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My Sanctuary
Chapter 3: Dark Angel?
After what I had said to him, Cloud had led me back to his chambers where he fell asleep.
An hour or so later, for I had lost track of time in my thoughts, Zack came and showed me to my quarters, which were located seven doors down from Cloud.
I drift off into sleep, happy with my day's work, especially since Cloud is not the last Dark Angel, but the last Guardian Angel. Thus meaning, I don't have to kill him, but now protect him with my life.
The next morning I'm awakened by a soothing voice whispering my name into my ear. With ease, I open my eyes to see none other than Cloud looming over my bed.
“Hurry and get dressed, there's a visitor arriving in an hour and I need you with me. I set your food on your dresser. Meet me in the meeting room; if you have trouble, just ask someone, I have to get going,” he says with a grin on his face.
I smile, glad that I can be myself around him and he must be able to act like his old self around me. It surprises me that he had grown to trust me so quickly… I mean, I had only just met him…
Cloud walks out of the room in his invisible heavenly aura that seems to radiate off of him.
I sigh happily and get ready for another day, remembering that I must contact Rufus soon.
With content in every step, I stride down the hallways, thinking I knew where I was headed. But after a few moments of wandering aimlessly, I begin to panic inside.
I'm going to be late if this keeps up.
I skid around a corner and slam straight into the last person I want to see.
Crimson orbs shine down at me with suspicion.
“Are you lost?”
Paralyzed by his demeanor, I only nod.
“Fine, follow me.”
Vincent turns away and begins down a side hallway that I had not seen. I keep at his heels, not wanting to get even more lost.
The meeting room is the exact same room as the place I was first sent and met Cloud. Vincent strides in and takes his place in the similar chair as before; Zack also occupied his same seat. The only ones missing are Aerith and Cloud.
Just as I take my place next to Cloud's chair, he and Aerith stride in, taking their correct places in the seats from yesterday.
The fair-haired angel smiles up at me before turning his now narrowed gaze to the door.
A female wearing short black shorts and a matching shirt with ninja stars imprinted on it walks in with black boots.
With unbelievable energy she beams ecstasy. “Cloud, he's here. Oh, and this time he brought his lackeys with him.”
“Thank you, you can go ahead and let them in, Yuffie.”
The young woman with short black hair that curls around her face smiles and bounds off. For a brief instant, no one appears; that is until I see him, that cruel looking man and his equally cruel assistants.
Short slicked blonde hair and menacing eyes glare at me from across the room.
The hefty brute at his side stands with arms crossed; he sports deeply tanned skin and short black hair.
The female on his other boundary complements short, silvered hair and deep calculating eyes. Her eyes gleam at everyone, warning them not to upset the man next to her, but it seems as though she lingers upon me.
Aerith smiles politely at the awkward trio. “It's so nice to have you visiting again, Seifer. What a bigger surprise is that you brought the intelligent Fuujin and the sturdy Raijin.”
Seifer grins, “It's nice to see you all again. Cloud, who do you have here that I have never seen before?”
“Leon…he's mine…my personal guard…” the angel says with ice hanging tangibly from every word.
I glance at him, hoping to catch on to his current mood, but I have no time. Seifer spoke up too fast.
“Now, why would you need a guard? Forget it, let's go spar; it has been awhile since we have. One Dark Angel against another.”
Cloud visibly hesitates.
“You won't fight me, Cloud? Then how about your guard? I could test him if you want. Promise I'll hold back.”
Before Cloud or I could protest to this challenge, Vincent intervenes.
“That sounds like an exciting idea. Let's head to the training yard immediately.”
This is just great…what am I going to do? I can't show my true skills, but if I don't, this Dark Angel just might kill me. Either way, I'm doomed to something or other. What the hell did I do to piss Vincent off anyway? More importantly, why is he so suspicious of me?
Stepping into the training yard from yesterday, I have a gut feeling that warns me to run back through those doors.
Back into the safety of the castle walls.
Fuujin hands Seifer the simple sword that had previously hung at her side.
The blonde maniac grins, “Shall we begin?”
I take a deep breath myself and stride farther away into the neatly cut grass. I pull my sword out of its sheath and hold it steadily in front of me.
Seifer dashes forward and our swords clash together.
If this is him supposedly holding back, I don't even want to experience his full power.
To a bystander, we appear to be at a stalemate. However, if one was to take my position, they'd understand that I'm struggling.
My muscles hurt all over and a headache began pounding in my ears about ten minutes ago…and we've been going at it for about half an hour.
“Getting tired?”
I only shake my head and block his next attack.
His sword slams down hard on mine as he shifts all his weight into this one onslaught. I feel my legs giving and I hit the ground hard, my sword sliding away from me.
“Ha, I knew you couldn't beat me. Looks like they need to train you better.” His laugh rings in my ears.
Narrowing my eyes at him, I grin. “Maybe you should get more training.”
I kick his feet out from under him and he falls to the ground as I stand up. I grab his fallen blade and point it at his heart, if he even has one.
“You were saying?”
Seifer growls as if he is a caged animal.
The next thing I know is that I'm defenseless. His pitch black wings sprouted from his back and he lunged at me, sending us both to the ground with his iron grip around my neck.
With all my might, which isn't much at this point, I attempt to pry his hands away with my own while my knees try to tip him to the side.
My body begins to go numb as all my strength leaves me. The only thing I can hear is the bounding of my still beating heart.
Someone rips Seifer off of me and I suck all the oxygen I can in one inhale.
Cloud's face hovers into view as I feel him lift me up into his strong arms.
“What the hell is wrong with you Seifer?” the blonde questions.
Seifer huffs angrily at me, “He cheated. It was a dirty trick.”
Vincent merely shrugs and begins walking back. “From my observation, it was completely ethical. When one is knocked down, he must do whatever it takes to get back up.”
At some point, Seifer must have lost his wings, like he even deserves any. Naturally, Raijin and Fuujin stand ready at his side.
The lunar-haired female utters a single word with rage. “Ridiculous!”
Aerith moves over to the three to make an attempt to calm them down in hushed tones. Given the free moment, I look up at Cloud.
“I'm okay now, I can walk. Thank you though.”
Warily, he sets me on my feet. “Are you sure?”
I dip my head slightly, giving him a silent okay. I turn to see how Aerith is handling things.
Seifer huffs angrily before stomping over to me. I root myself to the ground, preparing for an attack at any second.
He rolls his eyes. “Sorry `bout that…”
My eyebrow raises and I decide the best thing to do is to proceed with caution.
“It's no problem, no harm done.”
Zack smiles giddily and claps his hands together. “Well, that sure was a rush. Will you three be staying for lunch and dinner?”
Seifer looks over at Fuujin who nods. “Yes, we'd be delighted.”
Oh great, just what I wanted. Nice going Zack!
“Very well, follow me,” Aerith says with a smile.
As she leads them back into the castle, I notice Zack shift nervously.

He must not like her being alone with them. I don't blame him in the least.
Cloud smiles at his obvious friend. “Go ahead and make sure they don't destroy anything.”
The second we're alone, I begin my interrogation. “So Cloud, is he the last Dark Angel then?”
“Yes, it was kept secret. All part of Sephiroth's plan…”
I fix my gaze to the ground, not sure if I should ask about it or not. Either way, he continues.
“…since he found out that I wasn't one to begin with and that Seifer is. Well, when the Savior eventually comes, he'll come looking for me. That way, Seifer could live and kill the Savior along with stopping the formation of more. I'm a disposable asset.”
Cloud shifts his footing and turns away from me and to the sun.
“Have you ever been out of this castle?”
“Only once, but that was when I met Zack. Since then, when I had been found out, they have kept me under lock and key.”
“That's not fair at all.”
“I wish I could go out.”
“Why don't you?”
“I don't think Vincent would approve. My safety is the one thing he thinks about. He's been with me since I was born. We played together as children, all three of us: him, Aerith, and I.”
I sigh. Crap, how the hell am I supposed to deliver the news to Rufus if I can't get out of this prison?
“Do you have any family, Leon?”
“No, my parents both died when I was little. The closest to parents I've ever had are Reno and Rufus.” I blurt out.
I'm just a genius today. Well, at least no one knows who they are, especially since they were disguised in robes and such when I killed Sephiroth.
“Why don't we go see them? I would love to meet them,” he suggests.
“How are we going to get past everyone?”
Cloud laughs lightly, “I have my secret passageways too…ones not even those three know about. Let's go today.”
Wow, he really keeps surprising me.
“But what about lunch? If you're not there, they'll know something's up.”
“True. Okay, after lunch I'll get us out of here. Just follow my lead, okay?”
I can only nod before Cloud starts walking into the stone confinement.