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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A.N. The chapters will be kind of short until Ch.3 and I apologize for my Prologue, my cousin wrote it, and she was in a hurry.

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"Huh? Did someone say my name?" A girl with dark blond hair and dark brown eyes looked up from her notebook. A woman with waist-length red-blond hair glared back at her, "Pay attention, Flora." "Oh, sorry Mom." Flora readjusted her light green hat and sighed, "How much longer?" "Just until this experiment is over, then you can go play with those tops you love so much." Flora rolled her eyes, "They're called beyblades Mom, you should get out of this lab more often, you know, take a break from this silly project." "Finding the secret to eternal life is not a `silly project' Flora."

"Whatever Mom…I don't know about you, but I'm taking a break, I want to find out more about my new town." "Suit yourself, once I'm done I'll eat breakfast, Today's Saturday, so I'll take it easy." "Actually…it's lunchtime… and it's Sunday…" Flora pointed out. "Oh, I must've lost track of time, no wonder my stomach is growling…"

"What would you do without me? Good thing I know how to cook or we both would've starved by now," Flora said sitting down the notebook and picked up a small blue bag, "I'm going out for a while, and I've ordered a pizza, so you have no excuse not to eat." "I know, I know, keep those ears and that tail hidden." Flora waved a hand, "Yeah, yeah, I know."

*************************************************************** ******************************

"Man, I hope that's not a family thing…I don't want to be in a cramped little Lab at that age," Flora readjusted her hat and sighed, "I hope people around this town beyblade, it seems to be the only other thing I'm good at besides helping Mom… I know that sound anywhere." Flora took a gold and blue beyblade from her bag and ran full speed down the street.

*************************************************************** ******************************

"I know I heard it around here somewhere," Flora said leaning against a tree. She fiddled with the red crystal hanging from her charm bracelet. With a small sigh she began walking around. `Might as well get to know the neighbors while I'm here though…what a strange looking house…" Flora scratched her head, "Uhm…hello…" Flora came face to face with an old man "Hey there! Here to see little Dude?" "Uh, excuse me." "What are you yelling about now grandpa." "There's a girl here to see ya." Flora blinked, "Uhhhhh, I'm just the new neighbor…I…" The old man ran inside. "Hey, Tyson looks like you got another fan," said a voice. Flora frowned, `What did I get myself into.'

*************************************************************** ****************************************************


Ultara made a face as she stumbled out of the swamps, "Yuck…if there's one thing I hate more than being on Terra it's swamps." She reached in her pocket and pulled out a small, green crystal, `But at least I can leave and find the others…and not listen to that jerk's speeches anymore.' Ultara folded her arms, "Where is Kuja anyway? And more importantly, where's the airship!"

A silver dragon landed a few feet in front of her, the silver-tailed Genome on its back. Ultara's eyes narrowed, "You have got to be kidding me..." Kuja glared at Ultara, "You did not think you would leave without me, did you?" "You ain't comin' with me monkey-boy, this is fox business." "Exactly why I am coming." Ultara grinned, "Fine, but on one condition, we take Zidane and the others along, and no buts…" "Besides, from what I've seen, my sister Lilly is still adrift in space-time."

*************************************************************** *****************************************************

"Uhh, hello," Flora said politely. Her eyes scanned the group, five boys and an angry-looking girl. Flora gulped and readjusted her hat. "Flora, huh? I'm Tyson the…" "World champ, I know…I saw you on t.v. while Mom and I were traveling… and that's Max, Ray, and Kai…and… uhh, Kenny…I think…" "I'm Hillary, Who are you?" the girl asked suspiciously. Flora bowed, "I'm Flora, I guess you could call me a scienti…why is everyone staring at me?" Flora reached up to adjust her hat. What she felt made her eyes go wide. The hat had slipped a little bit, revealing partially hidden fox ears.