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My Sanctuary
Long silver hair blew over pitch black wings as teal eyes glared solemnly at the figure below him.
“I will never be defeated by you!”
A 15-year-old boy with shoulder-length brown hair and stormy blue eyes held a slim silver sword up at the older man. The young boy yells fiercely at the winged man.
“Sephiroth, you are a Dark Angel; therefore, I must kill you. So come and fight!”
Sephiroth smiles cruelly as he replies, “As you wish, Savior Squall.”
The Dark Angel touches the ground and forcefully swings his slim, six-foot-long sword at Squall.
Trying to avoid the blade, Squall jumps away.
Unfortunately, he didn't jump far enough.
Blood flew into the air and splattered every reachable point. Metallic red oozed down the right side of Squall's face from a deadly slice above the tip of his right eyebrow to the bridge of his nose.
Sephiroth's chuckle pierces the air as Squall kneels to the ground in pain.
At twilight, the battle ceases as a young, fair-haired, twenty-one year old male runs toward Sephiroth. His pulsating blue eyes shine with pride and happiness while a large smile rests on his lips.
Time seems to come to a screeching halt.
The silver sword plunges into Sephiroth's chest cavity.
The man screams, “No! Father!”
Squall pants heavily as he pulls his sword out and limps away.
Anger curses through the blond man's veins.
Within the blink of an eye, pitch white wings sprout from the fair-haired man's back.
Another man yells at him, “Cloud, stop! You'll get yourself killed! Don't!”
The man grabs a hold of Cloud and pulls him back while several men run to Squall and catch him as he collapses to the ground in exhaustion.
“You hear me? I will kill you…you damned Savior! I know only your name, but I will murder you with my own hands!” the rage-filled Cloud screams.
The three assistants carry the Savior away while the man makes Cloud go back into the castle.
Darkness slowly descends and the stars shine with a luminescent light upon the dead and bloody corpse of the Dark Angel…