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Flora held her aching tail, flinching every now and then, "What a way to meet someone." Her ears were drooped a bit, "It has not been my day…ouch…and I shouldn't have run off like that…"

"Flora, calm down, I would've done the same thing in your shoes, did you explain your situation?" Flora shook her head, "No, I'm afraid not, after that guy stepped on my tail I panicked…" "Ahh, I see…" "Maybe later I'll go back and explain things," Flora turned toward her mother, "By the way, what got you out of the lab?" "Actually, I'm working on a new experiment for an old colleague of mine… he sent me some new specimens and it arrived while you were gone…then I got hungry…" Flora sighed, "I'll help you later, but for now, I'm gonna explore." Flora put her hat over her ears and readjusted her skirt to hide her skirt. Her mother sighed, " Come back soon, you have to help me with the new specimens." Flora nodded, "Don't worry Mom, I will."

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A mile away, a globe of silver light appeared. Ultara stepped out; "Did we arrive…?" Kuja nodded, "I believe so…" "I think we need to change our clothes though," Said a female voice. "The princess is right, I see a few citizens and they are dressed in strange garments…" "Leave it to me Rusty," said a guy with dirty-blond hair and a brown monkey tail." Kuja glared at the group, "Remind me why you brought them along…" "Because there's strength in numbers… besides, I know how you love having them around," Ultara said in a teasing voice. Kuja glared, "You risked our lives to torment me…" "If I remember correctly the guards were after you not me…you're just lucky that old Zidane's such a forgiving kid…" "Who you calling a kid, foxy…" Ultara's silver tail fluffed out, "Watch your tone, monkey… where's Rusty going?" "I am going to scout this filthy area for miscreants."

*************************************************************** ******************************************************

Flora readjusted her hat, "Oh, great, now I'm lost… what's that noise. Flora tilted her head at the `clank clank' sound. Her curious nature taking over, she peered around the corner of a small alley, and came face-to-face with rusty metal. Flora blinked, then looked up in time to see a stern face glaring down at her. She raised an eyebrow, `Why is that guy wearing rusty armor, is he an actor…or one of those crazy guys who thinks he's Napoleon or something like that…" The man folded his armored arms with a loud `clank.' Flora smiled politely, "Uh, hi, can I help you?" "Who are you, a thief planning to rob the princess, or are you a guard." `This guy is nuts!' Flora thought, "Uh, I'm a, uh, scholar out for a walk." "A scholar, good, we need a guide to this mysterious region." "Leave the girl alone Rusty," said a voice.

Flora blinked as a guy with a tan-brown monkey tail stepped out of the alley. "We have enough problems as it is…" "This young woman claims to be a scholar, perhaps she can lead us to the foxes so we can leave Kuja's detestable company." Flora blinked, " `Foxes'?" She readjusted her hat nervously. A girl with silvery-red hair, a strange outfit and (most noticeably) silver fox ears and tail walked over to the pair and grabbed their ears, " Rusty, get back with the others, you'd stick out more than the rest of us… and Zidane, go get us some clothes." The monkey boy made a face at the girl's back, "Sheesh, I hope the other fox-people aren't like her." Flora blinked, "Fox-people…" "Yeah, she's searching for the rest of her kind…kinda dragged us along to help, oh well, I'd better get some clothes or she'll set my tail on fire."

Flora looked thoughtful for a few minutes then followed, "Hey, wait up, I'll help you, if you have bad money or something you'll need help."

*************************************************************** ******************************************************

"What a strange place, I think following that girl was a bad idea… nothing here smells right, and I can't sense any of my kind here, " amber eyes narrowed a bit, "And why did she bring the genomes into this mess, fox business is fox business." The amber-eyed figure watched as Flora chased Zidane down the sidewalk and raised an eyebrow as the tip of a long, bushy fox tail peeked out from under the long skirt. "Maybe my senses are a bit off."

*************************************************************** ******************************************************

A Parallel World

The brown-tailed fox-girl ran looked around, ignoring the feeling of something tugging her tail. "Finally, there's my bag!" The fox-girl ran to her bag and began digging through it, "Now where's that triple chocolate cake with the fudge pieces." She pulled out a container and smiled, "There it is!" "CHOCO!" yelled a voice. The fox-girl's ears went flat as she turned around, "So that's what was on my tail…HEY THAT'S MY CHOCOLATE!!!!"

*************************************************************** ****************************************************

With Flora

Flora looked around, "Man that's weird…I thought I heard something." Zidane looked around, "Why is everyone staring at me?" "Because guys with monkey tails aren't normal…" Flora stopped and blinked. Zidane stopped too. Standing outside a nearby clothing shop was a fox-guy with golden ears and tail. He had waist-length gold hair and wore a silver-blue shirt and brown pants. (slightly modified for his tail) A tiny creature that looked like a cross between a fox, a cat, and a dragon was perched on his shoulder. Zidane grinned, "We found one already, that ought to keep Ultara quiet for a while."

The fox-guy tilted his head, "Technically I found you, I was looking for one of my kind and I have already found two. Zidane blinked, "Two? I know you mean Ultara but who's the other?" Flora looked around nervously and sighed, "I seem to be having a big problem with this stuff today…"