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My Sanctuary
Chapter 2: Progress
As I stand guarding the last Dark Angel, I mow over the thoughts of what my friends would say to my decision: My decision not to kill Cloud at that moment, but to kill him in a real battle.
They would have beaten the mind set of killing him as soon as possible and question why I would think what I did.
The most logical excuse I could even think to format would be that if I would have killed Cloud then and there, I would have no chance of escape.
Then again, that doesn't even make sense, for I'm to give my life to the cause of releasing Midgar from the Dark Angel's wrath.
“Is he sleeping?”
I turn to the lowered voice beside me.
“Yes Sir.”
Zack flashes a brilliant smile at me, trying to lighten the dreary mood that seemed to stay fixed on this castle.
“So Leon, is this your dream? Is your dream to protect the last of the Dark Angels?”
“…Yes Sir.”
“Now come on, tell me the truth; I know that they teach you to always answer like that. Just tell me and I won't tell anyone. “
“Well, I want to…have wings…like an angel.”
Zack's smile grows at the honesty of my answer.
“That's a splendid dream to have Leon and while we're being honest with each other, I've always had a dream of becoming a hero.”
I try to show a smile that reveals nothing, but I guess I'm not good at lying.
“Leon, what's wrong?”
I lower my gaze back to the glistening onyx tile. I hope desperately that Zack will just walk away and ignore me as I feel that I should be while I'm in this position.
“I may be a higher authority figure, but you can tell me anything. I've been in your shoes before.”
Surprised, I snap my eyes back up and meet his. My first thought was that of my position as a Savior, but then I remember that he must be referring to my post as Cloud's bodyguard.
The look on my face sent Zack into a light chuckle.
“Is it really that surprising?”
“Yes…yes it is Sir.”
“I'm sure you didn't know that I was in running to be Midgar's Savior either.”
I feel my mouth hang open and he chuckles again.
“It's true…but I met Cloud one day. I had snuck out of training and he had snuck out from the castle and the supervisor's gaze. He told me all about how his life was ruined. It was his thirteenth birthday, which is the time when a Dark Angel is to sprout his onyx black wings. But his sprouted a different color…they sprouted-“
“Zack, what are you telling him now?” says a voice from behind me.
I spin on my heel to come face to face with a very pale Cloud.
“Aw Cloud, come on, this kid knows nothing about you. How's one to protect someone without knowing who that someone actually is?”
But before Cloud could blink, Zack had walked away and turned down a hallway at the end of this corridor.
I watch the end of the corridor, now wishing that Zack would come back. Instead, I sigh and take a step back, giving Cloud space.
“I'm sorry I woke you, Sir.”
“You didn't wake me up. I just have trouble sleeping, so don't apologize.”
“Understood Sir.”
I take my chances and look up to gaze into lifeless cerulean eyes. Surprisingly enough, Cloud holds my gaze, not even blinking.
To throw me even more off guard, Cloud steps forward and places a hand on my shoulder.
My breath catches in my throat as he runs a finger down my scar, sending shivers through my body.
“So Leon…you want an angel's wings?” he whispers to me.
“Yes Si-“
“Call me Cloud, there's no need for formalities.”
He trails a finger down my jawbone, ending at my chin and never breaking the gaze.
“Then come with me. Zack insists we know each other, so follow...”
I only nod, now at a lost for words due to the sudden change in behavior.
Cloud turns away, finally breaking the connection and begins down the corridor.
He must be a lonely creature. But what do I know? I was only taught that a Dark Angel only breeds twice. He or she finds a good host and implants the successor inside. From then on, the host can't leave the Dark Angel or the host will die within an instant. Unfortunately, if the child does not have the desired qualities then it is killed without another thought.
The fair-haired Cloud leads me to the outside. It must be nearing dusk, for the sun has begun to fall, casting colors among the great trees that border the walls of the castle. Before us stretches an enormous patch of green, most likely for training.
I turn my gaze toward Cloud and he attempts to turn his frown up into a little smile. He steps forward and walks away from me for a couple of minutes.
With a turn on his heel he faces me once more and takes a deep breath, his chest heaving slightly.
The sound of unfurling wings comes to my ears as I stare transfixed at Cloud.
How could he be a Dark Angel? Those wings…are…holy…
Colorless wings that seemed to shine with divinity had sprouted from Cloud's back and now rested lightly at his sides.
“They are a curse to me,” he whispers to me.
“But Cloud, they're the most exquisite wings I've ever seen.”
“No, they're a curse, a devil's wings!”
As he had begun to talk, I had started to stride effortlessly toward him. I reach out and place my hand on one of his wings.
The smoothness of the feathers ran underneath my fingertips and they reminded me of a type of fabric…almost like silk…
“These…are the wings of a Holy Angel, those of the Guardian Angels.”
Originally when the Dark Angels had descended, their holy adversaries, the Guardian Angels came down as well. Unfortunately, they were all murdered within the first few years, or at least that's what the books say.
Now I'm sure a few must have survived, yet it is still unknown whether they did or not.
Cloud sighs heavily with emotions that cannot be contained. He turns away just as I catch sight of a few stray tears slide over his ashen checks.
“I-I'm sorry if I said something wrong, Sir.”
It had become almost automatic and I refused to let myself get into trouble by not calling him sir when he could possibly develop into a bad mood at any minute.
“I told you to call me Cloud.”
I bow my head, feeling inferior to this holy creature. A swoosh of wind grazes across my face as a hand tilts my chin up.
“Tell me Leon, why would you want to protect me? I'm the son of the most fearsome Dark Angel that had ever lived.”
For just this moment, I let my guard down and prepared to tell him the honest truth.
“Because it is my duty to protect those who fall victim and cannot protect themselves any longer.”
“But I have not fallen victim of…Sephiroth…”
“If you don't mind me asking, Cloud, but is he really your father?”
His features harden into a mask of impenetrable stone and his hand falls from my chin to back down against his sides.
“That is none of your business!” sounded the angered shout of this supposed Dark Angel.
As he glares at me with hurt eyes, I read straight past his mask of fury.
“You're right…but you don't even know the answer, do you?”
“You have no right to ask such questions. I am the last living Dark Angel and I demand your respect!”
I take a deep shaky breath and attempt to calm myself as I stand my ground before this confused man. Even at the age of seventeen, I can see straight through him; deep inside he is hurt, confused, lost and lonely.
“You're just another pathetic human! I could kill you right now and no one would question my actions.”
That's when I snapped.
I let my arm fly and my fist connected with his cheek.
Cloud stumbles back and falls to the ground from the unsuspecting attack.
I glare down at him with as much kindness as I can muster.
“Cloud, I'm not just another human, just like you're not the Dark Angel…and those wings prove it.”
My voice begins in a raised voice and lowers to a whisper as I kneel down beside him.
“You don't have to act like that…and neither do I. Open your eyes and go get some answers; you have a right to know your true parents. You're the last living Guardian Angel!”
His now vibrant blue eyes connect with my stormy ones.
“Leon…thank you.”