Fan Fiction / Magic Users Club Fan Fiction ❯ Violet Midnight ❯ Obligations ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 1 - Obligations

Takakura Takeo hated social gatherings.

It was Saturday, late afternoon. He wished he was watching television, reading a book, even studying-anything, even being in school, was better in his eyes than going to a formal party. However, there was no way he could have declined this time.

`It is my job as President of the Kitanohashi High School Magic User`s Club to support the interests and achievements of its members` Takakura told himself, looking to the floor of the train. He was on his way to a party for Aikawa Akane, the youngest member of the Magic User`s Club. She had recently signed a contract with one of the biggest modeling agencies in all of Tokyo. So, naturally, her agent decided to throw her a party to celebrate the event (and his new pay raise).

And, when she, Nanaka, and Sae had asked him to attend the party with them…

`Three beautiful girls asking me to go to a party?` he asked himself. He imagined the three of them, clinging to his arms, laughing and smiling, and saying "We love you Takeo!" He could see them already, wearing short, tight, low cute dresses…

The train jolted, as it started to slow down, ending his little fantasy. He looked out the window, and could see on the platform many people, dressed for nightclubs, and parties, and dates. Most of them were wearing casual clothes-it was those he envied, as he was stuck in a starched, high collared shirt, with tie and jacket.
"Now arriving at Tokyo Station… Please wait until we come to a complete stop, before exiting the train. Thank you…" the automated voice said.

He exited the train, heading up the stairs, and out of the crowded Tokyo Station, onto the equally - if not more so - crowded city streets. As he wandered through the crowds, he looked absently from face to face amongst the people. Sometimes, he wondered about the people he saw while he was walking around. He made up stories about the nameless faces he saw, trying to discern between those who were happy, angry, sad… and entire spectrum of different emotions and stories was before him. It helped to pass the time on his walk from the station to the building where the party was to be held.