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Chapter 2 - Beautiful Stranger

Takakura looked down at the business card he had been given by Akane. He looked up and the building, and sighed unhappily. `This is my obligation` he told himself again, and walked through the revolving doors to enter the building. As he walked inside, a sweat came over him. Through his mind raced all the things that could possibly go wrong.
He walked into the elevator, and pressed the button-marked by a pink, heart shaped sticker for the occasion, by most likely Aikawa herself-for the 17th floor. The doors slid closed, and the elevation began it`s slow ascent.

`What if,` his mind began, `What if I have to dance? With Nanaka, or Akane or` he sighed `Sawanoguchi? What if she asks to talk to me, and I talk to her? Alone?` His mind swam with many … other … thoughts and similar situations, until the elevator's chime brought him out of his trance.

The doors slid open to reveal a very… cutely decorated foyer. It was covered with balloons of pink and light blue, and ribbons and streamers of the same colour. On either side of the entrance to the rather large looking office for Aikawa`s agent`s company, there were two, large, pink inflatable bunnies, that somewhat frightened Takakura. Then again, Aikawa did have an interesting taste in style.

Takakura glanced in the mirror to straighten his tie, and do one last check on his hair, before he walked up to the door. He could hear music playing quietly somewhere inside. Knocking quietly, he thought, `Maybe they won't hear me…`

However, as he had just finished the thought, the door burst open, and Akane`s voice rang out.

"Takakura-Sempai!" her light, cheerful voice chimed, destroying any hope he had of escaping. He looked quickly to his feet, to avoid making eye contact with her.

"Ummm… Nice,,, Bunnies," he mumbled to himself. Akane wasn`t paying attention.

"Nanaka! Sae!" she called. "Takakura-sempai is here!" Takeo heard the two girls call out happily, as they hurried to join Akane at the door.

"Hi there, Takakura-sempai!" Sae said happily.

"Is Aburatsubo hiding out there too?" Nanaka asked.

"Err…" Takakura looked up, his face a bright red. He saw just what he feared-Akane, Nanaka, and Sae dressed up. Not just dressed up-wearing short, tight dresses. No-not dresses-they weren`t wearing clothes! They were standing in the doorway, in their underwear, giggling at him…

He snapped out of his fantasy, when Nanaka continued questioning him, since Akane and Sae had already left.

"Hello? Are you there?" Nanaka asked impatiently. She tapped him on the forehead.

"Eh?" Takeo muttered, then quickly replied. "I haven`t seen Aburatsubo yet. Have you?"

"I was wondering," Nanaka said. "After school yesterday, he said he wasn`t feeling well, so I was wondering if he`d told you whether or not he was going to come."

"He didn`t mention it to me. Sorry, Nanaka," Takakura said. Nanaka sighed, and pouted off. He found himself, standing alone in the doorway. There were many people already at the party, he noticed, which made him feel much better. He had originally thought it was going to be a small party, between himself, and the other Magic Club members, but it turned out that most of the people at the party were friends of Akane and her agent. He walked in, shutting the door behind him, and looked over the crowd of people. He didn't know anyone else there, save the members of the club.

`Oh well,` he thought to himself, and headed towards the punch bowl. `Maybe I`ll find someone to talk to--`

His thoughts were interrupted when he collided with someone else who was walking, knocking them over.

"Ah! I`m sorry!" Takakura said, turning to the stranger. "Let me help you… up…" Their eyes met.

Fallen to the ground was a girl who looked a bit younger than himself, maybe his age. Her hair was in two long braids, and it was a stunning violet. She wore a long, conservative, black dress that clung lightly to her small figure. What caught him, however were her eyes… they were magnified behind silver framed glasses, and were a stunning jade green.

"Let me help you up," he said, snapping out of his trance. `She must already think I'm strange!` He cursed himself for his lack of eloquence around girls.

Instead of being angry, she smiled, and accepted his help. "Thank you," she replied, standing up. "I'm sorry-It was really my fault. I've got my head in the clouds so often…I must not have been paying attention to where I was going, and-"

"Its alright," Takakura insisted. He noticed that she was still holding his hand, and blushed. Instead awkwardly letting go, he shook her hand. "My name's Takakura-Takakura Takeo. It's nice to meet you."

"My name is Ayako," she replied, shaking his hand lightly, "It`s a pleasure to make you acquaintance." She smiled at him, holding his hand in her own for a moment, before letting go. Takakura suppressed another blush.

"I was just going to go get something to drink," he said hastily, "Would you like to go with me?"

She smiled, squinting her green eyes in a way that made Takakura feel as though he would melt.

"Of course!" she replied, and they walked off together, through the crowded dancing area, to the table that held the snacks and punch.

`Maybe this wasn`t such a bad idea after all` Takeo thought to himself.