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My Sanctuary
Chapter 1: Two Years
For the following couple years, the newly celebrated Savior had gone through a deep healing process. Due to this, no one had seen him or much less knew that he was alive. However, the people of Midgar still held a deep hope in their hearts. They wanted to see their lives prosper now that Sephiroth had been slain.
Dark Angels had descended upon the world 100 years ago. They threw the world into havoc by establishing themselves as the rulers in countless thriving cities among the distressed world.
In the last fifty years, life had progressively grown worse; thus the line of Saviors was born.
Throughout the world, this secret society was born among each of the cities that a Dark Angel and his/her family lived.
Each Savior began enhancing their minds at the age of four and physical training was introduced at the ripe age of six.
These warriors of light trained non-stop, each in a different style, for every Dark Angel has different techniques and skills.
This is how the Savior of Midgar had come into this world and was thrust into the position at the age of 10.
That's when Squall had begun to study Sephiroth's actions and fights with others closely, for he was destined to strike down this dictator and return Midgar to a peaceful city.
Now, at the age of seventeen, Squall sits with his friends and assistants, Zell, Reno, and Rufus. They are all seated around a large oak table in the planning room of their underground house.
Squall hadn't changed much.
His stormy eyes of blue still settled uneasily on the sight of those he cared for. His chocolate hair had been cut and now fell just below his ears with some framing his slightly pale face.
Each of these men had trained Squall in something different, yet each influenced the young brunette in a different way.
Zell had grown up with Squall since childhood when they were competing to become Savior. In truth, however, neither wanted to put his self in danger just to die and possibly not succeed. The two shared a secret language that only the other could interpret.
Reno taught Squall combat at the most complicated and advanced level, from hand to hand, to swords, and lastly, to guns of any kind. Most importantly, Reno taught Squall to never back down and keep going at it with all your heart and soul.
Lastly, Rufus had trained the young boy in strategy and everything else that couldn't be learned through combat. Rufus still remains an important influence in Squall's life, especially since Rufus designs each and every plan, including the attack on Sephiroth two years earlier.
Rufus turns to the brunette. “You will be going undercover as Leon Lionheart. You are in no way, shape or form to hint to anyone about your true identity. Is this understood? There will be guards everywhere and always someone watching you, which means step one is to gain their trust.”
“Oh give him a break Rufus,” whines Reno. He flashes his violet eyes to Rufus, but turns away quickly, making his long crimson ponytail gently sway.
Rufus sits content with a smile on his countenance. His short blond hair is slicked back with calculating blue eyes that seem to scan everything in reach.
Similar to Rufus, Zell sports his fair hair into what looks like a mullet, but could quite possibly be categorized as a mohawk as well. His playful sky blue eyes glance at Rufus and Reno and he laughs lightly.
Reno grins and leans over to Rufus from across the table, their fingers instantly entangling with each other's.
Rufus pulls Reno's hand up to his lips and leaves a small peck on the top of it, thus leaving the redhead with pink tinted onto his cheeks.
Leon, aka Squall, rolls his eyes. “Just tell me when I can leave.”
Zell jolts upward, sending his chair falling back.
The blond pulls his friend to the door with a sorrowful look on his face.
“Now…you leave now…and good luck Squall.”
Twenty-three year old Cloud sits in a circle of comfortable couches, loveseats, and chairs with his advisors.
He sits at the head of the group with his friends Zack Fair, Aerith Fair, and Vincent Valentine moving outward from him.
To his right sits his most devoted companion, Zack. The age of the man is unknown, but he doesn't seem too much older than Cloud. Zack's raven hair reaches down the nape of his neck, spiking out with bangs framing the sides of his face. Innocent baby blue eyes gaze out at his friend.
Zack's attire consists of blue jeans and a black t-shirt with a light black jacket over it; the jacket has the emblem of white wings on the breast of it.
Aerith is always identified with her long pink dress and her long spiraling brown hair pulled up onto her head with a pink bow. Next to Zack, she gazes at each of them in turn with motherly forest green eyes.
On Cloud's left sits the silent, but wise Vincent. Even through his dark personality, he gives the impression of being quite gentle when need be. His crimson eyes shine from behind short black hair and framing bangs.
Cloud's eyes narrow slightly. “I don't think I need any protection from this Savior. What do you think Vincent?”
“I think you're wrong Cloud. I feel that more protection would be a better idea. In fact, Aerith told me that he should be here soon,” he answers instantly with a soft shake of his head.
“He's seventeen and has a great record with an academy of protection,” she explains.
A butler briskly walks into the room, but stays in the shadows of the low lighting.
“Master Cloud, the boy is here.”
Cloud sighs with defeat. “Send him in.”
The butler fades back into the deeper shadows and a boy enters to stand in the middle of the circle, looking more than nervous.
Aerith smiles encouragingly. “Tell us about yourself.”
“My name is Leon Lionheart. I would in no way, shape or form place any other matter before my mission to protect you,” the brunette says, speaking directly to Cloud alone.
Zack raises a thin black eyebrow. “Where did you get the scar from?”
Absentmindedly, Leon runs a finger along the scar on his face…the reminder of his mission.
“From my training…”
“Alright Zack, leave the boy alone. Here is your gun and sword,” says Aerith as she hands them to Leon.
He immediately hooks the gun holster to the right side of his belt and the sword sheath on his left.
Zack stands and begins walking away.
“You are to stay near Cloud at all times, but not to speak unless spoken to. If anything happens to him, it will be your head that rolls first.”
As the protective, black-haired male exited, Cloud stood and started toward his chambers, Leon at his heels.
Leon had been following Cloud along the eerie corridors that happened to only be lighted by simple lanterns here and there.
Each corridor was painted in a dull red, the shade of dried blood. The floors echoed back their footsteps due to it being black tile of the finest quality.
Not much later, Cloud stops at a pure oak door and leads them in. The Dark Angel lies down on his king-sized bed adorned in midnight blue sheets.
“Come in and shut the door.”
As Leon shuts the door and takes his post in front of it, Cloud begins his assault of questions.
“So you know everything about me, right?”
“Only what I have been told, Sir.”
“Then what have you been told?”
“That you're the last Dark Angel alive in the world, due to the Savior of this city murdering your father.”
“Did you know that I hate all of you pathetic humans?”
“No Sir.”
“Well, it's true. However, that excludes the people who were with me in that room.”
“Understood Sir.”
“Is Leon your real name?”
Leon takes a deep breath, hoping that it didn't appear as though he were uneasy with the question. Fortunately, it looked like Cloud did not notice and Leon quickly answered the query.
“Yes. But Sir, may I ask why you question such a thing as my name?”
“Y-You remind me of him…that damn Savior. But I don't believe that that is what you are.”
Cloud inhales deeply and laughs mockingly at the thought of the Savior that killed his father.
“If you were that boy…then wouldn't I be dead right now?”
“I wouldn't know, Sir. I do not have knowledge of your skills, Sir.”
Cloud smiles at the answer and yawns.
“I'm going to take a nap. Wait outside and don't let anyone disturb me.”
As the fair-haired Dark Angel rolls onto his side, Leon steps outside the door, guarding it.
Leon massages his temples, trying to find his way through the thoughts buzzing in his mind, for he couldn't get rid of the image of Cloud elegantly curled up on the bed, dozing.
The blond's casual dressing of black slacks, boots and a long-sleeved black shirt seemed to draw attention to his sad blue eyes that were once alive with vigor.
There was no way Leon could even think of killing that beautiful creature while he was sleeping defenselessly.
No. Only if and when the time does come, I'll kill him in a real battle.... Leon thought as he stood guard outside of Cloud's chambers.