Fate/Stay Night Fan Fiction ❯ The Master Is In ❯ Should Be Given A Proper Lunch ( Chapter 3 )

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The Master Is In
By ChoppingBoard
Chapter 3 - …should be given proper lunch
<<<< At the kitchen >>>>
She opened the refrigerator and carefully examined the contents: it wasn't that full but still has enough ingredients for the dish she wanted to cook: miso soup with pork and vegetables. Considering the sick person she had to take care of, a dish with a soup would be nice.
She chopped the pork into bite-size pieces and chopped the vegetables before putting a pan on the stove. She then started the cooking.
It took a while for the dish to come together and she finished after 30 minutes. She readied a tray and placed a bowl of rice, a bowl of the soup, an apple, an empty glass and a pitcher of water. The amount of food was less than what Archer ought to consume but enough to make him full.
She then headed to Archer's quarters carrying the tray to give him lunch in bed. She placed the tray on the other bedside table and looked at her sleeping servant.
It was 12 noon and she had to wake him up. She removed the towel from his head before checking his temperature again. She smiled as the thermometer read 38.0 degrees Celsius, he was getting better. She then proceeded to wake her servant up. She brought her face closer to his' before calling his name, “Archer”.
The servant made a sound comparable to a grunt and clutched his forehead. He was awake but was struggling to make the headache look like it's bearable. He also strived to sit up by exerting his upper body weight on his free hand.
Noticing the difficulty he was into, Rin put his arms around him and helped him carry his weight.
“I…I'm… sorry…” His headache was worsening as he faintly said his apology. He still opted not to open his eyes because of the pain.
He's still not feeling well. “Don't worry about it.” She sighed as she thought about her next task of feeding him.
She sat down beside him and took hold of the bowl with the soup. She grabbed a spoon with her right hand and scooped some of the warm liquid with it. She blew softly towards the spoon to somehow cool it before she asked him to open his mouth.
“I..can… eat.. it…. myself.” He tried to sound as if he's better but wasn't able to convince Rin.
“You can't even open your eyes and talk properly and you're saying that you can eat by yourself?” She still held the spoon steadily so as not to spill the contents.
“No you can't”
“I c..can”
Despite the agony, Archer opened his eyes and squinted the because of the brightness of the sun. He tried to pry the spoon from Rin but she immediately stood up and caused some of the liquid on the spoon to spill. Only half of it was spared.
“I said you can't. Hey I'm the one taking care of you. Don't do anything funny and close your eyes, I know you really feel dizzy. I know it's silly if I have to use my reiju on you just because you don't want me to give you food but I will if I have to.” Rin pouted as she took a glimpse on the spoon.
This headache is really killing me. Although he really intended not to comply to what his master wanted, his body just wouldn't let him. Using a reiju because of this is also not okay for him, this is just a fever. He now closed his eyes and he settled his arms on his sides. Why in the world is this fever this bad?!
“Now, as we were…” she scooped yet again some of the warm liquid and cooled it before asking him again to open his mouth.
He immediately opened his mouth and awaited his lunch.
She the spoon in his mouth and explained. “I'll give you medicine after you eat.” She repeated making him consume the liquid of the soup before finally incorporating the solid parts of the meal. After the main meal, she held up the apple against his mouth and made him bite the fruit. He wasn't able to finish it but it was enough.
Rin finally heaved a sigh as she finished feeding him. She slightly moved her shoulder and heard a soft crackling of joints because of the steady position of the hands she made as she waited Archer to swallow the food. She then grabbed several tablets and a glass of water and asked him to open his mouth again. She made him gulp the medicine and the water down his throat and slightly stood up to assist his nape as he drank the water.
Rin now stood up as she finished the task and had to deal with the dishes and also eat. She placed the tray on her lap and asked, “Feeling better?”
Archer nodded before trying to sleep again.
She returned to the kitchen and ate alone. That was a long day for her alright, she had been tending to her sick servant that whole morning and there was more yet to come. She dropped the spoon and fork on the table and slouched in her seat. She looked up the ceiling and felt like sleeping, she wanted to sleep.
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