iaine were sitting on.
"Coffee?... Oh... cooofffeeee. Marion loved this stuff. It makes me cringe." Iaine said.
"Well from the night you had last night, I think it's a good idea you drink it Iaine!" Bri said pushing the cup in his hand up to his face.
"I'll drink it if you drink it Bri..." Iaine said smirking.
"...Yeah. I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself!" Bri said putting the cup back on the platter. "...But, if you're challenging me?..." Bri said reaching for the cup again. Iaine smiled and put the cup up to his mouth. Bri grabbed her cup and put it up to her lips. Maxwell watched and then realized that he should say something.
"... 1, 2, 3!" He yelled as they both took big sips of the coffee. Bri and Iaine stared at each other with the coffee still resting in their mouth. They both looked as though they wanted to gag. After about four seconds of staring at each other they both spit it all out on each other! Maxwell began hysterically laughing.
"AHHH!!" They both yelled as stuck their tungs out in distaste.
"Oh great! I just took a shower!" Bri said getting up and running to the bathroom. Iaine and Maxwell continued to laugh.
"Maxwell, I think coffee is something you want to cross off of the food list." Iaine said.
"So Iaine how could you afford to get us a house like this?" Maxwell asked gesturing to the mansion that Iaine was using for a hide out for Bri.
"Oh, well, this came out of my inheritance." He said.
"Yeah, well, my guardian, who's name is also Iaine was sitting ontop of a pretty big amount of money. He left every bit of his passesions to me. I had no idea about all this money he had since we basically lived in a small shack in a secluded area. We would fend for ourselves and go hunting to get our food." Iaine exclaimed. "Are you missing the church?"
"Compared to this place? I... don't think so!" Maxwell said.

The Hideway, 1: 15 p.m.

Iaine was walking toward the front door as he put on his black leather jacket.
"Iaine! Where are you going?" Bri said running up behind him before he could leave.
"I'm going into the city." Iaine said as they both walked out the front door.
"Iaine it's dangerous out there! I mean why the heck do you have us staying in this gigantic mansion and then you're going to walk the city streets?!" Bri asked getting angry. The sun was shining in her eyes but then suddenly stopped.
"Looks like it might rain, you better get inside." He said opening the door to the dirtiest, rustiest pick up truck.
"But Iaine!" Bri said grabbing the car door.
"Look Bri, the only way for all this to end is for me to go out there and find out who is doing this. Then you won't have to stay in this mansion sixty miles deep in the woods each way in upstate New York." He said grabbing the car door and pulling it shut.
"Well when will you be back?" She asked.
"Let's see... it takes about an hour to drive out of these woods, another hour to drive to the city... hmmm... I'll be back in about a day or two." He said."Okay but wear your seatbelt! Oh and don't be going out to those bars and driving home like you did last night!" Bri yelled as Iaine pulled away.
Just then she was frightened by a loud thunder in the sky.

Manhattan, New York City, 7:14 p.m.

He walks down the dark, cold, damp, alley. He can hear the the cars driving in the soaked streets. The sirens are sounded throughout the whole city. He walks down the alley as if he has a specific location to get to. The homeless people living in this space between these two buildings, sleep next to the dumpster and steel garbage cans. As he walks down, the only thing they can see is his black figure and the light that his lit cigarette he has in his hand. The smoke that he releases out of his mouth with every puff of the cigarette is also visable. He slowly takes each step toward the end of this area that looks like the city forgot about. Then Iaine begins to feel like he is having deja vu. He stops walking for a second. He looks around him and then he realizes that he is feeling deja vu from the night that Marion was killed. Iaine stood in the exact spot where Marion stopped him. He felt that if he stood there long enough Marion would come from behind him again. After about forty seconds or so, Iaine realized that he was hoping for a miracle and that Marion was dead. So he proceeded to walk. He walked all the way to the end of the alley to the door that lead down the stairs to the door of his apartment. Iaine walked down the stairs and realized that the shots in the door were still there. In fact nothing about the whole area hadn't changed a bit. Iaine also noticed that the lights in the apartment were still on. He figured that maybe some of the bums were staying there and so he opened the door and walked in. He didn't hear anyone nor see anyone. He looked around, then looked in the livingroom and seen the apartment was exactly the way it was left when Marion was killed. It looked as if the police grabbed his body and forgot about the investigation. He walked over into the livingroom and seen that someone was sleeping on the floor. He thought it must have been a bum, but then when the person turned over Iaine realized that it was no bum! It was a young boy. He was sleeping in Marion's blood stain on the carpet.
"Who the heck?" Iaine questioned. He walked over to the young, sleeping boy. He kneeled down to him. Iaine began shaking him. "Hello? Hello?" Iaine asked as the young boy opened his eyes. Iaine scared him as the boy jumped up in defense. He jumped up onto the coach and stuck out his fangs. Iaine knew that he was a vampire."Who-who are you?" Iaine asked. The boy was breathing heavily.
"Who are you?!" The boy asked as his red eyes buldged and his fangs stuck out more and more.

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